The Best Can Am Commander Doors (soft and half doors too!)

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Are you looking for the best aftermarket Can Am Commander doors for your Commander/Maverick UTV? Below you will find the top rated door kits for the Can Am Commander and Maverick. Keep in mind most are Commander specific, but some years fit both models even though they’re the same part number. The highest rated doors for your Commander are the Pro Armor, Blingstar, and Dragonfire brands. The Blingstar and Kimpex have the best reviews on most of the popular UTV rider forums, and the Dragonfire & Blingstar lineup is the industry standard for more aggressive riding (and racing). Blingstar is owned and operated by lengrnedary ATV rider Dana Creech, who was featured in the popular Huevos quad movies by H Bomb Films.

Most Popular Commander Door Kits

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Dragonfire Racing


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You also find some nice aftermarket door accessories that come in real handy for those long rides… Like interior door pockets, half doors, full doors, weatherproofing for protection from the rain and snow, etc…

Can Am Commander Pro Armor Doors

pro-armorThe Pro Armor doors for the Can Am Commander are quite possibly the most popular well made hard doors in the industry. They increase the safety of your side by side considerably, but will not all of the snow, limbs, and debris out of the cab. Your lower half however is fully protected with these doors, and you’ll no longer get hit in the knees with branches poking out on the sides of the trail, and there’s no worry about damaging soft doors or nets with these quality constructed Pro Armors.

Kimpex OEM Style UTV Doors For The Can Am Commander

kimpex-can-am-commander-doorsKimpex doors are the industry favorite when it comes to price, even though installation can be trying at times as reported by many owners. But once you get them centered up and working well, almost no one has complained with over 1,000 miles or more on them. For the money, these might just be the best aftermarket UTV doors you can buy!

The Kimpex doors weight about 10lbs per door, with no vehicle modifications required to install them. They constructed of a solid steel frame with lightweight aluminum side panels, and feature durable powder coated paint for a long lasting scratch resistant finish. Want to take the doors off? No problem, only 2 bolts to remove them! The automotive style door handles make ease of use top notch as well.

Blingstar Suicide Doors For Can Am Commanders – UTV-4006-14TXT

blingstar-can-am-commander-doorsThe Blingstar Suicide Doors are designed with a simple bolt on design that’s easy to install. The hard doors are custom molded to contour the lines of your machine perfectly, and have the most attention to detail of any UTV doors in the industry.

They’re made of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, and come standard with the revolutionary slam latch. The anit vibration washes keep the doors rattling excessively, and these doors match the contour of the side by side perfectly… Especially on the lower front transition between the body and door in the hinge area where most aftermarket doors fall short on fit and finish. Overall, the Blingstar doors might not be the cheapest, but they’re definitely one of the best!

Blingstar Polished Aluminum Suicide Doors – UTV-4006POL

polished-blingstar-doorsThis Item Fits the Following Applications:
2013 Can-Am Maverick X rs 1000R
2013 Can-Am Maverick Max X rs DPS 1000R
2013 Can-Am Maverick Max 1000R
2013 Can-Am Maverick 1000R
2013 Can-Am Commander Electric
2013 Can-Am Commander DPS 800R
2013 Can-Am Commander DPS 1000
2012-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 LTD
2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 800R XT
2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 800R
2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT
2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 X
2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000

Alternate Styles Of Blingstar Black Suicide Door For Can-Am Commander SxS UTV-4001TXT

blingstar modelsFits: 2011-16 Can Commander (2 seat models) Let Blingstar’s suicide doors encapsulate your cockpit providing safety and style. Blingstar’s lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum welded doors keep debris out while keeping your limbs in ensuring a safe ride. Featuring a improved slam latch system that virtually eliminates all rattle. Blingstars proven slam latch system is lightweight, secure and easy to operate. Opening from front to rear, Blingstar’s suicide doors make getting in and out of your vehicle easy. Blingstar’s 3-point mounting system allows for easy installation. These doors are available in powder coated textured black. NOTE: DOES NOT FIT THE 2013-14 COMMANDER X

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Crafted from Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum
  • Enhances the appearance of the UTV
  • New Blingstar Slam Latch System
  • Easy to install with 3 point mounting system


Can Am Commander Dragonfire Doors – Hiboy For Maverick & Commander

dragonfire-commander-doorsThe Dragonfire Hi Boys have a unique shape to them that offers a little bit more deflection that your tradition utv aftermarket door. Like the Blingstars, they have a suicide hinge system, with striker pin bushings and a rubberized tube backing system for reduced vibration and trail noise.

