The Best Blogging Books For Running A Successful Blog

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Blogging has been around for a few decades now and the community is still going strong. Yet, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone can start a blog, but to sustain it, monetize it and make it successful, you need patience and the sound advice of someone who has been through it all. The following are nine of the best reviewed and popular ebooks about blogging that you may find helpful:

Blogging: 5-in-1 Bundle

A blog is a potential goldmine for several types of businesses. There is so much you can say and communicate about your business through a blog, share anecdotes and stories and also get your audience more invested in what you have to say. But even if you do not want to run a blog alongside a business but want to make your blog a business, there are enough and more tried and tested formulae to make that possible.

The Blogging: 5-in-1 Bundle by SEO (search engine optimization) expert Mark Gray is a collection of ebooks that can guide you through the inner workings of running a successful blog and how to potentially make a lot of money from it. The ebooks will take you through selecting the right niche for your blog, how to monetize your blog and create a market ecosystem, how to improve your Google SEO ranking, etc. These are all essential aspects of running a blog. It requires more skill and effort than just being a persuasive writer.

The books are also divided into basic and advanced sections. In the advanced section, you will find important topics like A/B testing, how to run campaigns, how to build a community, etc. The ebook collection is available for $6.45 on Amazon Kindle.

ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business

ProBlogger is a respected community of bloggers and when the platform puts its stamp of approval on something, there must be value in it. Written by business owner, activist and blogging coach Mark Hayward, ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business is the perfect course to get more out of your blog. If you do not have time to beat around the bush (after all, you have a business to run!), the ebook gets right to the point. It guides you through actions instead of just explain concepts in theory. But what is best is that everything is explained in simple, layman terms so you can relate and do not need to feel intimidated.

There are over 12 chapters in the ebook, each of which goes over simple but important concepts and ‘how-tos’. These chapters will guide you right from the basics, starting from how a blog can benefit your business, how to get started with blogging, how to develop a content strategy you can monetize, etc. The authors and publishers are also confident that the book will benefit whoever would like to read it to expand their business. If even after 30 days, you do not see satisfactory results, you can expect a full refund. The ebook is available for $49.99.

Business Blogging Secrets Revealed

The folks at Curata, a content curation software, have got together to reveal the secrets behind successful blogging. The company did a deep dive into data and popular blogging tactics to collate the ebook and give readers a taste of what it is like to run a successful blog. A survey, in which 428 marketers participated, brought forth results and insightful data regarding what works in the business of blogging.

The ebook goes through what it takes to create a sustainable blog and how to build and make it successful. It details case studies and experiences of those who have tried their hand at blogging and tasted success. It defines their strategies, tactics and what set them apart from the herd. There are several valuable lessons to be learned from these experiences. Anyone looking to take their business a notch above with a blog will find a use for this ebook. Titled Business Blogging Secrets Revealed, the ebook is available through a simple registration process on the Curata website.

The Blog Startup

If you have started out with a blog and online business but are meeting several hurdles at the first step itself, you need some encouragement and structure from an expert to move you along. Meera Kothand, an expert in email marketing and a two-time Amazon best-selling author has collated all her secrets, tips and experiences in this helpful ebook titled, The Blog Startup. Kothand, like many of you, started out with nothing and no prior blogging experience. But within two years, she expanded her blog and built a name for herself.

With her ebook, you can follow instructions and guidelines step-by-step and find your way to success. The ebook offers a 30+ page workbook with worksheets and checklists, tasks that you can follow and tick off for the first 90 days, along with more than 50 affiliate programs in seven different niches so your mind is constantly ticking with ideas about how to monetize your blog. Then, hold your breath, as these are only some of the things the ebook offers. There is a lot more where this came from.

Kothand is also willing to give you a grace period of 14 days to go through the ebook and all the bonuses it offers. If even after a fortnight you do not think you have benefited from the ebook in a tangible way, you can simply contact her and ask for a refund. The ebook along with all the bonus offers is available for $47.

Amazon Affiliates

A large part of monetizing a blog has to do with finding good affiliate programs. An affiliate program is one where you can be affiliated to a platform or business and mention their products on your blog. If your readers end up purchasing the product after clicking through to the buying page from your blog, you can earn a commission. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your blog.

But making money from an affiliate program is not as easy as it sounds. There are several factors involved in getting people to buy products. If you are too sales-y or your agenda is too apparent, people will not be interested in buying something you recommend. In her ebook, How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates, author Carolina King, founder of Mama Instincts and a television speaker, details her own experiences with Amazon Affiliates, along with several other bloggers who have found the program beneficial. The ebook course allows you to learn how to write so your audience will relate to it, how to get to know your readers better based on what they purchase, how to use social networking sites to make the most of your affiliate income, etc.

