Good VOIP 800 Number Service Providers For Small Business (That Can Save You Money Over Landline Providers!)

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Don’t keep getting hammered by the local phone companies for your toll free number! In 2016, there’s no reason to be in a contract, or to be paying over $50 a month for your 800 service. A lot of business owners get roped into signing up with their local telephone provider for their 800 service as well, but after exploring VOIP options, most can save $200/mo on their entire bill by switching to a better modern provider. In this article, you’ll find a list of good inexpensive 800 number services, with a short summary of which would work best in your situation. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which is the best 800 number service provider for you.

Grasshopper Phone Service - One Of The Best 800 Number Service Providers

Service Provider Quick Summary

If you don’t have a lot of time, and are just looking for quick reviews and recommendations for an 800 number service provider for your business, here is a quick overview of services that has saved other business owners thousands ($,$$$) of dollars per year over landline providers for 1-800 numbers:

  • Grasshopper – the best choice for mobile and service based business owners, as well as entrepreneurs who need a solid virtual office system that works with any cell phone.
  • Ring Central – the best option for an all in one voip business phone solution, with softphone, cell phone, and office desk phone compatibility at affordable rates.
  • – a good provider choice for businesses that want to do call recording, advanced advertising tracking, and virtual visual voicemail.
  • Virtual PBX – affordable business phone solution for businesses that need call center functionality, over 20 + lines, multiple office support, and hosted PBX / cloud PBX fail-over support with their Parachute redundancy service.

Top 3 Best Inexpensive VOIP 800 Number Service Providers – Unlimited Ext, $12/mo, No Contract, Pay As You Grow

1) Grasshopper Virtual Phone Service (mobile office perfect for entrepreneurs)

[button link=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”new” text_color=”#ffffff” color=”#F39C12″]See All Plans & Pricing[/button]

  • grasshopper-mobile-officeNo expensive hardware to purchase or install
  • Works with any smartphone (free Iphone & Android apps)
  • Get voicemails and faxes delivered via email
  • Custom greetings with voice studio services
  • Business sms text messaging
  • Toll free, local, or keep your existing number
  • Conference calling
  • Hold music
  • Name directory
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening
  • Store hours and directions


2) Ring Central All-In-One VOIP Business Office Service

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  • Plans starting at $24/mo
  • Connect all devices (mobile, office voip, softphone)
  • Online meetings & conferencing
  • Seamlessly integrate with Dropbox
  • BYOD ready (bring your own device)
  • Huge cost savings compared to on-premise virtual PBX systems
  • Toll free minutes, huge selection of available 800 numbers
  • Unlimited calling, conferencing, fax, and business SMS texting


3) Flexible Cloud Provider

phonecom-callcenter[button link=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”new” text_color=”#ffffff” color=”#F39C12″]See All Plans & Pricing[/button]

  • Virtual and hosted pbx phone systems for business
  • Use any traditional phone (analog phone adapter)
  • Connect with ring ready ip phones, mobile phones, or sotfphones
  • Email call notifications
  • Bulk number porting
  • Call recording
  • Complex call transfer
  • Virtual voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Click to call



Which Is The Best 800 Number Service Providers For Small Business Owners?

When looking for available 800 numbers for small businesses as a new customer, it’s fairly easy to decide on a provider based on what features you’ll need. When you BOYD (bring your own device) or have existing office phones, is when it starts getting a little complicated… Not terribly difficult, you just have to know up front if you’re going to want office phones or not, and if so, whether or not you’ll need voip > analog phone adapters or new voip telephones.

Fortunately there are a couple of providers that make this really easy no matter what your situation is. I’m going to break this into two categories for you… Startup businesses and existing businesses. Reason being, most existing businesses already have a phone system (most likely a landline contract with a local provider) that they are either unhappy with, or are paying WAY too much for. In the latter situation, we have to account for any hardware they may already be accustomed to, whereas a startup should just go VOIP right from the start… That way they can switch providers at any time with no contract, use hardware that’s compatible with any service, etc…

*note – I get a lot of questions about business alarm systems and VOIP VS landlines… you can get what’s called an “alarm only” landline through a local provider for $10/mo. You’ll save an enormous amount of money this way.


Here’s my rule of thumb for deciding on an 800 service for your business:

New Business Solutions

If you’re starting a new business, here are the recommended providers based on how you want to connect and use your phone service.

