The Top 5 Virtual Office Companies

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Today, in our modern work environment, virtual offices are becoming very common. So, what are virtual offices really? Virtual offices are essentially when employees can work from any place or location making use of their mobile phones, laptops and an internet connection.

Using virtual offices can be extremely beneficial for new businesses that are just starting their operations or for business owners who do not want to spend on office infrastructure. Virtual offices enable business owners to simply rent meeting rooms by the hour, a receptionist, if required, and a mailing address.

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However, the decision to use a virtual office for a fledgling business or for an established business to switch over to a virtual office can be rather challenging and a confusing decision to make. The most important aspect of setting up a virtual office is to find the right service provider who can help you set up your virtual office. In this article, we have evaluated the top 5 virtual office service providers.

Opus Virtual Offices

If you are on the lookout for a virtual office setup for your business, then this Opus Virtual Offices plan here can provide you with the most comprehensive program that will give your business a corporate professional image. Opus Virtual is available at more than 500 locations across the United States. The Opus Virtual Office Program offers the ideal solution for new businesses that are looking to get all the resources that provide them a professional image, all at a very low cost.


Virtual Office Program

At $99/month includes:

  • Live receptionist who answers calls (8.30-5.30 from Monday to Friday – PST), business phone number, business mailing address, voicemail converted to Email, faxes converted to email, business fax number, 2 voicemail boxes, call forwarding (call transfer)
  • Additional Voicemail Box/Extension: $25/month per extension
  • Callout Feature: $10/month

Advantages of Opus Virtual Office Program

The Virtual Office program from Opus is well-suited to start-ups, small businesses, home offices and businesses that are setting up satellite branches. The Virtual Office Program of Opus has been recognized as the Top Executive Office Centers and has also been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. And, the biggest plus of this program is that you can get access to the complete range of Opus’ basic services for a flat fee of $99, which can help you stand out against your competitors.


Started in 1978 in Australia, ServCorp offers its services in virtual offices and IT solutions in over 160 countries worldwide and 22 countries across the U.S. and ServCorp offers virtual offices and technology that help businesses of any size in their operation.

Irrespective of whether your business just requires a professional address or meeting rooms, communication solutions or all these features, ServCorp can provide packages to meet any of these requirements and has various package options. The most popular product of ServCorp’s portfolio is their Virtual Office Package which includes an official mailing address, a live bilingual receptionist who can handle all your calls and access to meeting/boardroom spaces.


Since ServCorp has offerings all over the world and in various cities and locations, the prices of the packages vary according to the city. However, in general, the pricing packages are as below:

Membership Package

  • Starting at $50/month
  • Meeting rooms, boardrooms and day office access for members and a bilingual secretary
  • Hi-speed, secure Wi-Fi, $50 voucher for 1-day hot desk and office space usage at any location and access to the community

Virtual Office Pricing Package

  • Starting from $159/month
  • Respected address, local phone number, receptionist, courier and mail management, boardroom and private office usage in home location (16 hours/month), private office usage out of the home city (3 days/month), co-working space access (3 days per month), assistant, monthly agreement, high-speed, secure Wi-Fi access, access to their global community and no security deposit if you pay using a credit card

Address Package

  • Starting from $87/month
  • A prestigious business address that you can print on your card and put up on your website
  • Incoming mail and package management
  • Access to their coworking spaces anywhere around the world for up to one hour per day

Communications Package

  • Starting from $87/month
  • Local business number where your clients can get in touch with you
  • Dedicated receptionist that will answer all incoming calls in your company name, as per your instructions, and then transfer the call to you, anywhere in the world

All ServCorp packages offer 1st month free trial without any further obligations.

Advantages of ServCorp

ServCorp is ideal for you if you are a start-up, a small business, and any business requiring virtual office solutions. ServCorp is among the most affordable virtual office service providers and the biggest plus is that you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract and can sign up on a month-to-month contract. This is ideal for businesses that are on the lookout for a temporary solution or your business is new to the concept of a virtual office and want to try it out.

