3 Best Saunas – List Of Certified Saunas For You Guys – Sorry About Delay!

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I’ve been away from the computer trying to get more testing done in the garage. Sorry haven’t been able to reply to everyone!  Taken 02/11/2019

Hey guys, I’m sorry I had to take down the sauna review videos for a short while.  I am working on getting them back up, it’s just slow going while also doing the current pallet shipments too.  I have to choose between being at the computer to update the content, or get in the garage and handle all these pallets so I can get the testing done. Anyway, in the meantime so you’re not in the dark, I put together the shortlist of infrared saunas that are guaranteed to be safe. (that I have personally tested myself)

I threw this together for you today 02/12/2019, so please don’t expect the holy grail with all the pictures, vids, etc…

Every sauna brand listed below, I have personally tested with 4 EMF meters myself. I can’t show you the videos yet for the ultimate proof, they still have to edited. But if I were buying a sauna for my mother, children, or anyone fighting a disease, it would be one of these three brands.

All of the brands listed on this page mitigate electric fields, which is what most sauna companies are lying about. (other companies will tell you their sauna is low emf, show you the levels using a gaussmeter only, and then not even test the electric fields. They never show you the body voltage either, which would reveal the high electric fields. Consumers are being duped left and right…)

I have personally tested the following models from each brand: Clearlight Premier IS-2, Radiant Health 2 Person, and the High Tech Health TR2.

All three brands have magnetic fields below 1mg in the seated position, electric fields below 200 v/m, and body voltage of less than 200 millivolts.

The saunas I bought from Coscto & Amazon that were supposed to be “low emf”, some models had up to 100mg magnetic fields in them… Downright awful.

This is the list of safe saunas so far from all the testing:

Radiant Health


  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Zero presence of RF radiation (no bluetooth from the stereo either! Awesome!!)
  • The easiest sauna I’ve ever put together
  • Love the fact that the floor has a tile insert, so you never have to worry about sweat dripping down your feet into the wood ever again.
  • Has a bench heater under your seat, so it feels like a towel warmer in a fancy hotel when you get in


  • None really, compared to what’s out there. It does take 30 mins to heat up into the 130’s F, but for something that’s safe for children, elderly, or anyone fighting disease, it’s worth the wait.

Price range:  $3,300 – $6,100

More Info: RH Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact:  Randy Gomm

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544

Clearlight Premier


  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Good quality for the money
  • Best financing deals available
  • Available in most countries, including UK, NZ, AU
  • Good warranty


  • Same, none really. Great sauna for the price, good adequate heater coverage like the others, same preheat time, etc…
  • I don’t believe in the need for full spectrum, but this is my personal opinion. Most will try to upsell you to full spectrum, but FIR is doing the real workhorse in any sauna

Price range: $3,599 – $7,599

More Info: CL Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact:  [email protected]

Direct phone number: (800) 317-5070

High Tech Health


  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Poplar wood is great for chemically sensitive people (if not sensitive, lumber is not a selling point in my opinion)
  • More spacious than most saunas
  • I like the front angled heater design, something you don’t find in most ceramic saunas


  • The most difficult sauna I’ve put together to date
  • 3 separate power controls for sauna, lights, and radio
  • Most expensive

Price range: $4,000 – $7,000

More Info: HTH Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact: Tess Harris

Direct phone number: (720) 815-2670

I can’t stand annoying sales people, and when I was buying a sauna for the first time, it seemed like everywhere I called said their sauna was “the best” and were super high pressure… so ridiculous!  I put my direct contact for each above, since each one has been super down to earth with me, and weren’t pushy at all.  You can simply call and use their extension for a low key sales experience.

Which sauna is right for you?

The truth is, you cant go wrong with any of them. They’re all good saunas, and I’d have any of them in my home, buy them for my family, recommend them to friends, etc…

My number one gripe with the sauna industry, is that no one is policing the EMF claims, and until the FTC steps in and starts regulating the industry, anyone can say anything they want. Sauna companies are regularly caught claiming lower levels than they should, deferring to third party emf reports (which I think are absolutely nuts!), not mitigating electric fields, and no one tests body voltage.  Well I have, and these three make the cut.

If if I had to pick a sauna today that would be the right fit for most people, I’d go with the Radiant Health. It’s the best blend of build quality, and the lowest EMF of any sauna I’ve ever tested. It’s also the easiest sauna I’ve put together, which doesn’t mean much for me, but I know that is a really important point for a lot of you.

