Groove to Your Favorite Music with Your Portable Boombox

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Over the years, the technology of the radio has undergone many transitions and changes and with advancing technology, more and more features have been added to the basic radio and today, the radio has been transformed beyond recognition.

Apart from just being able to receive AM and FM stations, radios can now play from a variety of devices, from cassette tapes and CDs to USB drives, while also being Bluetooth and NFC compatible. However, one thing remains status quo. Even today, the radio is one piece of equipment that is an amazing source of entertainment and information.

A boombox is essentially a portable music player or recorder with a built-in radio, music player, an amplifier and loudspeakers. The term “boombox” describes the ability of the equipment to produce loud sounds via the inbuilt loudspeaker. The boombox appeared around the 70s and 80s and today, it has evolved significantly.


Types of Boomboxes


There are many kinds of boomboxes today and we’ll take a look at them in detail here.

Cassette and CD Boombox

Cassettes have long gone out of fashion and have been replaced by other more advanced types of media. However, there are many who still love using cassette tape boomboxes, which were the first kind of boomboxes created. However, the modern boomboxes can play both cassette tapes as well as CDs. These also allow you to record from one cassette tape onto another or from cassette tapes to CDs.

Boombox with a Docking Station

You can convert your smartphone into a jukebox by using a boombox with a docking station. The main advantage of this is it allows you to listen to music from your smartphone via the speakers of the boombox. This is especially useful if you’re playing music at a party or for a group of friends. Another benefit of the boombox with a docking station is that your phone gets charged while the music is playing, which means that you don’t have to stop listening to music to charge your phone.

Wireless Boombox

You can connect the wireless boombox to other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This lets you enjoy music on any device such as your computer, tablet, etc., while you have the benefit of enjoying better volume and sound quality from the speakers of the boombox. The wireless capability of the boombox is especially useful if your computer is in a different room and you also don’t need to deal with any wires, connectors, etc.

Satellite Radio Boombox

This type of boombox allows you to use your satellite radio subscription to listen to your favorite music on your boombox. However, you must check if the satellite radio boombox supports the satellite radio hardware before buying one.


Kids Boombox

The kids’ boombox is ideal for children as it lets them listen to their favorite music using a boombox designed just for them. Kids boomboxes are available in a variety of exciting colors and designs and you can also get boomboxes that feature your child’s favorite movie or cartoon characters. Kids boomboxes can play satellite radio, CDs, cassettes and can have wireless options too.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Boombox


Here are some things that you should evaluate before buying a boombox.


Check the weight of the boombox and evaluate how heavy or light it is. Consider the portability of the unit. The boombox should be light enough for you to carry with you wherever you wish. Make sure that the size and weight of the boombox are easy to manage. Also, check if the boombox includes a handle, as it will make it easier to carry the unit around.


Source of Power


An important factor is how the boombox will be powered. If you plan to use the boombox outdoors most of the time, then the unit should support a battery. Also, check the battery life and get a boombox that has a battery which you can rely on for the number of hours you plan to use the boombox. Ideally, the boombox should also support AC power supply, which you can use if there is a power source available.

AM and FM Radio Station Presets

If you use your boombox to listen to AM and FM radio stations, then look for a unit that comprises memory presets. This will help you save time rather than trying to scan for available channels each time. This way you can also store your favorite radio channels that you can retrieve very quickly and easily.


Bluetooth Connectivity


Check if the boombox you plan to buy supports Bluetooth. This will enable you to stream your favorite music from your smartphone or your tablet to the boombox via your Bluetooth. This can be especially useful if you don’t want to bring your smart devices to your place of work, particularly to a place that has lots of dust and debris like a construction site.



Try and buy a boombox that is versatile and supports playing music from various sources such as MP3 players, CDs, USBs or cassette tapes. Make sure that the boombox you plan to buy allows connections to these devices.


This is a very important factor to consider when buying a boombox. Make sure that the boombox is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting. The boombox should not end up failing as soon as you buy it, especially if you plan to use outdoors or in areas with plenty of activities going on.


In this article, we have reviewed 5 best boomboxes on basis of their main features and their pros and cons. You can evaluate the models on the basis of these and choose one that best suits your needs.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Portable Boombox on Amazon



Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox with Bluetooth and NFC

The Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox is a compact boombox that is packed with great features. The boombox has around 30 stations that can be memory preset and the AM/FM reception is excellent.


The boombox can also play MP3 and CDs. The biggest plus of the of the Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox is that the music can be played from a USB via Bluetooth as well as NFC (near field communication) from your mobile phone. Another fantastic feature of the boombox is that you can record from a USB drive to CD.


The player has buttons that are very easy to operate. The Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox has a Mega Bass function that provides sound with an extra punch.


Features of the Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox

  • MP3, USB, CD, CD-R/RW playback.
  • Wireless streaming of music via NFC and Bluetooth.
  • Mega Bass enhances sound.
  • AM/FM radio comes with 30 memory presets (AM 10, FM 20).
  • Battery life up to 26 hours.
  • Audio reception: FM ~26 hrs, CD playback ~9 hrs.
  • LCD display.
  • Audio-in for MP3 players and other sources.
  • Easy-to-use buttons, handle for easy portability.
  • Comes with headphone jack.


