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This infrared sauna buyers guide, is the single most comprehensive knowledge-base on the entire internet when it comes to selecting the right infrared sauna for your needs. As someone who has been scammed by multiple sauna companies, and spent thousands and thousands of dollars, hours of time testing these saunas, and countless days unloading semi tractor trailers to uncrate and assemble saunas to do these reviews, this is the only place on the internet where you can pull from over $30,000.00 dollars worth of saunas compared in one place. And let’s be clear here right off the bat… this isn’t some stupid affiliate review site, where there’s a top 10 list of the “best infrared saunas” and the author has never even stepped foot in sauna… and literally has no idea what the hell they are talking about.

Now that we got that out of the way, Hi! I’m Matt, your blogger friend that underwent mercury amalgam removal back in 2017, and needed to detox from heavy metals shortly thereafter, which would later turn me into a sauna enthusiast.

My hope is that this buyers guide will save other people time, money, and frustration that I went through trying to find a good sauna… Not to mention, also getting a SAFE sauna, since so many of these manufacturers out there flat out lie about their EMF ratings. As always, you can refer to my sauna reviews, where I’ve used multiple emf meters to get real emf levels in the most popular brands on the market today. I’ll put a short summary together in the next section, so you don’t have to scroll through everything just to see which sauna I use everyday, and why I bought it, and now subsequently promote it.

Summary: The Best Infrared Sauna For Home Use For The Money

Finding The Right Infrared Sauna For You (in 3 easy steps)

Figuring out which sauna is right for your needs, budget, and patience level is all too consuming these days. Half the time, sauna sales people will tell you anything you want to hear just to make a sale. And if it’s not that, next thing you know, you feel like you have to mortgage your house just to afford what they tell you you need to buy.

I’ve been there. This all started because I was suffering from mercury toxicity, and in my brain fogged stupor, started calling sauna companies to purchase one for my home so I could get well. Little did I know it would turn into a fiasco that would forever change the course of my life. Now that I’ve been through the whole gambit of infrared saunas, there is a simple way to figure out which sauna is right for you.

This section will be long and comprehensive, so you will be able to understand all the little nuances that matter before you buy your sauna. However, the overall concept is simple to scan.


  • Purpose – the purpose of your sauna matters so you can choose the right wattage/heat/size/emitter style that will work best for your needs
  • Budget – there is no reason to be stressed about feeling like you have to buy something more expensive than you can afford. There is a good sauna solution for all budgets… being forced into debt over it will only negate the positive benefits. I will help you get what you need at a price you can afford
  • Brand – brand doesn’t always matter, but what’s behind the brand does. The dishonesty in this industry is ridiculous, and almost every sauna company under the sun imports from China, whether they admit it or not. Nothing wrong with products from China, as long as you know what you’re buying. I’ve personally tested the most popular brands (and taken them apart), and you’ll be able to easily tell which one’s are built well and will stand the test of time… and which are made from scrap wood, pawned off as “luxury”, only to be toxic for you and your family with plywood, cardboard, and synthetic materials inside

Step 1)  Decide On The Purpose Of Your Sauna

Why Does It Matter What You Want To Use Your Sauna For?


Detox Heavy Metals

Healing Disease

Losing Weight

General Body Maintenance For Good Health

Step 2) Choosing The Best Infrared Sauna For The Money

Your Budget Matters… Getting Stressed By Going Into Debt Over A Sauna Isn’t Going To Help Anything

However, You’re Going To Have This For Life… Spending An Extra $500 – $1,000 Dollars IS Worth It For Certain Things

Like Many Things In Life, Size Matters

When Bigger Isn’t Better

Understanding Cubic Footage And TTH (time to heat)

1 Person Saunas

2 Person Saunas

3 Person Saunas

4 Person Saunas

Indoor Outdoor

The Climate You Live In Effects Your Preheat Time Drastically Depending On Placement

Step 3)  Choosing From The Top Recommended Brands

With so many dishonest sauna companies out there, it’s hard to tell who’s lying these days. It’s one of the reasons why I started reviewing saunas, and began putting up my sauna reviews for every sauna I bought.

In my opinion, these are the best infrared sauna makers in the industry, and I feel comfortable advising my friends and family to buy from these 4 companies listed below:

Evolve 360

This is the sauna I have personally chosen to keep for my everyday use, and the brand I would buy for my mother, father, grandparents, friends, and family etc…

I believe, that the SunStream Evolve 360, has the best FIR coverage of any sauna on the market. It’s made from real wood planking, with zero plywood in it whatsoever. They import the same Titebond food safe glue that I use in my DIY sauna building projects, and it is perfectly safe by my standards.

For the money, you will not find a better quality far infrared sauna, with good craftsmanship, from a company that cares about your health and sauna experience.  The Evolve saunas, are hands down, the best value on the market when it comes to infrared saunas.

There is no other company on the market who is more pleasant to talk to either… one of my gripes about very aggressive salespeople at other sauna companies. This is a family owned business, who you can call and talk to and ask questions, and never once will they try to get you to buy something you can’t afford, or attempt to push you into a sale. This is the most ethical and polite sauna company on the planet, and I feel confident and comfortable telling any member of my family to give them a call.