  • Grasshopper – perfect provider for businesses that want to connect to a cell phone
    • Easy free smartphone app that lets you use your personal cell like a business phone
    • No one will be able to tell you’re calling from your cell
    • Business SMS on your business line
    • Business caller id
    • Perfect for sales, mobile, and service based businesses where you’re not likely to have a complex office phone system in the future
  • Ring Central – the right provider for businesses that need retail or office phone solutions
    • Same features as above, plus more that cater toward business office telephone solutions
    • Use traditional desk phones, cell phones, and even softphone apps (take and make calls on any computer using a free software provided by Ring Central that connects to your phone system)
    • Better conference calling support
    • Syncs with Dropbox and other platforms
    • BYOD ready (bring your own device)
  • – great provider for complex mobile and office business phone solutions
    • Works great for call tracking and advanced call forwarding
    • Virtual voicemail customization for no live answer extensions (I use this feature for testing new lead gen campaigns in order to save money on purchasing bulk numbers during testing)
    • Voicemail transcription
    • Human transcription service available
    • VOIP phones, analog phone adapters, cell phone/mobile phone compatible as well
  • Virtual PBX – excellent choice for call center style bulk lines
    • Perfect for 20+ toll free 1-800 numbers
    • Sync multiple offices on a single hosted cloud pbx setup
    • Enterprise level features like auto attendant, ring groups, and hierarchy routing for customer support teams
    • Fail over redundancy for high dollar ad campaigns or mission critical businesses

Existing Business Solutions

If you have an existing business, and want to switch to VOIP or simply add a VOIP toll free 800 line, here are the recommended providers based on how you want to connect and use your phone service.

  • Ring Central – best all in one business phone solution because of device and connectivity flexibility
    • Hardware leasing is a plus here, and the #1 reason I recommend Ring Central over other virtual and hosted PBX providers for local & toll free 800 numbers (for example, if you need office phones, instead of having to buy a $300 voip desk telephone, you can just lease it as part of your phone plan for an extra $10 – $15/mo, and then turn it in when it gets outdated… keeps you from being stuck with a couple thousand dollars in useless phone system hardware every couple of years. Not to mention the startup costs are MUCH lower.
    • The right choice for existing businesses looking to switch from a landline provider to a VOIP service. (the ultimate in device flexibility, and in most cases their softphone app will let you do everything you need from retail to a virtual home office right from your computer… All you need is a decent headset microphone)
    • Perfect for businesses that want to use a combination of cell phones, office phones, and maybe even have employees working remotely. A secretary or retail sales employee can take a call, place it on hold for you, and transfer it to your mobile as you walk out the door.
    • Business conference calling is much more robust than other providers, and offers voice and video conferencing if you need it.
  • – a good choice for borderline call center system setups, with bulk employee lines, multiple offices, etc… (although I would consider Virtual PBX as well if you want that many lines)
    • Can handle complex virtual phone system configurations that work excellent for specialized setups (I used a combination of and other providers for testing lead gen and advertising campaigns for local businesses by utilizing the ability to create virtual custom voicemails with advnaced call routing/forwarding.)
    • I recommend for a lot of businesses that want to do sales tracking. They make it easy to setup call recording, visual voicemail, etc… And they also offer click to call functionality built right in to their control panel if you want to add that option to your website without being a techie.
    • Fairly affordable until you get into the add-on options. Lower monthly fee for the base plan, but can be more expensive than the above providers if you select all the add-ons.
  • Grasshopper – if you already operate your business from your cell phone, and want a true business line without any extra hassle, Grasshopper is the way to go.
    • Carry one device (personal cell phone) and have your virtual office right on your cell phone
    • Works excellent even if you already have your own business number… simply pay a $30 transfer fee, and be up and running in a week
    • The easiest way to separate personal and business calls with after hours voicemail, call forwarding, etc…
  • Virtual PBX – excellent choice for call center style bulk lines
    • Perfect for 20+ toll free 1-800 numbers
    • Sync multiple offices on a single hosted cloud pbx setup
    • Enterprise level features like auto attendant, ring groups, and hierarchy routing for customer support teams
    • Fail over redundancy for high dollar ad campaigns or mission critical businesses


Which Toll Free 800 Number Service Can Do Live HD Video Conference Calling?

Several 800 providers offer video conferencing, but the solution that really stands out with an all in one softphone solution that will connect to all the different devices your inbound callers might be using, is Ring Central’s Office Video Conferencing System.