Pros and Cons of the Sony ZSRS60BT Boombox

  • You can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • MP3 and CD compatible.
  • 26-hour battery life.
  • Sound enhancement with Mega Bass.
  • Does not have tonal shaping qualities, which may not make it very popular with music lovers.

Pyle Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker System from Pyle Audio is a stylish and eye-catching portable boombox, which is the classic retro boombox with a modern twist. The boombox offers instant music streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also connect the Street Vibe to your Android devices via NFC which eliminates the need to search and pair.


The Street Vibe boombox has a USB and Micro SD memory card reader and the player is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. The boombox has an LCD display and is extremely lightweight making it easy to carry around. The ported tube design of the boombox provides an extended bass performance. The Street Vibe boombox is a full-range sound stereo, which is a perfect way to have a fun day with your friends.

Features of the Pyle Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Micro SD memory card and USB readers.
  • Two 2.5-inch speakers.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • FM radio with sleep timer function.
  • Adjustable brightness digital LCD display.
  • Easy-to-operate buttons.
  • EQ presets: Bass, classic, jazz, rock, flat and hip-hop.


Pros and Cons of the Pyle Street Vibe Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Wireless music streaming via NFC and Bluetooth from your smart devices.
  • Built-in radio.
  • Charger cord is a bit short.


Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo


If you’re looking for an alternative to the latest boombox speakers, then the Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo is a fantastic option for you. The boombox guarantees excellent sound irrespective of your location as it is a stereo. This wireless boombox can connect to your iPod, MP3 player and smart devices via the auxiliary cable.


The Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo offers you complete control of the music and you can skip, search, repeat, shuffle, forward, etc. It supports multiple formats like CD and CD-R/RW. The LCD display gives you comprehensive information. You can also listen to your favorite AM and FM stations on the Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo via its telescopic antenna.


Features of the Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo

  • 3W RMS output delivers clear and crisp audio.
  • LED CD track display.
  • Top loading CD player.
  • Programmable memory with search, skip, forward/back, repeat functions.
  • AM/FM radio, telescopic antenna.
  • Headphone jack and auxiliary input jack.
  • Foldable carrying handle.
  • Size: 9 x 12.4 x 5.8 inches.
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs.


Pros and Cons of the Jensen CD-490 Sports Stereo

  • Easy to use.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Can be easily connected to large speakers.
  • Convenient to carry around thanks to the compact design.
  • Speaker quality average.
  • Battery not very long-lasting.
  • May not play newer CD formats.


Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM Radio


The Panasonic RF-2400 Radio is an ultra-compact design radio that can even slip into your handbag or jacket pocket and be carried around. The radio has a big dial that allows easy tuning and a large radio panel. The volume can be controlled by turning the volume knob. The 4” speaker provides excellent output.


The Panasonic RF-2400 Radio comes with four AA batteries ideal for outdoor use and also has a 110 VAC power cord. The notch in the radio allows it to be hung from a hook or any other place. The radio has an excellent reception and you can tune into FM and AM stations and listen to your favorite music and talk shows. This lightweight, compact radio is extremely portable and you can listen to music even when you’re on the move.


Features of the Panasonic RF-2400 Radio

  • Inbuilt speaker for good sound quality.
  • Comes with an earphone jack.
  • RF-2400 AM/FM tuner.
  • Requires four AA batteries, comes with 110 VAC power cord.
  • Telescopic antenna.


Pros and Cons of the Panasonic RF-2400 Radio

  • Pocket size.
  • Easy to operate controls.
  • Inexpensive, value for money buy.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • AM/FM tuner allows you to choose from several stations.
  • Clear reception.
  • Notch on carrying handle makes radio easy to hang.


  • The dial is not lit.


Sony CFDS50 Portable CD, Cassette & AM/FM Radio Boombox


The Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox is a radio which is very convenient to take with you when you’re on the move. It is compactly built and lightweight, which makes it extremely portable. It has a CD player that can play cassettes and MP3 discs. You can also record from the radio and CD to a cassette. The battery life of the boombox is very long, which allows you to use the boombox in places that don’t have power supply.


The boombox is equipped with a jack that allows you to play music from external audio sources and it also has an AM/FM tuner that has 30 stations preset. The LCD display of the boombox displays the time and the details of the music playing. Loaded with features, this is a boombox worth buying.


Features of the Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

  • CD and cassette player.
  • AM/FM radio, 30 presets (10 AM and 29 FM station).
  • Battery with a life of 19 hours (sold separately).
  • 3.5 mm pin jack.
  • LCD display.
  • Size: 14.6 x 7.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs.


Pros and Cons of the Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

  • Powered by batteries or AC power supply.
  • Supports digital music players.
  • Plays CDs and cassettes.
  • The player is small, lightweight and portable.
  • The boombox is affordable and an inexpensive buy.
  • The boombox does not come with a battery, you need to buy it separately.
  • Many buttons have dual functions which can be a little confusing initially.


Although times have changed since boomboxes were invented and they have evolved over time, boomboxes still remain firm favorites of music lovers around the world. They are fantastic means by which you can enjoy music wherever you go. Today, there are a plethora of options of boomboxes you can choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Make your choice of the best boombox around and carry your party wherever you go!

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