The Best Infrared Sauna Is [NOT] Always The Most Expensive (don’t get ripped off by these fake consumer reports/reviews!)


Lies From The Best Infrared Sauna Companies On The Market

More Expensive Doesn’t Always Equal Better

Most Of The Top Sauna Brands You See Marketed Are Imported From China

There Are Good Products Imported From China, But Why Should You Pay $5k – $10k For Them And Get Ripped Off From Fake “Reviews”

It’s Either Low EMF Or It’s Not. Period. (so much deception in the industry here… see my sauna reviews for the truth about emf levels)

What To Look For In An Infrared Sauna

Mitigating Material Toxins In Any Sauna With An Activated Charcoal Bag

I use A Moso Bag

Low EMF Infrared Heaters Are Critical In Your Sauna

Bathing In High EMF Is Insane When You’re Trying To Heal In Your Sauna

Losing Weight And Detoxing Go Hand In Hand

Heavy Metals And Mercury Are Stored In Your Fat Cells… The Safest Way To Detox Them Is Through The Skin So You Don’t Damage Or Stress Your Kidneys & Liver

Is Made In USA IMportant To You, Or Can You Settle For A Sauna Imported From China

Personally I Don’t Give A Shit If It’s Well Made, And Passes My Low EMF Test

Now Let’s Get Down To Business: An Expensive Infrared Sauna Uses The Same Heaters As The Cheap Ones

Just Like TV’s, There Are Only A Handful Of Chinese Manufacturers That Make The Heating Elements And Emitters

So What To Do: How To Pick A Good Infrared Sauna So You Can Improve Your Life And Be Happier & Healthier

Save Your Money And Build A DIY Infrared Sauna

I Have A Tutorial That Shows You How I Did This, But The Reality Is, You’re Not Likely To Build One That You Will Like Enough To Everyday

So What Happens? You Put It Off, Your Health Suffers, And You Don’t Get The Life Benefits

This Is Why I Think For Most People, Unless You Have A Woodshop In Your Garage, Buying A Premade Infrared Sauna Kit Is The Only Way To Go


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