7 Side Businesses Anyone Can Do From Home (to make extra money or quit your job and go full time)

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Are you getting tired of your nine to five job, having to work for a rude boss? Or, maybe you just want to earn extra income on the side. I understand that we don’t always have the luxury of being able to quit our day job to pursue our own business, without having to worry about financial obligations. Starting a business while working full time gives you the opportunity to test new products or services, get feedback, legitimize your business, and start bringing in income before having to quit your job.

Starting a business from home can be very rewarding, being that you are working for yourself instead of someone else. Make sure you decide on something you will enjoy. Just like any entrepreneur, you will have sacrifices. But if you stick with it and continue to grow your business, you hard work will pay off.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to find your strengths and weaknesses to decide on the best business idea. You will need to learn tools, resources, and feedback communities to best help your business.

When making a list of ideas, you need to stop at each one and ask yourself if you see yourself doing that work five or more years down the road. If not, you might want to move to the next idea on your list. Here is a list of just seven business ideas you can start with. Some of these, you have probably never even heard of!

1. ebooks
Do you have a specific skill or knowledge of something that people admire or that they can benefit from? You can put your skills and knowledge into a download eBook. This can be for people that want to learn a skill, advance their career, or start a business.

This is an amazing idea if you can target the right audience. You will need to build your strategy and come up with content that can help people and that people would actually want to read.

The eBook is a very popular online format, being that so many people are switching to smartphones and tablets. Get loyal subscribers, increase your exposure, and add a revenue stream. You will need to research your target market and come up with a name that best fits what your book is about. Be sure to be very descriptive and informative.

2. Online Coaching
Is there something that you are very skilled in? Are you passionate about that skill? You can offer your services with one-on-one online coaching, and even offer webinars for groups of people interested in learning your skills!

This is very fun and involved work. What is the best part? You don’t even need any previous education in your teaching niche! You don’t need any impressive credentials or accomplishments in your area of expertise. You only need to be passionate, skilled, and willing to learn what you need to so that you can help others. You can even become an expert!

I know what most of you think the first steps would be. You think you should pick a name for your business, create some fancy logo, decide what you will offer, and promote yourself to your target market. Wrong. I am about to teach you the need-to-knows about online coaching.

– Discover your true passion.
In order to discover your true passion, you need to ask yourself these questions first:
•What am I naturally good at?
•What am I skilled in that I enjoy?
•What do I have an interest in or find myself researching often?
•What am I passionate about that I will still be passionate about in 5-10 years?
•What activities or hobbies do I enjoy most?
•What do I often receive compliments on?
•What do I enjoy helping people with the most?
•If my business wasn’t profitable for about six months or so, would I still want to do it?
•What topics do I bring up in conversation most?
•If I were to write a book right now, what would it be about?
•Am I willing to take all of the steps necessary in delivering my passion as a service?

– Identify your best audience.
What do they like to learn? What makes them trust new sources? You should study and learn the habits of your target market and narrow down your search, when doing so.

– Decide how you want your audience to view you.
This is a very important step in the process of doing online coaching. Try viewing yourself as the client that fits your ideal profile. Are there any improvements that you can make? I was always told that you teach people how to treat you by the way you treat your brand.

– Discover the types of content you can develop.
When growing your coaching business, there are three essential types of content that you need to know.
•Cornerstone content. Which is what your blog will come to be known by. “Cornerstone pieces” are the posts that your readers deem most useful and important.
•Content that further the goal of your reputation. Your posts should be as helpful and as informative as possible.
•Shareable content. Create posts that are so compelling that your audience feels the need to share it and let others know about it.

– Pick a name that matches the previous steps.
You will need to decide on a name that fits you, your audience, and your content best. Then you will need to make the decision of branding yourself or yourself as a company; will you operate as a sole proprietor or some type of LLC? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

– Build your brand identity.
You should create an identity that brings excitement and interest to your brand; something people will reconsider recognize you by and can get to know.

– Create a plan, vision, and mission statement.
Let your audience know your mission and that you are dedicated to helping them.

– Establish an online presence and strategy.
This includes:
•Understanding SEO (search engine optimization).
•Understanding SMO (social media optimization).
•Learning Pinterest and Google+ movements.
•Get involved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.
•Discovering the most efficient web host.
It is extremely important to establish an online presence. It really helped you get your brand out there to the world.

– Blog, blog, BLOG.
Blog about your brand and everything you offer. Offer tips about your skills in your blog. Get your brand out there!

– Develop your products and services.
Develop something that your clients just can’t get enough of. Something that keeps them coming back for more.

– Set to win-win.
Your clients should feel as though they benefited greatly from your services or products. They should feel like they got more value for the price or equal value. Just as your satisfaction should overrule your stress and time wasted.

– Gather and fund all of your necessities.
You are going to need software, a computer, office supplies, social media, and a business phone number. It is best to go ahead and get prepared.

– Find your clients and help them find you.
As I mentioned before, make your content shareable. You will want as many people to get the word out about your brand so that more clients can find you. Get involved in everything! You should portray confidence and intelligence to your clients.

– Learn to manage and run your business, your way.
As time goes on and you get further along in your business, you will find your favorite ways of doing everything. From accounting and organizing to planning promotions. It will help to make a routine out of these ways and develop a habit of it.

– Create a project process and workflow that benefits you and your clients.
Create the steps you need to know to deliver your product or service to your clients and customers. Write everything down! Every little action you make with your business, write it down. This will help you to make a checklist of everything you need to know and do. Add an extra goodie to each step.

– Manage money and accounting.
Keep all of your receipts, record your income, change prices when necessary, save money, pay taxes, and more.