The slam shut latches have a 2 stage locking mechanism built in, and the doors are fully removable with upper lock down hinges. The door skins have inner frame support with integrated door limiting straps, with all anchor points being frame mounted for built in adjustments that stay solid for the long haul.

All OEM corners and body lines are matched perfectly, and the fit and finish of these doors is top notch! The Dragonfires fit all 2 seater Can-Am models including Maverick, Maverick X ds, Maverick X ds Turbo, and Commander models. 100% made in the USA!

Dragonfire Racing Can Am Maverick Hiboy Doors With Graffiti Manta Graphics

dragonfire-doors-with-graphicsIf you want to spice up the look of your Commander or Maverick side by side, these Dragonfire Hiboys with built in graphics are sure to add some roost shootin’ appeal to your machine!

The same quality powder coated hiboy doors that you’ve come to know and love from Dragonfire, just with an added sense of style and aggressive appeal. The same slam shut latches come standard, and these doors fit all 2 seat models of Maverick, Maverick X ds, Maverick X ds Turbo, and Commander models.

Super ATV Can Am Commander Doors 2011 +

can-am-commander-doorsThe Super ATV Doors fit Can Am Commanders from years 2011 forward. They’re frequently on sale, and may turn out to be the cheapest or one of the most affordable sets of aluminum aftermarket doors for your Can Am Commander.

They’re a little more ergonomic, especially if you like to hang your arm out the door for more recreational riding on more open trails. The multi-bend aluminum skin is quite a weight savings, while still remaining stylish with it’s unique riveted look. Long lasting performance comes standard with heavy duty mounted frame hinge points, and these doors come pre-assembled for a quick install.

OEM Can Am Commander And Maverick 2014 Sport Door Kit

ome-canam-commander-doorsNothing’s better than the manufacturer’s add-on option right? The factory Can Am sport door kit is made of lightweight aluminum like all the other high quality aftermarket door kits, and comes standard powder coated black.

The rotary latch is a bit different than the slam latch like on the models above, and they feature a rear hinge opening to make boarding even easier when getting in and out of the cockpit.

Installation can take a bit of time, but once you get them fitted the ease of operation is best in class.

2013 Maverick model is the alternate part number here.

Can Am Commander Blingstar Suicide Doors With Quarter Panel Delete – UTV4001TXT

blingstar-suicide-commander-doorsThese Blingstar quarter panel delete doors are a custom setup that run 6 inches wider than competitor aftermarket door kits.

This kit deletes the stock side plastic quarter panel, and replaces them with their own custom fabbed aluminum quarter panels for added strength and durability. You get more room in the cockpit, which is especially helpful for larger drivers.

The same 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum is used throughout, just like on on high quality Blingstar products. These doors are laser cut for a perfect fit, and feature a lower sight window for added visibility compared to most Commander door kits.

Soft Doors For Can Am Commander Models

Can Am Commander Soft Door & Rear Window Combo Kit

can-am-commander-soft-doorsFor those that want more rain and snow protection, and a less hardcore riding door kit, the GCL UTV Soft Door Kit is perfect for that.

This soft door combo kit features a full cab enclosure, complete with a vinyl windshield that’s totally modular for all season use. The durable 30 gauge Aqua-View Smoked vinyl cover the door windows and rear window for added weather¬† protection.

Installation is simple as can be, with self adhesive Velcro that’s hand measured and handcrafted for that precise factory fit.

Mammoth Skins Soft Top Full Cab Enclosure With Vented Windshield

mammoth-skins-soft-topIf you’re looking for a top rated soft top with a vented windshield for your 2010 – 2013 Can Am Commander 800/1000, then Mammoth Skins has the full cab enclosure for you!

With a hard Lexan windshield, and a fully wrapped cab, this is the perfect setup for a little snow riding. With five separate zippered pieces, you can mix and match how protected and ventilated your commander is in any weather or temperature. The Aero-vent windshield is made from strong 1/4″ thick poly-carbonate, and the soft top attached with nylon straps so it stays on in any wind conditions. Manufactured from marine grade polyester fabrics, the Mammoth Skins product is extremely water resistant.

Commander MAX Soft Cab Enclosure – 4 Seater Protection For Drivers And Passengers

4-seater-soft-doorsFor maximum protection for your Commander Max, this OEM combo kit by Can Am comes complete with roof, sun visors, doors, and rear panels for all around protection no matter where you’re sitting.

The only limitation of this soft door roof and door combo kit, is it cannot be used with the deep water snorkel setup.

This kit includes a full windshield, soft doors for all 4 doors, a Bimini roof with sun visors, and rear panels for the back cargo area as well.