If budget is a concern, the Clearlight Premier is a little bit cheaper, and still low emf. The High Tech Health is great for uber chemically sensitive people that have to have Poplar, but the assembly is a bit more cumbersome. Both the Radiant Health and Clearlight are also low VOC, I just wouldn’t get Cedar if you have chemical sensitivities. (I do not, I sauna just fine in any wood, and my preference is only based on smell)

Overall, the Radiant Health takes the cake thus far with the tile floor… Very nice feature!  I reserve the right to change this opinion in the future, but I stand by my EMF testing 100%.  ANY of these saunas are safe for your family, and by me saying I like one over the other, is personal preference.  ALL of them are perfectly safe, good quality units, from good companies that will be around for the long haul if you ever need anything.

They do track my referrals, so please tell them I sent you. If I build up enough clout, hopefully I can get some more sauna models to test for free in the future, instead of having to buy them all. (full disclosure, I did try to get these saunas for free, but unfortunately none of these models listed above were given to me. I got a discount on a couple, but it cost me over $10k just to be able to publish this one page and personally verify the emf levels on these 3 saunas alone)

Have more questions I didn’t hit?  Use the comment system below to ask, I usually respond within 24 hours….

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221 thoughts on “3 Best Saunas – List Of Certified Saunas For You Guys – Sorry About Delay!”

  1. Hi Matt! Thank you so much for calling me back today and giving 40 minutes of your time to help answer my questions! My husband and I are truly grateful for that and for all that you’ve invested to provide this honest & unbiased review for consumers! You rock! May God bless you for your kindness and heartfelt concern for others!

    To Health,
    Erika 🙂

  2. If you already have a sauna with higher EMF ratings, is it possible to put some type of insulating material in to lower the EMF?

      • Hi Matt,

        More of a general question as I saw someone that had one of the Costco models and we were discussion whether there was anything you could do about it. Thanks for your response!

          • Do you know what the difference is in manufacturing that causes one to generate higher emf than another? Very interesting stuff!

          • Yes, but it’s divided into 3 parts. EMF is not just one thing…

            • Magnetic Fields: power supply, control panels, motors, etc…
            • Electric Fields: transformers, wiring, heaters, etc…
            • RF Radiation: Bluetooth, wifi, etc…

            Body Voltage is a whole different animal, but a great way to double check an environment. You cannot have low body voltage in the presence of high electromagnetic fields.

      • Hi Matt Im Rob I need to get a sauna for my health i have been in a wheelchair 26 years I hope you can tell me what to do I also can never find one with wider door to transfer Thank You

        • Hi Rob,

          Choices are going to be limited that are built for transfer… but off the top of my head I know of 2 that are a great fit. The best choice for you would be the ADA compliant Clearlight that comes with the ramp/flush door threshold to smoothly wheel past the entry point without trouble.

          If you go to https://certifiedsaunas.com there will be a direct contact and a good phone number listed to get personalized help with that model. (or I can help you)

  3. Matt, thanks again for the info. I’ve been in contact with Clearlight and their pricing was at the very top of your range. I didnt speak with Mr. Dremmel but wondered how you arrived at that range?

    • Hi Adam,

      Most companies do change their prices, and/or run sales quite often… I can’t keep up with it, so I just put a range that should be fairly close.

      Starting with the cheapest, a Clearlight Premier 1 person is around $3,100’ish, all the way up to the most expensive Clearlight Sanctuary 4 person at around $5,900’ish. All other sizes are all over the map price wise within that range. (I don’t know if there’s shipping for you, tax, or whatever fees depending on where you are in the world. Location matters. Some companies include shipping, others don’t, etc…)

      P.S. – after typing all that out, I just realized you said you DID NOT speak with David. Maybe that’s why you didn’t get the price???

      • All good! I DID just get off the phone with David and he gave me the sale price. One thing worth noting for anyone else reading this….the 2 person models are high in demand and there may be a delay (currently shipping in June). However, the IS-3 version is not significantly more in cost and are in stock.

        • Shew, I thought something was amiss! The IS-2 should be $3,599 today, which is on the lower end of that range, and what most people buy since it works on a 15 amp circuit. If that’s not the case or someone is jerking you around, let me know and I will take care of it.

          • Thats the price they offered me, and thats the basswood not the cedar. Which again neither will ship till June. The only 1, 2, or 3 person unit they have in stock is the IS-3 in cedar. 4,490.00 (after applying your discount).

          • Wanted to follow up…

            Received my sauna, clearlight IS-3, Monday. Definitely takes two people to carry in the boxes, but I suppose you could unbox and carry in the panels individually. Anyway, I put it together by myself in about 90 minutes, again def recommend two people.

            Its well built for sure and goes together tightly in a snap!

  4. Matt- I couldn’t find a way to search your site, so thought I’d just ask…have you reviewed or have thoughts on outdoor infared saunas? I was going to “save money” and purchase an indoor (Costco or Amazon) until I found your page! ( Thank you!!) so now that the budget needs to triple to get a safe sauna, my ideal location is actually outside but I figured I’d see what you knew in that arena first.

