How 10 Bloggers Make Over $1,000 A Month

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1) Becoming Wellthy ($1,080/mo)

Lauren makes most of her side income from freelance and photography work, but she has a small portion of income from affiliate marketing and direct blog driven income as well. My blog being around the same age as hers, I can relate to the difficulty of trying to get traction in the beginning… I’m finding it’s fairly common to get faster results outside of your blog the first few months as well. – See all of her income reports

2) Retired By 40 Blog ($1,600/mo)

I’ve read Gretchen’s blog in the past and liked it… Pretty sure I stumbled across it when I first became interested in retirement figures (along with Mr. MMM, etc…) But I almost didn’t include this blog because there’s so many popups, welcome mats, and footer popunders ever time you scroll, it pretty much makes the site unusable for me now. Not to mention the ad javascript that drags the page load time to way over 10 seconds, I can’t handle it. I linked to her income reports category… You’ll have to find the right post that matches up to the monthly income, sorry.

3) I am The Future Me ($1,392.95/mo)

Tyler is hard at work trying to bring in at least $3k of side income per month, and it looks like the major driver of that is his Amazon FBA sales. This is a new blog for me (first time reader) and I just realized that his blog drievn income is technically zero at the moment, but I’m going to leave him linked up because that can change literally overnight.

If I had to offer one tip here, it would be to change the theme so it doesn’t look as generic when someone lands on one of his pages. I’d imagine a quick look at the analytics would show a fairly high bounce rate… That should lower that considerably by switching to a more polished free theme here.

4) Kori At Home ($1,480/mo)

Kori has an interesting mix of affiliate/ad income, definitely utilizing the Clever Girls program effectively at over $700/mo from that alone. She gets a lot of traffic from Pinterest, and I’d imagine she’ll have some pretty good upcoming Pinterest tips in the near future. (something I need to work on!!!) To see all of her income reports, click here.

5) Joyful Abode ($1,934/mo)

Emily has a nice mix of affiliate income and product sales income, which I like and would eventually like to emulate. Her other sources of income like sponsored posts, Etsy sales, and display ads make up the rest of her blog income. Pretty solid and well rounded… I can see this growing nice and steady from what I’ve seen other bloggers have been able to achieve. Her other blog income reports are here. For the rest of her food blog income reports, click here.

6) Jessica Gavin ($1,265/mo)

Jessica’s income has been increasing slowly but surely over the last several months. I don’t know the ins and outs of creating or capturing food content for a food blog on a consistent basis, but if Lindsay and Bjork over at Pinch Of Yum are able to do $30k/mo, I’m sure Jessica can as well! Her income is primarily driven by sponsored posts and one or two main ad networks, with various affiliate programs filling in the gaps.

7) Our Small Hours ($1,844/mo)

Allison’s blog has a wide variety of income sources ranging from display ads, to various affiliate promotions covering essential oils, amazon, and more. I’ve been seeing this PadSquad company come up a lot more in recent months, and it looks like a lot of bloggers are generating decent income with their mobile optimized roll-outs. (might be something to look into!) This is another blog that’s right on the border line of driving me nuts with ads and page load time! You can see the rest of her income reports here.

Just out of curiosity, I had to check and see if I’m just being anal, or if some of these sites like this one really DO have page speed issues that contribute to a bad UX.

Ok so it’s not just me… Shew!

oursmallhoursgtmetrix* note to self- need to write that “speed up wordpress” post so you can make these points actually helpful instead of just whining about it.

8) Dumb Passive Income ($2,104/mo)

I guess Matthew stopped writing detailed blog income reports. 🙁  I like reading them from bloggers who are more successful than I for inspiration, especially those that follow a niche website/affiliate pattern since that’s closer to my background. You can see all of Matthew’s monthly income reports here.

9) Kitchen Sanctuary ($2,112/mo)

Nicky has a pretty wide variety of income sources, ranging from freelance income allt he way to being an affiliate for other bloggers products. I’m having a hard time focusing on her income sources because her food pics are making me hungry! (and it’s only 8:40 AM right now!!!) You can see the rest of Nicky’s income reports here.

10) Income Bully ($5,472/mo)

I remember Nathan from the old offline days at the Warrior Forum, a place I cannot stand these days. Looks like his blog is picking up quite a bit, although admittedly I thought his blog income was around $1,500 or so, or I wouldn’t waited and included him in a higher earning group post. Income sources range from product sales, various affiliates, and coaching and consulting. You can see the rest of his income reports here.


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  1. Hi Matt, thanks so much for including me in this list, I really appreciate it. I do need a new theme and am in the process of working on that but thanks for the tip. My bounce rate is currently 58.73% (no idea if that’s good or not).

    If you have any other tips send me an email, I will take any help I can get.

    • Hey Tyler,

      Sorry I never responded… I was getting so many spam comments before I fixed that, I missed a lot of these.

      Sure I have some recommendations for ya, but I don’t want to sound like an ass or know it all… I am, after all, a relatively new blogger myself. 🙂

      I see you’re still running the same look and feel and whatnot… Of course I would change your core message above the fold along with the theme immediately. (I have a hard time knowing what your site is about upon loading… Aaaand I hesitate to even say any of this because I’m not a shining example with my half finished site! lol) Have you outlined what your strong points are, what areas of life you can help others with, and do you have a clear goals for your blog?

      I’m happy to help you if you shed some light on the details…


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