Infrared Saunas For Home: Getting The Best Home Sauna For You

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Looking for the best home sauna, and tired of all the ridiculous amount of bullshit you have to wade through? I was too, so I started blogging about my in home sauna experiences… some of which, ended quite badly!!!  (pro tip: avoid THIS SAUNA from Amazon AT ALL COSTS)

But Matt, All Home Sauna Companies Say “Their Sauna Is The BEST”!!!!

If you’ve looked for a home sauna before, I’m sure you’re already aware that everyone you talk to is going to say theirs is the best on the market. All these sauna companies are trying to “out – do” each other, at the expense of US, the customers unfortunately.  Yep, it’s gotten to be just like buying a car… pesky sauna salesman could care less if you get the right sauna for your needs, so long as they get their damn sale right?

Does Anyone Actually Test These Saunas To See If The Claims Are True?

Well, in the last 4 months, I’ve personally tested and reviewed over 8 different sauna brands. Some were absolutely terrible, and others were kind of okay. And then there were the few that stood out from the crowd. For example, I wanted to love the ceramic heaters in the Therasauna, but I just can’t ignore the shitty build quality once it was delivered to my house with a broken roof, a hissing sound system, and not to mention I had to take a saw to it to get it to go together, since they forgot to cut some pieces at the factory.

Now I don’t tell you about my real world experiences with these companies to scare you, there ARE good companies out there, I just don’t think anyone would be happy receiving something like that after spending $3,000 dollars on it.

Finally Some REAL Unbiased Home Sauna Reviews (with actual LIVE EMF testing on video you can verify with your own eyes)

It’s pretty ridiculous to defer customers to third party companies that hand these sauna heaters from a forklift, and then tout about how low the emf is in them isn’t it?  More often than not, this is all a smokescreen.

After all, you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT alter the native environment of a sauna when doing emf testing. The entire cabinet is what your body sits in, so that’s how it should be tested and marketed. Anyhow, I’ll stop harping on this, since I bough my own array of multiple EMF meters to test the saunas myself. Now you can watch them and verify for yourself for free on YouTube.

The Top Rated Infrared Saunas Are Hard To Find!

After spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on infrared saunas, I narrowed it down to a handful of brands that actually deliver a good product. However, one stands out from the crowd, in that, it’s made just as well, with the same components, just without the big brand name expense tacked on. I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the product, service, and overall experience has always been better dealing with a family owned company that cares about their customers rather than a corporate company with super aggressive sales staff.

And to take it a step further, I found a sauna company where the owners are sauna fanatics, have their own saunas in their own home, put their entire family in them, and are truly devoted to the sauna industry and helping people detox.

New Year Update: here are the 3 best infrared sauna brands that tested the best out of all 12 companies

Summary: The Best Infrared Sauna For Home Use

Choosing Good Infrared Saunas For Home: What To Look For

An in home infrared sauna has to check certain boxes for it to be safe for children or anyone fighting disease.  There are a lot of cheap home saunas on Amazon and Costco that seem like good buys… until someone buys them and gets them home, only to find out they’re made from cheap plywood in China, and some even off-gas like a mofo.

Quick tip: avoid these saunas at all costs


Any home sauna has to be ultra low emf for it to meet my standards now. In the past I was more lenient on this, but it turns out there are PLENTY of sauna brands on the market that have hardly any emf in them.

To see the list of Certified Saunas, click here.

There just isn’t any reason to buy a home sauna that isn’t low emf anymore. Why take a chance on our own health, not to mention if you have small children doing the autism detox or what have you… definitely not something you want to play around with.


This is something most everyone is already familiar with…

No one wants a sauna that’s build out of particle board and resins/adhesives that could be creating vapors you’ll breathe in once heated up in the sauna.

Good Build Quality

If you watch my JNH Lifestyles sauna review, you’ll see in some of the videos that I paid $2,500 for that sauna, and it was built like crap.

Any decent sauna for the home, should have well built walls that you won’t put your hand through like that. Sure, in any well made sauna the wood will creak a bit when it’s heated and cooled, as it should… but caving in like cardboard, and being built out of scrap furring strips when you paid thousands of dollars? No Thanks.

Good Far Infrared Coverage

A lot of the cheaper home saunas on the market, have these under-powered power supplies in them, and poor heater coverage.

Some sauna companies even say that having heaters in the wrong place, will waste infrared and whatnot.

Out of all the infrared saunas I’ve used, the most important part that led to a great sweat, was having adequate far infrared coverage. This means if you’re looking at a carbon sauna, you should have consistent heater coverage all the way across the sauna walls… not 8″ wide heaters, spaced intermittently across the wall.

This also means, if you’re looking at a ceramic heater, you must have front and rear heaters in order to get enough infrared on both sides of your body. (most of these style saunas do not have side heaters… so if it only has back heaters, like in my Therasauna, you’ll be left chilly on the front, and will have to turn around in the sauna… not fun.)

Easy To Put Together

Some of these saunas go together like a complicated Lego set, and others go together like putting on your shoes and a hat.

I vote for the latter, because the last thing I want to do is spend hours and hours trying to figure out an erector set.

On the Certified Saunas List, you’ll find the easiest sauna to put together in the number one spot. A lot of people are afraid of buying something they can’t assemble, but I’ve recorded myself receiving every single sauna I’ve bought, so you can easily follow along and get it together in a few easy steps.

Doesn’t Break The Bank

Some sauna companies say you need to buy some $8,000 dollar full spectrum sauna in order to get a detoxifying sweat.

This is nonsense, and is usually a marketing ploy to say their sauna is better than the next guys.  In reality, the far infrared is doing most of the work in all the saunas, no matter what type it is.