– Develop a launch plan.
Choose some kind of way of promoting your brand. Will you throw a party? How about have your local radio station advertise it? There are so many opportunities to promote your brand. Just put your mind to it. Even get creative!

– Spread and promote your brand and passion.
Discover a way that will help you continuously spread your brand and passion.

– Always analyze.
Review and analyze from your blog analytics, client feedback, product offers, and more.

– Create the ultimate planner and organize your business.
Use your planner or calendar to remind you of important things to remember for your business and to help you plan out blog posts.

– Stay focused on growth and the big opportunities coming your way.

3. Amazon and eBay reselling
Anyone can sell products on Amazon and eBay, so why not you? It is a great source of side income and you can even make it into a full time income if you put enough work into it!

You can easily find cheap things to buy at garage sales, thrift shops, clearance isles, and online. Buy them cheap, fix them up, and resell them for higher than what you bought them.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a great idea if you want to get into the business of reselling things online.
-You find the products you would like to sell.
-List the products on Amazon FBA.
-You prepare the items to be sent to Amazon’s warehouses.
-You ship the items to the warehouse.
-Amazon workers unpacks and stores the inventory for you.
-Your product shows up live online.
-Your product is featured as a Prime Eligible purchase.
-Amazon buyer places an order for you.
-Amazon warehouse workers ship the product to the customer.
-Your customer receives the product.

You can use Retail Arbitrage to sell products online. All you have to do is purchase products from a retail store (locally or online) and resell it to Amazon. You will need to find discounted items or things on clearance so clearance so that you can make a profit. You mark the items higher than the buying price to make a profit. For example, if you were to buy an item for 75% off, you should resell the item for the normal retail price.

A good app to use for this would be Scoutify. Scoutify tells if the item is profitable or not by scanning the barcode of the item, using the camera on your phone. It brings up the product page on Amazon. You can see the current selling price, best seller ranks, number of sellers, and more. This allows you to make a decision on the items selling price.

If you want to test the waters by selling items around your house, you can use the Amazon FBA Calculator to determine how much profit you would make on any items on Amazon.

To get started, you will need an Amazon seller account. This involves a computer, smartphone, printer, labels, boxes, shipping tape, and a scale.

4. Remote English Teacher/Tutor
This is a great way for you too open up doors if you want to travel the world. If not, it is a perfect idea of a stay at home job. You can work from anywhere, via Skype. It is a great, solid side income.

Even though a full ESL (English as a second language) accreditation is recommended, it is not mandatory. As long as you are a native English speaker, you will potentially be perfect for the job. You can teach people in tons of different counties such as Hong Kong and China. These are people willing to pay upwards of $10-$25 per hour, just for you to teach then English via Skype. Plenty of websites offer this job opportunity. For example, Indeed, Learn4Good, and Remote.co often offer remote English tutoring jobs.

5. Start A Blog
If you play your cards right, starting a blog can become very profitable. You have so many different options for a blog. You can blog about scrapbooking, home cooking, travel, film, lifestyle, and lots more! This is a great way to become self employed thanks to blog subscribers, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and other revenue streams.

It would be a good idea to first sharpen your writing abilities. Understand what your audience loves most. And learn how to write a post that drives traffic and keeps readers coming back daily.

Here are the steps you will need to take:
•Set up blog.
•Write content that gets lots of traffic.
•Convert visitors into email subscribers.
•Send those subscribers content that build trust.
•Sell products or services that your audience wants. You can sell your services/products or allow companies to promote their services/products to your audience in exchange for a fee. Or promote their services/products as an affiliate and earn a commission each time one of your readers makes a purchase.

6. Travel Consultant
Do you love to travel? Do you wish you could do it all the time? Well you can! Just become a private travel agent. Travel consultant offer information to clients and make travel arrangements on their behalf. Travel consultants must be on call 24/7, no matter where you are or what day of the week it is.

You need to decide if you need training. Research how the commissions and fees work. Build your website and social media pages to help get the word out to people. You will need lots of dedication and patience, just like starting a business in any other industry. Never stop learning, and always take advantage of any training opportunities that you can. Go on educational trips or sign up for a study tour. Always keep up with changes in the industry.

7. Personal Trainer
Are you a fitness buff? Do you want a job that is both financially and physically rewarding? If so, there are a few things you need to know about becoming a personal trainer.

– What kind of training will you provide and what type of clientele will you service?
•Where are you going to conduct your personal training business?
•Will you have a specialized population you will serve? For example, senior citizens, or young athletes?
•Will personal training be a full time or part time career for you?
•What type of personal training certification will you choose?
•Will you be required to have Professional Liability Insurance?

There are lots of opportunities to become a personal trainer. You can run your training business anywhere! In home, outdoors, private studios, parks and recreational departments, or health clubs. Although, it would be best to use a health club, community center, or park district to train your clients.

– Areas of expertise
You will need to decide which population you want to work with.
•Young athletes
•Weight loss
•Body building
•Physically impaired
When you make a decision, you will then need to design a proper program to best fit the needs of the specific client population that you will be training. Offer services and expertise that other trainers can’t. Stay up to date on what benefits your clients.

– Personal trainer as a full time or part time career?
You want to know the best part? YOU can determine your own schedule.

– Just like with any other job, do not try to overwork yourself. Take time off, whether it be sick time off or vacation time off.

– Expect client cancelations.
There are going to be times when your client gets sick and can’t come in or has an emergency come up. This is to be expected, so be prepared.

Promote yourself with business cards, brochures, letters of introduction, and remember to provide your telephone availability.

The opportunities of starting a business from your home are endless! It just take time and dedication and you can create a very successful business.Bottom of Form

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