How To Get An 800 Number On A Cell Phone?


Help!  I want to add a toll free 800 number for my pressure washing business so I can advertise in other counties. But I don’t want customers to think I’m not local if I use my local area code. What’s the best way to get a 1800 number on a cell phone for business?  Thanks!

Howdy, I’ve written some guides that will walk you through getting a toll free number for your business on your mobile phone. I have a couple recommendations on which providers to go with also, depending on your budget.

Most people that just want to get a cheap 800 number for their cell phone, go with a call forwarding service like Grasshopper. That’s who I would recommend, and you can get a toll free 1-800 number for just over $10 bucks a month.

if you want to add an 800 number to your cell phone, AND have an office phone, I would go with They start at around $10/mo and go up from there, but allow you to add a physical office desk phone that’s plugged in, instead of just a virtual phone service that let’s you get a 800 for any cell phone like Grasshopper.

How To Setup A Toll Free Number For A Cell Phone On Any Carrier

A lot of people are mistaken in thinking that their cell phone company matters when it comes to adding a toll free business line to their cell… It doesn’t, in fact the only thing that matters is Iphone or Android app capability. All of the recommended providers have complete integration with both platforms, and let you plug and play as soon as you buy your 800 number.

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What’s The Difference Between An 800 Number Forwarding To My Cell Phone And A Dedicated Line Through The Phone Company

The major difference is with a toll free Voip provider, you need to essentially BYOD (bring your own device). You have to already have some type of cell phone or device that has an active number service, and it simply integrates with what you already have. The reason the price for these is so cheap, is because they don’t have to have the same infrastructure or backend, and instead just maintain a free smartphone app that lets you add any of your toll free numbers to your existing cell phone of choice.


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