Be Careful When Giving Other People Advice

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Not too long ago, I hadn’t started a blog yet. Hell I was on the fence if I even wanted to do it. I questioned whether or not I wanted to put myself out there, would I be able to succeed at it, and I worried how people who knew me would react if I became more publicly successful.

People give you advice based on what they’re able to make sense of.

I got some good advice, bad advice, and everything in between along the way. But it wasn’t until one day, when I had somewhat of an epiphany and turning point that I realized…”Why the fuck am I asking these people what they think? I know 10 times more than they do about my own industry”!

The answer was, I wanted permission to go and do something that was radically uncomfortable to me. It seemed outside of a normal possibility you’d assume is realistic in your close social groups to go and build a platform that would allow you to make a full time living, from anywhere on the planet wouldn’t it? I thought so too.

So while people are trying to be helpful, loving, and supportive of you (where taking the high road here… some people, even those close to you, are scared of you succeeding to a much higher level than they because it starts to expose their self imposed shortcomings), you MUST realize that they are only capable of giving you advice that’s in alignment with their current beliefs.

Now there are exceptions to the rule. I do have a few friends that are able to suspend their current reality, and what they themselves are capable of, and give me sound advice to the best of their ability. But this is FEW and FAR between. On average, when you ask someone what they think about your idea, they’ll immediately respond as if they are trying to attempt what you wanna do.

This isn’t a bad thing, it just is what it is. The faster you can spot it, the faster you’ll realize that if your gut is speaking to you, you need to listen.

If you have some type of fire, some idea deep within you, to the point where you can visualize the outcome years down the road and it lights a fire under your ass, by god you damn well better take a deeper look at that.

I believe we all have some innate ability that is a gift to the world. Our mission in life, and part of our purpose, is to uncover what that is. Now unlike many popular religions and other fear based mental constructs, I believe you can and should chart your own destiny. If you connect to what’s deep within in you, and pay close attention to your inspirations along your life journey, you’ll notice some things just naturally draw you in to them.

Certain ideas will give you goosebumps when you think about executing them. You might have a visions about how it will help many people, or maybe it’s changing the lives of those closest to you. Either way, no matter what it is, listen to those inclinations… They’re more powerful than you realize, and can be your own guiding force if you allow it.

P.S.- I’m guilty of doing this as well. Think of how many dreams and destinations can be altered.

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