More Expensive Doesn’t Always Equal Better

Most Of The Top Sauna Brands You See Marketed Are Imported From China

There Are Good Products Imported From China, But Why Should You Pay $5k – $10k For Them And Get Ripped Off From Fake “Reviews”

It’s Either Low EMF Or It’s Not. Period. (so much deception in the industry here… see my sauna reviews for the truth about emf levels)

What To Look For In An Infrared Sauna

Mitigating Material Toxins In Any Sauna With An Activated Charcoal Bag

I use A Moso Bag

Low EMF Infrared Heaters Are Critical In Your Sauna

Bathing In High EMF Is Insane When You’re Trying To Heal In Your Sauna

Losing Weight And Detoxing Go Hand In Hand

Heavy Metals And Mercury Are Stored In Your Fat Cells… The Safest Way To Detox Them Is Through The Skin So You Don’t Damage Or Stress Your Kidneys & Liver

Is Made In USA Important To You, Or Can You Settle For A Sauna Imported From China

Personally I Don’t Give A Shit If It’s Well Made, And Passes My Low EMF Test

Now Let’s Get Down To Business: An Expensive Infrared Sauna Uses The Same Heaters As The Cheap Ones

Just Like TV’s, There Are Only A Handful Of Chinese Manufacturers That Make The Heating Elements And Emitters

So What To Do: How To Pick A Good Infrared Sauna So You Can Improve Your Life And Be Happier & Healthier

Save Your Money And Build A DIY Infrared Sauna

I Have A Tutorial That Shows You How I Did This, But The Reality Is, You’re Not Likely To Build One That You Will Like Enough To Everyday

So What Happens? You Put It Off, Your Health Suffers, And You Don’t Get The Life Benefits

This Is Why I Think For Most People, Unless You Have A Woodshop In Your Garage, Buying A Premade Infrared Sauna Kit Is The Only Way To Go


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  1. Hey there! I’m currently searching for an infrared sauna and I don’t want to regret my purchase. I’m not sure if I missed it but do you have actual reviews of specific brands? I can’t seem to click on any of the brand names you have listed. Thank you for doing all of this research! My head is spinning reading all these different sauna company website claims.

    • Hi Danielle!

      Saw your email also, sorry I’m sick right now and way behind on updating the reviews. I’ll make this kind of long and hopefully hit several of the points you may have in question.

      No worries, I know exactly how you feel… it’s why I started posting this stuff. (I’m wasn’t really a health blogger at all before going through this)

      What’s the matter, don’t want to hand over your credit card for a $5k purchase, to whatever sauna salesman tells you their sauna is the best? Haha, hope you get the tongue in cheek reference… that’s how I felt when I started calling around. 😉

      Yes I review every single sauna I have purchased to date, complete with pictures and video, and all the ones I paid to use at health spas where I snuck my meters in to. The trouble is editing and uploading the YouTube footage takes a ton of time, so I’m going as fast as I can. That’s why when you click on the links they are broken at the moment… as soon as I get over being sick, I’ll get it updated pretty quickly.

      I don’t release any reviews without the video, because I don’t want to be just like all these sauna companies hiding behind “3rd party emf reports” where they take the heaters out and measure them in a lab. All the while telling you their sauna is the best, they are the only ones who can prove low emf, and on and on… I’m sure you’ve heard the bullshit lines.

      Then after the fact, slapping a Bluetooth and WiFi module in the ceiling after the “3rd party testing company” gets done with their report. So we all end up with low magnetic field saunas, but then we’ve got RF radiation zapping the shit out of us projecting into a foil lined box at 24″ distance. (the roof is about 2′ from your head, where the stereo or wifi controller for the phone apps are located. The foil lined insulation inside most of the sauna walls blocks RF like any RF blocking material would… trouble is, it also contains it, so you get RF radiation bouncing around inside on some of the cheaper non shielded roof saunas, and the ones with the controller under the seat, you’re pretty much sleeping next to a wifi router at that point)

      Point being, if you don’t see a live video review with a good set of meters, I wouldn’t trust it. It’s to the point now where I don’t know who to believe, since they’re all saying the same thing. Someone, somewhere, in multiple instances, is lying through their teeth. Now I’m just buying saunas and testing them until I find one I’d feel comfortable telling my mom to buy. It’s slow going, but my budget only allows for so much at one time. (full disclosure, I have been offered free saunas from companies, but I didn’t take them as of now. I didn’t want that to persuade my opinion, since this is really important to me.)

      There are all types of ways to deceive people, such as using a cheap ghost hunting guassmeter, that doesn’t actually detect the frequency range you’d find in a sauna… and then showing you how “low emf” it is.

      Then we’ve got all these people running around sauna groups and forums with a Trifield meter showing the EMF levels of their sauna, which can be wildly inaccurate if they have dirty electricity, using weighted/unweighted meter without calculating for it, not accounting for XYZ axis, etc…

      A good rule of thumb is, a sauna should be measured and tested in the native environment your body will be subjected to, not a laboratory setup. So for all the slick sales people out there that try to sell us saunas based on these nonsense test reports, I’m super super skeptical now after buying more than one and being taken for a ride. (classic example is this Costco sauna I bought… total waste of time)

      To date I have recorded test videos for Sunlighten, Dynamic/Golden Designs, JNH Lifestyles, Radiant Saunas, and two new saunas are on the way as we speak. Those will be up as soon as I’m feeling better.

      Hope that helps in the meantime!

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