What’s The Best Robo Cleaner For The Money?

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Comparing Models: Roomba 770 VS 860 VS 880 VS 980

Looking for an automatic robotic vacuum to clean your house while you’re gone? First we are going to see what each and every one of these different Roomba models has to offer us, and let you know which one gets our seal of approval! Next we’ll take a look at some alternative brands that have popped up, that might give you a better value for the money compared to the industry leader, Roomba.

Roomba 770

The Roomba 770 model is a great model to help clean your home. This model includes a state of the art navigation sensor to move through your home regardless of how many times you change the layout, or add additional furniture. The Roomba 770 also has a three stage cleaning process that will not only agitates, but it also brushes and suctions the floors too! This little cleaning machine also can identify the dirtiest parts of your floors and focuses cleaning on those specific areas. Robots these days can do so much, it is mind baffling! If you want your Roomba to clean your house during specific days of the week, then no problem, because it also comes with a schedule setting and you won’t ever have to worry about manually recharging it because when its low on batteries it will dock itself to the charger! If you are ready to invest in your own personal cleaning robot you can buy the Roomba 770 right now for under $500 dollars on amazon. I believe this is well worth the investment!

Roomba 860

The iRobot Roomba 860 is an upgraded version of the 770. This device has all of the awesome original 770 features, but it also comes with a high efficiency filter, and a dual mode wall barrier. You can also expect the iAdapt navigation system like the first model, which allows it to clean underneath objects, furniture, etc., etc. This model also comes with iRobot’s new airflow system and their new Aeroforce extractors. The price is still a bit steep at over $500 bucks, but worth every penny and it is a newer model… but we have two more Roomba models to look at and then we will have our final comparison.

Roomba 880

This Roomba model has the very exact same features as the other two, except for a couple of minute differences and it usually sells for one hundred dollars more, but you still can purchase it for less than $500 right now on Amazon. It says that the new Aeroforce system allows for up to fifty percent more cleaning, and its tangle free extractors prevent the device from getting clogged with pet hair, or other miscellaneous debris. That is a great feature, because what happens when you get home and expect a clean floor; but, instead you get a Roomba still scrambling the room and not cleaning anything? That would be a bad day for both you and your new Roomba! The AeroForce system in this Roomba also claims to trap fine dust and other debris, which wasn’t listed on the other two models so perhaps this model is even better than the 860! However, hold your horses because up next is the 980!

Roomba 980: The Final Roomba Model

Alright, so we have the final 980 Roomba model here and I believe this has some really justifiable upgrades compared to its previous predecessors.

First, you have the option of downloading the iRobot Home cleaning application which will let you schedule your Roomba’s activities through your smart phone. I find that feature to be particularly nice, and the upgraded Aeroforce system will now give you ten times the cleaning power on your carpets or rugs compared to the previous models! If your Roomba has to recharge at some point during the day it knows exactly where it left off and will continue cleaning that area until the job is complete. You can’t tell me that isn’t a great addition to the newer model!

Also, for around $800 bucks, you can get an extra side brush as well as having the device come with two virtual wall barriers that will prevent the device itself from running into various objects.

Furthermore, iRobot has upgraded their iAdapt technology which will now let your Roomba clean entire level of your home instead of three rooms like the previous Roomba 880.

Comparing Roomba Models

First and foremost, I believe consumers should always go with the newer models whenever possible and I believe the Roomba 980 has shown us this is a smart thing to do given the extra upgrades it has received compared to the 770, 860, and the 880. Be smart, buy the newest version out there! When a company releases a new model of their product it is usually because they worked out different kinks that their other models had previously experienced! However, before you go out and buy a Roomba, we have some other companies that you need to take a look at before hopping on Amazon and impulse buying!

Cheaper Automatic Vacuums & Roomba Alternatives

Neato BotVac D80

The Neato brand is the newest kid on the block that is trying to compete with the great iRobot Roomba, and after we are done listing specifications we will compare Roomba, Neato, and an unknown competitor whom we will meet shortly.

First, the Neato D80 can come in two different colors which include ebony or arctic white. This is a bag less robotic vacuum similar to the Roomba who can also avoid obstacles via a laser smart mapping. This robotic cleaner can also move back to its charging bay once low on power and it can also remove particles up to .3 microns so you can rest assured that you are getting a job well done when this thing is on the move. Right now you can purchase this mean dirt blaster for about $400 at Amazon, and I almost forgot, you can schedule your daily cleanings just like Roomba! If you were looking at the older versions of Roomba I would tell you to just go ahead and buy this version of the Neato due to the features and the $100 cheaper pricetag. However, this might not be your intentions and if you need a newer model complete with the smartphone app, then go with the newer Roomba!

Neato Robotics – Botvac DC00

Wait, did I say purchase Roomba again, hold on! We have an upgraded version of the Neato self cleaning bot! This version almost replicates Roomba, except with another cheaper price tag. This new and improve dust sucker has built in wi-fi so you can even monitor the Neato’s progress and you will have the added functionality to schedule your cleaning via your smartphone. This version also comes with two different cleaning modes called Eco and Turbo. Eco mode is for doing some light cleaning, and you can use Turbo mode when you want some high performance cleaning. This model also comes with standard Laser Smart Mapping technology that will scan your room to detect objects before it starts cleaning. It will also come with CornerClever technology that finds that hard to reach dirt along the corners and the walls of a room. I believe the earlier versions of this cleaning bot didn’t come equipped with this tech yet, so this is a nice upgrade. The total price for the Neato Botvac DC00 is around $700 dollars, which is also available at Amazon.

Eufy RoboVac 11

Here is the mystery competitor, the Eufy RoboVac 11. This bot is very useful for pet dander and other allergens, and this is because it comes with a HEPA style filter. This is great if you have asthma, or chronic allergies. This machine will also come with four side brushes and a one year worry free warranty. When Eufy is busy cleaning it has a rolling brush, side brushes, and a powerful suction that will suck dirt up in a hurry! I want to also mention that this is another bot that will recharge itself, and it can clean for a complete one and a half hours when fully charged. The device itself also comes with tempered glass that is scratch resistant and technology that helps it avoid falls, and evade obstacles. Unfortunately, this version doesn’t come with the convenience of a smartphone app, or a scheduling option; but, it does come with multiple cleaning modes that you can control with a remote! The standard price on Amazon for this model is priced at less than $250, so compared to the previously mentioned competitors, it is a great cheaper option for those on a budget.

Who Kicks Dirt To The Floor?

I will admit the Eufy RoboVac 11 may not seem like such a great investment due to the lack of features, ie., smart phone app convenience; but, I have scoured Amazon reviews and the company lives up to their good name, and most people love this thing. It is quiet, does the job efficiently, and sucks that nasty dirt up with ease. Oh, by the way, I hear it’s pretty quiet for a vacuum bot! Surprise, I am not picking Roomba 980, congratulations Eufy! I highly recommend this vacuum bot, and you can’t beat the price!

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