5 Legitimate Survey Sites That Pay Cash Or Gift Cards (for real)

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Are There Really Legit Survey Sites Out There?

The answer is yes there are survey sites out there that won’t rip you off or make promises that they can’t keep. Making money online this way can be extremely easy or extremely hard, but it all depends on the company you choose to deal with. Below I have compiled a list of several companies that will award you either in cash via Paypal or gift cards.

That being said, I want to make it clear that you aren’t going to get rich by doing this, but it is definitely a good way to earn a few bucks if you have time to spare. When signing up for sites like these try and think of them as a separate savings account. Over time your earnings will grow, and if you aren’t busy, then why not try them out to make a little extra cash?

YouGov – Get Paid Cash Instantly When You Hit $50

If you are interested in taking surveys about politics and current news events YouGov.com can help you earn some extra cash on the fly. They are a company based in the UK, but they pay you about £3.00 per survey and they are a very reputable site. To withdrawal your cash you need a total of at least £50.00 in your account or you can use your points to get other prizes. The best thing I like about this site is that YouGov will never ask you to subscribe or buy anything. They are strictly interested in their own findings from the surveys you take from them. What is even more interesting is that they let their users know that their information will strictly stay confidential, so don’t worry about some e-mail bot spamming your inbox like a lot of other survey sites do.

Additionally, YouGov promises to only give you surveys that are between five and seven minutes long, but sometimes they will have a survey or two that will take up to twenty minutes; but hey, we can live with that! Making three bucks for five minutes of your time is easy money guys! When you do hit that £50.00 mark and you think it is time to get that cash your request will be processed within a one month time frame. After signing up with this company you don’t have to worry about hunting for surveys that end up wasting your time or telling you that you are not eligible once you try to hit that complete button, because YouGov will send the surveys straight to your e-mail. Great company with no shady business tactics. I can’t believe how good this website actually is, and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Opinion Bureau – Get Free Gift Cards Or Get Paid Through Paypal

Opinion Bureau is another company that comes highly recommended by users all over the world, and if you choose to sign up with this site they will throw in a free five bucks! You are allowed to withdrawal your money when you are at $10.00 which is kind of nice if you are getting low on cash and need a quick few bucks. Want to know the best part? Some of the surveys they ask you to participate in are actually worth $10.00. They offer payment via paypal as well as offering you gift cards for Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, and Freecharge. Opinion Bureau will even give you starbucks coupons, charity coupons, and much more! You can even earn money here by updating different profile categories once you login to their website, and you earn extra money by just referring your family and friends to their website.

However, your main bread and butter here will come from completing their online polls. Opinion Bureau also wants their users to know that they value your private information just like YouGov, and you will never get any e-mails asking you to buy anything either. They also have a help desk online twenty four hours a day, seven days a week in case you have any technical difficulties while you are completing their surveys which I think is absolutely fantastic. Sometimes problems can occur in the world of technology unexpectedly and Opinion Bureau knows this and they value your time. Another great thing about this company is that you don’t have to be from the United States to sign up just like YouGov. So, if you are from the United Kingdom or other parts of the world you have a chance to earn some extra money too! Good looking guys!

Survey Spot – Longer, But High Paying Surveys

The third great Survey company we have for you today is a company known as Survey Spot. Unfortunately, this company only accepts members that are located in the United States, so I apologize to our readers who are outside of this region. That sucks that you won’t be able to participate, but the other options listed above should not be a problem for you so go ahead and check those ones out. Now let’s get back to Survey Spot. They are very reputable as well and they will not sell your information to any companies either. The only downside I have found while using this company is that their surveys are generally a little longer than YouGov and Opinion Bureau. They state on their website that each survey will generally take you ten to fifteen minutes to complete, so you are probably going to spend double the time on here than you otherwise would.

What Is The Hold Up?

While most of you are probably sitting at home thinking about which survey site to choose, my suggestion is signup for all three if you are able to and triple your earnings. This is easy passive income you can generate and any money is always better than no money. You don’t even have to be at home to do these if you don’t want to be. Imagine you are waiting in a long line at the grocery store, and you check your e-mail via your mobile device and there happens to be a couple surveys in there for you to complete. Doing these simple surveys on the go is easy! I mean what else would you be doing in that long line besides waiting? Nothing. Seriously, go check these sites out, because they are definitely worth looking at.

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