Bissell Powerlifter Rewind Review (And why I’m glad I didn’t buy a $300 Dyson!)

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Bissell Powerlifter Rewind Review Vacuum Picture With DogI found a great Bissell vacuum for less than $100, and thought I would post a review on it since I love the automatic cord rewind feature so much! Enter: My review of the Bissell Powerlifter Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum (now with 2016 updates!)

Why I Picked This Particular Bagless Upright Vacuum

Well (lol), it’s simple really…  I was getting fed up with the amazon reviews on all the vacuums, and just bought one I thought was cool and had what I was looking for with no extra frills that might break a little too early in it’s lifespan.  I’m not a professional vacuum connoisseur, so mostly guessing. 🙂

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I had just moved to a small apartment and needed something a little more compact than a full size upright vacuum, but also something with great suction since new carpeting was installed and it wasn’t cleaned post installation.  Storage in this place is pretty limited, so size vs functionality was my biggest concern.  My main criteria was really good suction, a bagless vacuum so I wasn’t having to source and replace bags ever, and it had to be an upright… I’m not a fan of whatever you call those vacuums on wheels with the long hose and a large attachment head. (like the home vacuums designed for carpeted stairs or something)

Pricing last updated on 2021-09-15 - Disclaimer

Is It Just Me, Or Are Good Vacuum Reviews Hard To Come By?

youtube screenshot of my assembly video comments
Sorry, I’m not a professional vacuum reviewer.

It seems like there are either a ton of fake amazon reviews on vacuums, or that people are trying to suck up mud from the swamp in their backyards and then get upset when the vacuum fails.  (users likely trying to use the vacuums as indoor/outdoor vacs and wearing them out easily… Or they really are just made poorly these days, I don’t know.)  Reading some of those reviews, I couldn’t distinguish of the people were serious or slightly insane. (kind of like the woman bitching at me because I couldn’t figure out where the dust wand mounted on the vacuum in my assembly video!)

I really liked the idea of a self rewinding cord, and the power vs size of the 10 amp motor is what made me buy it. (I also knew if it sucked I could return it! ** note – if you order from Amazon, make sure it’s a prime item so you can return with no restocking fees) On the Official Bissell Website, it says the 1413 model is a Walmart exclusive, but that is obviously a load of crap… It’s sold all over the place, amazon included!

Fast And Easy Bissell Powerlifter Rewind Assembly (model 1413)

As I was unboxing the Powerlifter Rewind, I threw the camera on the tripod and tried to capture the assembly of this vacuum.  Albeit very VERY easy to put together (only a couple of screws really, everything else just snaps together) I figured it would be helpful to give a visual of the steps anyway.

Is It The Best Bagless Upright Vacuum For The Money?  (Under $100) Bissell VS Dyson

Is it the best vacuum on the market? Of course not.  But it’s the best vacuum I could find for under $100 bucks that was easy to get, and I’ve been happy with it for over two months now.  Many of the reviews stated that a lot of the vacuums break within the first month or so, but I haven’t found that to be true at all.  (I’m wondering how many amazon reviews are fake these days… just competitors shaming products to funnel sales to their own brand?) That’s also what I found so troubling about a lot of the reviews…  I find it hard to believe that all of the major vacuum manufacturers are putting out garbage products… It makes me wonder if a lot of the amazon reviews can be trusted at all these days.  Of course if anything changes, I’ll update this post about the product reliability, but so far so good and I’d buy it again!

Update – 3/25/2016

My 2016 Bissell Powerlifter Rewind Review Update After Using This Vacuum For 5 Months

I messed up one day and left my headphones under my bed… Well when I went to vacuum and forgot they were there, guess who ate a cord for lunch? lol  This thing ate the entire 10′ cord of my headphones, and wrapped itself up around the brush roller into a tangled mess of spaghetti until the vacuum started smoking. Surely I thought the motor was going to be toast after this incident, or something would be broken at the very least! Nope. After spending a couple minutes untangling the headphone cord from the roller, I turned it on and it’s been working great ever since. That was about a month ago too! Still happy with this vac, and I’d buy it again for sure.

It also looks like there is an even better model with better reviews, that’s even a little cheaper to boot. Either I missed it the first time around, or they lowered the price and it got filtered out of my searches when I was shopping. I don’t know if it has the same amperage motor and whatnot, I just saw four and a half stars with over 5,000 reviews… It’s got to be somewhat good, and seems like a better bargain!

For me, the automatic cord rewind feature makes me laugh every time I use it.  I just think it adds a little cool factor to the vacuum (is that even possible? lol ;))  Hardwood floors and carpet performance have both been great, and I’m especially happy with how much it cleans the carpet with every pass compared to the $300 Dyson I was using in my old place.  Again I’m not a professional vacuum reviewer, but that’s the last vacuum I was using, so it’s what I’m comparing it to.

There are a few features the Dyson has/does that are a little more refined than the Bissell… Like the push button trap door to empty the canister over the trash can, as opposed to the Bissell where you have to manually unlock it.  But it’s also three times the price!  Since my place is fairly small (just over 500 sq ft of carpeting), I didn’t really expect to need the latest and greatest of vacuums, just really good cleaning power.  Overall I’m happy with it’s performance, and quite frankly would be a little upset if I spent over $300 on a Dyson when this has more suction power on carpet for $100 bucks. You should also still be able to get free shipping on this vac on amazon.

Where To Buy Parts For Your Bissell Powerlifter Rewind If You Ever Need Them?

Since this is a bag-less vacuum, about the only thing that can go wrong is the belt. After my vacuum ate the cord on my headphones like I mentioned earlier, I’m not too worried about the belt… it seems pretty tough. Other than that, I suppose you may want to replace the filters from time to time, but I would think you’d have to have pets or really be using it a ton to warrant a filter replacement. I’ve been using mine for 5 months now, and they are still clean. It’s nice that the parts are easy to find though, and you can usually get a 2 pack of belts or filters for less than $10 bucks when they’re on sale on amazon. I haven’t had a single issue with mine, but the belt size and filters were easy to find on Amazon.

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