Which Is Best Vertical Panel Saw For Sale In 2017?

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The thing most people are concerned with when buying a vertical panel saw, is how much space it’ll take up in their garage or shop, this particular saw has a depth of about 18 inches from the wall to the front of the base when fully assembled. The total work space from the wall to standing in front of the saw is about 3 feet, and without the optional extension kit this saucepans about 5 feet in width. Course keep in mind that you’ll need additional with for loading your plywood sheets on either side, and you also need room to take a couple of steps in front of the saw while operating the cutting head. The saw is best suited for people that want to rip half sheets before bed sheet plywood, and even with the extension kit this is not a commercial grade vertical panel saw like you find a Home Depot or Lowe’s… But also to come with the $5000 price tag either. For people who are looking to add a show wood shop in their shed or garage, or rip smaller pieces of wood for hobby projects or home renovations, this is a great affordable residential panel saw system.

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The 10 Most Popular Vertical Panel Saws For Sale

Milwaukee 6480-20 15 Amp 8-Inch Complete Panel Saw System with 50-Inch Crosscut

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Quick Specs:


  • Manufactured in United States
  • 8-inch panel saw system with a powerful 15 amp (3-1/4 max hp) Milwaukee motor (AC/DC)
  • Cutting accuracy to within 1/32-inch in either cross-cutting or ripping directions
  • Rigid all steel frame, square tubing is electrically welded to prevent warping or twisting; 20 amp commercial-grade paddle switch
  • Includes circular saw blade and blade wrench
  • Weighs 175 pounds shipped; 5-year warranty


The Milwaukee 6480 – 20 vertical panel saw system features a 50 inch cross cut that’s easy to use, durable and manufactured in the US of a. This is an 8 inch panel saw system, with a powerful 3 ¼ hp Milwaukee motor, with a cutting accuracy to within 1/32 of an inch in either cross cutting or ripping applications. With its rigid steel frame, the square tubing is electrically welded to prevent any warping or twisting that may occur after years of use. A 20th commercial grade petal switch is also included in the complete panel saw system.

This package comes with a circular saw blade, blade ranch, and ways hundred and 75 pounds in its shipping package, and has a five year warranty. As the highest rated panel saw under $2000 on Amazon, the saw also features a horizontal front handle for easy on-off saw operation that works with its integrated 20th commercial grade petal switch that won’t burn out in just a year to like some competing models. The nice thing about this panel saw, is that it can be loaded from either the left or right, instead of being limited to one entry side only. The cutterhead can also be rotated 90° and fixed to make vertical cuts as well as horizontal cuts. Why would ripping is fast and easy, and 1/32 of an inch is fairly accurate for us all they can handle wood panels of this size. However this all reaches its limitations if you’re trying to rip panels any larger than for break sheets, and you should buy the extension accessory kit for regularly cutting sheets that are over 6 feet long. This will allow you to have extra support and prevent drooping in the middle of your cuts which ruins the accuracy. Manual:

Saw Trax Compact 52 Classic Vertical Panel Saw

This is another affordable portable panel saw by Saw Trax, the comes in around the $1,500 mark. It’s a little bit more accurate than some of the cheaper portable models under thousand dollars, mostly because it has exclusive steel sealed bearings that make carriage movement easy and precise… Giving you an advantage over the residential homeowner models that aren’t set up for industrial use. It has a patented set and forget Accu Square alignment system, that’s guaranteed to never go out of square. This is huge especially for a lot of the users who complained in a bunch of reviews from other units, claiming that after assembly the unit is automatically out of square right from the factory. Saw Trax takes pride in their workmanship and manufacturing, and go so far as to say they are one of the best in the business when it comes to cutting accuracy and cutting had alignment.


You can save a ton of space and money with this model if you don’t have to do high-volume repetitive cutting full-time. This unit comes fully assembled, has a very small footprint compared to most panel saws, and you can easily cut for right sheets of plywood quickly and easily. It uses a Mikita 5007 and off the shelf saw, and a 7.25 inch 24 tooth blade. It includes horizontal and vertical tape measures built right into the frame, and has a standard saw insert that can be changed out for other cutting inserts when needed. The frame is powder coated for long-lasting protection against rust and scratching from your work materials, and has an automatic retraction mechanism with a saw court holder. Two carriage locks come standard, along with strip support and plated guide tubes. 10 material rollers allow material entry and exit near effortless, and the Mikita motor speaks for itself… We all know how good Mikita is. A rib cage and saw cover with a viewing port are also included, along with a 24 tooth carbide tips saw blade to use right out of the box. You can purchase an optional router razor knife, or rolling sheer insert that fits right into the cutting head carriage, but these do not come standard… It comes with a standard saw insert by default.

