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All the questions from youtube and dm’s have been compiled below. I do these Q&A sessions every once in a while, and will come back and embed the youtube videos for each applicable question later.

What’s A Good Laptop For Blogging?

My laptop - Dell 15" Inspiron
My laptop – Dell 15″ Inspiron

The best laptop for blogging is a tough call… Got a lot of people that love PC’s, and I happen to be a PC user, but there’s no denying that Mac is the best for handling media. A lot of bloggers love the MacBook Air because it’s thin and light, and it’s easy to run to a coffee shop and bang out blog articles without having to lug around a heavy case and a lot of accessories. The top things I consider for a blogging laptop are at least 8 gigs of RAM in order to multitask, and run resource intensive software like Photoshop, dictation software (like I’m using the dictate this article right now on the Blue mic),  and a high quality graphics card for good visuals.

Right now I’m using a Dell 15 inch laptop, with a dedicated graphics card and extra ram. It allows me to run 3 external monitors, so I can use my laptop as a base station, or take my work with me wherever I travel. If you take a look at my setup, you can see how I store my laptop under my standing desk and run triple monitors while I’m at my workstation. The number one thing I recommend for your workstation, is multiple monitors. That way when you’re writing blog posts, you can have your ideas list on the left hand column, you can have your working screen in the middle, and you can have your blog preview screen on the right hand monitor.

The 2 laptops below or what I would buy if I were replacing my laptop today. There’s one for the Mac people and one for the PC people…  most all blogging software is compatible for both platforms, and even the screen recording software that I use called Camtasia has a Mac and PC version. Photoshop and other Adobe Cloud software, also runs on both Mac and PC, so you’re safe there. Your blogging platform or CMS, is run server-side, so the type of laptop you choose has no bearing on your ability to publish blog posts.

Is Bluehost Good For Blogging?

This is a pretty common question…  a lot of people question what the best blog hosting is for beginners, and the one I recommend the most is Bluehost if you’re just getting started. Once you have traffic and are making money, you’ll probably need to upgrade to better hardware, but in the beginning Bluehost makes it super simple to get set up, with no technical computer experience period

There are two reasons why I recommend Bluehost to all beginning bloggers. One they allow you to register your domain name with them and automatically sync it to your hosting account, so it removes a few frustrating technical steps that newbies would struggle with, like pointing your DNS to your hosting account. The second reason I recommend Bluehost to beginners, is because their phone support is the best in the industry for any shared hosting companies that offer $5 a month hosting. I’ve tested this myself on several occasions, and anytime I have an issue with my Bluehost account I always get a native English-speaking support tech easily on the phone, and my issues are resolved quickly and professionally.

If you happen to be looking for a Bluehost coupon code, I keep the 40% off or 50% off coupons updated on this page here.

What Are Good Blogging Websites For Teens?

This question is pretty vague, as I’m not sure exactly what the attention intention is here. If A teen just wants to blog about the latest fashion trends for fun, or do a lifestyle blog that doesn’t cost anything, the platform I recommend the most is It’s going to be a free subdomain, and I talked about the differences between that and a website you actually own here. I think there’s opportunity even for teens to develop a voice and a platform that they can use later in life, so I would highly suggest considering how serious you want to take it, and if it’s something that’s going to be long term, I would go ahead and register your own domain name.

For parents worried about what type of things their kids are going to get into while blogging, I would recommend the best thing you can do is stay involved in the process, and educate and work with your children on how to be ethical publishers.

What Are Some Good Cameras For Blogging?

I don’t a lot of post recently on blogging and vlogging cameras, and one of the most important things that’s come up for bloggers is Wi-Fi enabled cameras. With Instagram and Pinterest being all the rage these days, often smartphone photos aren’t good enough quality to compete with similar brands in your industry. By using a Wi-Fi enabled camera, you can take great point and shoot photos and instantly send them to your phone for upload to your popular social media platform.

canon-g7x-mark-iiThis used to be a two or three step process, first you have to take the photos, and second you have to either hook up the USB cord to the camera and upload them to your computer comma or use the SD memory card to transfer the photos to your laptop. You would then typically have to resize them first before you can upload them to social media.

