The Top 3 Best Virtual Phone Services For Small Business

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Choosing a virtual business phone service for your business can be a pain in the butt when you don’t know the industry lingo, and are supposed to be focusing on growing your business… not learning tech stuff about internet phone system options. In this article, I’ll go over the real world applications and limitations of the top rated VoIP providers, so by the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which virtual phone line provider is right for you and your budget. Most all of the virtual providers I recommend are no contract, and many either have unlimited minute plans, or an upgrade that is available as a flat add on monthly fee with no surprises. Toll free 800 numbers come standard, as well as local and custom vanity numbers.


Summary: The 3 Best Virtual Phone Services For Small Businesses (and how to choose)

Grasshopper Virtual Phone – perfect for adding a business line to your cell phone – the worlds most flexible business phone service (my tagline, not theirs… I love this service, and use it myself for damn near everything, and recommend it to friends and family without hesitation. It’s the best in the business in my opinion.)

RingCentral – for when you need more horsepower, mutliple office location line support, and several devices + employees

cheapest virtual phone service for small business

affordable flexibility with the most flexible voip phone system on the planet

the best virtual phone provider for complex business phone system needs

What’s The Difference Between A Virtual Phone Service And A Landline

As I’m sure you already know, and virtual phone service works as voice – over – internet – protocol. In the old days, call quality would be sketchy and people would be pissed off because lines would be staictky and hard to talk on. These days however, you’ve got hude companies relying on these phone services with everyday reliability requirements, and I personally use them myselfs as well with no issues.

Concerned about reliability?….

An example of large companies you would recognize that use these providers are:

These companies use Grasshopper

These companies run on

These companies utilize RingCentral

The Only Reason To Go With A Landline In 2017 And Beyond, Is For An Alarm (and you can get an alarm only line for $8/mo)

The onyl reason I would ever get a landline in this day and age, is if I needed an alarm system with monitoring for my office. And even then, I might opt for a cell unit since they’re so cheap these days.

I hate the idea of phone company contracts now that I’ve been using no contract providers for so many years. It just doesn’t make sense. Plus there are huge benefits for me by using a virtual phone provider… whenever I move or work from a different office location, it’s so easy for my to connect to my business phone system from where I am. This truly helps me be more location independent, and never have to wait on the phone company to come out and hook anything up ever again.

The Limitations Of Google Business Phone Numbers (and why I stopped using Google Voice for myself and clients)

I stopped using Google Voice for small business several years ago for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, you can’t get 800 numbers through them, because they simple don’t offer toll free lines for small businesses. This was a huge deal breaker for me since we use toll free numbers to test business ads with call tracking.

Not to mention, I don’t advocate using a free business phone service anymore, since you don’t want to put your blood sweat and tears into a business that relys on a communication method that can be taken away from you at any time since you’re not technically paying for anything.

Most Google Voice NUmbers Have Been Recycyled To Death

The #1 Thing Every Business Owner Should Do Before Buying ANY Toll Free Number

If anyone tells you not to bother with this, run for the hills. I don’t care who you choose to buy your business phone number through, you must must MUST do this before restering the number.

The phone companies don’t tell you this, but they recycle number sin their available number pool all too often. What you might not know, is just because you’re buying a phone line for your plumbing business, doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t used it for their escort business or massage parlor. Get the drift?

Here’s how to make sure your number isn’t still listed as an old business, which could affect your business image negatively if you skip this step.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Get A Bad Virtual Phone Number

Right before you buy your number, google it in quotes like this and this

Make sure there aren’t any shady businesses associated with that number. If there are, pick a different one, I don’t care how much you like it… don’t use it.

Virtual Phone Line Provider Comparison For Real World Small Business Applications

Almost everyone and their mother says that THEIR virtual phone service is the best option for small businesses… but they never tell you about any of the limitations. In this section, I’ll go over what to be aware of so you don’t get stuck with a voip phone service that you can’t connect other phones too, and how to choose a provider based on how you p[lan to grow your business.

A cliff notes example of this would be, you don’t need to spend $50 a mo on a fancy ringcentral plan, when all you need is a buisness line on your cell phone for your local service business. Why? because you’ll be doing estimates in your vehicle most of the time, and really just need a business line on your cell so you appear more professional, and don’t have to carry more than one device. Grasshopper is cheaper and would be a better fit for this scenario.

No contrast that with someone who is starting a small business today, but knows he will need a secretary in 6 months, and likely a sales guy and perhaps even a customer service rep after that. Knowing this ahead of time, Grasshopper would be a terrible fit for this, since they don’t offer phone adapaters nor sell voip office desk phones that you can add on when you need them. In this instance, would make your life a LOT easier, and offer the most flexibility so it’s still cheap when you start, but you can add on devices without having to switch providers in the future. (huge headache)

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