Answering Service for Funeral Homes

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As you deal with everyday, losing a loved family member can be an emotionally traumatic time for your customers, and can be even more difficult when they also have take care of all the logistics when in mourning. Typically when a person calls a funeral home, they are generally going through a lot of sadness, pain and emotional stress, and they should be able to interact with a person who will treat them with sensitivity and understanding, instead of them having to leave a voice message.

However, it may not always be possible for you to be available to answer all the calls that you get at the funeral home 24×7. At such times, to ensure that there is always a friendly voice answering calls irrespective of the time or day, it is a good idea to have a dependable funeral home answering service that can be an extension of your funeral home to answer all questions.. and this can make a big difference to your customers.

A good answering service can handle all inbound calls about funeral arrangements, schedule meetings, appointments, etc. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top funeral home answering services.

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Funeral Home Answering Services


Founded over 25 years ago, Stericycle Inc. is one of North America’s topmost providers of communication solutions. Stericycle’s Funeral and Death Care Services understands that there are many interactions that need special compassion and care, especially for grieving families that have just experienced the death of a loved one.


Stericycle ensures that each and every call to the funeral home is answered 24×7. Despite the time of the day, Stericycle ensures that every call received by the funeral home is answered with dedication and empathetic support and ensures that your business never ever misses a single interaction.


The Directors’ Choice platform from Stericycle combines cutting-edge technology along with the best agents in the industry and this enables them to offer top-quality seamless funeral home answering services. Stericycle’s dedicated live voice and call center services provide expert care for death care and funeral home businesses.


Advantages of Stericycle

  • Stericycle guarantees that your calls will be answered by a live agent.
  • All calls will be answered in less than 3 rings.
  • Dispatch is extremely quick and occurs within 15 minutes of receiving a call.
  • The scripts and protocols of the agents can be customized to support your calls seamlessly.
  • Stericycle agents who represent your funeral home business are provided with training specific to death care so that they can handle the calls in a sensitive and appropriate manner.
  • The agents remain on the phone with the grieving family member until the funeral director can take over and provide expert support.
  • Stericycle takes control over all your call answering scripts, incoming calls and messaging accessibility, incoming calls, etc.


Stericycle Pricing

  • Cost of Basic Answering & Messaging Service (150 minutes): $187.87 per month
  • Cost of Appointment Scheduling: $2,000 – $2,500 per month (depends on call volume)
  • Cost of Appointment Reminders: $0.20 per reminder



At SAS, you can expect to get the best compassionate support and service in times of bereavement. SAS understands that every client interaction in the bereavement industry is very important and must be handled with empathy and sensitivity.


Right from the pre-planning of the funeral to the logistics of the funeral itself, every step is very important. And, this is where the funeral home answering service of SAS plays a very important role in helping your company to provide an extremely comfortable experience for your clients.


SAS offers all the things you require to keep all the things running efficiently and smoothly and allows you to focus on taking care of the services provided by your funeral home, whether it is casket services, memorial services or bereavement counseling. SAS enables you to focus on your work, while they take care of all the nitty gritties of answering phones and taking care of the scheduling and logistical details.


Advantages of SAS

  • SAS’ nationwide call center ensures that the reps who interact with your clients are well trained.
  • The trained reps from SAS offer a professional and compassionate image that is absolutely necessary for funeral answering services and they respond to your clients with a customized greeting according to the requirements of your business.
  • SAS handles all your inbound calls, allowing you to provide personal support that is required by your clients.
  • SAS’ professional reps take down the information, organize dispatch and schedule or modify appointments to meet the funeral director. All alerts are sent to you via phone, email, text or pager.
  • The 24-hour answering service of SAS allows your clients to speak to a live person for all their queries, even after-hours.
  • The reps have experience working with funeral directors and the directors can also review all the calls online.
  • The answering service provides information regarding all the logistics such as date and time of the service, directions to the venue, etc.
  • The SAS agents work virtually and remotely and save you the hassle of hiring people and dealing with the staff, etc.
  • By working with SAS, you pay only for the operator time that is used. You don’t need to buy and install any expensive equipment, there are no monthly contracts and you can change the service any time you want.
  • Includes local and toll-free numbers and you have a 14-day free trial.


SAS Pricing


  • Cost: $31 per month + $1.19per minute

100 Minute

  • Cost: $117 per month + $1.09 per additional minute


220 Minute

  • Cost: $199 per month + $1.09 per additional minute


500 Minute

  • Cost: $490 per month + $0.99 per additional minute


1,000 Minute

  • Cost: $925 per month + $0.95 per additional minute


2,500 Minute

  • Cost: $2,200 per month + $0.89 per additional minute


5,000 Minute

  • Cost: $4,199 per month + $0.85 per additional minute


10,000 Minute

  • Cost: $7,749 per month + $0.79 per additional minute


MAP Communications

The first few hours after the death of a loved one can be the most difficult, especially when one is faced with the task of making all the arrangements for the funeral. Calling a funeral home to make all the arrangements is probably the most emotional and challenging experience for a person. And, it is extremely important that your customers receive a sensitive and compassionate person answering their calls and queries.


So, choosing the appropriate funeral home answering service is a very important part of running your mortuary or funeral home service and this is where MAP Communications plays a very important role. MAP Communications is a US-based 24-hour answering service which ensures that you take care of all your clients’ requirements and help them through their difficult time. Irrespective of however big or small your funeral home is MAP Communications has the perfect solution for you.