Hard Doors For Can Am Commander And Maverick UTV Models

Can Am Commander Full Doors & Roof Kits

commander-door-and-roof-kitIf all weather riding or hunting is your thing, the OEM Can Am Weatherproof hard door kits provides maximum protection from the elements in any conditions.

For long rides or leaving your UTV overnight, this kit features locking doors, a sliding glass window for better ventilation, and is compatible with all sport and deluxe roofs with stereos.

Constructed from durable PE, these weatherproof doors provides the best protection from the elements, especially keeping you warm on those cold snowy or rainy days!

Model Specific Door Kits For A Custom Fit

Dragonfire HiBoy Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max Doors (black)

commander-max-doorsThe Max Model HiBoys fit all Maverick and Commander Can Am models, and come standard with a black powder coated finish for that great scratch resistant durable finish we’ve come to expect from Dragonfire Racing.

This kit does not include graphics, but does feature the hinge strap, suicide front doors, and regular opening rear doors. Easy to install, and as always very strong and light weight from Dragonfire. The installation videos are at the bottom of this page to help with installs.

Can Am Maverick Max Doors

can-am-maverick-max-doorsCan Am Maverick Max 4 – Seater Sport Aluminum Doors

  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Powder coated black
  • Rotary latch and rear hinge opening for ease of ingress/egress in the cockpit
  • Kit includes 4 doors
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Blingstar Suicide Doors Textured Black – UTV-4006TXT For Maverick Max

blingstar-can-am-maverick-max-door-kitFits Year And Models:

  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick Max X rs DPS 1000R
  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick Max 1000R
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Quick Specs:

  • Doors follow lines of stock plastic for perfect contoured fit
  • 6in. wider than competitors by deleting stock side plastic quarter panel and fabbing own custom aluminum quarter panels
  • Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for complete durability and stable doors
  • Anti-vibration rubber washers used throughout for a quiet and rattle free door
  • Laser cut door skins with lower sight window for more visibility

Beard Seats Can Am Maverick Max Door Kit

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This door kit fits the following models:

  • 2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000
  • 2012-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 LTD
  • 2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 X
  • 2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT
  • 2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 800R
  • 2011-2013 Can-Am Commander 800R XT
  • 2013 Can-Am Commander DPS 1000
  • 2013 Can-Am Commander DPS 800R
  • 2013 Can-Am Commander Electric
  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick 1000R
  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick Max 1000R
  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick Max X rs DPS 1000R
  • 2013 Can-Am Maverick X rs 1000R

Can Maverick Max Soft Cab Enclosure


Both passenger and driver protection from the elements on four seater side by side models.

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  • Complete with roof, sun visor, doors, and rear panel.
  • Cannot be installed on 2016 Maverick MAX X ds Turbo and Maverick MAX X rs.
  • Cannot be used with the Snorkel Kit (715001728).
  • Included: Bimini Roof With Sun Visor (715001965), Soft Doors and Rear Panel (715003525), Full Windshield (715001786).


Used Can Am Commander Doors For Sale On Ebay


Can Am Commander Door Accessories

Door Latches

door-latchesPro Armor Suicide Door Latches

This Item Fits the Following Applications:
2014-2014 Polaris RZR 4 900 EPS LE, Fitment Notes: Rear doors only

Add on item for many aftermarket door kits fitting the Commander and maverick models. Double check your year and model specs for fitment.

Decals And Doors Graphics Kits

commander-red-line-graphics-kitThe Red Line AMR Graphics Kit are genuine 3m brand adhesive constructed Uv resistant kits, and will not fade for up to 5 years. We suggest still covering your UTV, or at least keeping it garaged to extend this lifespan even more.

These decals fit all years of Can Am Commander models, not the Maverick!


Door Storage Bags

door-storageThe Can-Am door storage bags are a great addition to any hard or soft door kits. They features extra padding to keep your valuables safe from banging against the hard sport aluminum doors, and offer passengers personalized storage that’s easy to access on the go…

Perfect for cell phones, wallets, etc…

Be sure to check fitment and compatibility with your door choice, as they do not fit all aftermarket doors.

Diy Homemade Can Am Commander Doors

Final Verdict: What Are The Best Can Am Commander Doors For Sale?

The two most popular and best aftermarket door manufacturers are Blingstar and Dragonfire. The build quality of these UTV doors is the best in the industry, and they’re continuing to innovate each year to provide you with the best equipment to improve your riding experience.


Can Am Commander Door Installation Videos To Help With Your Install

If you don’t like any of these door manufacturers, you can check out some of the custom doors on the commander forums below:

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