    • Hi Sally,

      No I haven’t yet, been thinking about it though for a property in Maine. Clearlight is the only one I know of that makes an outdoor sauna with a real roof, weather resistant siding, etc… You didn’t mention where you’re located, but you may want to look into a barrel sauna as well. If it’s in the north, an infrared sauna is going to take a while to heat unless it’s super well insulated, and a steam sauna might serve you better if it’s really cold and must be outside.

  5. Hi Matt, thanks for doing his post and updating as i am trying to make a decision. One thing i was confused about is in one review you bash Radiant Saunas and in this one you recommend Radiant Health saunas highly. Are these two different manufacturers? Weird that they are so close in name if so. When I do a search for Radiant Health saunas, all the Radiant Saunas on Amazon come up. Can you clarify. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Matt, thanks for all this great work on testing saunas and sharing what you have learned. I have two questions. Is the discount code you offer for the Clearlight saunas suppose to give $500 off? They said it would only give $100 off but it may be because they are already having a sale for $400 off. Also, you mention Clearlight as a good company to buy from in one section of your website but it isn’t listed as having a review in another section of your site. Just wanted to clarify because I am planning on purchasing one right away. Thanks very much!!

    • Hi Renee,

      I’m not really sure, they change the sales far too often for me to keep track of the prices, sorry! But if you talk to David, he’s very honest and straightforward, and will make sure you get the best deal possible. Hmm, I’ll have to check… lots of old content on this blog that needs updating. If I had to guess, I would say that there isn’t a review of the Sanctuary model, only the Premier. I’m a stickler for the reviews, and won’t just do a generic “Clearlight review.”

  7. Hello Matt! I am so happy you have taken the time to review some many saunas. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of or ever tried the infrared saunas made by GHS? After reading what I’ve learned from you, are fake consumer reports, I’m scared to buy. We just put half down last night and I’m now wondering if we’ve been scammed.

    • Hi Luv,

      Never heard of it. Just ask what the magnetic and electric fields are. If low, should be fine…

      Can’t make heads or tails of the reviews I could find: https://amzn.to/2VNn1aB

      If the 1 person is really $4,399, that is pretty damn expensive for a single person run of the mill sauna.

  8. Hi Matt, Thank you so very much for your brilliant reviews – other than Oram Miller’s site this is the only place I’ve found good, honest and truly independently tested EMF/ELF readings. Can you please tell me whether you get good front coverage in any of these models? I’ve been using a sauna blanket, so full 360 coverage, these cubicles don’t seem to have much facing you. But with 78 v/m readings inside the blanket I’m not keen to use it anymore – I’m assuming that’s not good for anyone!

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thanks! Well nothing is going to feel like a blanket, but you’re also way too close to the emitters in an environment like that. All three have some form of frontal infrared, some with larger heaters than others, but I get a good full body sweat in all of them. Preheat times are low, takes about 30 minutes to heat up into the 130’s Fahrenheit, and pretty much everyone sweats at that temp and up. (usually even lower)

      • Hi Matt

        Thanks so much for replying.

        I love the look of the Radiant Health Sauna as it is so amazing and looks like better body coverage, you mention it’s the easiest to build (I’m not that handy), but can’t get a reply from them about whether they sell in the UK. Do you have any idea?

        If not, would you say Clearlight is just as good?

        I’m assuming as none feature here that none of the more portable devices are truly low on EMF/ELF?

        Wishing you continuing health and many blessings for all that you share here – I’ve only just read more about you and it is such a kindness that you do for us all sharing your wisdom. Losing health can be such an exhausting journey, it’s incredible that you do what you do and I’m sure everyone who comes here appreciates you greatly.

        Very best wishes


  9. Hi 👋
    My husband and I are starting a Cryo business and would like to know your thoughts on the Jacuzzi Sanctuary 3 or the J & L Sauna. We look forward to your suggestions we are looking to purchase 3 units to start with.

    • Hi Teresa,

      No that’s probably not something I would test again. I like the idea of the salt walls, but not a fan of whitelabel imported saunas. Just ask what the electric fields are, in addition to the magnetic. If they’re low, you should be good. If they don’t know, or give you a bunch of lines, you know to avoid. (there should me multiple measurements for EMF, not just one)

  10. I cannot believe I haven’t come across your site before. I have MS/Lyme and got a sauna from a salon that was closing because the price was right. I had gone back and forth with Sunlighten but didn’t buy due to price. Is there anyway I can send you what we bought for opinion? I’m now quite concerned about bad exposure making me sicker. I too had all my amalgams removed to aid in healing.

      • Matt,

        Dynamic TU6310-40 Infrared Sauna from Golden Designs. Address is in Canada.

        Yes. Well. I have multiple co-infections and herx has been present in almost all my alternative treatments. Over 70% of patients using sauna treatment experience herx. After reading your site I wanted to be sure my model wasn’t do harm along with good.

