CallFire Features and Uses

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CallFire Inc. is an American cloud communications company that designs, develops, and implements various hosted telephony software as a service. It was incorporated by Dinesh Ravishanker, Vijesh Mehta, and Komnieve Singh in 2004, with Punit Shah and TJ Thinakaran joining in 2006 and 2007 respectively to complete the company’s founding team.


CallFire provides a variety of cloud communication services, including tracked local and International phone and text messaging campaigns, voice broadcasting, power dialing, and Interactive Voice Response, each with analytics designed to provide insight into your customer base, increasing engagement, and improving retention levels between campaigns.


Adaptability is routinely cited as a standout CallFire feature, as companies have pointed to how it’s allowed for rapid and continuous growth alongside technological developments. Since incorporating in 2004, they have expanded beyond their original headquarters in the Silicon Beach area of Santa Monica, California, to include offices in Pasadena, California, Austin, Texas, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2010, CallFire was featured at number 258 on Inc. Magazine’s annual List of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, and in 2012, they claimed a revenue growth of 58% for the year, reaching over 50,000 users across their services. Their list of clients include FedEx, Home Depot, Gold’s Gym, Allstate Insurance, Sprint Communications, and the Scouts BSA, alongside thousands of smaller businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations located within the United States and Canada.

Additional Uses

CallFire’s services were used during the evacuation efforts of Hurricane Sandy, the deadliest hurricane of 2012. The storm took down over 25% of conventional phone towers along America’s Eastern seaboard, effectively cutting off whole communities from the emergency warning systems. In response, municipal government employees and emergency responders sent out more than 2.5 million voice and text messages through CallFire to inform the public of hazards and outages as well as directing them to nearby storm shelters.

In the same year, CallFire was used by Democratic and Progressive Candidates for telephone communications throughout the U.S. election season. It has been a popular choice for political movements, thanks to its low cost and ease of use, and has been utilized by the Arizona League of Conservation Voters, Representative Ron Paul during his presidential bid, and the California ‘Vote No on Prop. 8’ campaign.

In 2015, the Los Angeles Business Journal named CallFire the second best medium-sized company to work for in the city.

Original Publication Date: 01/17/18
Last Updated: 06/22/18



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