What’s the Best Auto Dialer System for Easily Hammering out Your Calls for the Day?

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Auto dialers are essentially hardware-based or software-based systems that allow your business to handle calls

the entire day by automatically dialing a list of phone numbers. Today, most of the auto dialer systems are cloud-based software services which are also known as hosted dialers.

Usually, auto dialer systems are used by outbound call centers and help to streamline the process of calling your existing and potential customers. Using an auto dialer system can enhance the focus and efficiency of your phone reps. Earlier on, the use of auto dialing systems was restricted to market research, telemarketing, political campaigns, etc.

However, today, several businesses are making use of auto dialers to call their existing customers instead of just using them for cold calling. Auto dialing systems also have other uses such as sending appointment reminders, service outage messages, broadcasting messages, etc. to existing customers.

In this article, we will be discussing the features of some of the best auto dialing software and systems in the market.

The #1 Most Popular Predictive Dialer Service

1) PhoneBurner Power Dialer – power dialer, automation, & lead distribution.


The ChaseData outbound predictive dialer software offers a cloud-based, call center solution which includes the customer service and support functions, all built into a single solution. ChaseData’s auto dialer system offers a full-featured solution without investing tons of money.

And, the system not only offers a new dialer but a whole lot of solutions and options such as management tools, intuitive interfaces, analytics, etc. that will not only streamline your call center processes but also improve productivity and efficiency.

ChaseData offers a variety of dialing options – predictive dialing, progressive dialing, agentless dialing and preview dialing. The automatic call distribution system ensures that all calls are routed properly and efficiently on the basis of specific rules such as language preference, skills and training.

The system is extremely versatile and offers several features such as allowing you to create campaigns, set up sub-campaigns, campaign monitoring, set up and manage dashboards, managing your lists, local telephone number, call recording, single-click disposition and hot lead injection.

ChaseData Pricing

ChaseData offers 3 plans that have been created to meet requirements of businesses of various sizes. You can get blended call center solutions with a range of features and at an affordable price.

Small Business Plan

  • Cost: $89 per user per month

This plan is ideal for small businesses, startups and low-volume blended call centers whose target is aggressive growth. The plan includes enterprise-class outbound dialing and ACD (automatic call distribution) software. The plan offers U.S. and Canada dialing, LATAM and UK, recordings and historical data for 3 months, multiple location support, live call transfer and an at-home agent.

Professional Plan

  • Cost: $139 per user per month

The Professional Plan is ideal for high-volume outbound call centers dealing mainly in sales. The plan offers the highest and fastest efficiency and lowest drop rate. The plan is perfect for businesses looking to lower payroll, reduce training time and maximize sales. The plan offers U.S., Canada and international dialing, recordings and historical data for 6 months, multiple location support, live call transfer and an at-home agent.

Enterprise Plan

  • Cost: $169 per user per month

The plan is ideal for large-sized blended contact centers which allow the businesses to meet all their critical requirements. The infinitely scalable solution is highly secure and can handle high call volumes and can meet 3rd party integration requirements and complex types of call segmentation. The plan offers U.S., Canada and international dialing, recordings and historical data for 1 year multiple location support, live call transfer and an at-home agent.


Five9 is a world leader in cloud-based automatic dialing systems that allow businesses to function at maximum performance and ensures that the agents work at top efficiency. Since the solution is cloud based, agents can log in to the Five9 system from anywhere in the world. All they require is a computer, a high-speed internet connection and a headset.


Five9 offers a comprehensive all-in-one call center solution that is suitable for outbound, inbound, blended contact centers worldwide and omnichannel management applications like historical and real-time recording, reporting, quality monitoring, CRM integrations, WFM (workforce management), etc.


It allows businesses to contact their customers via phone, email, chat, social media, web or video. The advanced technology offers faster response times, better customer engagement and allows agents to use multiple channels to handle all the outbound and inbound calls for a single, intuitive desktop interface.


Five9 offers simple monthly, as well as annual plans, without any long-term contract obligations. And, the pricing is based on the features, seats and usage and you can change the plans as needed.



VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales management system and its auto dialing software offers increased productivity of sales reps by eliminating the tedious process of manually dialing phone numbers. The user interface of VanillaSoft is very user friendly and extremely simple to use.


