The Best Place To Start A Blog (and make money)

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Are you looking for the best place to start a blog and finding nothing but bullshit recommendations? I’m not surprised. The answer to your question is a simple one, but most people don’t want to tell you the truth for two reasons: 1) they want to make money off you signing up for some bullshit program that you’ll never make a dime off of, and 2) they don’t want to make it seem too hard to where everyone and their mother doesn’t want to join their tribe.

Think about this for a second…  When you do good work at your job, who profits? The company.

Your blog is no different. If you’re signed up for one of these hokus pokus “blog sites” drop that shit like a hot pan.

The only way you’re going to set yourself up for success, is to control your own domain. (I mean that figuratively and literally!)  You’re never going to get rich working for someone else, or building up someone else’s company. Starting a blog at a free blog site with hopes to make money with it is about the same.

Cliff notes?

What Does This Have To Do With Picking The Best Place To Start My Blog?

There’s too many scams out there, and WAY TOO MANY make money online programs that will never make you a dime.

The cold hard reality is, if you want to start a blog that’s going to replace your day job income, you MUST be in control of your own destiny. This all starts with owning your “homebase” which is your domain name.

Do you think for a second that I would be this successful with Clever Leverage if I didn’t own and built my blog on it? The answer isn’t just a no… It’s a HELL NO!

Go look at and come back and you’ll know what I mean instantly.

Still want to setup your blog on a “free blog host”? I didn’t think so. Nothing is truly free, and everything has a price. In this instance, the price for setting up your own blog on a free blogging platform, is not reaping the rewards of all your hard work later on. Instead, you’re building up a web property for some other company instead of building up your own empire.

OK I Get What You’re Saying! Thanks For The Heads Up And Saving Me From A Frustrating Experience Down The Road… But What Do I Do About It Instead???

I’m glad you asked, you’re on the right track now.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is start out with a good plot of land. In this case, our land is virtual, and we don’t want our foundation to be built on quicksand now do we?

I would urge you to model what I and many other people have done in this case, which is start out with some budget web hosting, your own domain name, and use WordPress (a free blogging platform).

You can even copy me if you’d like… I lay it all out for you here in my tutorial on How To Start A Blog Exactly Like Mine. In less than an hour, you’ll be able to have exactly the same setup I’m running here at Clever Leverage, and anyone can do it with no computer experience necessary. Simply follow the steps in those videos.

But Matt, I Wanted To Know The Very Best Place To Start My Own Blog… Are You Sure This Is The Way?

Yes 100%!  But let me tell you why…

When you own your land and your house, you can do anything you want on that property within county guidelines right? Well, your blog works the same way.

If you own your domain name, and put a ton of time into a certain blog design or content, you can always change it at any time with no restrictions. You are in control of everything that happens on that web property.

The reason I stress this so much in other blog posts on the topic, is because a free blog host, and even some paid blogging platforms can and will shut you down if you violate their terms of service in any way. There are also clauses in your service agreements that often give them rights and access to your pictures and intellectual property. Now I don’t have to harp on how that could become a problem, but there’s no reason to even put yourself in that position in the first place if you want to have a blog that makes you money.

For less than $5 bucks a month, you can have a domain name, blog hosting, and an awesome blogging CMS (publishing system) that has the ability to sustain a full time income if you learn the ropes and put in the work.

Literally, everyone can afford that, you just might have to skip one Starbucks coffee or Big Mac Combo per month. (did you catch that? for the cost of ONE ((1)) Combo Meal or Grande Coffee you can pay for everything you need to start your blogging endeavor the right way)

Simply put, the best place you can start your blog is on your own domain. Period.

If you don’t like the layout, you can change it layer no questions asked. If you don’t like the blog hosting you signed up for later, you can change that to and keep your blog in tact easily! Don’t like the theme you’re using? Buy another one for cheap and have a completely different style in 15 minutes of less.

What To Do Next

I hope that helps clarify the severity of getting started off on the right foot. I’ve seen way too many people get started on or similar, and then have to migrate all their hard work to a better platform later. (and usually have to pay someone to do it since it’s complicated)

Take a look at the many tutorials I’ve put together in the How To Start A Blog Section. Note that there are sub-tutorials for specific niches like food blogging, fashion blogging, etc…

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