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If you have tons of stuff lying in your home and you want to get rid of all the used stuff that you have no use for, then selling them online is the easiest and fastest way to make a quick buck. There are several selling apps that let you sell your stuff online without you having to leave your home.

So, why use a selling app? Getting rid of all the stuff around your home can have plenty of benefits. And, apart from keeping your house cleaner and clutter-free, selling stuff can help to bring in extra cash. In the past, if you wanted to sell stuff, you would have to post listings in the classifieds section of your local newspaper or organize a garage sale, both a very tedious and cumbersome processes.

Now, there are several online selling platforms and apps that let you sell your stuff very quickly and earn a good profit with minimal hassle. In this article, we have listed some of the best selling apps and a lowdown of why these may be ideal for getting rid of your junk.



  • Decluttr is a great platform to sell the stuff you don’t want online and selling on Decluttr is quite simple.
  • You can download the Decluttr app from the Decluttr website for free and get an instant evaluation for what you want to sell by either entering the barcode of the items you want to sell or by scanning the items with the app free of cost.
  • You can enter around 500 items for each order.
  • If you accept Decluttr’s offer for your stuff, you need to put the items that you’re selling into a box and fix the prepaid shipping label sent to you by Decluttr.
  • You can then drop the box with the stuff at any UPS store with an authorized shipping dealer or a UPS driver.
  • You will receive your payment from Declutter via PayPal, check or a direct deposit, as soon as they receive your package or if you wish, they will make a donation to your favorite charity on your behalf.


Decluttr is a great and safe way to sell your stuff as you are not selling to individuals directly but to Decluttr, who will buy from you and sell on their website. You can sell your video games, DVDs, CDs, textbooks, smartphones, Kindles, iPads, iPods, iPhones, gaming systems, Lego sets, etc. on Deculttr.


While you may make a much lesser amount of money for your stuff with Decluttr than you would get by selling it to an individual, Decluttr offers you money on the spot saving you a lot of hassle. Also, you don’t have to meet people for the exchange.


Amazon Seller Marketplace

This is an excellent platform where you can sell your used stuff online. You can sell various categories of stuff such as electronics, books, tech gadgets and jewelry on Amazon Seller Marketplace. Amazon also offers paid monthly memberships for serious sellers who sell a significant number of things on a monthly basis. And, if you’re looking out to sell things occasionally, then you could opt for an individual plan, for which you will not incur a monthly fee but you will need to pay fees for listing and selling for every item you sell.



Letgo is an extremely popular selling app, which is extremely easy to use and you can put up an item for sale in a jiffy on Letgo. You can sell various items on the Letgo app like clothes, tech gadgets, furniture, cleaning supplies, cars, etc. All you need to do is click a picture of the item you want to sell, set a price for the items and select a category that the item fits into. You also have the option of adding more details such as a title and a description of the items.


You can also change the price of the item or the location if you wish and share the item you want to sell on Facebook. You can easily list whatever you want on the Letgo app and it is displayed on top of the feed for the people who live locally in your area. The search feature of the Letgo app allows the buyers to search items by category, distance, listed date or/and by the price.


You will be contacted by potential buyers via Letgo’s chat tool for any clarifications or questions about the product or agreement to buy the product. The only limitation of the Letgo app is that you cannot make any transactions via the app and you need to do this between the buyer and yourself. However, the ease of use, neat user interface and in-app tips are some of the things that make the Letgo app among the best selling apps available in the market.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is one of the best selling apps where you can sell your stuff online. From the Facebook homepage, just click on “Marketplace” and then you can select the “+ Sell Something” option and then the category such as vehicle, item or place for rent and then create your listing.


Another way in which you can sell stuff on Facebook is via the “buy and sell” groups from your newsfeed under the explore option. Here, you can explore all the buying and selling groups in your specific area. However, you will need to join the particular group, before you can begin selling. Some groups may have themes like toys, baby clothes, etc., some are for individual item listing and others are for yard sales.


The Facebook Marketplace makes use of location-based listings to enable buyers and sellers connect with the people based locally to make the pick-up of the items much easier. Listing your items on the Facebook Marketplace is very easy. You just need to post a photo of the item, along with the description and fill some forms to describe the items. On Facebook Marketplace, you can list practically anything at all and the easy-to-use search feature allows buyers to find your listing very easily and buy.