I cover in detail what the best cameras for blogging and vlogging are here, and also throw in a few helpful tips, such as using these cheap photography lights to make your photos look better no matter which camera you use. The two best cameras for blogging in my opinion, or the Canon g7x and the Canon T5i if you want to go DSLR.

Are Chromebooks Good For Blogging?

I personally can’t work off of a Chromebook simply because it doesn’t have enough horsepower to do all the tasks that I want. But this might be changing in the coming months or years, as they keep adding new and better processors to all the tablets that come out. Pretty soon I think I’ll be able to use a Chromebook or another Surface tablet, and simply insert it into a base station to access my multiple multiple monitors and external hard drives.

As it stands right now, I would recommend going for one of the laptops we talked about above, instead of a Chromebook. It’ll be a lot easier for you to start publishing regularly, and do complex tasks such as image editing, video editing, and just in general having software compatibility, in case you want to download some programs to make publishing for your blog a lot easier. The software I use the most that I wouldn’t be able to use on a Chromebook, wood be Camtasia, Photoshop, and Winscp.

What’s A Good Website For Articles And Blogging?

I’m not really sure what you’re asking… what’s the best platform to write articles and blog on? I always say you’re own, as these days it costs around $50 a year to have your own blog or website, and that way you can leverage any content you publish in any way shape or form you desire after the fact. You’re also not limited by the terms of service agreements by most of the popular free blogging websites, and you actually own your content and images instead of relinquishing rights to your media. I talk about that more in detail and this post and in this post.

Is Blogging Good For Business?

Blogging is an excellent way to promote your business both locally and nationally! If you can educate your customers before they even come into contact with you, they’ll be much more receptive to purchasing your products and services. If you can advise or help them free of charge, and also leverage your time with timeless content that works for you even while you’re sleeping, your business will grow and you’ll have the leverage of employees without the additional payroll and overhead. You should think of business blogging as just another tool in your toolbox to help customers, promote your business, and expand with endless potential.

What Are Some Good Cameras For Video Blogging?

We kind of already covered this above in the vlogging camera section, but my two favorite cameras for YouTube video blogging are definitely the Canon g7x, and the Canon T5i if you want an SLR. As I mentioned all the time, the most important thing to getting really good quality video, is to get a good set of photography lights. If you want to see the set that I use that cost less than $100, you can check them out in this Studio Pro review, and in the lighting section of the best vlogging camera video page.

What’s A Good Cheap Camera For Blogging?

The best cheap camera for blogging is definitely one of the Canon point-and-shoot. If you can’t tell already, I’m a little bit of a Canon fanboy, but it’s because they have one of the best processors on the market, and you get a really good value from their cameras for the money.

But what most people don’t know, is that you don’t really even need an additional camera to start blogging or vlogging. If you just got a good set of camera lights, you can use one of many of today’s smartphones with a built-in high megapixel digital camera. The main reason why most people can’t get started using their phones to take pictures and videos for their blogs, is because smart phones don’t work well in low-light, due to having a really small lens. When I first got started, I was easily able to use my iPhone 6 with a set of Studio Pro lights, and my videos actually came out really well what you can see on my YouTube channel here.

If you’re just starting out and you have a budget of $100 to $200, I would recommend these vlogging cameras here. If your budget is only $100, and you happen to have a new or iPhone 6 or Samsung/Android phone with a good HD video camera built-in, I would highly recommend you just pick up a set of these Studio Pro lights instead, and wait to upgrade your camera until you can afford it. Plenty of YouTubers have gotten started with a simple HD webcam, which cost around $50, and plenty more have simply use their smartphones like a recommended above.

Is Ehost Good For Blogging?