See a quick explanation in the video below, or click here to watch on Youtube.

How To Find 800 Number Provider That Will Work With My Cell Phone And Office Phone?

*Update – I added a guide above that will help you determine which service is best for you. It’s broken up into separate recommendations if you’re just looking to start a side business and want to keep costs low, yet still have a business number on your cell phone… Compared to a retail or office location where desk phones are going to be needed.

Where Can I Compare 800 Number Service Providers Rates And Plans?

I put a comparison table together for the providers I recommend, so you can easily see which is the best choice for you:

Plan DetailsGrasshopperVirtual PBX.comRing CentralPhone.comCallfire
Monthly Price$12$15.99$24.99$9.99$99
Unlimited Minutes Optionyesyesyesyesno
Cloud Basedyesyesyesyesyes
Toll Free Minutespay as you go or monthly packagesunlimited1,0001002500
Local / Toll Free Numbers Included1-3111none
30 Day Money Back Guaranteeyesyesyesyesno
Call Recording Capabilitynoyesyesyesyes
Call Log Reportsyesyesyesyesyes
Mobile / Cell / Smartphone Compatibleyesyesyesyesno
Conference Callsyesyesyesyesno

Toll Free 800 Number Service Provider Reviews

You don’t just have to take my word for it, most all of the toll free providers I use have prominent customers they serve listed on their website, as well as high profile individuals that have reviewed their services.

Unbiased Grasshopper Phone Service Review

I want to include some reviews from other users besides myself to give you an unbiased idea of what it’s like to use these systems with no experience. Here’s a Grasshopper phone system review for entrepreneurs:

OOMA Office vs Grasshopper vs RingCentral vs Google Voice Comparison Review

*note – I don’t really recommend using Google Voice for anything business related where your losing control would affect your bottom line.–TaZtpgY

Unbiased Ring Central Phone System Review


How To Use Cheap 800 Numbers For Business Lines Instead Of Landline?

If you already have a landline, you can easily add an 800 number to your existing phone system super cheap. Simply select one of the providers I recommend above, and then during setup choose where to forward your line to. If you’d like to use your cell phone, a few of the providers I mention have free smartphone apps that connect to your business phone system… Even on your personal cell phone. Best part? Your customers will never know!

Most landline telephone companies will charge you an add-on fee for you number, and then extend your contract with whatever additional services you require to operate it. With a VOIP service provider, there is no setup cost or hardware to buy, so if you decide not to use your toll free number after trying it out, you can cancel and won’t be stuck with any expensive hardware you don’t need. The other major benefit is that the setup is instant, and you can be receiving calls the same day… No need to wait for a phone company to come out or schedule an installation appointment.

How Much Does An 800 Number Cost?

1-800 number monthly cost varies greatly between providers, usually determined by the features you need and what hardware you want to use. On average, A VOIP line (local or toll free, doesn’t matter same price) starts at around $15 dollars per month, and goes up to about $25 for advanced features. At around $50 per month, you can get a plan with unlimited minutes, and the only other averages you might have are additional custom features like manual live voicemail transcription (which most people don’t need or use). Most small business owners are paying anywhere from $200+ PER MONTH for just a couple lines and faxing. In almost every situation, they’re able to save thousands of dollars per year by switching their entire phone system over to VOIP… Not just their 800 number.

What’s The Lowest Cost 800 Number Service For A Sole Proprietor?

I assume you’re just starting your business, and just want a business phone number on the cheap right? I would recommend you go with Grasshopper wince they cater to entrepreneurs on the go and mobile/virtual startups. You should be able to get everything you need for less than $15 dollars a month, and can add on extra business lines at any time. I also have another article about cheap business phone services here, and the cheapest 1-800 services for startup businesses here.

What Would Be The Best 800 Number Service For Home Based Small Business Without A Physical Location?

I would pick Ring Central simply for the overall flexibility in their smartphone app. That will let you use your computer like an office phone, so if you’re used to working from home all you need is a headset with a good microphone. You could also use Grasshopper if you’d prefer to primarily use your cell phone and take your business with you wherever you go… .You’d save about $10 bucks per month going that route.

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I’m Hesitant To Sign Up With Verizon Or Nextiva… Are There Any Good Places That Have Legit Toll Free Number Service Providers Reviews?