Other than this, there are also secret tips you can apply to your blogging methods which are bound to show results. You can also engage in worksheets and tasks to assess your progress. The ebook is available for $49.

Blogging Basics

Blogging Basics, as the name suggests, breaks the basics of blogging down for someone who is new to the activity and wants to find out more. Author Julie Falconer has been blogging (and successfully at that), for the last 16 years. It is safe to say that she has picked up several skills and experiences over the years. All of these experiences can be valuable to you and this ebook is the perfect way to absorb them.

The book is suitable not only for someone who has just started out with a blog but even someone who has had a blog for a while but wants to spice things up. There is a lot of practical advice in the book and insights from within the blogging community that you will find useful. No matter what skill level you are at, you will find what Falconer has to say relatable. The ebook is available on for $6.34. What is great is that you do not require a Kindle or an eReader to be able to read this book. It is easily accessible even on your computer.

Advanced Blogging

Another in the same series by Julia Falconer, Advanced Blogging is for those who want to take their blogging skills to a professional level. If you want to transition into blogging full time and want to make the most of your time on your blog, this ebook provides you with all the tips, advice and anecdotes required to do that. The book goes over topics like how to improve user experience, how to build your blog’s brand and how to get SEO and social media right, among other things.

When you take the next step in your blogging career, even the small aspects of blogging become important. Everything adds to your branding. Therefore, how your blog looks, how you engage with your audience and how your market yourself on other social media platforms all become important. The ebook is also available on Amazon and like its predecessor, does not require a Kindle or an eReader to read. Simply open it up on your desktop and devour it for the best blogging experience.

Building a Framework

Abby Lawson, the author of Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook, started her blog in 2013 with a lot apprehension. The only thing that encouraged her to hit ‘publish’ was the thought that nobody would ever read it. Cut to the present and Lawson runs a very successful blog full time, along with her husband. If this apprehension and hesitation is something you relate to and have experienced, Lawson’s ebook is the perfect thing to read.

The handbook is in the form of a course which includes nine video modules, where Lawson and her husband explain blogging 101 patiently; tech trainings so you can brush up your knowledge about what happens on the tech side of things too; and a workbook with over 30 pages of tasks and to-do lists. The ebook comes along with the course and is a helpful reference point you can go back to over and over again, even after finishing the course.

With her ebook and course, Lawson promises to hand hold you through each step of building a successful blog. The course is hosted on Kajabi. The course, including the ebook and other bonuses, is available for $97. Alternately, you can also buy only the ebook for $27.

Blog Wise

Blogging is a fun job but it is not your conventional 9-5 job. Sure, you can choose your hours but often you may find yourself working more than you typically would at an office job. If you want your blog to be successful, you may have to put in that kind of work. But there is a way to blog smartly and still manage to find time to do other things, like spend time with family and friends, go out for a meal or even a vacation.

In Blog Wise: How to Do More with Less, professional bloggers explain how they make use of their time and ensure they can get everything done in limited time. With this book, you can get a behind-the-scenes view of how the professionals are doing it. The line-up of interviews in the book with professionals includes Darren Rowse, Amy Porterfield, Abby Larson, Heather Armstrong and many more.

Other than these interviews, the ebook also encapsulates all the learning available from the professionals into a nine-step program. What’s more, when you order the ebook, you will also get a free PDF of a Problem Solver guide. The ebook is available for $19.99.

Final Thoughts

Blogging can be a tiring and often frustrating experience. But if you are looking for the fruits of your blogging to be sweet, you will need to be equally patient. Blogging is not something you can master overnight. It could take years of doing everything right before you really hit your stride. These ebooks contain valuable insights and experiences from the best. Buy your copy now and make the most of it.


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by the end of this article, you’ll be able to see a ton of bloggers who are killing it, and decide which one’s resonate with you and your style.

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By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which book on blogging is best for you!

When I bought the amazon book, it was terrible. I mean downright bad. I would be embvarrassed to publish something like that, and it’s the only book (if you can call it that… mor elike a 30 page pamhpohlet!) I’ve ever returned to amazon.

I know of a few bloggers who specialize in certain topics of blogging, and I’ve bought a bunch of their books in years past. Some I didn’t learn much from, but others gave me great ideas and inspiration for my own blogging journey. Take a look at the list below, and hopefully you’ll find a book on blogging from an author that resonates with you!

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books I didn’t like:
the one from amazon

yoast content seo

yoast optimize your wordpress site… i didn’t ask for a refund for these simply because yoast puts out the best seo plugins on the planet and I want to support them, but the books definitely fell short and are simply a rehassh of the blog psts or information already available for free by the same people.

If you need help with dicsiplein: victor prides 30 days of discipline

if you want to start a mom blog, whats her faces your modern family ebooks are good


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