Top 4 Email Marketing Software Services For Business

Today in order to have a business that is even somewhat successful, you need to use the internet and all its moving parts to your advantage. This means optimizing your visibility through online platforms such as email and social media sites.

One of the most effective ways to enhance your online presence is through email marketing. However, it can be confusing a process, especially if you have never done it before! That’s where email marketing software comes into play. They are mediums through which you can learn all the tricks of the trade and figure out how to use email marketing to sell to or contact as many customers or subscribers as you are looking for.

The services of an email marketing software range from helping you create new templates to helping you organize your contact list according to the information collected on the subscribers on this list. In other words, it not only helps you gain as many customers as possible but it also helps you be intelligent in how you do so; attracting customers and subscribers who are already interested or are likely to be interested in the product or idea that you are promoting.

Naturally, there are tons of options out there when it comes to email marketing software. Here we examine 4 of the best softwares out there and explain why they might be the best option for you when it comes to email marketing!


ConvertKit is a reliable and well-organized email marketing software service. It is particularly easy to use while still being incredibly effective. Apart from offering a range of pricing options, strong email automation software and a number of useful email marketing tools, it offers email-based support as well.


ConvertKit has the option of a 14-day trial where you can try this software service out for free. In fact, you don’t even have to put in your credit card details; you can see if ConvertKit is the right choice for you without spending any extra money.

If you find that ConvertKit is the right email marketing software service for you, then you have a number of options, depending on how you plan to use it, available to you.

ConvertKit offers 3 plans; the first plan costs $29 per month, the second plan costs $49 and the third and most expensive plan costs $79 per month. Moreover, if you decide to pay annually instead of at the end of every month, then these plans cost $24, $41 and $64 per year, respectively.

So when it comes to the price, there are plenty of options to choose from to find the plan that suits you the best.

Email Automation Software

With ConvertKit, the email automation software is based on a simple concept that is highly effective. In particular, ConvertKit helps its users create strong automated funnels, help create a path for subscribers that reflect their interests and past actions, send the content at the correct time and allow you to set up how this automation is going to function and then carry out these actions for you. It even assists you in separating your audience out into categories, based on the information it has.

In other words, ConvertKit helps you build automation that is based on instincts as well as data.

Email Marketing Tools

ConvertKit has a number of key email marketing tools that it offers its users.

Increase Your Audience

ConvertKit helps you increase your audience in two ways; through its opt-in forms that you can customize accordingly and through reporting that represents the subscribers’ data.

ConvertKit helps you grow your audience by helping you collect and use the information you need!


ConvertKit also helps you with the important task of organizing your subscribers, which allows you to send them highly customized or targeted content.

In particular, you can easily segment audiences depending on what stage they are in, i.e., interested or already buyers.

In addition to these marketing tools, ConvertKit also offers integration. Easy integrations with other e-commerce or landing page or other such pages allows ConvertKit to focus specifically on email marketing!


One of the biggest advantages of GetResponse is that it provides tons of material to help you learn more about the process of email marketing and how to use their software. As a result of this, it is a really good option for beginners, so if you are just starting out and are unsure of where to begin, GetResponse is the way to go!


GetResponse has a number of well-thought-out price plans. For monthly plans, it has 4 options; ‘Email’ which is $15 per month, Pro which is $49 per month, Max which is $165 per month and Enterprise which is $1199 per month. On the other hand, when it comes to their yearly plan it costs $12.30, $40.18, $135.30 and $839 per month, respectively and for the 24-month plan, $10.50, $34.50, $115.50 and $719 per month.

Moreover, you can try GetResponse for free through its 30-day trial. Not only is this a generous time period during which you can figure out if GetResponse is the email marketing software service you have been looking for, but you can do this without a credit card!

Email Automation Software

With regard to email automation, GetResponse makes this process as easy as possible. All it involves is a drag and drop organizer that will help you sustain a conversation or a connection with your subscribers as and when required.

Email Marketing Tools

GetResponse has features that are appealing for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are so effective! Here are just some of those features.

Create Content

GetResponse has a host of design options that let you create a one-of-a-kind template that is precisely suited to your vision and your marketing needs. Through GetResponse you have access to a thousand stock images too, to help you make your design template as attractive as possible.