*Update – I’ll add my reviews here. I removed the other business website listed since they may not be completely honest.

Can I Get A Simple Easy To Use Business 800 Number Service For Use With My Mobile Phone?

Yep it’s dead simple these days to get a toll free business line on your personal cell. In fact, Grasshopper excels at providing traveling entrepreneurs with a virtual office phone system they can take with them anywhere. Check it out here.

What’s A Good Alternative To Verizon 800 Number Service?

If you’re looking to replace your landline phone system, and want full features office desk phones, the best way to go is to use Ring Central. They have plenty of device options, and you don’t have to buy them outright. They also have smartphone and computer/laptop compatible phone software so your staff can use the office computers to take calls and return customer inquiries right from their desk with no extra equipment needed.

Any Good Inexpensive Cloud Hosted Virtual PBX Providers That Have Cheap 1-800 Numbers In Bulk?

What’s A Good Virtual Office Provider That Has A Toll Free 1-800 Number Included With The Monthly Plan?

Almost all of the providers nowadays have a complete suite of virtual office features. You might prefer one of the providers listed under the new business section above, since a lot of those have things like fax to email, voicemail transcription to email so you can read your voicemail if you’re in a meeting, etc…

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How Do I Choose An 800 Number Service Provider For My Small Business?

I added a guide above that will help existing and startup businesses, since the hardware requirements for someone switching to VoIP is going to be different than starting from scratch. If you’re looking to track calls or setup advanced advertising tracking, you might be interested in the top 5 800 number services for small business.

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How Do I Setup A 1800 Number For My Business By The End Of Today?

I have a few tutorials you can follow already up on youtube if you want to get an 800 number for your business accepting calls in under an hour. Alternatively, you can follow one these quick guides here and here. If you happen to be looking for a step by step guide that will work for setting up any business line, here is a tutorial on setting up your local or toll free 800 business number in under 30 minutes with Grasshopper.

Do I really Need An 800 Number For My Business?

800 numbers can help to boost visibility and create an appearance of a much larger company if you’re looking to start marketing in a larger area than you currently serve. Additionally, having a toll free 1-800 number will of course let out of state customers calls you from any phone free of charge if you happen to be serving multiple counties or states.

Sort The Best Options For A Toll Free 800 Number Service Provider By The Setup Features You’re Looking For & Price

Under $15/mo


  • Affordable 1-800 Numbers for Businesses – Easy & Instant Setup‎
  • Large Pool Of Available 800 Numbers – Get 1-800 and 877 Phone Numbers for Your Business
  • Toll Free Numbers Available In These Prefixes, 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, 1-855, and 1-844
  • Choose from 1000’s of National, Local, & Vanity Numbers
  • In Depth Comparison & Reviews Of Other Alternative Services So You Can Easily Choose The Right One For You
  • Sound More Professional
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Email Transcriptions
  • Call Forwarding to Cell
  • Voicemail Notification


  • Add A Business Toll Free Phone Number To Your Small Business Phone Package And Setup Your Business 800, 888, 877 Or 866 Toll-Free Numbers In One Control Panel From Anywhere In The World
  • 800 Numbers & Virtual Phone Services – Toll Free Numbers for Business
  • Route Toll Free Calls To Any Device Or Number With Our Affordable Toll Free Numbers
  • US Based Support, It’s Clear To See Why We Are The #1 Small-Business Phone Company
  • Get Toll Free 800 Numbers Quickly & Easily Online To Create A Professional
  • Trusted By More Than 100,000 Small And Leading Businesses

Under $25/mo


  • Get Your Own 800 Number Or Easy Cloud Hosted Virtual Phone Service
  • Scalable Hosted Voip Pbx For Small Businesses
  • Flexible Phone Packages Including Hardware Leasing
  • Free Mobile Smartphone Apps
  • Softphone Call Management Software
  • 1 800, 888, 877 Or 866 Toll-Free Numbers Available


  • Small Business Phone Numbers & Virtual Phone System
  • Unlimited Minutes Inbound & Outbound On All Office Or Dash Plans
  • 24/7 365 Technical Support
  • 1-5 Lines, 5-15 Lines, And 20+ Lines Fully Configurable Business Phone Numbers And Complete Hosted Phone System
  • Work Anywhere There’s An Internet Connection
  • Enhanced Features Including Full Cloud Redundancy & Backup Service For 100% System Uptime
  • Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Built In Add On Service


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