Arvixe Alternatives (sorry guys, the Arvixe ship has sailed: terrible host)

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There’s a general assumption that when a big conglomerate acquires a smaller brand, the latter shows a definite improvement in quality. It’s not an unreasonable assumption either – bigger companies have more streamlined processes and structures, more investment in terms of technology, as well as better outputs and as a result of all the above, better service and higher value for customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, particularly in the case of small web-hosting service providers like Arvixe. Originally founded in 2003, this platform was acquired in 2014 by EIG, the brand that owns a whole lot of other web hosting companies, even big names like Bluehost and Hostgator.

Being acquired by EIG, unfortunately, has spelled doom for Arvixe, and its performance has dipped consistently over the last few years. If you have been using Arvixe to host your blog or website, you’ve undoubtedly experienced this first hand. Users have been unhappy with this service for a while, and a majority of their complaints are related to the really slow load time and poor customer service.

Update: The 2 Best Alternatives To Arvixe Hosting

  • Siteground – my top choice for speed, WordPress pre-installed, and best performance for the money on shared hosting
  • Bluehost – if you need excellent phone support from native English speaking support techs, this is the way to go. You will sacrifice a little bit of performance over Siteground, but if you need a lot of hand holding, this is for you.

Like many of its competitors, Arvixe offers a number of plans, some of which have advanced features like unlimited storage, unlike other brands that would have made you pay for it. Arvixe also managed to impress its earlier users with lucrative features like offering you to use up to six domain names, as well as giving you ad credits for Google, Yahoo and Bing to monetize your website or blog.

Arvixe has also shown a decent performance in terms of uptime, so then, where do the problems with this service lie?

Why Are Users Unhappy with Arvixe?

In the last few years, Arvixe users have reported a range of problems with this service. The most common problems faced by most clients seem to be their really poor quality of customer service and damages to their website or blog during updates. It’s easy to see why so many people like you are getting frustrated. Imagine the horror of waking up to see your site skewed and botched up and the exasperation of not having someone respond to your query for almost an hour, leaving you completely stranded. Users have repeatedly called out the lack of responsive customer service from Arvixe, claiming a wait time of anywhere between an hour to tickets being resolved after only a day or two.

Not only this, Arvixe has also witnessed a slew of complaints related to their page load time. The hosting platform has performed consistently slowly, with delays of over 3 seconds in loading users’ website pages.

Why Is Arvixe Performing Poorly?

It’s important to understand the reasons behind Arvixe’s poor performance. Particularly the reasons that are related to Arvixe being an EIG-owned brand, because there are a whole lot of others who have suffered the same fate.

The problem is that EIG is focused on providing cheap hosting options in order to maximize customers as well as profits. Unfortunately, the cheap hosting plans offered by EIG-owned services come with a heavy price, thanks to their practice of cramming thousands of websites on a single server, which is also called shared hosting.

What happens as a result is that the resources and bandwidth available on the server are shared among all these websites, which means when there’s peak traffic on the website, all these websites are clamoring for the same limited space and resources, at the same time.

Why Is Arvixe Bad for Your Website?

There’s no doubt that Arvixe’s slow load time and poor customer support are frustrating situations to deal with. What’s worse is how these problems can spell disaster for your website, and the revenue you generate from it.

Every extra second that your website takes to load translates to waiting time for your customers. The internet is a bustling, saturated marketplace – there are far too many options and alternatives to everything. Your average visitor isn’t going to patiently wait for your website to load – they’re simply going to take their business elsewhere. As a matter of fact, a website can lose up to half its traffic due to slow loading time which affects your business for the worse – in terms of both, how many people actually reach your website, as well as the revenue you generate from ads on your page.

Arvixe has also become notoriously famous for its erratic uptime. If slow loading pages test your visitors’ patience, imagine what is happening to your business when your site is actually down. To add to this, Arvixe’s customer support service is really slow, which means while you are on hold, waiting for a representative to sort out your problem, your website it losing out on precious viewership for every second it takes for your website to be up again.

Alternatives to Arvixe

When stacked up against these problems, Arvixe’s membership plans seem rather costly. Think about it – would you rather keep paying Arvixe each month, only to receive terrible loading time and uptime on your website, or explore better hosting sites as alternatives to Arvixe? You don’t have to worry about pricing – there are alternatives for every price segment in the list mentioned below.


One of the most affordable hosting platforms in the market, Bluehost has been around for much longer than most of its competitors, and is popular with entry-level blog and website owners as a platform to host their self-hosted websites. It’s important to know that Bluehost too, is owned by EIG, but has somehow managed to perform much better than the latter.


While Bluehost may not use the most modern technology when it comes to its platform, it is still fairly reliable. You’ll still have to deal with crammed servers, but Bluehost at least offers plans where your website will be hosted on servers with 80% less load than its other servers, making it a decent alternative to Arvixe.