Near Infrared VS Far Infrared VS Full Spectrum: Which Is Better?

The near infrared sauna people will tell you that the NIR is going to penetrate deeper and blah blah.

The full spectrum sauna companies will tell you that you MUST have all three wavelengths in order to get a complete detox.

And the straight far infrared people will say that the others may even be harmful to you in an effort to sway you their way.

Come. The. Fuck. On.

Near Infrared Penetrates Deeper (and makes you detox more)

The near infrared heat lamp saunas are nothing more than 4 $10 bulbs shoved in a tent for $3k.  This is the biggest rip off I’ve seen this year.  Not to mention, the far infrared portion of the bulb output, along with the heat from the heat lamp bulb itself, is what’s giving you the sauna experience.

When you isolate near infrared by itself, it doesn’t make you seat at all.

You Must Have Full Spectrum In Order Yo Get A Complete Detox

So why then, when I use a full spectrum sauna and unplug the near infrared heaters in it, do I still have the same sweating/sauna experience in the next session?

Aha! More bullshit.

if you guys cant tell already, my sarcasm and humor is starting to show through… because quite frankly, I’m tired of this nonsense. Every year this just gets worse and worse.

Only Use Far Infrared – Near Infrared May Be Harmful To Your Eyes & Body

This is just stupid. The sun emits all of them, and we need all of them on a certain level.

Now in most of my videos, it comes across like I hate near infrared. This is not true at all.

I hate near infrared therapy as a supposed sauna experience!  I love red light therapy, and I think they are very important.

What I don’t think it important, is spending $6 – $8k (thousand dollars!) on some crazy sauna with a bunch of junk stuffed in it that will hardly work. (you can’t shove NIR panels behind a grill, far away from your body, and still expect to absorb the near infrared)

to be continued…

My Favorite Infrared Sauna For The Home (after trying over 12 brands)

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Old Info From 2017-2018

After looking at the Sunlighten, Clearlight, Therasauna, JNH Lifestyles sauna from Amazon, Dynamic Sauna from Costco, Rocky Mountain Saunas, High Tech Health, Heavenly Heat, etc… I decided to take a chance, and buy a FIR sauna from a company in Canada that most people haven’t heard of before…

Now after buying several saunas and testing them for emf’s, I was super skeptical now reading any sauna company’s EMF testing reports on their website.

Once I found out that most 3rd party emf test reports are junk (because they take the heaters OUT of the sauna to test them, which isn’t accounting for Bluetooth, WiFi, and power supply wiring… super sneaky if you ask me!), it became hard to trust any of these sauna brands that promote their emf ratings.

To make matters worse, half the sauna salespeople you speak to, respond with something like…” what are emf’s”?

Heh, if that wasn’t a red flag enough, the rest simply just talk and talk and talk and talk, never really letting you learn and see if their sauna is a good fit for you.

Instead the popular sales tactic, is to bombard you with so much technical information that you don’t understand, and then push you into a sale that same day using false scarcity like “our sale pricing is ending”, “I can only lock this price in for X days”, and my favorite, “prices are going up after the new year, the time to buy is now”!

Haha, they play this same game year after year, because it works on naive people. Well, my spidy senses were going off after this happened to me, especially after Brett Bouer tried to bait and switch the Clearlight pricing via private message on the Sauna Detox Facebook group.

If the sale price was so good, why doesn’t he ever show it to people publicly? Exactly, because it’s the same fucking price you get when you call Clearlight directly.

But that’s fine, I don’t hate Brett, in fact I think he does more good than harm, and would still buy him a beer and talk shop at an event or whatever.

But he is the reason I review infrared saunas now. The very next day after our private facebook messaging, I emailed the top 8 sauna companies directly to let them know I would be doing a low emf sauna test, and would like to get one of their saunas to participate for their brand.

Most didn’t respond or take me seriously, and some even responded funnily with one sentence reply’s, and not even open to further discourse like SaunaRay…” Sorry Matt, we don’t give away saunas.”

And I understood, and am not mad at any of these sauna companies. I was a nobody, and did not have a history or being a health blogger in any way, shape, or form before my own health problems arose.

However, I did have an existing online presence, and already had 1,000,000 views on YouTube before I even started talking about saunas, and have been a professional blogger for over two years, prior to having health problems due to mercury amalgams and needing to heavy metal detox.

I think if several of the sauna brands knew that, I would have been treated differently. I’m also sure if they knew I was going to blanket this industry so hard, and they could have spun it and gotten a lot of free advertising out of it from me.

Among the brands that didn’t respond at all include… <email response rate image>

Golden Designs and Sunlighten responded right away, and Sunlighten was the most receptive and pleasant to work with.

So why then, didn’t I just try to get free saunas, and promote whichever company would give me the best deal?

Because I knew that if I was having this much trouble finding a good infrared sauna, imagine how many other people are out there being taken advantage of left and right?

I mean think about it… I had credit card in hand, ready to spend $5,000.00 + on a Clearlight from Brett Bouer, and something just didn’t feel quite right.

I’m damn good at research, and I tried to cover all my bases, but even STILL, these sauna companies almost pulled the wool over my eyes.

It’s an unregulated industry, and anyone can say anything they want, especially relating to EMF levels.

I imagined that instead of me calling to buy a sauna, it was my parents, or my grandparents… since most of the people in these sauna forums and facebook detox groups are not younger… they’re usually struggling with a certain health problem like I was, and are looking for help.

Trouble is, it’s so easy to take advanatge of them and get them to buy things they don’t need, because they’re suffering and are willing to do anything to get well. (ask me how I know!!!)

Point being, I didn’t feel good about what was going on here, and I had an idea that if I could solve this sauna buying dilemma for myself, I could also help a lot of other people avoid being taken for a ride.

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