Personalized Content

GetResponse’s feature Dynamic Content helps you personalize your content in such a way so as to reach out to people by their names and with content that is specifically relevant to them and their interests.

Organization of Contact List

GetResponse also offers a feature which allows you to categorize your contact list according to common factors within your contact list such as their geolocation and subscriber engagement.


AWeber is a popular email marketing software service that is ideal for medium-sized businesses. It has a whole host of impressive features but its ease of integration with platforms such as WordPress and the customer support that it provides, are the two that you should be aware of when choosing the best email marketing software for yourself.


AWeber also has the option of a free trial. However, in order to try out its services, you have to put in your details as well as your credit card details, before you can use this service for free.

Apart from this, AWeber offers plans at 5 different price points! These cost $19, $29, $49, $69 and $149 per month, respectively.

AWeber also offers quarterly and annual payment options.

Email Automation Software

AWeber has a drag and drop feature that makes its automation software particularly easy to use. This allows you to build automation flows that can help you make unique and personalized emails that can include anything from educational courses to welcome emails!

Email Marketing Tools

AWeber has a ton of features to make email marketing accessible and easy for you to get the hang of.


AWeber allows you to create tags that will result in automated emails for certain email campaigns that are based upon previous clicks and emails of your contact list.

Increase Your Audience

AWeber also helps you grow your audience. In particular, it offers mobile-responsive sign-up forms and also lets you migrate your entire existing email list!


AWeber also has the capability to analyze and assess how your email campaigns are actually performing and also the deliverability rate of your emails, thereby making sure your email make it to your subscribers’ inbox instead of to their spam.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the perfect software for beginners. So if email marketing is new to you and you’re not sure of how to proceed, this may be the software that’s right for you. It even offers online training to help you figure it all out!

In particular, Constant Contact provides some of the best support out there. This includes email, live, chat and community support. So, if you are having a problem with the software it is very easily resolved!


Constant Contact is unique in that it allows you to sign up to use its services on a free trial basis for a total of 60 days (which is a really long period of time!) and it allows you to do so without requiring your credit card information.

In addition to this, Constant Contact has a detailed pricing plan that allows you to find the exact option that is absolutely perfect for you. It offers Email, which has 9 price plans (that are less expensive and offer fewer features) that range from $20 to $335 for monthly, bi-annual and annual plans, and it also offers Email Plus, which has 9 plans (that are more expensive and offer more features) that range from $45 to $335 for the same. The increase in the prices of the plans within these two categories is directly correlated to the number of email contacts you have.

So if you’re looking for a specific pricing plan for your email marketing software service, Constant Contact is the correct option for you!

Email Automation Software

When it comes to email automation, Constant Contact offers this service in the form of Autoresponder. Autoresponder sends personalized emails to your contacts that includes welcome emails for new subscribers and emails to contacts on their birthdays and anniversaries.

This makes Constant Contact a good option for email automation that specifically requires personalized emails such as these!

Email Marketing Tools

When it comes to marketing features, Constant Contact has some simple but powerful tools in place.

Email Template

To make email marketing as easy as possible for you, Constant Contact offers the simplest email templates that you can use to attract potential customers. Drag and drop, it’s as easy as that!

Contact Management

All you have to do is feed in your contact list to Constant Contact and it will organize this list for you, including separating out those subscribers whose emails are inactive, thereby giving you a more realistic idea of who your messages are being sent to!

Track in Real Time

Constant Contact also allows you to track your subscribers in real time over both email and social media platforms so that you can see what is and isn’t working as it happens!

So Which One Should You Pick?

Now you not only have a comprehensive understanding of what email marketing and email marketing software service are but you also have an idea of which email marketing software is the right fit for you.

These software services naturally differentiate on the tools and price plans that they offer but they also differ in the level of services they offer as well as what kind of support they offer their customers. These are all important to take into consideration when picking an email marketing software service but it is for you to judge which of these features is going to be the most important for you and have the greatest impact for your product or business.

So keep in mind what exactly you need this software for and what your ultimate goal for your business is and choose the software that best fits those interests. It is not so much a choice of the best email marketing software but rather, the best email marketing software for you!

Your best bet is probably to try out these services on a free trial basis (as most of them are available to you without the use of a credit card) and then make a decision. Either which way, the final decision is yours!


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