Clearlight VS Sunlighten: Which Sauna Is Really Better?

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen the claims between Clearlight VS Sunlighten. You’ve got endorsements for Sunlighten from the giants like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, and Dr. Klinghardt who is extremely respected in the natural health field (but who also states, you should ONLY use the low emf model, which is getting more and more difficult to discern as they come out with new models over the years.)  Clearlight has endorsements from people like the director of Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida, which I have personally been to to pick up a relative and for a short seminar. While I trust Dr Clement’s recommendations, in prior years, he ALSO endorsed Sunlighten back when the company was called “Sunlight” Saunas. While there has been some discrepancies between them filing bankruptcy and not taking care of prior customer warranties, at the end of the day, we just need a good sauna for the money, that’s not going to fall apart of break on us, and that won’t zap us with crazy high EMF levels while we’re trying to heal and detox. And we haven’t even touched on near infrared vs far infrared!

It’s getting to the point of… Who the hell do you trust in the sauna industry anymore!?!?!  Anyone with $100k can call up China and order a nice looking sauna with floor heaters in it, slap your brand name on it, and call it a fucking day.

Hell I could do this myself if I had zero integrity left in me, but dammit man, I’m just a guy who is struggling to detox just like everyone else, and am sick and tired of reading, hearing, and seeing all this horseshit from sauna companies. It skews things so bad, that now we don’t even know what we should be worried about more:

  • High EMF from shitty heaters and infrared emitters
  • Pesticides sprayed on imported woods and materials
  • Terrible wiring with no shielding, grounding, and potentially fire hazardous
  • Toxic grill materials, plywood fillers, and fake insulation

You tell me, because it ALL sounds bad.

But, one good thing will come out of this, and that is the truth.  One of these fuckers is bound to stack up to a reliable affordable solution, and I’m determined to find out which one it is.

SaunaSpace Guaranteed Low EMF Near Infrared Portable Sauna

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  • If you are very sick, and ultra EMF sensitive, you might not want to go with a far infrared sauna enclosure at all… particularly one that doesn’t use near infrared bulbs, has wiring close to the body (creates electric fields usually) so you can get the benefits of red light therapy at the same time. (more gentle, and great for people who can’t get enough sunlight) SaunaSpace is a good option if this is you.
  • If you’re not ultra sick, and have a heavy metal toxicity like I do, then far infrared or full spectrum is for you. (I wanted far infrared, because I sweat more and feel as though I can eliminate heavy metals much faster… I don’t want it to take 6 months for my mercury levels to drop!)  That said, I have both near infrared and far infrared saunas, and my opinion comes from using both firsthand.

Tired of bullshit marketing claims from sauna companies? I was too, and started testing saunas against the bullshit marketing I would hear from sales reps when I called to buy. I originally was just going to buy the most recommended one, and then after talking to a sales person on the phone and them trying to push me into a bigger, more expensive model I didn’t really need, alarm bells started going off.

I thought to myself…”do I really need to spend $6,500.00 to get what I need to heal and detox”?

My gut told me not really, and I started doing more research. The deeper I dug, the more I realized half the stuff we read is bullshit. Fear marketing at it’s finest, and no standardized testing leaves this industry wide open to keep taking advantage of people left and right.

I know you’re hear for a comparison between Clearlight and Sunlighten, which I will get to… I just want you to understand that I’m just a regular guy, that was in the same position you are in. I wasted over 5 months fiddle fucking around because I didn’t want to buy the wrong sauna, and waste $5,000.00 dollars… which was a big purchase decision for me!

Clearlight Full Spectrum VS Sunlighten Full Spectrum: Not Apples To Apples By Any Means

An Mpulse Is NOT Intended To Be A Low EMF Sauna… (just like the near infrared heaters in a Clearlight Sanctuary have EMF at close distance!)

Sunlighten M Pulse VS Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum

EMF Ratings & Reviews From People Running Around Sauna Groups With A Tri-Field Meter With No Idea How To Use It, Are Not Sound

Infrared Sauna Reviews From Older Models And Portable Dome Sauna Models From Either Company, Should Be Discarded & Reconsidered

A lot of people refer to reviews from both of these sauna companies from several years ago before newer technologies emerged. In both cases of Sunlighten and Clearlight, this is good and bad.

