The 3 Best Top Rated Blog Hosting Websites

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What Blog hosting services will help the Novice Blogger?

Blogging plays a huge role in web content today. A user can blog about any type of subject, product, or idea, often passing on important information about their given subject. For example, a person might decide to blog about several different kinds of laundry detergent to compare effectiveness to let other individuals know what detergents are really the best. Blogging is an informal way of passing on these ideas, but it is something that is very undervalued. If you do any blogging of any kind we are going to present you with a list of web hosting companies specifically designed for blogging, and hopefully pass along more valuable information to you! We are giving our informal opinion on Bluehost, iPage, HostGator, and the infamous host. We will compare prices, features, and anything else we can muster up! I would like to suggest that this article is more for the beginning blogger than the expert blogger, but the companies should fit the needs of both.

The Best Blog Hosting Companies Rated & Reviewed

Bluehost – best choice for beginners

Bluehost offers various solutions to creating and maintaining your blog with ease. The very first feature they touch on is being able to let you install WordPress with one click. WordPress is basically an easy to use interface to help you build a professional looking website without the investment of much time or expertise in HTML, or CSS coding language. They even offer continuous around the clock support the entire year once you sign up with them. These support specialists will help you to create your blog by either explaining it to you via chat, phone, giving you guides, and even showing you different videos on how can you increase your online presence. Bluehost also offers you domain names, templates, along with other website building features. If you decide you don’t want to use this service after you signed up, have no worries because if you haven’t used it over thirty days they will give you a full refund.

Additionally, if your business needs to increase its online presence, or you just want further advertising for yourself, then bluehost will give you over one hundred and fifty dollars in offers from Google advertising. This is very important if you using their blog hosting service as a way to tap into a new demographic. Better advertising means more web traffic, right? They offer you a free domain for only $2.95 a month. Bluehost couldn’t be more affordable in my opinion. In fact, it looks like it has everything that a beginning blogger would ever need. This is definitely a good choice. If your blog, or website also includes different files or needs storage you can also have the opportunity to buy into their Cloud Services program, and the starter package is only an extra $6.95 a month. If you include this extra amenity, then you will receive unmetered bandwidth, one hundred different email accounts, five hundred megabytes of email storage and fifty dollars in marketing offers. Not to shabby! They have other options that will help small businesses too, but since this is not our topic today I will not discuss their other two options.

iPage – UPDATE! (do not touch with a 10 foot pole! Terrible.)

Another great blog hosting service is provided by a company named iPage. This company has a special introductory offer right now which lets you buy their service for only $1.99 per month. They too offer one hundred dollars in Google marketing, aka adwords. Also, they will provide you one hundred dollars in adwords through Bing too! I’m not done yet, they even give you a free listing in case you have a business and are looking to make your way online! This is almost a mirror image of bluehost, but at a little cheaper price. This blog hosting services offers the WordPress integration as well.

Furthermore, they will offer you one gigabyte free of cloud services, and you can’t get that from bluehost! iPage is trying to take it a step further by also giving you unlimited emails, unlimited storage space, and a site analytics suite. iPage is making big waves in this industry and there is no doubt why. They offer so much for so little it is almost like highway robbery. iPage even offers a mobile optimized site builder in case you want those using their cell phones and tablets to be able and view your page. On top of all of that they offer you a free security package worth well over a hundred dollars. This security package will scan for malware, and is will make sure your data is protected in a high security data center. iPage even has the same continuous around the clock support just like bluehost, and they too offer the thirty day money back guarantee. They are trying to pick a fight with bluehost in a big way, because they also have guides and videos to help those that are new to this experience! If you are into customizability on your website or blog, then this company will even allow you to create your own custom 404 error messages. I think that is a pretty sweet feature because it keeps your website authentic and unique from others. Many people under value authenticity, but they fail to remember being unique is what separates the good companies from the best companies too. One of the other cool features that iPage offers is the ability to let you know how many people have been visiting your website and when they have been visiting it. This company really is stacking the deck in their favor! I would like to mention that they do allow you to build the first six pages of your website for free, but I don’t know if they charge anything extra if you have more than six pages. However, as a beginner blogger I doubt you will, or else you might be biting off more than you can chew. It is always best to start small before going big! I highly recommend choosing this service if you are looking into developing your own personal blog.