        Thank you so much.

          • Thank you very much. Looks like I need a new sauna for treatments. I will be getting one of these 3 you reviewed. Just more money…yay. Thanks again for all the info and education on your site. Great to have people like you.

  11. I don’t see Vital Health Saunas reviewed. Is there a reason? Seems like another potential poor performer, but was curious what your opinion is.

    • Hi Michael,

      Man, people keep asking about this sauna this week… I see they have a strong Adwords campaign, but that’s about it. No idea where the interest comes from…

      Anyhow, they’re welcome to send me one for testing, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna buy one just to see what the electric fields and body voltage are from having an internal electrical outlet right where you sit on the bench. Generally, this is a no-no if you’re looking to compete with the ultra low emf certified saunas.

      Without even sitting in it, it’s almost physically impossible for it to test even remotely close to the certified saunas, unless they’re using mu’cable. (I see no mention of this, and most people don’t even know what this is, so I highly doubt it)

      But doesn’t mean you have to rule it out for yourself… just ask them what the emf levels are, and if the electric/magnetic fields and BV are low, buy it!

      Electric fields should be well under 200 v/m at the heaters
      Magnetic should be under 1 mg in the seated position
      Should have low to Zero RF
      Body voltage should be under 200 millivolts

      If you get some canned response like “oh the emf is low, here’s a picture of a trifield meter” on a single setting, then you know it’s bullshit and probably best to avoid. (someone has sent me something like that before in email… I won’t even look at it, waste of time. There are 3 types of potential EMF in any sauna, no matter the brand.)

      It looks like only $400 less than a Radiant Health from what I can tell? so I don’t see the cost savings being worth it for me personally. But I’m open to posting some review videos of it if someone tests it thoroughly.

  12. Hi Matt,

    I bought a thermal life sauna in 2009 from High Tech Health. They don’t carry this model any more and when I spoke to Emery at high Tech Health she told me she could show me how to sell my sauna to someone who isn’t as affected by higher emf ratings. I know that in good conscience I just wouldn’t sell my sauna unless it could be upgraded to make it safer so I was wondering if you knew anything about the thermal life saunas. I paid quite a lot for it in 2009 (I think it was between $4000-$5000).

    I am buying a new sauna and have spoken both to Randy at Radiant Health and of course Emery at High Tech Health. There is quite a difference in the prices for the two person saunas and normally I would have assumed that meant the higher priced sauna was probably a better choice with these two models. I really appreciate all your testing.. It has helped me make my decision and saved me a good chunk of money. I’m 68 and am retired (if you can call babysitting 5 days a week and trying to start a small business retiring), I have past mold issues and other issues so thank you so much for diligence in testing all the saunas.

    • Hi Sure,

      Unfortunately no I don’t have access to older models, only the current ones. I think you’ll do great in either one (I have them both!).

      Let me know how you like the new one… should be much improved in either brand!

      • Hi Lisa,

        I think somewhere around $5,195, but I don’t think that included shipping I’d have to look. Fairly certain it’s $5,195 + 330 shipping, about $5,550.00 all in I believe.

  13. Hi Matt,

    So a few days ago, after not enough research, we ordered Amazon’s famous, or infamous, Radiant Sauna 2 person with the Carbon Heaters! We thought it would be a good sauna. Later we found your site, read the articles, watched the videos and wish we had seen it sooner. I called Radiant Health and spoke with Shannon. She gave me a-lot of information, helped me understand it, and there was no sales pressure. Our delivery date was over a week away, so Amazon was able to intercept and cancel the order with no additional return charge. Our plan is to order the Radiant Health E-2H…tomorrow.
    Thank you for your research & reviews.


  14. Hi Matt,
    Thank you so much, this is so very helpful. I have purchased the Sunlighten Solo but I still have time to cancel as they aren’t yet shipped out. Sounds like that is what I should do, but I wanted to check if you have ever tested it or have more info. Do you know of any portable ones that are safe, or should I just wait till I can get one of the ones you recommended? Thank you again! Diane

      • Thanks Matt! I hope your Maine trip is great!
        I am also looking at the Therasage portable. Normally I just disregard all the collapsible ones because the ones I have encountered at health fairs etc. all have smelled so awful. (I’m also MCS.) However I am intrigued with this one as Hippocrates sells it and I would hope they would be careful. I think I will get one of the Therasage heating pads first to test out as it is less of an investment. Also if it is possible to get the Clearlight dome in the US do you have any info on that? Searching the internet I only found a European version but this week I will call the company to see if they sell it in the US.

        • Thank you! Snow is holding out for now…

          I haven’t tested a Therasage, but I have a Relax Sauna which has pretty high levels in it. (and is weird… infrared fan powered)

          Yes, David has the info on those, his number should be above.