Used Power Mac 151-000-7511 Vertical Panel Saw For Sale

The Power Maddock 151-0007 is a higher in vertical panel saw the features stainless steel guide rods, with eight roller bearings for smooth and accurate cuts. Dual 4 inch dust ports support much better dust collection for cleaner work and keeping your work areas clean and safe visually. This unit also features a nylon brush surrounding the blade for better visibility and less debris in and around the cutterhead. Solid aluminum rollers with additional support brackets offer smooth transport of loading and unloading sheets of your desired material onto the rack. Much like the other vertical panel saws in this list, the power Maddock saw motor rotates in its carriage for added versatility. This carriage is more in line with industrial and commercial standards, and has no problems cutting full-size pieces of plywood in bulk.

Safety Speed Manufacturing PR02K Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw (under $1,000)

The PR02K panel Pro by speedy manufacturing is somewhat of a different panel saw variation than were used to seeing. This is a smaller more portable vertical panel saw, intended for tight quarters and home garage applications for woodworkers without a full-size complete woodshop. You are a little bit limited with a max crosscut size of 50 inches in a max rip cut size of 96 inches. It also only handle up to 1 ½ inches thick for its cutting thickness. The cutting accuracy is in line with all the other panel saws at 1/32 of an inch, and features a saw blade with a diameter of 7 ¼ inches.

This panel saw is perfect for hobbyists amateurs and professional woodworkers confined to a small space that let one person cut big sheets safely accurately and portably. It comes with a factory line guide system, quickchange rotating saw head, and a dust free nylon graphite roller bearings throughout.

A 15 at motor powers the 14gauge galvanized steel frame panel saw, and the optional desk it is easily attachable to hook up a dust collection system or vacuum for quick repetitive cutting. Although the overall width is little bit narrow to handle full sheets that are well supported at an end stop, with a quick Google search online you can see many people have built real extensions for the bottom support out of two by fours and scrap wood. I just under thousand dollars, the safety speed manufacturing PR 02K panel Pro vertical panel saw is much more for affordable than a lot of the comparable manufacturers for home use.

Safety Speed Cut C4 Vertical Panel Saw

Quick Specs:


  • Max. Crosscut – 50″/1270mm
  • Max. Rip Cut – 96″/2450mm
  • Max. Cut Thickness – 1 3″/4/45mm
  • Cut Accuracy – 1/32″/0,8mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter – 8″/200mm


This C-Series by safety speedy cut is little bit more advanced and features a larger cutting support platform, however this the max crosscut is still 50 inches with a max rip cut length of 96 inches. The maximum cut thickness has been increased to inch and three-quarter in the cut accuracy remains the same at inch 1/32 of an inch. The saw features a subway diameter of 8 inches, and come standard with a 3 ¼ hp 15 amp industrial duty saw motor. It’s adjustable vertical and horizontal rollers as well as its spring-loaded counterbalance systems make it a snap to change from vertical to horizontal cutting. The C4 has a one year parts warranty and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

With a small frame like the portable Merck model above, the C4 is has excellent build quality but can be difficult to line up for vertical cuts with extra long pieces of plywood. The saw guide next to the blade can easily get bent and you must add extensions or wheels to make it easier to support 4 x 8 sheets if that’s what you intend on cutting consistently. For just a rip cut here and there, this is the perfect size to cut half sheets now and again, and not take up too much room in your garage or shop. It’s reasonably priced at around $1500, and is in the middle of the road pricewise for a portable panel saw.

If you don’t have room for a full-size table saw mounted in a worktable, this can be a huge timesaver when it comes to repetitive rip cuts for your bill projects. You won’t have to use a tape measure, and once a saws set up all you have to do is set the dimension you want and repeat as needed. The dust collection works really well compared to some models, and the dust tube is really close to the cutting surface, which doesn’t leave a lot of airborne residue behind. Out of all the reviews, the quick stop gauge is one of the favorite features of the saw in particular. If you have a lot of repetitive cuts for cabinet sides are cabinet backs for example, this will make your life a lot easier than using a portable table saw that you roll out the driveway every now and then.

