The Hardest Part Of Blogging And Making Money Online (and how to get help with your blog)

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Are you stuck somewhere along the road of wanting to get your blog going? Maybe you’re not sure how to even register a domain name, or maybe you’re further along and hate the fact that you can’t get any traffic or make any money? Well you’re not alone, and I’m putting this article together so that everyone can comment below and we get the conversation going about the most common blogging roadblocks.

Most People Don’t Know I Didn’t Always Make $50k A Year Blogging (or that I wasn’t always computer savvy!)

That’s right. Most people assume that I’ve always been good with computers, and that I had a natural advantage to succeed online. Definitely nope and more HELL NO!

When I was a teen, I hated school and enrolled in college just to make my parents happy. I grew up working at my Grandmother’s plant nursery, and worked the landscaping crews doing hardscaping jobs, irrigation systems (literally digging ditches like the popular touted phrase when we couldn’t use a trencher), and brick paver installations, etc…

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t talk about those humble beginnings like they’re a bad thing… they shaped me into who I am today and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The trouble for me was, I somehow knew in my gut from an early age, that that path simply wasn’t scalable for what I wanted in life. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life back then, but I knew I loved building things, valued freedom and flexibility, and had a creative side that I couldn’t really always put to use.

At my core, I was a person that loved the outdoors, loved riding four wheelers or any sort or powersports that hauled ass, and enjoyed building just about anything I could get my hands on… But not repetitively where it became monotonous and took the fun out of it, or put me in a situation where I “had to” do it, which always seemed to stunt my creativity.

Fast forward to today… I’ve found that blogging gives me the ability to both express myself and utilize my creativity on a platform with unlimited potential, help other people in ways I couldn’t reach before, and earn a good living from just about anywhere in the world at the same time.

Fairly attractive sounding isn’t it? Yeah I thought so too, but it wasn’t always like this!

…and that is the whole point of this.

When I first got started online almost a decade ago now, I struggled just like you might be struggling right now. I literally had ZERO computer experience, and thought I would NEVER be able to learn how to setup my first website to save my life! (it literally took me hours to do simple things like write a basic html string, and I’d be all pissed off out of shear frustration)

So I was thinking earlier this morning… I bet there are a lot of people that read blog income reports like I used to, and would like to create something like that for themselves too… but might be stuck along the way just like I was.

So I thought, what the hell… why don’t I throw up an article, and find a cool photo of someone screaming at the computer exactly like I used to, and try to help people who are just about to toss the laptop out the window like I wanted to for many months! (lol, yep true story 😉 )

The Purpose Of This Article (and how it can help you)

What I’m hoping to do, is get the conversation going in the comments down below about what your most common roadblocks are when it comes to starting a blog, setting up your first website, making money online, creating a lifestyle business, how to become the brand, etc…

I have some upcoming guides on my content calendar that I have to write, and if you let me know ahead of time what part you might be stuck on, I can include a section just for you. (and probably help all of the other people struggling with the same thing, just like you… you’re definitely NOT alone!)

I will probably update this article over time to include links to new guides as I produce them, so if this gets really long by the time you read it and seems different than when I originally posted it back in early 2017.

Please scroll to the bottom and comment to let me know what you’re struggling with, and what kind of guide would help you the most!

What’s Your Biggest Blogging Hurdle? (and stopping you from taking the next step?…)

In the beginning, for me, the hardest part of learning how to do any of this online stuff, was setting up my first website. it was such a pain in the ass I literally wanted to break the computer and smash my desk. (I’m not kidding)

Fast forward about 8 years, and about a year ago when I first started really building Clever Leverage full time (my first blog ever, even though I’ve built many websites for companies), I struggled greatly with getting going full steam ahead.

I thought I needed this particular vision, I didn’t realize that things would take shape if I just started and developed some momentum, and mentally and daily routine wise I had a very hard time.

This will probably be different for everyone, but after we get some conversation going in the comments, you will notice the common trends among all of us. I hope that my future guides help other people get going easier and faster than it was for me, and aid in establishing a routine for success that’s better than the crap out there I used to find.

I know that the techie bullshit is enough to make your head spin for most people, but I can help you with that part easily!

Blogging Doesn’t Suck (it just takes a bit to get going, but that’s your competitive edge!)

