Why I Will [NEVER!] Use A Small Orange (ASO) Web Hosting Again

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Looking for a review of A Small Orange web hosting (ASO hosting for short) while considering if you should use their cloud hosting services or not? Well, let me give you about 4 solid reasons why you should be skeptical, because I was left hanging out to dry with my website being down for God knows how long on their [supposedly redundant] “cloud” hosting. My experience with them was downright pitiful, and I no longer consider them a cloud host, period. As you might already be able to tell, this review of A Small Orange hosting is not going to be favorable. My customer experience with them was awful, and I’ll never know how much money I truly lost after discovering the complete lack of an uptime monitor after my (this is the important part: MY MONEY MAKING WEBSITE) was completely offline without my knowledge. Nothing more than the standard copy and paste apology from support, and no explanation as to the source of the failure. So yeah, you can be rest assured, I will never spend money their again, especially not now that ASO has sold out to EIG.

Preface Before You Read My Personal Experience Of Hosting With A Small Orange (ASO)

Some people say, but Matt you’re ruining potential affiliate relationships for life by calling these people out, with screenshots and all you have on the hard drive. Yeah, but in this day and age where everyone and their mother is lying about products and services just to make some cash, what’s more important: the truth or money?

I say burn the motherfucking boats!

You have to in today’s market. The way the blog scene and product/service reviews are going these days, something’s got to give. You’ve got people paying for fraudulent reviews on products that just launch on Amazon, making it harder and harder to find genuinely good stuff. And as a consumer you can’t tell the difference between a good product and a bad one half the time, because all the reviews are now skewed from review service popping up all over the place (paying people for placements basically). The lack of genuine opinion standing out from the marketplace, is both frustrating and an opportunity, for new bloggers to carve out some space for themselves just reviewing things they already buy!

So tell me, Mr. fear perpetuator… What’s worse, burning bridges with an advertiser I will never use again in my life by being authentic based on real experiences, or lying for dollars no matter who you’re misdirecting? I say the latter, and thus, this post was born.

Oh my Lord — I’ve got to tell you why I won’t use a small orange with hosting ever again

Paste to separate my affiliate sites out and different blocks and part of this was to break up a new footprint for particular styles of automatically generated affiliate sites so it was her Turn and Burn some of them were quality more quality sites that were allowed around for the Long Haul but it’s very important to keep these separated so I did that by utilizing different Hosting account on different registrars with different name servers and all types of different you know things in between


I’ve heard good things about a small orange or ASO and decided to give them a try I was with them for to billing terms which was a total of 60 days and the experience was absolutely terrible. I signed up for their Cloud hosting which have automated monitoring automated restarts and guaranteed up time of Lord knows what percentage that was probably violated in the terms of service


and paragraph let’s just get right to it my experience with them was I noticed for certain ¬†affiliate IDs but I had to 0 innings for the last 2 weeks. I went to investigate and noticed that all sides were down and the server was unresponsive although the a small orange Cloud hosting control panel show that Services were indeed active in the monitoring was not working correctly


I quickly open a support ticket asking and what was going on and to please give me an update. They emailed me and indicated that Services have been restarted and service has been restored I ask for an explanation or to check the log file as to what happened and how long services are down and they could not tell me period after doing a little digging I found that the sides were probably down for almost 14 days with no indication that anything was wrong and now it hurts so much as an email or anything from the monitoring dashboard of a small orange


To me this is absolutely terrible service especially for cloud hosting and you would never experienced something like this at a reputable company like liquid web. clever Leverage is hosted on liquid web Cloud hosting and if any service goes down for more than 15 minutes or less immediately get a notification and it’s addressed automatically I can also call 24/7 phone support and this is the level of service that I am exam used to and expect from a quality provider


After a couple back and forth with the support text I realize that there would be no resolution and their system really wasn’t set up to the quality standards that I was used to I cancelled the service didn’t ask for a refund but quickly closed my account will never reopen an account at a small orange ever again I highly recommend since it smaller and was bought out by Eng and they don’t have a good track record for exceptional quality phone support like blue host that most people avoid a small orange because there’s simply too many other good options already out there.


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Cancellation Reason: Fix your cloud management logs and uptime notifications. I logged in to find all my sites unavailable (who knows for how long, http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?url=heaterly.com is not looking promising showing january 18th). No alerts, nothing in https://dal1.cloud.asmallorange.com/logs, no automatic restart, zilch.

All Sites Were Down (not just one site, The. Entire. Account. Offline)

No Automatic Restart

No Notifications

The Whole Point Of “Cloud Hosting” Is Fail-over Redundancy

Who Would I Recommend Instead

Most people don’t need true cloud hosting, and can get away with auto scaling containers at the most popular hosts. For the average user though, the most cost effective solutions are going to something like Linode, Cloudways, etc…

if you’re looking for WordPress specific hosting, I’d recommend checking out who I currently use: LiwuidWeb and Lightning Base. Alternatively, you can have a look at this affordable wordpress host guide if you’re on a budget, and this guide on the fastest wordpress hosting companies.

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