Best Inspection Camera For Drains & Chimneys

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If you need to see a device that can see what you can’t see, either in your drain, or for cleaning your chimney, then you need an inspection camera! However, readers be warned, most of these inspection cameras might not go so easy on the wallet, so be prepared to spend some good money for these products! There is however, one borescope that will be quite different from the rest and I implore you to keep reading to find out what technology has to offer us in this category. Trust me, you will be amazed at not only the price, but what it actually integrates with. Anyhow, we must press on and continue the reviews.

RIGID Seesnake Camera

Is your sink filling up and refusing to drain? Well, for our first contender we have the Seesnake and this company claims it will help you unclog that drain, or take a peek at that chimney with satisfying results! This camera offered by the RIGID company will be somewhat disappointing because you must also have its sister accessory in order to view what you are seeing with it. Sorry folks, it looks like you are going to spending quite a bit on this product, but I assure you it is definitely industrial quality and probably does one of the best jobs out there for this type of project. Most of the material on this product is made from stainless steel and can be used with any Seesnake monitor or recording device, and has very tough high intensity lights that give you great imaging! The company also promises that the images provided by this camera will always be upright, so no messing around with tilting the recording device to know exactly what you are looking at and where it is. That is definitely a nice feature, and the line capacity ranges from two to twelve inches. The device ends up weighing a total of fifty three pounds and you can even operate this thing in negative four degree temperatures all the way up to one hundred and four degree temperatures, so it definitely can withstand extreme hot and cold which is also a plus.

Furthermore, the video resolution itself is 768 by 494 and the reel frame is about thirty two inches in diameter. Great device if you are a professional who needs has the money and, or the accessories to afford this item to make it work properly, but for the average consumer I would not recommend this item. It really looks as if it is specifically for commercial use only and I say it how I see it. Another con to searching for this device on their website is that when you try to look for a price, you have to actually find a store near you and they are very secretive about their pricing so this was an automatic turn off for me. Sorry RIGID, but I am not going to recommend a product when I can’t find a price. Seriously though, who wants to go on a treasure hunt just to determine a price for this product, and if they setup their online store this way that means you will have to go on another treasure hunt for the accessories just to be able to display the images. I guess these guys are on strike two and I believe that will be enough to deter consumers from even buying this thing.

Fantronics 7mm Android Endoscope OTG Micro USB Borescope

For those of you who do not engage in this line of work and do not require a commercial device, we have a Borescope from Fantronics that will probably better fit your budget. This little device can be hooked up to any Android device to display what you are seeing with the camera itself, but for all of you iOS users out there, don’t worry there is a way to hook this up to your Macbook and make it run properly. Hurray! For seventeen bucks this might be suitable for home use. The product itself comes with one mini USB Endoscope, one micro to USB line, one small hook, one magnet, one mirrow, and of course, an operation manual. Well at least we know it comes with directions, right? Also, in case you are going to use your cellphone as the display device it currently supports Samsung Galaxy S3(i9300,i9308), S4(i9500,i9508), S5, S6; Note2, Note3, Note4, Note5, SONY Z2 L50H, SONY LT26i, and the Nexus. The Fantronics Endoscope also has a 66 degree viewing angle, and it also has six adjustable led lights for customizable viewing purposes.

However, the resolution is a bit lower than the Seesnake, and you will only be able to have a 640 by 480 resolution. I still think all of these features are quite good for something that is only seventeen dollars, don’t you? The camera itself also has a 7mm diameter and it is WATERPROOF. It better be if it will be going in a drain! Good specs, good price, awesome buy!

Borescope for iPhone: WiFi Endoscope Pancellent Wireless Borescope

We just talked about a Borescope for Android devices, but what about the borescopes specifically designed for the iPhone? Are they better? Let me make this clear right off the bat, this device can not only support iPhone’s but it can actually be used with Android systems, Windows, and MAC iOS. Bang! We just shot the previous device right out of the water. Don’t get me wrong, the last device is still an awesome buy, but this one definitely is the better choice of the two. This product is also water proof and captures images with a 640 by 480 resolution, or a 1280 by 720 resolution at a view angle of seventy degrees. I should also note that this camera is similar to most cell phone cameras at two megapixels and I believe the quality should be just fine to check out that drain, or look up that chimney. As long as the camera is remotely close to what you need to be looking at, then the device will work for your needs. This product also has six LED lights just as the previous product mentioned; however, it is a little more expensive, but that should be okay since it can be used with more devices. I know, you want to know the price, and that price is just under $30 bucks when you purchase the Wifi Endoscope directly from Amazon.

Android and iPhone Borescopes: When should consider getting Professional Systems

I personally recommend the Wifi Endoscope, and I believe it can get most jobs done well. However, when your efforts fail in rectifying your problem at home I believe it would be best to hire a professional rather than paying a couple thousand dollars to buy a commercial borescope. It is costly and uneconomical.

Furthermore, as I stated earlier, you should only buy this expensive equipment if you are in business to fix these problems on a professional level. If you have drain or chimney problems that is out of the scope of your expertise, then there is no reason to purchase outrageously expensive equipment for random use, because you will never get the full value out of these expensive products.

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