Some people think blogging sucks, but that’s just because they haven’t figured out how to reach the tipping point yet and start succeeding. Once you get a little momentum, you get excited and it becomes much much easier.

One of the most frustrating things for me when I first looked around a couple years ago for guides on how to start a successful blog, was the same old cookie cutter bullshit:

  1. you need an email list
  2. you have to get targeted traffic
  3. you have to niche down to appeal to a certain audience
  4. blah blah blah

I found all of this to be bullshit, and most other bloggers recommendations to be derailing as well.

“build an audience”

“get a pretty wordpress theme for a professional look at feel”

“use these must-have plugins”

“get active on social media to build up your accounts”

All of it… horseshit.

Sure, some of those things do matter in time, but none of them alone will help you start a successful blog that you can live off of. Nothing I came across helped me with the mental battles I faced when I wasn’t sure if this was something I could really do or not, helped me wrap my head around how to turn the ideas in my head into good blog content, or the most helpful in my opinion: how to use your own life experience and leverage it into helpful content that fuels the direction of your blog. This way, instead of relying on external influences, you learn to leverage the potential that’s already sitting at your fingertips… you just have to learn to see it. (I can help with that 😉

What’s The Hardest Part About Blogging For You?

Most people have the content and ideas inside them, but the tech part presents a major roadblock? How do I know? Well…

Everyone thinks I’ve always been a computer guy, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Who am I at my core? I’m a builder, but a builder of the hands not a fucking keyboard. I struggled, I took free HTML classes at the library, I enrolled in courses at a local community college… all of it was worthless. But, it got me going. And that my friend, is the #1 thing holding most people back from running a successful blog so they can quit their soul sucking job.

So, the point of this article, is to show you you’re not alone when it comes to struggling to start a successful blog that you can make a living from. And I want everyone to comment below and tell me what your biggest hurdle is… because I’m going to write an article for you that will guide you through the process… so you don’t have to throw your computer out the window like I wanted to way back when…

I know there are a lot of people how want to read real world guides on how to start a blog, how to make money with a blog, which blogging platforms are the best to use, the best affiliate programs for beginners, examples of successful blogs, using wordpress, and much more.

I want you guys to dictate the direction of the next guides that come out, so everyone’s comment below matters.

Let me know what will be most helpful below, and I’ll get started putting your guide in flow. 😉

A sneak peak at the next non-techie ones already in the queue:

  • Scared of blog setup and how to do it painlessly
  • The realistic equipment you need to run a profitable blog
  • What to do when your hosting that doesn’t work (and your domain name isn’t resolving)
  • Mac or PC: which is best for blogging?
  • How to start making money on YouTube without spending $2k on gear?
  • Where and how to register a domain name on the cheap?
  • How to speed up slow blog hosting that takes forever to do anything?

2 thoughts on “The Hardest Part Of Blogging And Making Money Online (and how to get help with your blog)”

  1. Nailed it. We have been building a travel blog on Divi for over a year now, but don’t have any traffic.

    1) What is the real story on how to get visitors to my site? Traffic is critical, and we got none. (we have 25K followers on twitter) twitter = lovetravelingto
    2) enticements to get people to subscribe, or give me there contact info, so I can build a list.
    3) how to build an enticing capture page, landing page
    4) how to create effective landing pages, and how to use them

    • Hi Tom,

      I need some more background to give you a good answer, and it would probably have to be a youtube video to really help you. What are your goals for the site? That makes a huge difference in how I would answer… If it’s just a hobby, that’s one thing. But if you want to make money with it, that changes things. But I’ll wait to hear from you before jumping to assumptions.

      1) depends on what your intent is. If you just want visitors to your site, that’s easy. But it should be defined for a specific purpose, so you know why you’re executing… that will take care of the how.

      2) Twitter sucks for me and most people… sure it’s traffic, but it’s damn near worthless unless your baiting people. Other bloggers would highly disagree with me btw.

      3) I don’t know because I don’t do it. If I were to, I’d just use a landing page builder software.

      4) Any blog post that’s well structured/crafted can be a landing page to begin a funnel… You don’t need anything fancy, you just need to take care of your users.

      From the outside looking in, I would want to know: why you want traffic, what is the purpose of the blog, how do you want to interact with readers, what value or things can you help people with, etc… From there, you can restructure…


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