  15. Hi Matt,
    My husband and I just started looking for a small sauna and looked first at Lowes Radiant, however as I researched it, realized it was the cheap knockoff version. So my question is, we have a budget and we are looking at the E-2H Radiant Health Sauna, I got that from their site. I listened to your review and read the comments here, no so many have to do with Radiant Health, are people not purchasing this due to cost do you know? And do you know the approximate cost?

    Thanks so much for all your work in getting specifics, I just want a safe qualified home sauna.

    • Hi Sharen,

      Ya those Lowe’s Radiants are junk. E-2H is probably the most popular sauna out of every brand and model listed… a ton of people have bought them, they just usually email me or call Radiant Health direct. I think it’s around $4k, but I lost track between the different brands. But you’d want to call and make sure there isn’t higher shipping depending on where you live.

      The Radiant Health is an excellent choice, and the sauna I find myself using the most in my house.

  16. Hey, this may be a dumb question but the prices are “out of my range” because I’m just a teacher. Do you know if there is any financing options available for either of the recommendations? My purchase would either be through that, depending on any impending interest rates, or I’m going to start a Go Fund Me page. (that is a joke)

  17. Heavenly Heat Saunas got a thumbs up from Oram Miller, so might be good to add. I was getting conflicting info regarding Clearlight EMF”s until I read Oram’s article where he said they changed their design. Btw, do you know the EMF readings for the Relax Sauna? They refuse to answer my question about electric fields and body voltage.

    • Hi Frank,

      I’m surprised to see that coming from Oram on the Heavenly Heats… They must have updated them. Cool article, I’ll link to it because the info is on point: http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/saunas.php

      I think Oram would be super pleased with my testing if it was around before he wrote that article. But I’m afraid he’d have to rewrite it had I done this years ago. 🙂 If you compare the magnetic, electric, and body voltage, the Radiant Health still tests lower than anything else on the market.

      Yep, I have a video coming out for the Relax… electric and magnetic are sky high down at the heaters. I never mention this in any of my videos, but I’m really not a fan of substantial AC voltage coming in like that at the feet. They sent me a sauna for free, the guy is nice and I like him, but I can’t promote something like that in good conscience sorry. I want to make an exception here, but I can’t.

      The Certified Saunas badge/list is not something for sale… the saunas either pass the test, or they don’t. No exceptions.

      (this is still an ongoing problem btw… many, many, MANY people still need a low emf portable sauna solution, and I have been digging for months. Can’t find it. I may have to compromise at some point, and suggest a mediocre emf portable sauna, because it’s the only thing available. I don’t want to, and it certainly will not be a “certified sauna,” but I could take the one that tested the lowest and let people know about it. Still searching currently… )

  18. Hi Matt,
    I have been really enjoying your reviews of saunas. We have just decided to get one and are not in any real hurry. We have MasterSpas near us and they sell GHS Good Health Saunas. I was wondering if you plan on testing this or if you know if they use anyone else equipment that you tested. They are made in Appleton WI and when I looked at them on site, they seem to be well built. When asked about EMF’s they sent me this link of an independent study. https://www.goodhealthsaunas.com/about-ghs/emf-report-infrared-saunas/ I was wondering what you thought and if you are going to test it. It just would be nice to get it locally.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you! Sure, it’s always nice to sit in them before you buy.

      No I doubt I’ll be buying one of those, but I’m happy to test it if they’d like to send one over for testing.

      Are you sure they’re made in Appleton? Looks like an imported cabinet to me…

      Unfortunately I don’t really like what I see in your link at all… I didn’t make it through the first paragraph before I stopped reading closely: “Both 300 watt 120-volt heaters…” You can’t get a good representation of the emf in any sauna once you take the heaters out and ship them to a lab.

      It gets worse from there… this is pretty bad, at only 2″ away, from a single heater (they are testing one heater at a time in the test report, not the entire sauna): “Figure 4, Panel RF170315-175 Electric Field Testing, presents the electric field levels recorded with the EHP-50D isotropic three-axis electric field meter at a separation distance of ~2 inches from the 300 watts 120-volt heater panel during operational (ON) mode. As seen in Figure #4, a peak electric field strength of 181.96 V/m was recorded while powered ON.

      On second thought, no I wouldn’t be interested in testing it. It would be a waste of my time for all that work… won’t make the Certified Sauna List.

      Sorry, it’s just not in alignment with what we’re going for.

  19. Hello! First off, congratulations on the extensive review work you’ve done, it’s a great help for buyers! I’ve just received the price list for Clearlight and i have a question. You mention in the comments that the Premier model for 2p is at 3599euros. This price corresponds to the Essential model, the Premier for 2 is at 5299euros. Is it correct to assume that the Essential and the Premier have the same magnetic and electric fields ratings and the only difference is the wood (nordic spruce for Essential, cedar for Premier)? Its quite a price difference between the models and i’d rather go with the Essential model, but low emf is a main concern and i’m not sure if the models have equally low ratings. Best regards!