VanillaSoft helps to increase call activity by around 296%. The system helps to decrease the downtime between the sales calls and increases communication flow, thereby, ensuring highest efficiency on the sales floor. The automatic dialing system is ideal both for telemarketing companies, as well as for home agents.


VanillaSoft offers 2 kinds of auto dialing – Preview and Progressive.

  • Preview Dialing: The click-to-call allows callers the ability to preview the contact information before the call is initiated.
  • Progressive Dialing: When a contact is disposed by the user, the next record is displayed on the screen and the next number is dialed automatically.


With VanillaSoft, you can manage your dashboard and assess your sales team in real time including lead generation, campaign statistics, etc. that enable you to improve the performance and streamline the process. You can create customized email templates which can be sent to customers quickly and record calls for training reasons.



Sales Engagement Platform

  • Cost: $80 per user per month


Automatic Dialing

  • Cost: $30 per user per month


Automated dialing is available with the existing phone lines or when you purchase the VoIP. And, there are 2 modes of dialing that are available – Progressive Dialing and Preview Dialing.



The CallFire cloud-based automatic dialing can help to put your outbound calling into an overdrive. And, outbound calling with CallFire is so easy. All you have to do is upload your contacts and the Power Dialer of CallFire will connect your sales reps to live leads. You can call up to around 4 phone lines for every agent and with CallFire and leave messages on the answering machine.


The bad phone numbers, answering machines and busy signals are eliminated by CallFire, thus saving time and the agents can completely focus on speaking with customers. CallFire helps to increase the efficiency by 20%-30% compared to manual dialing.


CallFire’s solutions offer several different call center functions that can help to track the business activity and also automate the outbound call campaigns and some of the features are text messaging, voice broadcast, IVR, call tracking, developed API and cloud-based call center.


CallFire’s call center features provide all the customer notes and history in a single interface and integrate it with your spreadsheets and CRM. The app allows real-time reporting, unlimited number of call transfers, add customized scripts, call recording and pre-recorded voice messages. The text messaging and voice broadcast allows your o send updates, promotions, notifications and important alerts to employees and customers.


The reporting and call tracking features allow you to monitor and analyze the campaign results. The IVR system of CallFire lets you set up polls, reminders for appointments and payments, surveys, call routing, auto attendant, call recording, etc.


Pay As You Go Plan

  • Cost: 5¢ per minute per text
  • No monthly fee
  • Optional Monthly Rentals
  • Phone Numbers: $10
  • Keywords: $25


Lite Plan

  • Cost: $99 per month
  • 2500 minutes or texts
  • Optional Monthly Rentals
  • Phone Numbers: $2.50
  • Keywords: $20


Startup Plan

  • Cost: $199 per month
  • 5500 minutes or texts
  • Optional Monthly Rentals
  • Phone Numbers: $2.25
  • Keywords: $15


Grow Plan

  • Cost: $299 per month
  • 10000 minutes or texts
  • Optional Monthly Rentals
  • Phone Numbers: $2
  • Keywords: $13


Pro Plan

  • Cost: $599 per month
  • 20000 minutes or texts
  • Optional Monthly Rentals
  • Phone Numbers: $1.75
  • Keywords: $10



XenCall is a call center solution that is cloud-based and is perfect for businesses of varied sizes and in different industries. The system offers a full VoIP integration along with full-featured outbound or inbound ACD, IVR and queues that does not require any plugins, does not require any external phone integration and is very easy to run.


The app-oriented system and infrastructure of XenCall offer a unique experience that allows you to customize according to your business and for the particular industry. The predictive dialer CRM from XenCall offer loads of features such as automatic call distribution, dial list and agent prioritization, call back calendars, auto dialing, scheduling, call center scripting, appointment calendars, API capabilities, blended outbound and inbound calls, call recording, conference calling, built-in CRM, customized dispositions and queues, “do not call” lists, forwarding/extensions/voicemail, instant messaging, lead targeting, performance analytics and lots more.



The XenCall pricing is subscription based and the company offers a 1-week free trial of the service without any obligations to sign a contract. You can call XenCall for their complete pricing and for a customized quote.


There are several companies that provide automatic dialer solutions to businesses and the choice of the best one may be quite challenging. So, it is a good idea to do your homework and evaluate the various offerings along with their features, pros and cons before deciding to partner with an automatic dialer solution provider.


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