Despite the fact that they are both owned by EIG, there is a vast difference between Bluehost and Arvixe in terms of their performance. Bluehost-hosted websites take an average of 1.24 seconds to load, which is still more than the other platforms mentioned below but significantly lower than Arvixe’s 4 to 5-second load time.

Although Bluehost promises 99.9% uptime, it has been known to falter every now and then, which seems to be a common problem with hosting platforms owned by EIG.

In terms of customer service, Bluehost is certainly better than Arvixe, but is still limited as compared to the more premium brands.


Bluehost’s most basic hosting plan costs $7.99, as compared to Arvixe’s $7 a month. If a dollar can make all the difference to your website, it definitely makes for an option worth considering.


Siteground is an official WordPress hosting partner and has been a favorite with users thanks to their cost-effective but high-quality hosting service, which integrates state-of-the-art technology with great customer service.


When your website is hosted on Siteground, it isn’t crammed on a single server with 5,000 other websites. This platform has 4 times more server resources, including bandwidth and storage when compared to its other competitors, making sure your website loads instantly even when there is peak traffic.

In addition, Siteground stores all its files and databases on solid state drives, or SSD’s, as compared to HDD’s, which give you increased output, bringing down the server response time and loading time of your pages. It’s worth knowing that despite their affordable pricing, the folks at Siteground don’t believe in cutting back on quality – they actually offer you SSD’s, which are much more expensive than HDD’s while still keeping your plan affordable.


What makes Siteground’s platform really stable and efficient is the fact that it uses Linux container technology. Siteground websites have consistently had an uptime between 99.9 to 100%, and have an average loading time of 0.6 seconds as compared to Arvixe which struggles to make even the 2-second mark.


Siteground’s average cost for an entry-level plan is $9.95 a month, making it one of the most affordable alternatives to Arvixe.

WP Engine

While Bluehost and Siteground are affordable hosting services perfect for entry-level businesses and bloggers, there are also some hosting platforms that are perfect for more professional organizations and companies.

One such platform, probably among the most widely used ones is WP Engine. It is a brand that has been a verified WordPress hosting platform since 2010, and has a stellar client list already, boasting the likes of HTC and National Geographic.

While there are no doubts that a WP Engine’s hosting plan will cost a lot more than the previous two platforms or even Arvixe, but the benefits you get in return are no match to any of these.


WP Engine uses cutting-edge technology like EverCache to make your website extremely scalable and resilient to increased traffic. Despite the fact that the websites on their servers are raking up millions of hits during peak traffic, WP Engine makes sure that your website’s loading speed never falters.


WP Engine has consistently outperformed many of its competitors in performance tests for uptime and server response or loading time. Your site will have an uninterrupted 99.99% uptime, and will take an average of 0.58 seconds to load, which means no more traffic lost due to load time.


Apart from its stellar performance, WP Engine’s biggest plus when compared to Arvixe is their impressive customer support. Not only do they have a much higher ratio of representatives per customer, their support staff includes over 100 verified WordPress experts, who have a track record of resolving tickets in no more than 30 minutes.



WP Engine’s entry-level hosting will cost you $35 per month, which definitely makes it one of the more expensive Arvixe alternatives available in the market. However, if you want to take zero risks with hosting your website, this is definitely the platform you should be picking.



The last recommended alternative to Arvixe on this list is one of the youngest names in the hosting market, but also one of the most reliable ones. Kinsta is a niche hosting platform which is powered by Google Cloud Platform, and is ideal for anyone who prioritizes quality over cost-cutting.


Kinsta is the first ever hosting platform to be powered by Google Cloud Platform, which means it makes full use of the platform’s multi-tier network. This means that when you host your website through Kinsta, you have the option of selecting a data center that is relevant to your target demographic. This platform has 15 data center locations spread across the globe, to give your website the option of reaching its most relevant audience.

This platform makes use of LXD containers, and each site hosted on this platform gets its own tech resources too, unlike other shared hosting platforms.

In addition, your website data is completely secure with Kinsta – it offers much more effective backups, not just in terms of frequency, but also the fact that your website is backed up in a way that you can recreate it in one go.


Not many hosting platforms promise 100% uptime. Kinsta promises and delivers too. It’s simple – Kinsta conducts as many as 1,440 uptime checks in a single day, leaving nothing to chance. It’s load time is also among the lowest in the segment, at 0.40 seconds of average load time, which makes it one of the most highest performing web hosting platforms currently.

While Kinsta’s outstanding performance makes it pretty impossible that you’ll run into trouble of any kind, they do have an extremely efficient customer support team should you need assistance of any kind. What’s worth remembering if you sign up for Kinsta is that while you won’t get any lucrative discounts or bundled up deals, you will get complete value for your money.


Kinsta’s most basic plan is priced at an expensive $30-40 a month, but you’ll be more than happy once you realize how much better your website is running as compared to when it was on Arvixe.

Think of your website as a long-term investment, as you would with any other business. Each time you see how much your website’s load and response numbers have improved, you’ll be glad you compared these alternatives to Arvixe, and made the right decision for your website.

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