MAP Communications’ answering services handle all the calls with a high level of competence and sensitivity. Customers calling the funeral home answering services will never realize that they are speaking with an answering service. The reps can guide the callers through all the options available in case of a death or just take messages. The MAP team can make all the arrangements if required or can forward the calls to be handled by your staff.


Advantages of MAP Communications

  • The MAP Communications agents are trained to handle all incoming calls with patience and compassion.
  • MAP Communications offers 24-hour answering services for funeral homes and their trained virtual receptionists assist your clients with things such as scheduling the time for casket selection, burial options, etc.
  • The virtual receptionist also helps to coordinate transportation, final edits of the program and eulogy to the funeral director, take messages regarding the obituary, give information to family and friends regarding service details, viewing, etc.
  • MAP Communications offers 24×7 coverage.
  • Extremely quick call pickup times.
  • Customized script as required by you and affordable rates.
  • Messages delivered to your team and you in the way you prefer.
  • MAP Communications offers call tracking and management tools that allow you to monitor and evaluate the performance of the calls and manage all the funeral operations.


MAP Communications Pricing

Standard Plan

  • No. of Minutes Included: 0 Minutes
  • Cost: $39/ month
  • Cost Per Additional Minute: $1.15 per minute


Business Plan

  • No. of Minutes Included: 125 Minutes
  • Cost: $149/ month
  • Cost Per Additional Minute: $1.09 per minute


Executive Plan

  • No. of Minutes Included: 225 Minutes
  • Cost: $249/ month
  • Cost Per Additional Minute: $1.07 per minute


All plans include live 24×7 receptionist service, text and email delivery, nationwide 800 number, secure real-time access to the online portal, etc. All plans can be customized as per your business requirements and your budget. MAP Communications offers a 7-day free trial and there is no need to enter into a contract.


Office Sense

Office Sense offers their services to funeral homes and you can count on them to accommodate all the requirements of your client, especially during the trying time of organizing all the logistics for a funeral of a loved one. Office Sense reps are available all the time, night or day and ensure that your phones are manned 24×7 and even on holidays.


It is extremely easy to get started on the services of Office Sense. The website is extremely easy to use and you can simply pick a plan that works best for you. Office Sense also offers packages that can be customized according to your specific needs. And, with Office Sense, you can be assured that you will get nothing but the highest level of service quality that will ensure that the prestige of your business is maintained.


Advantages of Office Sense

The answering services of Office Sense offer several features such as:

  • 24-hour answering.
  • Free local phone number.
  • Free fax, email and SMS delivery.
  • Call transfer and routing.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Urgent call answering.
  • Live message relay.


Office Sense Pricing


  • Cost: $29 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 0
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 99c per minute



  • Cost: $79 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 50
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 97c per minute



  • Cost: $99 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 100
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 95c per minute



  • Cost: $200 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 250
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 89c per minute



  • Cost: $385 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 500
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 85c per minute



  • Cost: $685 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 1,000
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 75c per minute



  • Cost: $995 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 1,500
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 70c per minute



  • Cost: $1,295 per month
  • No. of Minutes: 2,000
  • Cost of Additional Minutes: 65c per minute


Office Sense does not have any setup fees and no contracts.



If your funeral home business is missing important calls or if focusing on business matters is a challenge, then you should definitely consider PatLive to handle all the calls to your funeral home with compassion and efficiency.


PatLive has a team of over 150 agents in the United States who are trained to provide top-quality and exceptional service on each and every call your business receives, as PatLive understands how vital every call is to your funeral and mortuary business.


PatLive can customize the services as per the requirements of your business and the trained reps can do everything that your in-house receptionist would do such as offering after-hours coverage, handling your calls, taking messages, transferring calls, scheduling appointments, capturing caller information, etc.


Advantages of PatLive

  • With a team of over 150 US-based receptionists, you can be sure that your calls will be answered in just a few rings.
  • Almost 90% of the inbound calls are answered within 20 seconds.
  • The receptionists understand your business very well and answer questions extremely efficiently, so efficiently that your clients will think that they are your own employees.
  • PatLive has trained reps who have the experience to handle all your calls, schedule appointments, offer after-hours coverage, take messages, offer emergency support, etc.
  • PatLive integrates their services with the software and tools that you use and whatever you need, they become a unified extension of your business.
  • Calls are recorded for audits that take place randomly.
  • The 24×7 services of PatLive are extremely affordable.


PatLive Pricing


  • Cost: $149/ month
  • Live Answer Minutes: 75
  • Cost for Additional Minutes: $1.50/ minute



  • Cost: $269/ month
  • Live Answer Minutes: 200
  • Cost for Additional Minutes: $1.25/ minute



  • Cost: $399/ month
  • Live Answer Minutes: 350
  • Cost for Additional Minutes: $1.10/ minute



  • Cost: $629/ month
  • Live Answer Minutes: 600
  • Cost for Additional Minutes: $1.00/ minute



  • Cost: $999/ month
  • Live Answer Minutes: 1,000
  • Cost for Additional Minutes: $0.95/ minute


Depending on the plan, PatLive offers a wide range of features such as phone numbers, online reporting, appointment scheduling, a dedicated account manager, lead collection, specialized agent training, call transfers, message taking, real-time call summaries, order processing, integrations, event registrations and monthly performance calls.


PatLive offers a wide range of features that are ideal for a funeral home and also offer budget-friendly pricing packages that you can choose from. All this makes PatLive an excellent answering service for your funeral home.


Making a choice of a call answering service for your funeral home is a tough decision. So, it is a good idea to evaluate the various options available along with the price and your requirements before you decide on which is the right answering service for your funeral home.

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