8×8 vs Vonage Business: Which Is Better for the Money?

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As a small business owner, usually, deciding on the best communications solutions is not only critical for your business but a tough one too. Deciding between the several VoIP services available on the market, the best plan for your business and narrowing down on the one that can offer the best value in terms of the features and pricing can be an intimidating experience.

VoIP, as we all know, is Voice over Internet Protocol which allows users to connect to an IP network via the internet and make calls using their phone on the web. Both 8×8, as well as Vonage Business, offer VoIP services for small and medium businesses and have varied plans and features that you can choose from. Both the services offer software integrations with other platforms, excellent features for mobiles and many other features that can add value to your business. Both Vonage and 8×8 are cloud-hosted VoIP communication systems.

In our article, we will be comparing the VoIP services offered by both 8×8 and Vonage and doing a detailed comparison of the pricing options, features and other aspects of both the services that will help you to make a choice between them for your business.


If you’re looking for business phone service, I recommend you look into RingCentral for your office phone service, and Grasshopper if you just want a virtual business number on your cell phone. Both of these companies will serve you better than both Vonage and 8×8 in my opinion, with RingCentral being more flexible with the ability to add physical phones and adapters if you have a need for it.

8×8 vs Vonage


8×8 is a cloud-hosted phone system that is extremely easy to use and has features which make it among the best phone systems for small-sized businesses. 8×8 has a host of features, provides excellent customer support and is quite affordable in terms of its pricing, which makes it quite a popular service. The company supports integrations with several sites and also provides contact center services. 8×8 is an excellent phone system that is suitable for small businesses looking for a VoIP system packed with features.



Vonage provides VoIP phone systems that are cloud based for all types and sizes of businesses. While Vonage Business is meant for small-sized businesses, Vonage Enterprise is targeted towards mid-sized and large businesses. Both options comprise several features such as calling, mobile and collaboration tools. Vonage ensures that it provides reliable service to its customers and top-quality customer support.


8×8 vs Vonage VoIP Services

In terms of the services, both 8×8, as well as Vonage Business, have a lot to offer. Traditionally, Vonage provided features that are designed and targeted towards SMBs and residential customers, whereas the services of 8×8 are meant for medium and large-sized businesses.



8×8 offers a service that is “plug and play”. 8×8 provides the handsets and you can install the 8×8 VoIP service in no time at all and start working. 8×8 offers plenty of functionality via their desktop and mobile apps and the hardware phones offered by the company is optional.

The app allows you to access all the advanced features at a very affordable cost that can help improve the productivity of your business. 8×8 offers many different plans that let you get more with your VoIP service, especially if you require advanced services for a larger size of business or for a business having higher call volumes.


Vonage Business

If your company is looking for affordably priced VoIP services with advanced functionality and features, then you can definitely consider Vonage Business for your organization. The services of Vonage are easy to set up and you can get started in no time at all.

Vonage offers many premium add-on services and features, which you can add to your existing plans that can help you accomplish a lot more in your business. Vonage offers excellent customer service and tech support that can solve any of the problems or challenges you may face. The Vonage service offers pre-configured equipment which allows you to get set up and start working very quickly.


8×8 vs Vonage Features

8×8 and Vonage Business offer a wide array of features suitable for all sizes of businesses. Both offer flexible plans, as well as pricing, and you can definitely find one that suits your business requirements and also your budget.



The calling features offered by 8×8 are impressive, which are very useful for small businesses.

  • Calling Features: Includes call-automated attendants, forwarding, call waiting, directory assistance, ring groups, caller ID blocking, music-on-hold, voicemail, conference calling and voicemail-to-email.
  • Collaboration Tools: Includes features like instant messaging, hosting online meetings and presence feature which shows employees who are busy and who are available.
  • Integrates with programs that your business is already using such as Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook that allow you to call your contacts directly using the programs.
  • The iOS and Android mobile app allow employees to use the business phone lines via their mobile phones. You can receive and make calls, check your voicemail, chat with other employees, check the status of your co-workers, view online faxes and collaborate in online meetings via the mobile app.



Vonage Business Cloud

  • Standard Features: Includes virtual receptionist, directory assistance, call announcing, call screening, call conference, voicemail, click-to-call, music on hold, call hold, shared line appearance, do not disturb, caller ID blocking, voicemail-to-email, simultaneous ring, Busy Lamp Field, call flip, Follow Me, text messaging, chat, logs, waiting and parking.
  • Paid Features (depending on plan): Call recording, call monitoring, paperless fax, virtual mailbox, call groups, spam shield, queue, paging groups and visual voicemail.


Vonage Enterprise

  • Standard Features: Includes authentication, automatic call back, anonymous call rejection, call logs, call-forwarding modes, barge, no answer, busy, not reachable and selective, call notification, Busy Lamp Field, call waiting, call return or transfer, flash call hold, do not disturb, redial a local or the last number, hoteling for host and guest, push to talk, remote office, N-way Call, priority alert, selective call acceptance and rejection, unified messaging, virtual numbers, sequential and simultaneous ring, visual voicemail, speed dial and their “Work from Anywhere” feature.
  • Paid Features (depending on the plan): Call center, auto attendant, contact center, call recording, fax mail, MobileConnect softphone, hunt group, speak to dial, presence and IM indicators, video conferencing, collaboration and web and video connect.

