The Top 5 Adjustable Standing Desks on the Market

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The technological boom of our times comes with a package deal of sedentary lifestyle that has us glued to our chairs and screens for the major part of the day. The new ‘sitting disease’ controls our habits and lifestyle, constantly raising red flags of health risks like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. But even if you spend a long day at the desk, don’t despair. Here is some good news that would have you jumping off your seat and ready to think on your feet – standing for extended periods of time burns additional calories, lowers blood sugar levels and controls neck and back pain.

Earlier presumed to be an oddity, standing desks have now emerged as the panacea for sedentary living and are becoming popular in the regular office setting. From the exorbitant and unaffordable designs a few years back, adjustable standing desks have now started invading the market with a range of inexpensive, accessible and ergonomic choices. The range is wide – from easy-to-use pre-assembled desktop conversion kits to sophisticated designs with multiple attachments.

Most adjustable standing desks provide flexibility and ease of transition for optimal positioning. Designed to accommodate your entire setup with monitors, laptop, keyboard and mouse, there are a number of options to choose from according to your workspace needs. It should be easy to put up your feet in sitting mode, while the standing mode should offer you the ease of having the monitor at eye level and the keyboard and mouse at a height where your arms are resting parallel to the ground.

Switching between sitting, walking and standing makes your workstation an active health zone. Here are five best adjustable standing desks to consider:

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The VIVO standing desk is a sturdy and stable riser that allows easy transition between sitting and standing with a simple-to-operate locking mechanism and dual gas spring force. It also offers a spacious work area with ample space for a single monitor, dual monitors and extensive laptop setup. The dual-tiered platform is height adjustable and conveniently sits atop your current desk. It is easy to assemble, with a variable height of 4.2-19.7 inches.


  • Easily Adjustable: Allows a smooth switch between sitting and standing, making your workspace more active and balanced. The desk surface elevates easily with the well-designed lifting mechanism. The locking mechanism functions swiftly, making the transition a quick one, with a wide height range.
  • Spacious and Customizable: The top surface area is between 31.5” x 15.7” with an overall weight capacity of 33 pounds. This makes the workspace comfortably spacious for your setup and easy to customize according to your workflow requirements.
  • Dual-Tier System: The lower deck extends from 11.8” x 31.3”, with keyboard and mouse holders, equipped to match the top surface.
  • Simple Assembly: The major part of the desk is already assembled when it arrives in the box. You just need to attach the feet with the hex tool and you are ready to setup your new workstation.

2. FlexiSpot Standing Desk

This FlexiSpot active sit-stand workstation sports a unique U-shape design that expands the work area providing multiple options for setup including a 17-inch laptop or a full-sized keyboard along with a mouse. It can easily match specific height requirements and offers ease of adjustment. It is designed to offer a deep work surface and convenient reading distance with a removable keyboard tray for adaptable wrist positioning.


  • Adaptable Height Adjustment: It can be swiftly adjusted to fit to your height requirements with easily changeable settings.
  • Deep Work Surface: It offers a spacious and deep work surface that enables you to customize your workspace with an extra large desktop, accessories, oversized keyboard and mouse setup.
  • Removable Keyboard Tray: This unique feature provides you a choice of using the keyboard tray. The quick-release settings make it easy to assemble and disconnect.
  • Vertical Folding: The riser can be elevated and folded vertically without the need of any special accommodation or spatial spread, in a straight up and down movement.
  • Integrated Air Technology: Its unique smart “X” structure along with the gas spring hovering system provides smooth and stable support that make transitions more reliable.

3. Varidesk ProPlus

A frontrunner in the sit-stand desk industry, the Varidesk ProPlus series provides a range of durable and flexible solutions for adjustable standing desks. Engineered with a wide upper display, it has enough area to set up a laptop, monitor or even dual monitors. The lower deck and easily accommodate a full sized keyboard and mouse. The unique spring-supported rowing lift mechanism makes it easily adjustable and customizable. It is light enough to be transported from desk to desk if required.


  • Dual-Monitor Setup: It provides an extended work area that can conveniently fit in dual monitors and other accessories, specially designed for those with large setup requirements.
  • Spring-Loaded Lifting Mechanism: Varidesk’s patented technology is geared to loading upto 35 lbs within 3 seconds, allowing swift transitions. This unique mechanism has been thoughtfully designed to support your back with healthy postures.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: The height can be adjusted to 11 positions and it remains stable and grounded even when completely extended.
  • Two-Tier Design: The design matches a spacious upper area for the monitor with an extended lower deck for the keyboard and mouse. When fully collapsed, the keyboard and mouse remain about a half inch off the desk, and the monitors go upto 4.5 inches within the top tier. The keyboard tray can go upto 14 inches off the existing desk.
  • No assembly required: It saves you the trouble of assembling or installation and arrives pre-assembled in the box so that it is ready to use immediately.

4. Ergotron WorkFit-T

The WorkFit-T is part of a series of modular desktop conversion kits with a range of specifications including monitor mounts for dual setup as well as adjustable attachments. The work surface moves vertically and is easy to operate. It support upto 35 lbs and has a wide work area. It takes up relatively less space than other similar sit-stand kits and is shipped pre-assembled. It is non-motorized and supports a lot of weight for a standing conversion kit. It offers a compact solution for tight spaces and also frees up a lot of desktop space.


  • Ergonomic Workstation: This is Ergotron’s first generation desktop conversion kit. Slightly smaller than most sit-stand tabletop modules, this one leaves you space on your existing space to accommodate your other equipment also.
  • Durable and Stable: Fitted with a unique spring-assisted Constant Force technology, it adjusts vertically and can be smoothly loaded without disbalancing. It is protected by an industry-leading warranty of five years.
  • Arrives Pre-Assembled: Suited to your needs, it does not require any tools or installation and can simply be slid onto your tabletop. Most of the parts have already been assembled and some attachments may be required during the setup.
  • Customized for Comfort: It is designed with the flexibility for a range of height requirements while sitting and standing. It sports 20 different height settings and has a range of 15 inches to provide you with easy access and the best posture at all times.

5. Readydesk 2

The Readydesk is a budget solution that can convert any desk into a two-monitor adjustable standing desk. It is low tech and designed out of recyclable birch material. Easy to setup and simple to take apart, Readydesk 2 appears delicate but is extremely sturdy. It’s easy portability and in-built cable management sets it apart as an inexpensive and convenient option. It has been awarded for its compact, convenient design and sustainable material.


  • Award-Winning Design: Easily adjustable and can convert any desk into a dual monitor sit-stand setup. It has shelves that can be independently adjusted and is extremely lightweight.
  • Affordable and Ergonomic: A wide workspace along with the flexibility of adjusting height settings makes it easy to work with. It has shake-free cross bracing and supports a range of accessories.
  • No Assembly Required: It is ready to use as it arrived pre-assembled and can be used with any tabletop.
  • Appearance with a Difference: Made of sustainable birch wood, this sit-stand desktop conversion kit stands out with its simple looks and sophisticated bearings. It is non-motorized and takes up less space, making it easy to shift and carry with you.

If you want to reinvent the 8-hour workday to bring in a new lease of office accessories that improve your lifestyle, this is the way to go. Adjustable standing desks are the new-age solution to higher work productivity teamed with a plethora of health benefits. They offset the side effects of sedentary life and also offer a stylish replacement for the regular workstation, evolving it into an active, moving zone that you can customize according to your needs. These are innovatively-designed products, inspiring you to get back on your feet, workout the body while working the mind and take a stand for good health and sustainable workspaces.


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