Safety speed cut age 5 vertical panel saw

the h5 by safety speed cost around $2500 and features a full-size frame with industrial slide rails for effortless straight cuts. Unlike its little brother above, the age 5 increases its max crosscut size to 64 inches, and has an unlimited rip cut length. The maximum cutting depth is one and three-quarter inches in the cutting accuracy is guaranteed to 1/32 of an inch. This also features an 8 inch diameter saw blade, and is easy to change if you want to switch between rough cutting and finish boards. This also comes with a 3 ¼ hp 15 amp industrial motor, but upgrades to adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers. The spring-loaded countsawerbalance system makes raising and lowering the cutting had effortless for long-term use, and quickly changes from vertical to horizontal cuts. Because of the same lifetime warranty on the frame, and a one year parts warranty on mechanicals.

The saws approved to cut aluminum sheeting, you just in the proper blade which is 860 T CGS or an 860 in our TCG. You can cut thin aluminum sheets up to a thickness of .080, but it’s recommended that you use a backer board and a holddown bar for optimal results. Although it’s not designed for this type of cutting or repeated use, you can get by using a very fine carbide blade… But keep in mind the lightweight aluminum sheets will likely bounce and shatter unless you have sheet-metal holddown’s and clamps.

The saws on a portable model like the above models, and does not come with wheels or a stand. Is meant to be assembled in a freestanding permanent location, and not wheeled around.

The full-size frame makes it super easy for one person to cut full sheets of plywood OSB MDF or any other type of 4 x 8 standard material with these and without additional assistance. As far as accessories are concerned, you’ll makes you want to make sure you order the dust collector adapter and the stand if you want your panel sought to truly be freestanding. In a couple of reviews, operators have claimed to be able to attach the saw to a wall or a column, and save a few bucks by not ordering the stand intentionally.

Safety speed manufacturing SR5 you vertical panel saw/router combination

here’s where we get into the big boys with the SR5U… Everything gets bigger, from the panel saw frame to the motor, and even adding additional feature sets like a blind date of stops. If you’re looking for a higher end vertical panel saw or router combination, this is likely the combo for you. But at just under $6500, this model does not come cheap. They immediately step things up with the SR5U, and move to a 3 hp worm driven saw motor, and a 3.25 hp router motor. A midway fence system with built-in stops, material clamps, and date of stops also puts this saw into the industrial commercial capable category. With the heavier duty worm drive motor, this saw can handle the daily workload of cabinet shops and professional woodworkers with no problem. It’s composite panel fabrication abilities are perfect for panel sizing and routing requirements. You can purchase an optional dust kit and stand/portable wheels if you want to turn it into a mobile panel saw that you can move around the shop. This machine is much more accurate than its cheaper counterparts, and the multifunction panel saw and routing capabilities are great investment for a wood shop owner wants to capabilities in a single workstation. Those who make high-end furniture will absolutely love this offer it’s dead on accurate cutting ability, and the built-in material clamps with blind stops dramatically speed up high-volume production on repetitive cuts.

Saw Trax Panel Saw Kit With Router Plate – 52″ Model # 52KT

While this is in a complete panel saw, this is a router plate kit made by Saw Trax, that allows you to add a router to any of their vertical panel saw kits. If you have an older model panel saw, you want to make sure that your model number is compatible with this router plate kit. If features high-quality guide tubes that are 1/8 inch walled tubes with nickel chrome plated finish. The guide to brackets are formed steel, with a powder coated finish to resist rust and corrosion for many years to come. The brackets are designed to accommodate a 7 ¼ inch saw blade/saw carriage. This kit does not come of the blade, saw, or any type of cutterhead besides the mounting plate. It still carriage allows the router insert plate to be replaced with a saw insert plate in seconds. The carriage has two locks that secured in place for rip cuts, keeping us safe and secure mounting system intact at all times.

This panel socket with a router plate offers a garage woodworker or homeowner, an accurate and affordable means of sizing large sheets of plywood and material. This kit provides the guidance mechanism of industrial panel saws and routers, and lets you build your own frame at a fraction of the price of a full panel saw. You can build it vertically, horizontally, make it portable, or affix it to a permanent location. The with capacity is 4 feet, and the length is up to you based on how you design your framework. The standard plate accommodates most saws that have a 15 inch base or less, allowing you flexibility on wh which brands of saws you can use. The four long wearing Nylatron roller bearings bolt to the table and allow the guide tubes to be rotated or replaced as needed.

Things to look out for when buying a used panel saw on eBay

You can find used vertical panel saws on eBay and sometimes a great deal, but you want to make sure that the roller bearings are in good shape and that the slider is true and still relatively straight. See the saws for sale here.

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