12 Of The Coolest Norscot Diecast Model Tractors

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For decades, collectors around the world have spent countless hours building their die cast model collections, whether it be model cars, trucks or tractors. Construction-themed vehicles serve many functions in collections and some are absolutely essential in landscape scene displays. The tractor is one of the basic, most sought after die cast vehicles on the market since it fits so perfectly into various scenes.

Norscot is a very dependable brand, promising high-quality die cast models from a fairly wide price range for collectors of all types. The models on this list are all different style die cast metal tractors that maneuver in various capacities to add authenticity to your collection and landscape scene.

One thing to note before we kick off the list is that these tractors are not children’s toys made for general play. Most manufacturer’s age recommendations for these models are 14 or 15 years old and up. They are made primarily for collection and display purposes as you will see many of them even come with actual display cases. They are also, for the most part, a little more expensive than what you would generally pay for a toy of its size for young children and therefore not worth the possibility of it breaking during play time. The authentic style and intricate details of these models are what makes these tractors special, unique and well worth their price to collectors and tractor enthusiasts.

With that, let’s dig into this list of 12 of the coolest Norscot tractor models out there right now.

CAT Twenty-Two Track Type Tractor 1:16 Scale

One of the coolest model tractors out there right now is the unique-style Twenty-Two Track Type Tractor built on a 1/16th scale. With the name Caterpillar integrally carved into the side of this model, you can trust it is a high-quality tractor with many elaborate features.

The die-cast metal build features two large rolling metal tracks and a realistic driver cab. The details you can see in the engine, track insides and cab area are so genuine it creates an authentic tractor you can professionally display. From the vintage style paint all the way to the tiny hand crank on the front of the engine, this Caterpillar tractor model will impress the best.

This perfect model to start off our list is mid-range at around $100. It is also one of the largest as it is one of only a couple designed at the 1/16th scale and weighs in at about three and a half pounds. The purchase also includes a display case for true collectors to keep it in pristine condition.

Peterbilt 389 With Trail King Lowboy Trailer With CAT D8R Load 1:50 scale

The next Norscot vehicle on our list is also unique, this time because it is actually two vehicles with one purchase. Peterbilt 389 with Trail King Lowboy Trailer with CAT D8R Load includes the Peterbilt 389, a realistic 14-wheel big-rig truck with an attached long-bed 12-wheel trailer. On the trailer is the CAT D8R Series II Track-Type Tractor, designed on a 1/50th scale.

Both big-rig and loader vehicle are yellow with the loader featuring an authentic construction-vehicle type paint color. The neat tractor has a three-pronged digger on one end and a full bucket scoop on the other. Details on this tiny model are almost as authentic as many of the larger models on this list. The truck is just as elaborate and even includes clear windows to view an elaborate, detailed interior. Truck and trailer wheels spin and display realistic treads. The trailer can be removed from the big-rig and the tractor can be removed from the trailer, allowing for multiple display options.

Like other die-cast models on this list, this one is made mostly of durable metal. Although this model is obviously longer than the previous one, it weighs a full pound lighter at 2.4 pounds because of the slighter build and less compact metal build. Because it features more than one vehicle, it is more expensive at just under $200. Despite the price, it can definitely be a fun addition to Norscot collections.

CAT D7E Track-Type Tractor (1:50) Scale, Caterpillar Yellow

The CAT D7E Track-Type Tractor built on a 1/50th scale is approximately the same size as the previous tractor without the included big-rig and trailer. Unlike many of the other models on our list, this modern example of a state-of-the-art Caterpillar tractor actually features the AccuGrade GPS Grade Control System.

On one end of the tractor is a three-pronged digging arm and the other features a maneuverable blade that can raise, lower and tilt. The metal tracks are only one of the many realistic details on this model that includes a fully closed cab with clear windows to display interior details.

It is a small model, only weighing about a pound and is one of the cheaper on our list at around $75. Because of the lower price and small size, it can be a really great addition to a larger collection of construction vehicles. The other great benefit of this model is the realistic technological example of similar modern-day vehicles.

CAT D6T XW Vpat Track-Type Tractor w/ Accugrade GPS, Yellow – Norscot 55197 – 1/50 Diecast Model Toy Car

Another model featuring the modern-day Accugrade GPS grade control system is the CAT D6T XW Vpat Track-Type Tractor, built on a 1/50th scale. It is similar to the previous model but slightly more elaborate with finer details. It includes the same digger arm and scooping blade as well as fully-functional moving metal tracks. The blade raises and lowers as well.

Although it is painted the same authentic yellow, it features many black lines to break up the solid look, making it look even more realistic and functional. This Caterpillar model comes in a window box making it easy to display without even opening for people looking for added protection for their collectibles. It is made of heavy duty metal and weighs just under two pounds, making it one of the sturdier and heavier 1/50th scale models on our list. It runs about $100.

CAT D6K Track-Type Tractor 1:50 Scale

If you’re looking for something a little more simple and affordable, the Caterpillar D6K Track-Type Tractor, built on a 1/50th scale, could be a great choice. It only costs about $50 and weighs approximately 11 ounces.

This simple model is great for scenes and less elaborate collections. It features several moving parts including a raising and lowering blade, movable metal tracks and opening cab door which makes this model great for a posable addition to construction sight scenes. Although this tractor is one of the smaller, simpler, cheaper models on our list, it still includes elaborate details making it look genuinely authentic.

CAT D11T Track-Type Tractor 1:50 Scale

The Caterpillar D11T Track-Type Tractor, built at a 1/50th scale, is definitely one of the coolest looking ones on our list with a blade on the front almost as big as the rest of the tractor. Large and posable, you can move the giant blade up, down forward and backward to display however you want.

