The 12 Best Social Media Marketing Tools (that will grow your business exposure)

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The world has moved to the internet and so has the job market, effectively. The internet is not simply a place to turn to recreationally but is open for all to do active business, even make it a financial mainstay. You could be a blogger, a social media influencer or have a YouTube channel – the internet makes room for all kinds of expressions. But simply being on the internet doesn’t flick a magic switch that makes businesses prosper. If you want to take your internet career seriously or boost your offline business via the internet, you should not take social media lightly.

You could spend hours on your posts, using the right keywords, drafting your posts in the right language and still not hit the right spots. The trick is to refine your social media marketing skills. Social media marketing, unlike traditional advertisements, can open you up to a whole new group of patrons and is not necessarily paid either. The key is in strategizing and using the right tools. If you have been more than active to make your website or blog work but are just not getting the right kind of traction, these tools will help you analyze what you’re doing wrong and which aspects to focus on more. Try the following tools to up your web game!


Twitter is a great place to allow your creative juices to flow. The microblogging site rewards a quick wit. The 280-character limit pushes you to say a lot of things in a crisp and effective way. If you’re looking to promote your site or business on Twitter, using TweetDeck is a must!

How It Helps

For starters, TweetDeck is free! Simply go to and start using TweetDeck. It’s a social media tool that helps sort out multiple lines of chatter that is always breaking out on Twitter. The TweetDeck layout allows for multiple columns, each of which can be customised. With TweetDeck, you can track multiple users and hashtags at the same time – simply designate a specific column! With TweetDeck, you can also send out tweets, attach multiple photos and schedule posts for the day after or even a month later. Keep abreast of all the fast-changing trends in the Twitter world with this simple tool, absolutely free-of-cost!


You may be writing great copy for your social media posts, using all the right punches and keywords. But it all goes to waste if the right audience is not receiving it in the way you desire. SocialFlow is ‘the’ tool to help you hit the right notes with your audiences!

How It Helps

Other than allowing you to schedule multiple posts across various social media channels at once, SocialFlow is a highly educative tool. Effective like little else, SocialFlow uses actionable insight to inform you when your target audience is most active and what they are consuming online, all in real-time! An easy to read meter tells you if the post you’ve typed out is effective and has all the right SEO (search engine optimisation) juice. Getting real-time feedback on your social media marketing campaign will help you iron out the creases on the spot, instead of retrospectively.

In addition, the social media tool also helps to boost branded or sponsored content and increases the probability of views on the content.


There may be a lot of really well-written copies on your social media profiles that have not seen the right kind of traffic or engagement simply because it was posted at the wrong time. Perhaps engagement was low at the time it was posted and your post didn’t get noticed as much as it should have. MeetEdgar helps fix that and more!

How It Helps

With MeetEdgar, you can recycle your old posts so your effort does not go to waste. You can simply organise and schedule your posts by category and MeetEdgar takes care of the rest. Of course, posting old content also makes your newsfeed look stale. But MeetEdgar is smart enough to assess when it’s been long enough. It first goes through all your fresh content and only then recycles old ones, over a period of time. It takes over the burden of reposting and rescheduling so you can spend all that energy elsewhere.

MeetEdgar is currently compatible with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and will soon be available even for Instagram and Pinterest. The biggest use for MeetEdgar is to keep your social media timeline active even when you’re in a period of downtime or are working on fresh content. Nothing damages your social media effectiveness more than inactivity. With MeetEdgar, that headache is taken care of!


If you’re carrying out a social media campaign, you might as well target as many platforms as possible. But it’s not always possible to devote your energy to multiple platforms. Especially if you’re running a larger organisation and have multiple brand engagement efforts or projects, you need more people on board to take care of the social media management, which we know by now is imperative. HootSuite helps sort that out for free or at a relatively low cost.

How It Helps

HootSuite, like the bird the brand is designed around, is active when you’re not. If you’re running an organisation, naturally social media is not the only thing you’re focusing your energy on – you have the actual company to run too! HootSuite helps schedule multiple posts at once, across different platforms. You can add multiple accounts easily, have different account managers handle different things at the same time and plan your marketing plans well in advance. The easy to use interface of the tool also helps analyze how well or poorly your social media posts are performing.

Other than simply helping you learn its tools, HootSuite also has a training program that shapes your thinking about social media marketing in a multi-dimensional, holistic way.


It’s great that you’re trying to target multiple social media platforms at the same time. But it can also be a pain to formulate different and unique posts for each of these. IFTTT or “If This Then That” helps you combine multiple actions to create an effective and desirable social media ‘recipe’.

How It Helps

IFTTT, first of all, is absolutely free! With IFTTT you can get all your applications, devices and social media platforms to be in perfect sync. It can be tricky to get used to at first, but with each use, IFTTT will only make your life easier. As the name suggests, ‘If This Then That’ relies on an action and reaction system. For example, if you publish a new blog post (action), IFTTT automates a tweet that promotes your blog post on your Twitter timeline, along with a working link (reaction). You can link multiple actions and reactions at the same time and create your own ‘recipes’, as IFTTT likes to call it.

You can train IFTTT to retweet each tweet by a specific user, post your native Instagram photos to Twitter, add songs you like on Spotify to a YouTube playlist and more! The permutations and combinations are diverse and exciting!


Buffer, unlike its name, only smoothens your social media activity with minimal ‘buffering’. You can handle multiple social media accounts from a single, easy to use and efficient dashboard. Other than simply scheduling posts, Buffer allows you to individually customize posts for different platforms.

