The Top 5 Travel Tripods For Photography

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Just as with cameras, everyone has a travel tripod that is right for them. Some of you are on a budget while as others want the top of the line sturdy tripod that can also fit in a backpack. No matter what type of buyer or photographer you are, here are some various options that will help you choose the best travel tripod for your needs.

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What To Look For In A Travel Tripod

Some of the main things you will want to take into considerations are:

Load Capacity – This is how much weight your tripod can hold. If you have a tripod that cannot support the weight of your camera, it is essentially useless.

Materials – The typical materials you will run into with tripods are aluminum versus carbon fiber. Both have their pros and cons.

Height – The height which your tripod extends to enables you to shoot different sceneries as well as add or takeaway from your comfort level.

Compactness – Since you are looking at a travel tripod, the ability to shrink down in size plays a huge factor in what model is right for you.

Do I Have To Spend A Lot, Or Is There An Affordable Tripod That Works Well?

Since we will start this info blog with budget-based tripods here is something to take into consideration in regards to what you get for you money.

When purchasing cheaper products you will typically be buying aluminum instead of titanium or carbon fiber. As pricing goes up you will also be paying for more adjustable features so that the tripod can be used in a larger variety of scenarios.

On top of that you are paying for a better all in all videoing and photography experience. This means the smoothness in terms of tilt and panoramic movement improves as you go up in price range.

Best Travel Tripod Under $50

Manfrotto PIXI Evo 2 Section mini tripod.

This tiny tripod is perfect for those of you that are trying to capture high end images with a stable tripod anywhere you go. With its tiny size you could fit it in a small handbag however it is still able to support DSLR cameras with larger lenses up to 5.5 pounds. In addition it has the ability to tilt up to 90 degrees in order to capture different angles

The tripod is great for using on locations such as dinner tables or around campfires. It truly is one of the smallest out on the market.

Best Budget Travel Tripods Under $100

Sunpack VideoPro-M 4 Video Tripod

These tripods are going to give you the much more classic look of what you would expect a tripod to be. The Sunpack VideoPro has a height range of 23.1 inches all the way up to 65”. When all folded up it can shrink down to 24.4 inches for proper storage.

Some of the main features of the tripod include a center column with hand crank, bull’s eye bubble level, as well as self leveling rubber feet to help it stay sturdy on a variety of different surfaces.

Some have mentioned that the panning action of the camera is not the smoothest but good when compared to others in its price range However, the tilting action of the tripod is among some of the top of the line.

The tripod does come off as a little heavy, weighing 11 pounds and supporting four. Still a good entry-level tripod that can squeeze into travel type situations.

Best Travel Tripod Under $200

Davis and Sanford TR654C-36 Traverse Carbon Fiber Grounder Tripod

This carbon fiber tripod can go from a height of 65 inches and fold down to an astonishing 18.5 inches for the ability to store and transport effectively while traveling. While weighing only 3.25 pound this tripod has the ability to hold up to 15 pounds!! A huge jump up from the prior model we looked at.

The tripod has foam cushion legs for furthered comfort ability when moving the tripod around in a wide variety of shooting conditions. On top of this the legs have rubber as well as spiked feet in order to adapt to a whole series of different indoor and outdoor conditions.

Because of it compactness, lightweight and robust construction the value of this travel tripod goes way beyond its price tag. It has the ability to support larger professional DSLR cameras while shooting travel photos, landscapes, as well as pictures of the family.

In comparison to some higher end models this David and Sanford edition could come across as heavy. However, for its price range it is a true steal.

Best Travel Tripods Under $300

Surui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod with C-10X Ball Head

As we start to move up into higher budget tripods it truly is amazing how the quality of the equipment changes. This Surui tripod, while having a maximum height of 54.5 inches folds down all the way to just under one foot.

This tripod is conveniently designed by having automatic leg locking mechanisms to speed up the process of setting up and taking down this model. For videographers the pan and tilt knob adjustments truly give you the ability to develop quality panoramic photography.

Because of the locking mechanisms on the legs, all legs act independently from one another. Therefore you can set this tripod on uneven surfaces in various terrains.

One of the most sought out features of this tripod is its ability to remove the center column. This enables the user to take both tabletop and low angle shots in addition to any panoramic scenes in their view.

Best Travel Tripod for a DSLR Camera

Gitzo GK 1545T- 82TQD Series 1

Now… when looking outside of budget tripods, this is our top pick in terms of travel tripods on the market today.

Gitzo is the company that originally started the whole travel tripod revolution. This is their newest top of the line model. It folds up to 16.7 inches however is able to shoot footage within a span of 12.6 inches all the way to 64.4”.

The tripod weighs only 3.2 pounds, however has a load capacity of an astonishing 22. Some of its additional features include an anti-leg rotation system, a reversible center column, counterweight hook and independent leg-spread adjustments.

One of the features we are most fond of with this product is the 6x vibration absorbing carbon fiber construction. Essentially it would still be able to shoot smooth content in a small earthquake.

In terms of Travel Tripods this is our pick when looking at top of the line. The price range is just under $1,000.

Best Travel Tripod for Landscape Photography

Benro A2580F

For such a low price range this tripod can really hold its own against much pricier competition. The Benro A2580F has a maximum height of 55 inches, yet can collapse down to just under 20 when traveling to different scenic locations.

The tripod weighs less than three pounds yet can carry up to 26.4. It can really hold the weight of any camera or video set up you will need in the outdoors while shooting Landscape Photography.

If necessary the whole tripod can actually be inverted in order to take photography shots at ground level.

In terms of feet, the standard tripod comes with rubber as well as spiked additions. This tripod was designed knowing that the user will take it outdoors in to rugged landscapes.

For costing under $150, it truly is a steal.

Best travel tripod for backpacking

GorillaPod SLR-Zoom

This compact tripod is one of the most budget effective tripods on the list. It once again is under $50! With 24 movable joints one of the greatest features of this tripod is it can be set on any surface. The joints enable you to truly mold the tripod to any type of terrain. This feature makes the GorillaPod very unique and unlike any other tripod you may have seen before.

Because of its movable joints the tripod is prime for fitting into your backpack. It can literally mold around your gear. Check out the pictures and design on this tripod, it truly is interesting to see.

The tripod can hold up to 6.5 pounds and is a great addition to your backpacking gear if trying to develop great still shots.


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