7 Amazing Whole Body Vibration Benefits

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Whole body vibration exercises are quite the craze these days. They can improve overall health, whatever the age. Though professional athletes have been using this technique for several years, now the availability of whole body vibration machines commercially has made this technique accessible to all.

Better Health

There are many benefits of this form of therapy, but we list just the top seven in this piece to get you started:

1. For the Musculoskeletal System

The use of whole body vibration exercise at low amplitude and low frequency is seen to increase muscular strength and power. It can slow down the aging process of the bones and the muscles and it is also an effective countermeasure to microgravity and disuse. While being effective in strengthening the knee and back muscles, it also increases grip strength, reflexes, balance and coordination. Athletes are known to develop flexibility and explosive leg strength as a result of training on this machine.

2. Bone Density

In clinical settings, whole body vibration was seen to improve bone-mineral density in patients with osteoporosis. Over a period of time, it was also seen to improve strength and neuromuscular activation in those leading a sedentary lifestyle. It is slowly emerging as a solution for pain relief across several conditions. Elderly people can also find relief from pain and fatigue levels associated with fibromyalgia syndrome. It is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, affordable and easy-to-use therapy that can benefit anyone suffering from chronic pain.


The above-mentioned research also establishes the effectiveness of WBV as being beneficial for those suffering from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Through the localized application of chest wall vibrations (CWV), there was an improvement in breathlessness and improved management of dyspnea. WBV has also helped those suffering from COPD to exercise better and thereby have a better quality of life. Even those who have had lung transplants found WBV having a positive impact.

4. Chronic Stroke

WBV had an acute effect on modulating spastic hypertonia and intramuscular blood perfusion among individuals with chronic stroke. Detailed studies have shown the possibility of application of WBV in the management of spastic hypertonia. However, its long-term effects should be investigated in future studies. This study also reiterates the improvement in balance and postural control in healthy adults with the use of WBV. WBV also has as much impact as resistance training in arterial remodeling, improved blood flow and increased peripheral circulation. For stroke survivors who find exercising difficult, WBV protocol could well be a blessing as just standing or lying on the platform of the vibrating machine can be beneficial.

5. Multiple Sclerosis

A study of the impact of whole-body vibration on people with multiple sclerosis showed significant improvements in muscle strength, functional mobility and overall health. Their postural control improved as well as functional mobility. A similar improvement in gait mechanics was noticed in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

6. Postmenopausal Women

Postmenopausal women experience multiple health-related challenges including lowering bone mineral density, mood swings and even depression. Studies have shown that there is a significant increase in the bone density following exercising on the WBV, comparable to resistance training. And just like with exercising, depressive symptoms improved with WBV. This suggests that postmenopausal women using WBV can see improvement in bone health and reduced depressive symptoms.

7. Body Weight

And last but not the least, one of the reasons people exercise is to lose weight or maintain a healthy BMI. Research shows that the vibration significantly increases the metabolic cost of exercise in a 20-min WBV training session, thereby improving weight loss. If you cannot exercise due to morbid health conditions, you can use the vibrator as an alternative. And if you can exercise while on the vibration plate, you can enjoy added benefits.


There are some who worry about the safety of the vibrations. It is widely reported that those working with heavy machinery experience vibrations that cause irreversible damage to their nerves and muscles.

Yes, vibrations caused by heavy machinery are an occupational hazard and cause damage for two reasons.

1. The vibration is really high frequency

2. There is prolonged exposure

On a vibrator meant for exercising, the exposure is less as also the intensity of vibration. Also, the users are mostly standing or exercising, thereby further reducing the risk.


In matters of health, no amount of precaution can be enough. Prevention is better than cure as it is said. Please follow the guidelines given below for optimum health and pleasure when using the whole body vibration machine:

  • Maintain the correct posture by standing erect, especially for lunges, squats and other exercises while on the plate
  • Begin with short sessions
  • Have a low vibration setting till your body gets used to it
  • Observe how your body reacts and change settings accordingly
  • Better to train with a professional who can guide you appropriately

Go for It

Health is wealth. There is no gainsaying the benefits of exercising and a good diet. But, today, technology also has given us the opportunity to further enhance our efficiency and productivity. This applies to healthy individuals.

Those who suffer from crippling diseases find that exercising is beyond their reach. It is well known that exercising regularly is important not only for physical well being but mental well being too. Therefore, when they are unable to do even simple exercises the aged and those suffering from chronic diseases are at a great disadvantage. Their health already causes concern, but the inability to indulge in physical activities can further lead to depression.

A whole body vibration machine is suited for both categories of people. The former can use the platform to benefit from the vibration and exercise while on it. Those who cannot exercise can still get good muscle training by being on it.

When purchasing, do not forget to compare features, costs and read reviews to make sure you are getting the best. There are unscrupulous brands out there who will present misleading half truths, so beware. Invest in a good brand that uses only high-quality components to ensure your safety and the longevity of the product.

Once you have purchased a WBV machine, place it well and use it well. Start slow and with professional guidance before picking up speed and trying out the features. We believe you will not regret it and will come out feeling healthier and happier.

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