How It Helps

Buffer helps better your social media marketing performance by managing your posts, analyzing what works best and at what time of the day and keeping track of all your posts to see which ones performed the best and why. An easy way to manage multiple accounts, Buffer is free and effective. The tool also offers browser extensions and an app version, so you can schedule content on-the-go. An idea for a post may strike you at the supermarket and you can simply type it out and hit send or schedule it for later in the day.

Sprout Social

You want to use social media marketing tools that fit your requirements in the best way, not a one-size-fits-all template. Whether you’re running a small business from home or a large organisation with multiple employees, Sprout Social helps customize plans and methods for individual needs. Sprout Social is a malleable tool that moulds itself to the needs of the user.

How It Helps

A one-stop-shop for all your social media marketing plans, Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts, assign managers for each activity at various levels – senior or mid-level and a robust real-time feedback feature that helps you analyze the effectiveness of your social media marketing plans. The analysis provided by Sprout Social helps shape your future strategies too.

One of the greatest features of Sprout Social is helping you improve customer engagement. The Sprout Social Smart Box brings all your messages from multiple channels into a single inbox. You can customize your inbox by tagging profiles, filtering out spam and monitoring important hashtags and keywords.


While social media tools mentioned so far help you better your online presence, you lose the advantage if your business name or the username you’re going with is not identifiable or does not have good recall value. KnowEm comes into play before you begin strategizing, to lay the right foundation for your brand.

How It Helps

You can use KnowEm’s free services to check how much resonance your brand or username has across multiple social media platforms. If the results are not desirable, you can make amends before it’s too late! With KnowEm, you can select categories and platforms, like blogging sites, entertainment, health, microblogging etc, to see whether your username is taken or available. This helps you build a unified brand. You don’t have to use different usernames for Twitter and Facebook, for instance, if you run a cursory check on KnowEm before you register a domain name.

Other than helping you pick out an effective and available name across platforms, KnowEm also offers paid packages to boost and maintain your name on specific social media platforms. This makes your name visible and your brand more recognisable. So before you lose sleep strategizing, do your research with KnowEm!


If you’re looking to enhance your performance on Instagram and Facebook, Iconosquare is one of the best tools out there. Analyze your social media performances with dynamic and accurate data, schedule posts well in advance, plan ahead, improve reach and increase your followers by discovering more about your audience. With Iconosquare, you can take your Instagram and Facebook posts to a whole new level of engagement.

How It Helps

With Iconosquare, you can not only schedule social media posts on Instagram and Facebook but understand and improve audience growth in a steady, informed manner. Iconosquare’s analytics help identify the language your followers speak, the demographic they come from and even their location. This not only helps you understand your audience better but also improve your content to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Iconograph allows you to switch between profiles in a quick and easy way and also monitor comments and audience engagement from a single dashboard. An organised calendar even helps you visualize your future posts while maintaining your present timelines.

Google Analytics

No list of effective social media tools is complete without mentioning Google Analytics. With its analytical tool, the multinational giant has changed the way in which users and businesses engage on social media. Google Analytics has helped businesses identify users and understand engagement like no other tool.

How It Helps

Where did your target audience spend most time this month? Which social platform brought in the maximum footfall to your business this month? These are all answers Google Analytics provides in a smart, organized and structured way. It’s easy to use, only needing you to signup and describe the site you would like monitored. With its unique tracking code, you will be able to see data about your site which will in turn help you make user experience more dynamic.

Google Analytics is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of dynamic, highly structured data about the way you’re engaging with the user. Where are you losing money? Where are you gaining followers? Which social media campaign worked best? Google Analytics has all the answers and more!


When you’re constantly creating content, there will be a point where you reach the bottom of your ideas stack. Where do you get inspired in such a case? BuzzSumo keeps you on top of all the topics that are buzzing and trending at any given point in time. Create new content and learn what’s new on the internet with BuzzSumo.

How It Helps

BuzzSumo is simple to use. Just put in a keyword or topic and find trending articles and posts in those categories. Not only does it come up with articles that are working on that topic, it also leads you to social media influencers who are talking about the topic in question. This inspires you to shape your contents in ways that will find engagement and also find the right people to help make your content more visible.

You can even set alerts for certain keywords and hashtags to keep abreast of what’s being said about them on any part of the internet. You can avail BuzzSumo at a monthly or yearly plan and can even cancel at any time.


All your social media activity is strung together by the ‘link’. The URL link that is the address for all the content you’re creating is of utmost importance – it’s where all the right keywords and SEO juice is included. So creating the right link could work wonders for your social media performance. This is where Bitly steps in.

How It Helps

To begin with, Bitly shortens your URL to fit across all your social media platforms neatly, for free! This keeps your posts precise and aesthetically pleasing. Nobody wants to see a URL trailing on endlessly.

Other than that, Bitly offers paid packages to help create custom links that users are bound to find and click, analyze how each URL has performed and optimize each performance. Don’t take the ‘link’ to your audience for granted!


Final Thoughts

The social media tools mentioned above are only some of the myriad options available online. There are several other tools you can explore that may work well for you. The important thing to remember, however, is to constantly attempt to understand your audience better. No marketing plan, online or offline, works if you don’t have a connection with your audience.

What is your target audience looking for? Where are they spending most of their time online and can you make content available to them there? What are the failings of your marketing plan? These are all questions you must constantly dive into to give your audiences a rich, dynamic user experience. So find the right tools and let the world discover you!

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