Best Call Forwarding Services for Small Businesses

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If you have a small business, chances are, you have a lot of calls coming your way that are directed at a different employee each time. Since it is not practical or cost effective to have a separate line for each employee, it makes sense to look for solutions where calls can be forwarded to an employee’s phone. Call forwarding services do just that.

Call forwarding is a process through which a call made to one particular number gets routed to another telephone at a different location. Small businesses are increasingly using this feature, by the virtue of which both domestic and international calls can be directed to a landline divide, a mobile phone or even a desktop computer with the necessary software.

The 3 Best Business Phone Forwarding Services

  1. Grasshopper – most popular because every plan comes with unlimited minutes
  2. – most flexible because smartphone app and phone hardware are supported
  3. RingCentral – best multi line and multi location voip support

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A virtual service for call forwarding can also be setup using cloud-based software. This gives organizations the ability to use one central system to administer calls being made to different locations. With a call forwarding service, your company can also redirect specific calls to a particular location at a premeditated window of time.

A lot of times, it has been found that small businesses feel there is a necessity for calls made to them to have a human touch at their end of the phone. As opposed to an answering machine, rerouted calls are a more humane option and give the caller a sense of importance. This can translate into better communication across the telephonic channel and a more efficient collection of data and execution of work based on it. Ultimately, it could help pick up more sales.

International call forwarding is provided by some services, which works by allocating a virtual telephone number for the company opting for the service. Calls to this number are forwarded to international locations. In essence, there is no central telephone number, but a set of digits that can be contacted to directly reach an extension as per the required destination.

There are a lot of virtual service providers for this process out there to choose from. Read on to find out what are some of the good call forwarding services for small businesses.

4 Good Call Forwarding Services for Your Small Business


Grasshopper is a great solution for a small business. It is a cost-effective call forwarding service which is simple and easy to use. The service can be accessed through various means, including applications designed for PCs and cell phones. It has been a popular service for quite a few years now and could definitely give your business an edge when it comes to successful and efficient communication.


  • A trusted call forwarding service for more than three years, Grasshopper is here to stay.
  • It has tailor-made solutions that are each applied in different situations, from when you are placing a call using the service to when you receive customer calls, business texts or send and receive voicemails.


  • Grasshopper offers a very simple user interface, making it easier for you to carry out your tasks smoothly. This also makes coordinating schedules and managing call forwarding effortless.
  • There are a set of affordable packages and services for your company to choose from depending upon which one is apt to fulfill your requirements.
  • It is very easy to setup and barely takes more than a few minutes.


  • The phone application could use some additional options, such as the power to turn its extensions on and off.
  • As with most apps these days, Grasshopper too may bring up roadblocks here and there with each new update it receives. is way more than just a regular call forwarding service. It offers a vast range of additional features, such as HD audio conferencing, text-to-greeting, schedules and call blocking. It is a widely-used VoIP system that many small business owners swear by. Even in adverse climatic situations when your office might be shut, gives you the freedom to connect with your clients and consultants over your own phone or tablet, from the comfort of your home.


  • This call forwarding service offers you other benefits too, some among which are caller ID, voice tagging, call logs, CRM integration, call recording, as well as audio and video conferencing.
  • Though they offer multiple services for your business to choose from, the quality of their services is assured and backed by thousands of users.


  • has a great selection of different options for you to choose from at affordable prices, making it one of the most suitable call forwarding services for small businesses.
  • Its various services can be customized further if the need arises.
  • It also offers good customer support and unlimited extensions at no extra cost.
  • With this service, your company will not have to pay any extra charge for a toll-free number.


  • The signup process can be a tad tricky, with the user interface not being up to the mark.


RingCentral is a cloud communications provider renowned globally. With its specific features and plans that are formulated keeping small businesses in mind, it is one of the most flexible and reliable call forwarding services. The company’s services enable modern-day establishments to be fully connected across various platforms and devices through audio, video and texting. This service also has options for conference calls, fax and scheduling and conducting meetings online.


  • RingCentral offers various functions such as call management, voicemail, phone numbers, collaborative calls and meetings, internet fax and greetings.
  • The company has been trusted by over 350,000 organizations across the globe for its abilities to provide new and safe ways for effective connection and communication among employees throughout their ranks.
  • It was recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Leader in Worldwide Service in 2015 and subsequently in 2016.


  • It is one of the top used services by multiple small businesses worldwide and carries the power of being a trustworthy brand. It is a holistic and comprehensive system that can do the work of most of your communication channels, if not more.
  • You can use it to make as many calls as you like and never experience any inconsistency in the quality of the call. The occurrence of downtime is extremely unlikely. It provides support for multiple users with synchronized phone ringing mechanism.
  • It provides text message support too and you can see simultaneous updates on all your devices and screens. It is also fax friendly, meaning you can receive faxes online, no matter where you are.
  • It can be used in-house as well as while making calls outside the company. Not only this, you can also purchase customized phone numbers as and when you find the need to.
  • It can be completely managed online.


  • The interface could be tricky to work with.
  • While it offers you a great number of services, their cost can be quite high. A lot of features that you may need to use for your business may come at a premium price when compared to its contemporaries. RingCentral might put a little more load on your budget.
  • You will need to be vigilant in case any default settings are changed by RingCentral. It has been seen in some cases that when they have their firewall up in a shared line group, updates to ACL IP’s might not bode well for the network and consequently cause disturbances in your overall communication and call forwarding framework.


This is yet another virtual system for telephony designed to aid entrepreneurs and small businesses in managing customer interaction effectively. This is done with a huge set of services starting from calling, team management, task management as well as customer care. The features that facilitate this kind of a smooth, inter-connected workflow are call forwarding, visual voicemail, visual call flow configuration, call recording and performance reports. It also comes with the option of being Facebook and Twitter integration friendly, opening up an entirely new range of possibilities for your company.


  • MightyCall offers many services and add-ons, such as visual call flow configuration, automatic reception or virtual call attendant, call recording, voicemail, conference calls, call queues and local vanity numbers and a lot more, in addition to being able to make and receive calls on your computer and forward incoming calls to a device as per your choice.
  • It requires the presence of no telephonic hardware and can be trusted to carry out all its functions perfectly well online while being monitored by your computer.


  • It offers a whole arsenal of different features are definitely attractive and noteworthy. They can be used on a large scale, too.
  • With no hardware required, this service is an ultra-modern and advanced one that could make operations easier for your company.
  • It is extremely easy to set up and totally worth the cost.


  • Service might not be up to the mark with MightyCall. There have been multiple reports of support staff not being very cooperative.
  • It offers no SMS support.
  • Checking voicemails might prove to be a tricky process.


Call forwarding services these days not only offer that particular solution but can also, in fact, help you in running your business. With so many good options to choose from, it is best for your company to work out a framework that would suit your operation style and mechanism and then opt for a plan with a trusted service provider to go with.

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