The VarageSale app is a family-friendly selling site makes selling and buying extremely easy. You can sell or buy stuff on VarageSale for free and you can buy or sell both new or used items like electronics, smartphones, furniture, etc. While the site does not have categories for searching, it has a search bar that lets you enter what you are looking for and your location, so that you are able to find items for sale close to your location.


The process of signing up is very easy and you need to sign up with your email account or Facebook to enable the site to verify your details and create your profile. All the sellers and buyers must go through the verification process, before they can sell or buy via the VarageSale site.


You can browse the listings on the site buy to buy or sell, you need to sign up to get access to contact others on the site. VarageSale offers a cool feature that allows you to post your listing to your social media directly so that your friends know what you are selling and could possibly share it with their friends.


VarageSale emphasizes the safety of the buyer and seller as every buyer and seller must create a profile on the website and include their name and photo and unless this is done, they will not be able to schedule a meeting. You can also report any suspicious activity or sellers via the 24-hour VarageSale hotline.



Chairish is a selling app that basically acts as an online consignment shop for furniture and household items. It takes only around 2 minutes to list your items on the app. This app allows you to list only items related to home décor, but is an excellent way by which you can get rid of unwanted stuff in your home either locally by opting for a local pickup option or via the facilitated shipping. You can sell your furniture, rugs, lighting, mirrors, art, décor and other household items via Chairish.


All you need to do is click a picture of your furniture or other household items you want to see, create a listing of the items along with a title and description of the items and set a price. Chairish also offers tips on how to take the best photographs of your items you want to sell and displays the items to people whose home style matches your item.


Chairish verifies all the offers for your items before they are sent to you and the website allows you to offer discounts to buyers for a quicker sale. The site works on a consignment basis, which means that listing your items on the site is completely free but when the items are sold, Chairish takes around 20% commission on the sales. Chairish also helps with the pricing of your items, if you require the help, and also helps to organize the shipping of the items.


The buyer can return the item within 48 hours and if they decide to keep it, you will get around 80% of the listed amount or more immediately. Although the app charges you for their services, it a great app for selling for high-quality, high-value furniture items.



This online selling app was started in Singapore and is now available in the US too. You can sell practically anything on Carousell, from clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, beauty products, kids and baby stuff, items for him and her, books, textbooks, housing, toys and games, bicycles and parts, gardening and outdoor, musical instruments to automobiles.


The website offers a variety of useful tips for selling and buying stuff on their site and enables you to get rid of your stuff super quick. Listing is very easy — you need to simply open the app, click on the “sell” button, click and upload a photo of the item you want to sell and fill in the required details. Once your listing is up on the app, you can chat with the buyers via the app and arrange for the sales.


While you can list your items on Carousell for free, you need to arrange your own payment and pick up. You can either browse the listing via the homepage of the app or through the specific category you are selling or buying in, or you can also search via location. Carousell also offers a cool feature you don’t get with other apps i.e. “the bump”. This is a paid feature which lets your items get more views and gives you a better chance to sell them more quickly.



Offerup is a free-to-use seller app which is like eBay in the local version. The app allows you to add your products to a watchlist, use the chat feature to ask questions to the seller and also make counteroffers. OfferUp is a great place to sell and buy antiques, arts and crafts, baby and kid stuff, health and beauty products, DVDs, CDs, appliances, mobile phones, clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, games, books, home stuff, vehicles, auto parts, etc.


To list your items on Offerup, you need to click a picture of your items, you can upload between 1 to 4 pictures of the particular item, select a category and the condition of the item, enter the details of the item, set a price, verify your location and finalize the listings that allow your items to be viewed by the buyers. Offerup allows you to check out the profile of other users, their transaction history, ratings, badges to show their positive attributes, etc.


Both the buyers, as well as the sellers, can leave their feedback for any transaction and Offerup gives rewards to repeat sellers who offer good and satisfactory customer experiences. To ensure additional security, you can link your Facebook account also in order to prove your identity.



If you want to clean out your closet, but don’t really know what to do with all your outdated clothes and accessories you want to get rid of, you could do it on Vinted and earn money. Vinted is an app especially dealing in clothes and accessories and allows you to swap your items or sell them.