8×8 vs Vonage: Ease of Use


Being a cloud-based VoIP phone system, 8×8 does not need wiring or the installation of any special equipment. As the systems of 8×8 operate on a data connection, all you have to do in order to use 8×8 is to configure the routers properly and ensure that you have the required bandwidth to handle the call volumes you expect your business to receive or make.


It is extremely easy to start using 8×8. All you have to do is plug in your phones into the Ethernet port and start receiving and making calls. All the upgrades and maintenance of the phone system is taken care of by 8×8.


The entire phone system is controlled through the online portal and the systems administrator or the Configuration Manager can log in to the online portal for automated attendant setup, assigning employee numbers and extensions, creating ring groups, etc.


8×8 provides 1 hour of free training by an installation specialist to ensure that your business is up and running without any problems. At an extra cost, you can get on-site and hands-on training if needed.


Vonage Business Cloud

This is essentially designed and targeted towards small businesses and runs on your existing internet connection. There is no requirement for the installation of any equipment and the system is managed via the online portal. The Vonage Business Cloud system offers various features such as calling, mobile and collaboration features and some of the features may be available at an extra cost depending on the plan that you choose.


Vonage Enterprise

This is more suited toward medium and large-sized organizations and the system offers the businesses access to a private, dedicated network, which enables the business to get a higher service quality. The privately managed circuit used by every business customer is monitored by Vonage 24×7 and this eliminates problems such as static, dropped calls, the privacy of data and data loss. The system supports several features such as conference calling with around 300 participants and contact center services.


8×8 vs Vonage: Other Considerations


  • 8×8 offers contact center services which include features such as interactive voice response (IVR), skill-based call routing, call recording, queued call back, historical reporting and real-time monitoring.
  • 8×8 provides 99.9% uptime, which is quite high among the various cloud-based phone system service providers in this category. This essentially means that the phone system of 8×8 is down for few minutes in a year.
  • 8×8 offers a branch office feature for businesses that have offices in several locations and allows the system administrators to segment the extensions of the employees on the basis of the locations. Every location has its unique IVR script, presence management and employee directory.
  • In terms of the support, 8×8 provides excellent customer support which is provided via phone, chat, email and online 24×7, 365 days in the year. In the case of critical issues, the company provides follow-the-sun support.


Vonage Business

  • Vonage offers 99.999% uptime guarantee, which is more than 8×8.
  • Vonage has 13 data centers spread across the country and several redundancies which ensure the continuity of your service.
  • Vonage constantly monitors the status of all your devices to ensure that they are working efficiently. If the calls to any particular device are not being responded to, then the calls are automatically forwarded to another number.
  • Vonage provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, which allow you to receive and make calls using your business line, use instant messaging with your co-workers, view your voice messages, save all your business contacts and also make video calls.
  • All the users making use of the Vonage Business Cloud can access Amazon Chime that supports audio and video conferencing for around 100 users.
  • You can access your phone system via your computer by making use of the Vonage desktop app. You need to just open the app, plug in your headset and you can start receiving and making calls.


8×8 vs Vonage: Pricing


8×8 offers 3 service plans. All the plans include unlimited calls, instant messages, text messages, single sign-on, voicemail, integration with Zendesk, NetSuite CRM and Salesforce.


X2 Edition

  • Cost: $25/user/month
  • Unlimited Calling Zone: 14 countries
  • Media Storage: 1 GB
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: Up to 5 participants


X5 Edition

  • Cost: $35/user/month
  • Unlimited Calling Zone: 32 countries
  • Media Storage: 5 GB
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: Up to 25 participants
  • Call recording
  • Operator switchboard


X8 Edition

  • Cost: $55/user/month
  • Unlimited Calling Zone: 48 countries
  • Media Storage: 10 GB
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: Up to 50 participants
  • Call recording
  • Operator switchboard
  • Call quality analytics
  • Supervisor
  • Contact center tools


8×8 requires you to sign a contract of at least 12 months and the fees can be paid monthly and not yearly.



Vonage Business Cloud has 3 service plans.


The Vonage Business Cloud pricing varies according to the number of users.


Mobile Plan

  • Starts at $17.99/user/month for 21-99 employees and goes up to $24.99 / user/ month for 1 user.
  • The plan includes unlimited calls, text messages and access to the desktop and mobile app.


Premium Plan

  • Starts at $24.99/user/month for 21-99 employees and goes up to $39.99/user/month for 1 user.
  • The plan includes all the features of the Mobile Plan, CRM integrations and audio and video conferencing for around 100 people.


Advanced Plan

  • Starts at $34.99/user/month for 21-99 employees and goes up to $49.99/user/month for 1 user.
  • The plan includes all the features of the Premium Plan and also call groups, call recording, visual voicemail and setup assistance.


Vonage Business Cloud does not require you to sign any contracts and you can make your payments month-to-month and cancel at any time you want without incurring any penalties.


Choosing the right VoIP-based communication system for your business needs careful deliberation. Deciding on the features you require, the right pricing, software integrations and other functions required can help you decide on whether 8×8 is a better service for your business or if Vonage is the perfect one for you. Both the companies offer great features to support business communications, flexibility, excellent customer service and technical support and you need to compare the offerings of both the service providers before deciding on the one that is a perfect fit for your business.


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