I’ve never heard of a company called eHost, and I would stick to well-known hosting companies that offer good phone support. If you’re just starting out the company I recommend the most is Bluehost, and you can get a 40% off code here on the Bluehost coupon page. If your intermediate to advanced, I would recommend the company that I use personally here on for web hosting, which is Liquid Web. You’re going to pay a little bit more money, but if you have traffic and are already earning an income for your from your blog, it’s worth every penny. If you just starting out though as a beginner blogger, I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money on Liquid Web just yet, since you can get web hosting through Bluehost for $3.95 a month, and get your domain name for free.

If you need help setting up your first blog, I have free tutorials that shows you how to start your log step by step here.

What Are Some Good Cameras For Fashion Blogging?

I’m not a fashion blogger, but most the girls take their photographer game to a whole new level when it comes to the fashion industry. Almost all of them use ring lights for vlogs, softbox lighting for product and outfit shoots, and most the majority of them have DSLR cameras with external mics and all the bells and whistles.

If you’re looking to get into fashion blogging, and want to do daily vlogging and have really good blog blog photos, and I highly recommend the Canon t6i creators kit. That’s a little bit outside of your budget, the Canon T5i creators kit will give you similar quality with all the extras.

Good Blogging Sites For Free

As most of you already know I’m not an advocate of free blogging sites, but if you were to pick up free blogging platform, the top 3 are,, and I talked extensively in detail on the blog about why I don’t like free blog hosts, and I would highly recommend you secure your own domain name if you’re going to publish anything like I mentioned here.

Is Godaddy Good For Blogging?

I personally don’t like GoDaddy web hosting for for my web sites or blogs, but some people love them. The thing that I think is lacking the most for newer bloggers when it comes to web hosting support at GoDaddy, is easy access to their phone support techs, or live chat help desk. Most of the wait times in my experience are very long, and you often have to escalate your tickets to a tier 2 or tier 3 Support Tech in order to get things fixed, which doesn’t normally happen in a timely manner. The last time I opened a support chat at GoDaddy, my wait time was 92 minutes, and that was the last time I kept monthly services other than domain name registration is with them.

As I mentioned above I would highly recommend blue host if your first time longer, and Liquid Web if you are an intermediate or advanced blogger. If you’re looking to sign up and start your first blog today, I have a 40% off coupon code that I think it still valid on the Bluehost coupon code page. If you need help with getting started, the blogging tutorials are here.

Blogging Is Not Good For Someone With ADHD Is It?

I’m not really sure I understand the question, but I would think blogging is a very good activity for someone with ADHD. My personal opinion is that attention deficit disorder is all in how you label it, and could be a gift in disguise, if you’re into creative thinking and creating cool projects.

Blogging gives you the ability to not be constrained or limited at any given time, and the endless amount of topics that you can blog about or share your knowledge on are pretty much limitless. For someone who likes creative outlets, or just likes to let their mind wander and float through wherever it takes them, I think blogging is a perfect avenue.

Is Blogging Good For You

My personal belief is that blogging is very good for you because you constantly have to produce and write. This is kind of like a hustle muscle anyway, where by you can train your brain to think creatively when you write blog posts. There’s numerous scientific benefits as you can see in TED Talks and other scientific publications.

Is Weebly Good For Blogging

Weebly is most known for their drag-and-drop platform and website builder, but a lot of people do use their free blogging service and a very happy with it. My only gripe with Weebly, is your limited to their guidelines on their platform, and you can’t upload whatever you want to your hosting account. Even if you use your own domain name you are restricted by the Weebly hosting platform, you don’t get FTP access to, and cannot load up your own scripts and add codes server-side. I would recommend you go with Bluehost instead of really if you’re a first-time blogger, and here are some articles that can help you with that.

Why Is Blogging Good For Business

Blogging gives you the ability to expand your brand awareness, and also interact with your customers and answer their most common questions and needs. You can leverage these answers into a platform that works for you around the clock, and is available even when you’re not at the office. Your potential customers might be surfing the internet looking for questions regarding a product or service you sell, and come across your blog while they’re sitting at home watching TV on the couch. They then have the opportunity to either get to know you or connect with one of your videos or pieces of content, before they even walk into your store or office. This creates a ton of leverage on your part along with prior report, and it has an endless amount of potential depending on how you use it.