It also features the authentic yellow paint style with a lot of black trimming to create a rugged construction-style look. The metal tracks move, much like most of the models featured on our list. And the counter weighted double-pronged ripper on the back even moves up and down. There are many realistic details including an elaborate interior, fully closed cab with clear windows.

The realistic look of this model and durable build make this one of the heavier and most expensive ones on our list. It weighs approximately three pounds and costs more than $300. Although it is pricey, this model is perfect for a genuine collection and will look great in any landscape scene.

CAT Twenty Track-Type Tractor with Metal Tracks 1:16 Scale

The next tractor on our list is also built on the 1/16th scale like the first Caterpillar tractor we featured. This Caterpillar Twenty Track-Type Tractor with metal tracks is cool and unique from others on our list because the style and coloring are very different. It is solid gray except for a few red elements to create a realistic historical look.

This model is just like the other 1/16th Twenty Two Track-Type Tractor without the blade and digger featured on most of the other tractors on our list. It is a simple Caterpillar tractor running on movable metal tracks. The intricate details run beyond the tracks, open cab with controls, and outer features into the engine underneath the hood which actually opens.

Unique, large and intricately designed, this model is a must have for die-hard diecast fans. Made of sturdy metal with a durable design, it weighs approximately three and a half pounds and runs around $100 which includes a neat plastic display case for expert presentation.

CAT D8R Series II Track-Type Tractor, Yellow – Norscot 55099 – 1/50 Scale Diecast Model Toy Car

Next on our list is another smaller model, built at a 1/50th scale, the Caterpillar D8R Series II Track-Type Tractor. Perfect for diecast model collectors, this one has many of the same features as the other 1/50th scale models for a slightly better price.

The blade on one side and the tri-shank ripper on the other are both maneuverable with the ability to go up or down and forward or backward. Like all the other models, it features realistic, movable tracks, although these are rubber instead of the metal featured on others on this list. There is also a detailed, closed-in cab displayed through windows and an over-all realistic style.

It is one of the more solid 1/50th models weighing in at about two pounds. It comes in an individual display plastic window box for collectors who wish to keep their models away but can be maneuvered and posed for those looking to fit it into a construction scene or decide to display it alone. It is also one of the more affordable model tractors on our list running somewhere between $50-$75.

CAT D9T Track Type Tractor in Yellow (1:87 scale) Diecast Model

With most of the models on our list on a 1/50th scale, it seems appropriate to include a smaller model for those with miniature collections or smaller landscape scenes to fill. The Caterpillar D9T Track Type Tractor Diecast Model is built on a 1/87th scale, making it the smallest on our list.

This miniature model includes the same details as others on our list including rolling tracks, diecast metal structure, authentic yellow color, and intricate interior viewed through the windows of the cab. The blade also moves up and down.

Because it is smaller and a little more simple without some of the elaborate features of others, this model is the cheapest on our list at less than $40. It would be a great and affordable addition to miniature collections and construction-themed scenes.

CAT 657G Wheel Tractor Scraper 1:50 Scale

The next model on our list is actually a tractor scraper, making it different than most of the others on the list. The long Caterpillar 657G Wheel Tractor Scraper features four large wheels and a large scraper bowl that drops down.

Several intricate details make this scraper look like a hard-core construction vehicle, great for collectors and model enthusiasts. There is an operating ejector and the apron actually moves up and down. The maneuverable vehicle includes a pivoting center and tires with actual tread designs on them. The windows allow you to look clearly into the interior cabin at neat details that add to its authenticity.

At less than four inches high, this model actually weighs approximately three pounds thanks to the heavy diecast metal material, making it a dependable and hardcore model for your collection. It also costs less than $100 making it one of the mid-range models featured here.

CAT D5K2 LGP Track-Type Tractor, 1:50 Scale

Another classic tractor model, the Caterpillar D5K2 LGP Track-Type Tractor is built on a 1/50th scale with the same ripper and blade features as most of the other track-type tractors you see here. The tracks are also metal with individual links and move just like most of the other models.

This particular tractor features an exceptionally large closed in cabin with intricate interior cab details. The blade on the front moves just like the others… up, down, forward and backward. The triple-blade ripper also raises up and down, making the model a fun and posable one for your collection.

This tractor model is one of the smallest on our list at only a few inches high and weighing in at approximately eight ounces. Small and light, it doesn’t lack the fine details and fun posable maneuverability of the larger examples on our list. It costs somewhere between $50 – $75.

Caterpillar D7 Track-type Tractor – 1:25 Scale 50th Anniversary Edition – with Replica War Department Operator Manual

We’ll round out this list of the coolest Norscot tractor models with the most unique, and perhaps the coolest, one of them all. The Caterpillar D7 Track-Type Tractor on a 1/25th scale 50th Anniversary Edition is a truly vintage tractor that comes with a replica war department operators manual. The design of the tractor makes it definitely look like something you would see in World War II.

The tractor is a deep Army green and includes exceptional details for its time including a posable blade on the front and moving metal tracks. The authenticity of this historical styled vehicle make it the perfect item for collectors of tractors as well as those just genuinely interested in any vehicles throughout history. A great addition to many different collections!

Included with the package is the operator manual which includes operator’s instructions from the War Department’s Corps of Engineers on how the diesel D7 tractor functions. It even includes a certificate of authenticity stating it is truly a commemorative issue of the World War II issue Caterpillar D7. The letter describes the detailed process the Norscot group went through to ensure the model tractor was as close to the real Caterpillar tractors used in war as possible such as searching through hundreds of historic photos and documents.

Obviously, the authenticity and unique nature of this model make this collectible one of the higher priced ones on our list, starting at around $125. But because it is genuine, authentic, unique in nature, and fits with many different style collections, this tractor is well worth its price for the avid diecast model collectors.

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