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Hear, hear all meat lovers! What if we told you that you can get fresh, juicy and tender meat delivered directly to your doorstep? Does that sound like heaven? Say hello to Butcherbox! They deliver the best meat sourced from their own animals which they raise humanely with utmost love and care. All the food and bedding of the animals are taken care of and they’re all let to breed in their natural state — meaning chickens are let to climb and peck, cattle are let to roam around freely and pigs are let to displace dirt with their snouts. If you really want to experience high-quality meat, you can relax and trust ButcherBox to get it done for you.

Their beef comes 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. Why grass fed, you ask? Grass-fed meat contains more antioxidants, omega-3 fats, CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid). Everything Butcherbox sources, is received only from farmers they trust. Their chicken is organic, free range and well bred. And, the pork comes from pigs which are of Heritage breed (wow, that’s rare!). What’s best is that all the meats are antibiotic and hormone free, raised with sustainable practices. Why antibiotic free, you ask? A report by FSN (Food Safety News) indicates that 80% of antibiotics in the United States is consumed by animals!

If good quality meat is what you want, Butcherbox might be your thing.

How It Works

Butcherbox spoils you with 5 options of boxes to choose from. Get started by choosing from the several options available to you — Custom Box, Mixed Box, The Beef & Pork Box, The Beef & Chicken Box, and the All Beef Box. The variety of plans on offer allows you to exactly choose the meat as per your requirements. The custom box lets you choose your own cuts of meat from about 21 types and as well as lets you choose premium items. The curated box comes with meats and cuts which are selected by them only.

Next up, is for you to decide the quantity of meat needed. Now, there are two options here as well. You can either choose the Classic Box which is receiving meat for 24 meals (roughly about 8-11 lbs). The other option is to choose the big box where the amount of meat is accounted for 48 meals (16-22 lbs). Now comes the exciting part! After you choose which box you want and how much meat you’d want, there are 12 add-ons which are given for you to choose from. The add-on items change from month to month to offer variety. The items include items such as bacon, breakfast sausage, burgers, boneless pork chops, filet mignon and a lot more (salivating much?). You can choose from these plethora of options and add whatever you’d like to your order. There are also offers for first-time users like cash discounts plus free items like bacon, sausages, etc.

Items in the Box

When you choose a curated box, you’re dependent on them to choose the items for you. The contents in the box keep varying month on month but be rest assured about the fact that you’ll receive a mix of premium cuts of meat every time. Items can range on a monthly basis from ground beef, New York strips, top sirloin steaks, whole pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, Denver steak, pork chops, chicken drumsticks, premium steak tips, chuck roast, ribeye, pork ribs, baby back ribs, uncured bacon, breakfast sausages and a whole lot more. Of course, you have the option to eliminate the meats you don’t want in the custom box (you can choose the cuts there too, remember?). Over and above this, you get the add-ons too. Aah, meat lover’s paradise. From whole chicken, steaks, wings, pork chops and a lot more, you’ll have all the variety to throw a delicious meat party!


Butcherbox delivers for free using ground shipping, to the neighbor border states, except Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. The parcel arrives via FedEx or UPS. The carrier is chosen as per your location to make sure it arrives well within time. The best part is that the house can be empty while the delivery guy comes cause there’s no signature required to receive it. You may instruct the delivery person with special notes regarding your package (yes, Butcherbox lets you do that too). But sadly, you cannot choose a specific delivery date for the meats as ButcherBox prioritizes orders based on location, available carrier and the transit time. ButcherBox also recommends having orders delivered to your house address preferentially and not to your office as you wouldn’t have to worry about the order being delivered in closing hours (which will result in delayed delivery) and, if the order is not delivered or delivered late, then the meats have a chance of becoming warm and will result in spoilage.


Before the meats are shipped to you, they are frozen very rapidly (flash frozen) and packed individually and labeled. After this, they’re put into a reusable, insulated bag with an eco-friendly liner. Dry ice is then added inside the liner and outside of the bag. The amount of dry ice which is put in the package is also calculated meticulously based on where you stay and the transit time and the quantity is just enough to keep your meats fresh and cold. All this is put inside a cardboard box and sealed with plastic. Pretty neat, eh?


The price of the box will vary as per the quantity of meat you order. If you go for the curated boxes, i.e. the Mixed Box, Beef & Pork Box Beef & Chicken Box, or All Beef Box, the cost for 24 meals will come to $129. That amounts up to $5.38 per meal. Similarly, for 48 meals, the pricing comes up to be $238. This gets the per meal total to $4.96, which is a good bang for the buck! Affordable fresh, juicy meats at the doorstep (shipping is free!), who wouldn’t want this!

If you go with a Custom Box, you have two sizing options — The Classic Box and the Big Box. ButcherBox says the Classic Box is perfect for individuals and small families. This one will cost you $149. The Big Box is apt for mid-size families or for an occasion which requires large portions and will cost you $270.

The add-ons will cost you anywhere between $13-$24 depending on what’s available and what you’ve chosen. If you have some coupons, then great, you’ll get an additional discount. Just remember to keep a check on the monthly order cycle, and if you want to unsubscribe, do let Butcherbox know before the next order is due.


This is a great option if you don’t want to shop at your local grocery store for meats. The antibiotic and hormone-free meats are absolutely worth it. The variety of meats offered is a lot and the per meal cost is super affordable, you’re gonna love it! Go all meaty with your dinners and whip up a delicious meal with Butcherbox to your rescue!

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