What Are Some Good Sites For Blogging?

Like I often talk about here on Clever Leverage, the best sites for blogging on are your own. It doesn’t cost more than $5 a month to have your own domain name and blog hosting, so really there’s no reason in this day and age why you should be using a free blog host anymore. The advantages compared to the cost are almost laughable to consider, and most bloggers now even earn a side income from their blogs. If you ever want to make extra money or earn a full-time income from your blog, the best way to go to is to secure a domain name from the very beginning. If you’re looking for a service to do that I recommend Namesilo and Bluehost, and here’s a 40% off coupon code on the Bluehost coupon page.

What’s A Good Tablet Size For Blogging?

I wouldn’t recommend tablets for blogging, as the keyboard and resources on board are going to be pretty limited. The only thing I use my iPad tablet for, is to log into my blog and respond to comments, jot down notes for draft post, and just check on things in general. It’s simply not powerful enough or capable enough for me to do traditional publishing, where I commonly have multiple windows and tabs open to edit videos pictures and content.

What Are Good Topics For Blogging?

The best topics for blogging are ones you’re knowledgeable about. If you want make a splash with your blog, the easiest way to do that is to help people solve a problem that you had in your own life, and you can easily save them time, frustration, pain, etc…

Is WordPress Good For Blogging?

In my opinion WordPress is the best platform for blogging, and it’s the one I choose to use here on Clever It’s free and open source, and well supported with tons of plugins and things at your fingertips, with no coding ability required. There’s also great secondary markets, where you can purchase premium themes in plugins, such as Themeforest and Studiopress, which makes customizing your blog a breeze.

I much prefer WordPress over, and even the free version that’s not self hosted. In my opinion, a good blogging platform allows me to customize every aspect that I want, and upload any code to my blog hosting account to be used along side of the default blogging software., the self hosted version that I’m talking about here, is what I use myself and recommend to everyone. If you’re just getting started WordPress works great on a Bluehost account, that’s super cheap to get set up, and here’s a 40% off coupon code that should still be valid today.

What Are Some Good Gifts For Bloggers?

There’s tons of things that make a great gifts for bloggers, it really just depends on how much money you want to spend. There’s tons of electronics and tech gear you can buy on Amazon, and an Amazon gift card would be great way to let them pick their own gift if you’re not sure what to get them. if you want to buy them something specific, you can pick up stock photo credits for them which are commonly used in every blog post if you don’t take your own photos, or don’t have the ability to take photos of something your blogging about… If you wanted to buy them my microphone, I would suggest the Blue mic here which is around $50, and it’s the one I use in the online tutorial videos… A lot of other bloggers use and recommend the blue mics as well.

If you wanted to spend a little bit more money, say in the $100 to $200 range, a Canon point-and-shoot camera would be a great addition if they don’t already have one. You can get an Elf PowerShot on Amazon in that price range as well, or even better a set of the studio pro lights that I use. The one thing that’s made the biggest difference in the quality of my pictures and videos from my blog and YouTube channel, are these Studio Pro lights and only cost around $100.

Which Brands Make Good Cameras For Food Bloggers?

Tasty-Food-PhotographyThe best camera for food bloggers is going to depend if you take photos out and about, or you take pictures of food in your studio. If you have a photography studio setup to take pictures of your plates, more than likely you already have ring lights and softbox lights staged. Either way a DSLR such as the T5i or a 70D or going to take the best quality pictures in low light, and studio situations or settings.

You’ve probably heard of the most popular food blog on the planet, pinch of yum. Lindsey and Bjork put together a food photography guide, which helps new food bloggers take better photos for their blogs, you can check that out here.

Any Good Social Networks For Bloggers?

The best social networks for bloggers to integrate and claim their brand name on, are Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Those are the top four most popular social networks to have attached to your blog’s brand. If you’re looking for an easy way to register your social media sites check out this cool service by Knowem.

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