There are no fees involved for swapping stuff and the only cost involved is shipping charges; however, you need to pay a commission if you’re selling your stuff. The app has started allowing listing of kids’ stuff like clothes, toys, games, etc. The Vinted app is very cost effective, especially if you’re swapping clothes with another user.


Listing of your items on the app is free and you can list your gently-used clothes and accessories. The interested buyer may ask you relevant questions about the products and once the deal is struck, you need to pack the stuff up and fix the label you receive from Vinted to the box and ship the items to the buyer.


Once the site confirms that the box has been received by the buyer, you will receive your payment. The biggest drawback of Vinted for sellers is the cost. Vinted charges a commission of 5% of the sale price of the item and also a $0.70 fee for each transaction.


eBay is a classic selling app that has been around for decades and is among one of the most popular apps for selling stuff online. When you think of selling stuff online, the first name that pops into your mind is eBay. You practically sell or buy anything on eBay, electronics, tech, gadgets, shoes, video games, phones, furniture, DVDs, etc.


The audience on eBay is huge and no matter whatever obscure an item you list, you’re sure to find a buyer for it. And selling on eBay is not all about auctions, you can even list the item with a steady price. eBay allows you to accept many methods of payment and you can also avoid shipping the item if you want by listing them for a local pick up.


The drawbacks of selling on eBay are the intensive process of listing, the fees which you pay for selling stuff and the issues you may have with selling the items because of the emphasis that is placed by buyers on the reputation of the seller.

Trove Marketplace

Trove Marketplace is a great online selling app for buying and selling new or used furniture both in your local area or town. First, you need to click a picture of the furniture that is for sale and select the category that it best fits into and add a title and description for the item.


You can list the item on Trove by setting a fixed price or you can also accept bids from buyers. But before you list the item, you need to sign in with Facebook or Google in order to complete your listing with Trove.


You can decide whether you want to accept the payment via credit card, debit card or cash. Once you accept the offer and confirm the price and the mode of payment, you can then meet with the buyer for the exchange. However, it is a good idea to first receive a notification from Trove about the receipt of payment from the buyer before handing over the item to them.


This is a great online selling app to sell your old textbooks and other books. On Cash4Books, you need to enter the number below the barcode (ISBN Number) of the book that you want to sell and Cash4Books will give you an offer price.


Once you accept the offer price, Cash4Books will send you a prepaid shipping label. You can pack the books in a box, affix the label and ship the books to Cash4Books. When they receive the books and assess the condition, you will receive your payment via PayPal. It will take around 2 weeks to receive your payment.


Although Cash4Books buys all types of books, you can get the most amount of money from current, used college textbooks. So, if you’re a student who wants to make some money getting rid of old books that are of no use to you any longer, then you could sell them easily on Cash4Books.


This is a great selling app that allows you to sell any of your used stuff. The mission of 5miles is to create an online selling platform that is fun and simple to use. With this app, you can filter your search results to within 5 miles of your present location.


The app requires you to upload at least one photo of the product you are selling. You can add more photos if you want to. You need to then select the category that your product fits best into and you can also upload a video if you wish.


You then need to enter the description of the item, the price, your location and post the listing. Once you have posted the listing, you can also share it on popular social media platforms to gain additional traction. Apart from items like electronics, clothes, furniture, mobile phones, auto parts, watches, jewelry, sports, etc., you can also list local services, jobs, housing, garage sales, etc. on 5miles. While you can pay in the traditional way for what you buy on 5miles, you can also pay via the 5miles wallet, using your credit or debit card.



This is an online flea market in an app (incredible, isn’t it?!), which has plenty of vintage stuff for sale. The app does not charge any fees or commissions on the sales or on the things you buy. The site does not have any specific categories for the listings and most of the items on the site are clothing and accessories such as jeans, hats, shirts, jewelry, etc. Depop is an easy-to-use the site and if you have some cool, vintage clothing or accessories you want to sell, then this is the place for all of it.


So, which selling app is the right one for you? Well, there is no right answer to that question. You can determine the best app for selling you stuff on basis of your location, the items you want to sell, your payment preferences and the reputation of the app. By choosing a selling app carefully, you’re sure to not only get rid of all your unwanted stuff but also earn yourself some pocket money in the process.

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