    • Hi Diane,

      No it’s a little different for UK models. They don’t have an essential in the states. The only difference between between the Essential and Premier (this is only for the UK saunas) is the wood and ergos. If that’s the price difference between those two, I would say no it is definitely not worth it.

      If that’s mistaken, and you’re talking about the Sanctuary, that would make more sense about such a large price difference.

      EMF levels will be the same in Essential and Premier models, but will be higher in the Sanctuary. Not detrimentally higher, but higher body voltage from the FS heaters in the front.

  20. Hi there! Wow just the site I was looking for!! I have Lyme and follow Dr. Wilson’s protocol. I tried the sunlighten (mpulse) and felt amazing with no need for salt baths after this. I have an infrared at home over a wooden box frame and painters canvass however I do NOT sweat from this as much as I need, so salt baths are required. Trying to find a closed in box I can wire the 250w near infrared lightbulbs to. I may need to preheat with a far infrared prior to stepping in. Any suggestions for the cheapest solution? These are all so expensive and I can’t work that much due to Lyme so would like a cheaper option. I want to make the right decision. Is the near infrared in sunlighten totally different than the 250w bulbs? Thanks for your help and hard work. Just trying to figure this out is a bit stressful. Also I don’t know if I should be concerned about the off gases. Which creates another problem in all saunas except the most expensive one of course. Ugh!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yep I understand exactly where you’re at, and have been there myself. I too went that route, but went back to far infrared saunas because the heat lamps only give you a mild core sweat really.

      Yes very different. The NIR in an M Pulse, is just an 8×10 array of LED’s stuffed behind the grill. It is in no way shape or form contributing to your sweating at all. (you can turn them off on the control panel, and see what I mean… you probably won’t even tell a difference)

      So the solution for you, if you want to keep using the bulbs and cannot go bigger, is to build a custom enclosure. The only way to get the bulbs to work well, is to wrap the inside of the enclosure with Reflectix, and insulate the box.

      It’s kind of a pain in the ass, because you’ll need to build a sturdy box out of 2×4’s (or something with a tough enough skin you can push on, staple reflectix too, etc…) that you can insulate and add a radiant heat barrier to on the inner shell.

      This is the key to getting the Dr. Wilson designs to perform enough to get you sweating like a far infrared wooden sauna. The tent saunas don’t really work for this reason… the lack of everything mentioned above. There is a Sauna Fix, foil type enclosure you can buy, but again $2,000.00 for something that doesn’t even come with a glass door, is against everything I believe in much like the SaunaSpace. (highway robbery for what you get… being that a wooden sauna costs less!)

      If you can get something like that put together, I think you’ll be alright. But it’s like most things… it takes either time/building/customizing or money in order to get something that works right.

  21. Hi Matt, thank you for all your interesting work. The Clearlight Premier you mention as being low VOC. The only info i could find related to that from Clearlight is that they use water based glues. Just wondering if you had anything more specific about the Clearlight build. Obviously Radiant states they use no glue at all and no plywood like products. Saunacore comments that they use no plywood etc and only real wood throughout the sauna skeleton. Is VOC really that much of an issue given all these Saunas are mostly real wood? Tough for me to tell. I would love to see some videos testing for VOCs.

    Also, do you know what kind of EMF/ELF there is for the Medical Grade Chromotherapy unit offered by Clearlight.

    Thank you Sir.

    • Hi Robert,

      Every sauna has some type of glue in it somewhere, unless you see a million screws. Every major manufacturer uses the hollow core design system. This is a non issue, and is usually a food safe wood working glue, that never gets exposed to enough heat to become pliable again.

      What you want to watch out for, is resin based adhesives in many saunas. A lot of ceramic saunas will have heater guards with spray glue, etc… in places that get very hot. These are typically the saunas you can smell the odor from the adhesives when you let it run for a bit.

      Radiant Health should have a VOC report for the entire sauna. I would email them.

      You’ll have to watch the individual sauna review videos to see specific emf levels, but I have not tested the add on unit in a Clearlight. Although it looks identical to some I’ve come across testing other saunas, and usually has a 15-20 mg magnetic field that dissipates by the time you’re down to head level. I couldn’t say otherwise, I’d just be guessing.

  22. Hello,
    Thank you for your reviews… I have a question about types of wood used, I am intending to use the sauna for my 7 year old child, with some environmental sensitivies… I have learned that cedar is not ideal for off gassing… any thoughts on what is safe?