DaVinci Virtual

If you are a small business, an entrepreneur or an independent professional and you’re looking for office space and resources of a large business, a business address and a receptionist – all at a very low cost, then you can consider DaVinci Virtual to provide it all for you. DaVinci Virtual was started in 2006 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. DaVinci is the No. 1 virtual business solutions provider with 1,500 business locations worldwide.

DaVinci virtual office solutions provide your business with a business address, lobby directory listings, access to meeting spaces, mail forwarding services, answering service, appointment scheduling, long distance calling and data entry, among a whole host of other services.


  • One-Time Virtual Office Setting up Fees: $150
  • Answering Service: $204 to $334
  • Mailing Service: $55 to $135
  • Additional Services (flight scheduling, data entry, etc.): $50/ hour
  • Private Office: $10-$35 per hour
  • Conference Rooms: $25-$45 per hour
  • Contract Period: 6 months and then month-on-month
  • Services: Receptionist at call center, voicemail, taking orders, booking orders, and transferring calls

Advantages of DaVinci Virtual

DaVinci Virtual provides services in 47 states in the U.S. and in Washington DC and also in other locations worldwide. The answering services of DaVinci Virtual include additional features like flight and appointment scheduling and this eliminates the requirement for an executive assistant, especially if you’re working from a remote location.


Started in 1989, the operation of Regus was started in Brussels in Belgium and today, the headquarters of Regus is based in Luxembourg. Regus is amongst the largest provider of flexible and virtual workspace solutions in the world and the Regus network comprises around 3,000 business centers across 120 countries and 900 cities worldwide.

Regus offers virtual offices, working spaces and meeting rooms to corporates, entrepreneurs and individuals. Regus allows you to establish your office at a prime address at a very minimal cost. It provides a local telephone number and also offers the services of a receptionist who will answer your calls, keep track of your voicemails, etc. You also have the option of a making use of a private office or lounge at any center of your choice. You can also have your mail sent to any Regus address, have it picked up or forwarded.


Professional Address Package

  • Starting from $37/month
  • Prestigious business address
  • Mail handling

Virtual Office Package

  • Starting from $141/month
  • Unlimited business lounge usage
  • Business phone number with live receptionist
  • 2 days co-working space or private office/ month (at U.S. centers only)

Virtual Office Services Package

  • Starting from $126/month
  • 5 days co-working space or private office/ month

Advantages of Regus

Regus has a more widespread presence compared to the others. Regus offers access during the business hours to their business lounges at no extra charge. This is especially beneficial if you are out of town or traveling. Regus is very accessible and convenient, making it a more popular option.

Allied Offices

Allied Offices started their operations in 2006 with the objective of providing virtual offices for small- and medium-sized businesses in Las Vegas. Started as a family-owned business in just one location, today, Allied Offices has grown to a business offering its services in over 350 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Allied Offices offers its customers various services such as professional business addresses, business phone numbers, office spaces, state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms, mail forwarding and receptionist services.


Business Identity Starter Package: $119

  • Business address, access to meeting spaces, on-site receptionist. Optional mail forwarding, toll-free or local phone number, voicemail system

Business Identity Package: $169

  • Business address, access to meeting spaces, on-site receptionist, optional mail forwarding, toll-free or local phone number, voicemail system, efax, virtual PBX, auto-receptionist, phone app, voicemail to email (audible)

Business Identity Live Package (Live Phone Answering): $259

  • Business address, access to meeting spaces, on-site receptionist, optional mail forwarding, toll-free or local phone number, voicemail system, efax, virtual PBX, auto-receptionist, phone app, voicemail to email (audible), live receptionist (50 minutes), 5 receptionists answering the business line, connecting calls

Advantages of Allied Offices

Allied Offices is a forward-thinking company and their main objective is customer service and customer satisfaction. Allied Offices provide services that are suitable for small businesses, for entrepreneurs and individuals whose work involves a lot of travel or any business that is looking for a receptionist service or a virtual office as well as other services that are reasonably priced.

So, if you plan to make use of a virtual office to handle all your business-related activities, then it’s a good idea for you to evaluate the various options available on the basis of the features vis-à-vis the cost and your particular business needs before deciding on the right virtual office service provider for your business.

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