*note – we can’t recommend this service anymore. EIG is buying up everything under the sun, making most all shared hosting companies not stand out form the crowd… However, Bluehost is the only one I know with 100% certainty has native english speaking phone support, and it is very good… tested it myself!

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HostGator – Used to be good, I no longer use them after they raised their rates for the same service

Now we have to check out what HostGator can offer our novice bloggers. This hosting service has been ranked number three on several host ranking sites, so let’s see if they can live up to that with you guys. HostGator claims it is hosting over two million domains so far, and it too offers hundreds of drag and drop templates which are excellent for beginners! Also, it is E-commerce ready too if you need an online store to compliment your web content, or blogging. The reason I have mentioned e-commerce and marketing a few times in regard to this topic is because many bloggers make their own custom products to help create income to keep their websites and blogs up and running. HostGator also offers a one click WordPress installation, which is great, but the pricing is a little higher than our previous competitor. Hostgator starts out at $3.15 a month and will include continuous year around support just as the other two companies, unmetered bandwidth and diskpace, and here is the kicker, they offer not a thirty day money back guarantee, but a forty five day money back guarantee instead. We found a special feature that nobody else has! Good looking Hostgator. I will tell you guys the features are not much different in the marketing department with Hostgator except they offer two hundred dollars in Google Adwords, and Yahoo! Adwords credits. Essentially, they offer the same kind of marketing options as the other companies, except with different services. The final feature that Hostgator displays on their homepage is the option of letting you create unlimited accounts. There is no extra security features like the ones iPage offers, and they don’t really specify what separates them from their competitors other than the forty five day money back guarantee.

What Is The Best Blog Host For Your Blogging Needs?

So far, I like the ideas that Bluehost offers, and right now their price is also the best. You can hone your blog writing skills with ease while at the same time not hurting your wallet. Why spend more money than you have to on something that you are unfamiliar with? If you were an expert looking for something a little more, then I would most certainly have a different opinion on the matter; but, the truth is you can’t beat Bluehost for the money. Hostgator offers great services as well, and they also elaborate on what they are offering their customers, but the reason I won’t give them the full recommendation is because they are a little higher priced than Bluehost, and for the exact same service… owned by the exact SAME corporate company even.

Bluehost VS Ipage VS Hostgator

Before we compare the best any further I do want to keep you all informed that all of these hosting services are giving you an introductory price, and I will list their normal prices in case they change by the time you read this article. Bluehost’s normal price is $7.99 per month, iPage is normally also $7.99 a month, and Hostgator is used to be $6.95 a month, but was raised to over $10/mo. If this was based on specifically price Hostgator would come out swinging, but I don’t think they offered users enough information on their website to really let the information itself sink in, and most of the plans you would need are going to cost $11.95 per month like the one I have.

In my opinion though, especially for beginners, it’s important to pick a hosting provider that has really really good phone support. This way, if you get stuck when you’re setting up your first blog, help is only a phone call away. (and by help I mean actual native English speaking support techs that are easy to understand and very helpful… if you can’t already tell, I’ve had some bad experiences with other companies in the past)

Bluehost however, did explain its features quite well and it made sure that the consumer knows exactly what he or she will be getting if they decide to purchase their service. Explaining details is very important not to just beginners, but to everyone. I am not going to pay for a service that might include a few lines of text stating what they are supposedly offering. I want more details, and you should too! So beginner bloggers, get to it and go check out Bluehost. You will have the support you need, the prices you want, and the security you desire!


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