    • Hi Rana,

      Basswood, Hemlock, and Poplar generally do not give people problems in my experience. I would agree on the Cedar… plenty of chemically sensitive and people with skin allergies have reported a potential issue with the oils from Cedar and other lumbers. I am not chemically sensitive, so I can only relay what the large majority report for this…

      I would go for one of those three if it were me.

  23. Hey Matt,
    We just wanted to let you know we made the plunge on your recommendations…our E-2H Radiant Health Sauna is on its way to us as we speak. We did mention your name also when we spoke to Randy and yes he is great and all of their staff who has been fabulous with all our questions. Again we want to take this time to thank you for all your testing which goes to assist all future customers whom want to make the right decision but need help with with truth. And thanks to you pointing us in the right direction we saved ourselves time, money and added more to our health. Which is the purpose to all live at peace with help from our friends.

      • Hey Rana, happened to see your comment… just a quick note on pricing from various companies: some of them include shipping, some don’t, but the base price of the sauna should be the same for everyone using the coupon code. However the out the door price may vary for companies that don’t subsidize the shipping.

        For example, if you’re in Alaska, and Sharen is in New York, there is going to be a significant difference in OTD price.

        And then you have the companies that offer “free” shipping, but it’s usually accounted for somewhere in the price… makes it hard for me to relay pricing, but thought I’d throw in the base price part, to keep anyone from getting jerked around by outside sales agents.

        I’ve gotten some complaints from folks saying they’ve gotten different pricing from different outside sales agents, versus buying direct. I recommend always buying direct through whichever company you choose.

    • Hi Kari,

      Working on it! This is the hardest thing in the world to find. The Relax has high EMF, the cheap ones from Amazon are hit and miss, and I’ve got my last ditch effort coming tomorrow. (steam sauna tent)

      I normally don’t like steam (I don’t really like portable saunas at all… I’m bigger, and it’s uncomfortable for me) saunas, but I’m out of options and people are still asking everyday. Hopefully one of them will an out, to get folks by temporarily until they can get a wooden sauna. Videos to follow…

  24. Hi Matt,

    I’m in Australia (thanks for all the hours of research you have invested and shared with us). I just wanted to confirm – is the best Clearlight option the Premier IS- 2? And the Basewood option to eliminate possible sensitivities?


  25. Hey Matt,

    Have you ever tested or herd of Sauna Ray in Collingwood ? hand made lifetime warranty and .2 on the EMF

    I am in the market and my naturopath told me these are the only ones certified by health Canada

    I am looking for something to manage my Advanced Degenerative Disc, which is Pain and Inflammation in the spine that I have to manage for the rest of my life. I have a FAR infra red heat blanket, with jade stones for my back, and I do well with heat.

    I like the look of the Sunlighten M pulse 3 in 1 the best, but its EMF are high, the second would be the Clearlight , but both are much more money when considering exchange and delivery than the Sauna Ray built 40 minutes from my town, and only 3899 CDN

    let me know your Thougths

    • Hi Shane,

      Yep, my building biologist mentioned the same thing.

      Nope, reached out several times: https://cleverleverage.com/saunaray-review/

      Can’t say for sure, never got to use one. I would want to see some live video emf testing of electric fields and body voltage before commenting. If it’s just like the Therasauna (the heaters appear identical), then you know where I stand on that…

      Cutting saunas in half is cool and all, but there wasn’t a warm welcome waiting for me at the other end of that chainsaw dust. lol

      I would say have a look at the other Canadian saunas, but I’m sure if you’re commenting on this page, you’ve seen the sauna of the year above already? Should be cheaper…

      • Hey Matt,

        I have looked at the Radiant Health Saunas, but I am still confused as to what and who to believe. Dr Mercola had an expert on one of his podcasts that says it the Near Infra Red that is more beneficial than the Far (full video below)

        Radiant Health Saunas are great for EMF, but what if they are not as effective medically because they are only Far

        How does someone verify this, and what Make or Model would you recommend if you wanted the NIR as well as the FIR

        • Hey Shane,

          I would have to write an entire article to answer what you’re asking. Most of this has already been covered at length… You’ll have to watch some of my other videos that cover this, there are about 30 of them.

          Near infrared when isolated does not heat you up. Red light therapy is awesome for a lot of things, but not sweating. I would say only way you can verify it is to try it yourself, but if you just want $10 heat lamp bulbs in your sauna, you can add them to any far infrared sauna pretty easily.

          I’m not sure where you’re at with researching; this is a whole different animal than the SaunaRay you were asking about.

  26. hi Matt!

    Thank you for all your thorough reviews. You are a lifesaver!!! Do you have opinions on the Coccoon Infrared Pod, the CarbonFlex by Saunatec (renamed TyloHelo) or Gizmo? To clarify, I am not looking to buy right now…these are brands of ones offered by spas in my area. If (when) I buy one, I will definitely buy one of your top three. The reason I ask is because I think I am at least mildly sensitive to EMF. I was using the Sunlighten mPulse before and felt bad after using it, so I wasn’t surprised to hear that it had really high EMF.

