Best Cameras For Youtube (Good, Better, & Best)

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Right away when I started making youtube videos, I realized that I quickly needed to improve the quality of the videos to get more traction. I started out with an Iphone 6 (not an S model either), but the lighting and auto focus was driving me nuts. Long story short, without optimal lighting, it was hell to make the videos consistently have good color and focus. In this article, we’ll go over which models are the best cameras for youtubers no matter what your budget is, and by the end, you’ll know which camera is right for you.

Quick Picks: Top 3 Best Point & Shoot Cameras For Youtubers

Quick Picks: Best Video Quality Cameras For HD Youtube Videos

Sony M100 Mark III Point And Shoot

Canon t6i Creators Kit

I thought I needed a new camera right away, but didn’t really want to buy a clunky DSLR that had a thousand and one functions I’d never use. I’m not a photographer, and I don’t plan on taking up the hobby. Nonetheless, I set my sights on a Canon G7X, which is a point and shoot but has a huge lens that lets in a ton of light… coupled with Canon’s auto focus feature that’s incredible, you can get pro quality videos with zero experience.

Right before I went to purchase this camera, I experimented with some DIY style clamp photography lights that I made from cheap Walmart components. Surprisingly, the difference, even on an iphone, was a massive increase in quality from being able to control the lighting consistently… So much so, that I decided to wait and experiment with pro quality lights and the iphone 6 for a little while before upgrading my camera.

I have to tell you, the results have been staggering!  I’m telling you this first, before we get to the youtube camera recommendations you’ve been looking for, because it’s highly likely that you just need a set of these lights, instead of a whole new camera. While this might not be true for everyone (for instance if you have a shitty camera there’s only so much lighting can improve), but if you have at least a modern iphone or a point and shoot, you will be amazed at how much your video quality improves from the lights I’m about to show you.

These are the lights I use everyday, and they are absolutely amazeballs!

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Now, on to the reviews of the best youtube cameras you came here for!

The Best Cameras For Youtubers (And which cheap camera to buy if you’re just starting out vs the best quality)

My all time favorite camera for Youtubing is hands down the Canon G7X! I know most people will be looking more toward a DSLR video camera at a price range of over $500, but for those of us that are not looking to complicate the hell out of our operation, the G7X is the best picture quality you’re going to get for around $600 bucks… and worth every damn cent!!! Here are 4 other vlog cameras for sale on Amazon if you budget is lower or higher than 500-600 bucks.

2 thoughts on “Best Cameras For Youtube (Good, Better, & Best)”

  1. For vlogging and one person youtube video, many of the cameras you spec don’t make ANY sense. If you want to see yourself as you vlog/YT you need a screen that flips 180 or an external monitor. Since external is a little to much setup and $$ for most YT/vloggers I suggest they stick with cameras that do have a flip screen. Like the T6i. Incidentally, the T5 doesn’t. Sony’s mirrorless are the same way. Some models have it, some don’t
    Sony NEX cameras that DON’T flp 180 [selfie mode]
    5n, 5r, 3. a5000
    Ones that do flpi
    3n, f3, 5tl, a5100

    See how it can get confusing?

    • Hi Ken, nah not really… 3 of the 5 cameras at the top of the page all have flip screens, plus these vlog cameras here. As far as one person YouTube videos, I’ve done almost 500 videos now, and the flip screen can really be a distraction that detracts you from looking directly into the lens (which appears as though you’re not looking the viewer in the eye on their end) if you’re really in tune with your camera. After some practice, you can simply hold any camera in your hand for vlogging, and know if you’re in the shot or not just by how the lens is tilted.

      Of course I’m not talking about polished productions here, and most vloggers looking for these resources are beginners on a tight budget. I started with my smartphone and a set of studiopro lights, and have made out just fine. Do you have a YouTube channel? I looked on your website but only saw the wedding stuff on Vimeo… curious to see your vlogging videos, and check out your channel!


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