For example, the older Clearlight models clearly have higher emf models, and definitely aren’t even close to zero EMF. Conversely, the Sunlighten Signature models, as recommended by Dr. Klinghardt do have lower EMF levels than newer models like the M Pulse… which has notably higher emf levels, as tested here.

So What’s The Best Home Sauna For The Money?

I’m still working on testing and reviewing all the different brands, to figure out which are the top 3 best infrared saunas for the money.

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…conclusion coming shortly. If you have any specific questions answered, or any specific EMF level reported, let me know ASAP in the comments as I’ve already started testing. I will report my findings shortly, let me know what you’d like to see below!


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  1. I am particularly interested in the portable dome models for both Sunlighten and Clearlight, I can’t seem to find direct comparisons anywhere!

    • Hi Laura!

      That one is probably going to be difficult… most people don’t have access to both. I’m currently testing stand up wooden sauna enclosures, but may do the domes at some point.

      What is the most important area of interest for you in choosing your sauna? (for example, some people have said they are emf conscious, chemical sensitive, don’t want something from china, just want the best reliable value on a budget, etc…) Just curious, so I can provide better value in my hands on review videos! 🙂

      I got into saunas because I had mercury amalgams, and my organs weren’t fit for chelation… so I was looking for other ways to detox heavy metals. Are you getting a sauna for a particular detox, or just general maintenance/overall health improvement?

  2. So you have no conclusion yet? I’m buying “something” pretty soon, looking closely at the Clearlight Sanctuary 2. Can’t go wrong, right?

    • Hey Russell,

      Nothing conclusive yet, it’s taking quite a bit of time to test all these, film the videos, assemble them all, ship them out, etc… (ton of work, time, money, and energy!)

      I was offered to fly to Sunlighten’s headquarters before Christmas, but with family in town for the holidays and freight deliveries already in the garage when I got back, I haven’t made it.

      Didn’t get the chance to try a Clearlight Sanctuary yet either, just started testing the Dynamic sauna yesterday. Definitely a NO-GO on that one. (the review will be on it’s own page, this is just a placeholder) JNH Lifestyles is next, as I’ve been sticking to what I can afford first. Still interested in doing Sunlighten (I have access to an M Pulse right now, but already know it’s not low emf, nor is it intended to be… need to jump in a Signature model) and the newer Clearlight Saunctuary full spectrum though. Both are probably good compared to this cheap shit I’m in right now.

      You might be surprised to learn that almost every sauna under the sun is imported from China, or certain parts of it are. (from the cabinet enclosure, to the heaters, etc…) I finally got a hold of the shipping manifestos for the sea container imports… The fictitious llc’s/dba’s, the parts/emitter orders for those “made in America” marketed saunas, all of it… It’s actually kind of funny the racquet that’s going on, the brands would shock you. lol (although I’m not in the business of bashing companies. I like stuff from China, just not when I’m lied to about it nor overcharged out the ass for a sub par product… which is what a lot of these are.)

      What I think will be most interesting now that I’ve tried a lot of saunas, is to see which gives the best deep penetrating sweat, with the least amount of EMF exposure. (truth be told, I have another brand on hand right now, that IS in fact, low emf. The trouble is, the damn thing doesn’t get hot enough to do a detox! Sucks.) I’ve noticed in a lot of them, my legs never sweat, but most of these are carbon heaters only, not ceramic. And boy oh boy, when you get in one that has sweat dripping down your fingertips to your toes, you know it!! (I can only imagine that this will be indicative of “time-to-detox” as well… Who wants to wait 6 months if we can do it in 2, right!?!) I have a feeling the ceramic powered saunas are going to work like gang busters, and the only trick will be getting one that’s low emf… typically NOT a focal point, from what I’m seeing thus far. (over 60 milligauss on my last reading this morning. Yes, six zero!)

      • Yeah definitely not Doris… this is a re-marketed whitelabel import from China by Golden Designs Inc. It’s not even close to being low emf, and I have a clone of this exact sauna right in front of me. Here’s a link to a private video with the true emf levels:

        Please don’t share that link, it’s private for now until I get the reviews done… but that should help you see it’s identical to the one you’re asking about (Dynamic Sauna). I wouldn’t buy it.

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