[WARNING] Don’t Buy An Infrared Sauna Until You See This!

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Thinking of buying an infrared sauna for your home, so you can detox regularly and get in better health? I wanted to as well, but the first infrared sauna I bought, ended up being a pile of junk. You’ve got sauna companies out there that flat out lie to you, and say they have zero emf saunas for sale on Amazon and Costco, but when it comes down to it, it’s false marketing with super high magnetic fields in them.

So what’s a person to do? Every sauna company you call says their sauna is the best, you have to have this type of wood and yada yada… this goes on till you’re blue in the face, and you get to the point where you don’t know who is telling the truth, or who to believe.

I made this video for you guys, illustrating how the EMF “testing” you see from a lot of companies, isn’t really complete. They could care less about delivering you the safest product possible, and only do enough to make it attractive so you’ll buy it.

But rest assured, I have found several companies that DO take care of all this, and put out an exceptionally good product. It took some digging, but you can find every recommended brand on the Certified Sauna List.

What Sauna Companies DON’T Want You To Know

EMF Is More Than One Thing

A Simple Trifield Meter Or Third Party EMF Test Results, Isn’t Showing You All The EMF From An Infrared Sauna

What To Know Before You Buy Your Sauna

Hidden EMF In Infrared Saunas

The biggest problem with all of this, isn’t the slimy sauna industry, it’s the fact that we waste months and months looking for a good sauna to buy, but never do. All this time, we could be detoxing and relaxing in the courtesy of our own homes, but instead we never get the healing benefits of regular sauna use, because it’s such a convoluted industry out there.

Well, I bought several saunas and started posting the reviews of them here on my blog on other pages, and after about 6 months or so, started working with a Canadian company that I think is the best bang for your buck.

You can see all my youtube videos on saunas here, and you can find all my sauna reviews here.

For most people, this two person infrared sauna is the best value for your dollar, and it still works on a regular 15 amp house circuit. It’s also the sauna I use everyday now in my own house.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and smaller, the mini is very popular among female sauna users, generally because it has a much shorter height, and suits them well.

That was my first sauna, and works amazingly well for a 1 person sauna. The only reason I recommend something a bit bigger, is because for only a few hundred bucks more, you get enough room to put your knees up or occasionally have a spouse come in with you if you’d like. It’s a full foot wider, which also allows for the extra bench and other amenities. This sauna is specifically for people who don’t like being in small spaces, as the open glass front corners let you look out and see from the floor to ceiling and feels very open.
In my opinion, this is the best home sauna for your money, and it’s the one I personally chose to have in my home long term.

If you’re looking for something bigger to accommodate more family members, the is a great choice for 3 adults or multiple children. It will require a 20 amp dedicated 120 line if you don’t have one already, and an electrician can normally put this in for you for a few hundred dollars. It’s spacious design with double front heaters on the glass, give you a 360 degree infrared sauna experience, like few saunas can deliver.

For custom sauna kits, or people looking to add a sauna to their master bathroom removal, I recommend the 20 amp models. Reason being, is because it has a perfect rectangular shape on along the front edge, and is easier to trim out if you’d like to sink it into the wall. You can literally assemble it in the middle of the bathroom, slide it back into the cavity your contractor frames out for you, and plug and play. Some minor base and door trim to flush mouth it, leaves you with a beautiful premade UL electrical certified sauna, that will work exceptionally well for this application.

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