The 3 Best Infrared Saunas On The Market For Home Use (2019)

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If you’re looking for the best infrared sauna on the market today, boy are you in the right place! Like you, I was struggling to find a good infrared sauna about a year ago. I had just gotten my mercury amalgam fillings removed, and was seeing a functional medicine doctor to get my heavy metal levels down. One of the top things on the list to detox the body from not only mercury, plastics, pesticides, and other metals, is an infrared sauna. Since my organs weren’t fit for chelation according to my functional medicine doctor, I had to find another way. The only other way is through the skin… and it happens to be very effective when done right!

The 3 Best Infrared Saunas To Buy In 2019 & Beyond

Update – 02/10/19 – These are the 3 best sauna brands that tested the best

Well, little did I know, that I would waste months and months and months pondering this $5k purchase decision, and worst of all, I wasn’t getting the health benefits during that time. It sucks that my life got put on hold for just a few thousand dollars, and the sauna industry itself is filled with so much misinformation, it can be tough to get the right sauna. I pressed on though, and continued the buying/research process. (meanwhile, I was paying to use a sauna at a local spa, so I already experienced the benefits, and could literally feel the relief after beginning regular use)

But I was stuck… every time I turned around, each sauna company were all saying theirs were the best, theirs had the lowest emf levels, and some even claimed to have, get this… ZERO EMF in their sauna. What a crock of shit… (if it plugs in to a wall, it has some level of emf… emf comes from your house electrical system, which in the case of saunas, is ELF specifically… but the sauna companies will never tell you this!)

I finally had enough. I set out to start testing these damn things, and boy did I ever test them. I bought $1k worth of emf meters, so I could test each sauna for both rf and elf. Then I went on one of the craziest spending sprees ever, and tested over $22,000.00 dollars in infrared saunas. Some were sent to me, and some I had to buy. In the end I was able to send some back or get credit for them, but overall this experiment cost me several thousands of dollars.

But I’m happy I did it, even thought it took a ton of time, effort, and money. This was a very real problem I had to solve in my own life, since I had enough mercury trapped in my fat cells to be like a giant antennae in a close quarter sauna. The last thing you want to do in that situation is be zapping yourself when you’re trying to heal!

I can confidently say, and have tested firsthand, every single sauna brand/model listed below. These are the best infrared saunas on the planet, and would trust my family’s safety with them.

Near VS Far: Which Is Better For You

Personally I wanted to like the idea of the red light therapy NIR saunas, but after building two of them, and experiencing what most people call a “near infrared sauna” it just doesn’t deliver the same deep penetrating sweat as a far infrared sauna.

I mean when I was paying to use a FIR at the local spa, sweat was pouring out of my legs, dripping down the tips of my fingers, and it was like someone taped a garden hose next to my elbows, that just drenched my whole body.

THIS is the type of sweat you want to detox heavy metals like I need to do. Now this might be too aggressive for some people who are very weak, and you might just prefer the different style of heat from NIR style bulb saunas. It is more gentle in a way, but for me, I want the maximum detox potential in the shortest amount of time, so I can get my health back much quicker.

If you’re not sure if FIR or NIR is right for you, you can easily follow my guide here on how to build a near infrared red lamp shower sauna for under $200 dollars at home here.

Infrared Sauna EMF Dangers To Look Out For, And Be Mindful Of Fake Consumer Reports Used By Sauna Companies

I noticed that the JNH Lifestyles company that sold me a “ZERO EMF” sauna, frequently uses this “Consumer Reports” reference to make their saunas seem more attractive.

Upon further research after I found out their saunas are NOT no emf (after I bought it of course, see the review video here), I also found out that this consumer reports reference is a knock off website, used to inflate the quality of their saunas.

Fact is, their saunas are made in China like everyone else’s, and the real Consumer Reports has NEVER recommended their saunas. The infrared sauna reviews and consumer reports “ratings” are fake.

Be wary of any sauna company that makes claims like this… they’re like just like the shady manufacturers that sell on Costco and Amazon with all the “five star reviews.” What a sham…

Near Infrared Saunas Are Ultra Low EMF (but won’t detox you as fast as Far Infrared)

– super safe
– red light healing therapy
– not as hot, takes longer to sweat
– didn’t detox me as fast as far infrared, more gentle (when you’re suffering from mercury toxicity, you want that shit out of your body as fast as possible, so you can feel normal again)

Detoxing Heavy metals And Losing Weight

Elimination Toxins On The Regular So You Can Live A Healthier And Happier Life

Why it’s crutial to have an infrared sauna at home instead of using one at the gym

Buying An Infrared Sauna Has Been The Best Thing I’ve Done For My Health

The 2 Best Infrared Saunas For Home Use That Are Safe Low EMF For The Whole Family (that won’t zap you with EMF’s!!!)

Wouldn’t it be great if a sauna company would put out an infrared sauna that truly had less than 1 milliguass of EMF in it?

Wouldn’t it be great if a sauna company would develop a stereo that automatically disables the Bluetooth when you plug in an audio cord, so you don’t get zapped with RF inside of a foil lined wooden box?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a company that wouldn’t lie to you about having low emf, but when turn around and not even test the other type of heaters they put in their saunas, or even bother to include them in their fake “3rd party emf testing” report?

Well after testing $22,000.00 dollars in saunas, and spending over $1,000.00 dollars on emf meters alone to verify these shady claims made by a lot of the sauna companies, I FINALLY found a reputable, affordable, and all around amazing infrared sauna that checks all the boxes.

This is the sauna I use every single day, the sauna brand I feel comfortable recommending to friends and family members, and the only sauna company I have EVER called that didn’t try to push me into buying something I didn’t need.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, this is the only sauna on the market that wraps your entire body in healing infrared heat?!?!?!  The revolutionary concept of being surrounded by infrared, produces the most intense and best sauna experience I have ever experienced.

And the best part?  It costs less than every other high end brand you’ve looked at. In fact, most people don’t even have to spend $3 or $4k to get the sauna they need…. they have models as cheap as $1,800.00 dollars, and they don’t price gouge the shit out of you on the shipping to make up for it either.

I know I know, sounds too good to be true. That’s what I thought too… at least until it arrived and I tested the whole thing!  , the owner of the small family owned Canadian sauna company, is the nicest and most patient person you will ever talk to at any sauna company. Don’t believe me? Call a few of them, and then come back here and call

Check out my XXXX sauna review here

to see the unboxing and assembly video to get an idea of how easy it is to put together, go here.

So see my other sauna reviews, click here.

To see which sauna NOT to buy, see my costco review here, my amazon jnh lifestyles review here, and all my other infrared saunas I’ve tested here.

DIY Sauna Course

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    • Sorry Sami, it was stuck in the spam catcher as double comment.

      I wouldn’t compare them together (saunacore vs all the other sauna companies), it’s an apples to oranges comparison for home saunas. I was talking about the Infracore Max, which is a $12k sauna that’s built like a tank… perfect for commercial applications that are going to get beat on for hours a day by a bunch of customers, but pretty overkill for a residential sauna in my opinion unless you just have money to burn. But personally, I would buy something more affordable, and use the cost savings to get another piece of health equipment.

      I’m not sure about Kuwait, sorry I only do US sales. Your best chance of getting one shipped there, would be a UK supplier most likely. My best guess is you’d want to call David on this page and see if it’s possible.


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