    TL;DR looking to use one of the above in the interim that has relatively low EMF levels? The Sunlighten Signature series is also an option.

    • Hi Julia,

      I’m guessing here because I haven’t been in the pod, but I would think the Carbonflex would be your lowest option out of the 3. I’m not sure if you mean the Gizmo sauna blanket or something else… typically blankets or anything like that, generally reads high because of how close they are to your entire body. But some people love them. (non sensitive folks)

      I usually recommend you try all of your options and see what feels the best to you if you can.

  27. Matt, I’m confident you’ve heard this before but I appreciate your insight. My wife and I go to acupuncture regularly and the Doc mentioned the benefits of a sauna after my 5 knee surgeries. Almost pulled the trigger last week on this Yukon 2-Person Cedar Deluxe Infrared Sauna for @ $1,600 which I thought was solid and initially had good reviews (possible fake) when I googled too much. I think I just need to save more because I am chemically sensitive and don’t want to breathe in those toxic fumes or walk into a sauna with a lead x-ray vest. After reading your site and educating myself a bit, seriously noticing the rebranding and that made in China crap with Canadian PREMIUM wood ha, it gets frustrating. If you know of a solid company or infrared sauna around $2,000, please let me know but from your knowledge and my research, it seems quality at this price point is nearly impossible with the abundance of false claims and advertising. If I just need to save up more to buy what you know is quality, I’ll do that but if you know anything about a good unit for under $2,000, talk to me Goose- Maverick needs to heal & detox.

    • Hi Jason,

      Sorry I never found anything that inexpensive that was low emf. Short of building something yourself to save money if you have wood working skills, I would agree with you and save to get something you only have to buy once. I wasn’t thrilled with the costs of them either when I first got into it, but now after testing so many junk saunas, an extra $1,000 for something you’re going to use for years to come, is only about $60/mo difference.

      Weird way to justify it I know, but I finally realized that for something that can eliminate me driving across town 40 mins round trip to rent sauna sessions, it was money well spent. Still on the hunt for cheap stuff though, just put a portable steam sauna video up on youtube last week that was brand new. Also dome sauna review is posted as well. (which is $2k, but uncomfortable as hell to get in if you’re bigger like me)

  28. On a sauna detox group, a prominent member says the following about the Radiant Health sauna. Would you provide your thoughts on their comments, particularly regarding the fabric screen in front of the heater elements? Here’s what they said:

    “The fastest way to tell if a sauna fails the first test is to see if the panels go above the shoulders. If they do then you know they are poorly designed saunas because infrared doesn’t penetrate the skull. This means that any heater above the shoulder is wasted infrared.
    They use these oversize, often plastic, panels because they are repurposed Asian floor heaters. They were not even designed for saunas! Furthermore, they put fabric over the heaters which is likely to have toxins in it. That company refuses to tell us what the fabric is made of. This makes it even more suspect. Even if the fabric isn’t toxic it still blocks the infrared because infrared is light and light cannot penetrate the black fabric.
    These Radiant health saunas are just another relabel of a cheaply made mass-produced sauna that many companies have relabeled as well. In addition, they only offer far infrared saunas which only provide 1/3 of the wavelength. Any sauna company serious about health and detox will over a full spectrum sauna as well because it has 3 times the wavelengths.
    In summary, this sauna does not provide proper infrared because of the fabric and heater design and is likely to be loaded with toxins and it is cheap quality mass produced sauna that has a substandard warranty.”

    Regarding the warranty, Radiant Health’s website state that it is a “Lifetime warranty on heaters and wood. 5 year warranty on electrical components.” This doesn’t seem to be a bad warranty, however the Clearlight sauna warranty is superior when it comes to coverage of the electronics as it “covers the entire sauna – heaters, controls, electrical and wood… even the included audio system. You will never have to worry if anything should go wrong with your Jacuzzi® sauna.”

    • Hey Steve,

      Unfortunately I get emails like this every day, but I stopped spending time answering questions originating from that group, unless they can produce videos of the group owner actually using the saunas he’s bad mouthing. Every time I do, they just come up with another set of copy and paste nonsense… I guess you can make up whatever you want when you don’t buy the saunas? I don’t know… (it’s kind of a waste of time for me to look at when someone makes sauna “review” videos sitting at their computer, trying to poke holes in a brand that they’ve never stepped foot in, know what I mean?)

      Respectfully, is there any particular reason you need to hear from me? I’m assuming there is something about the sauna group information you are second guessing that made you reach out no? I can shoot a video for you to address it if so, if there are concerns unique to your situation that I haven’t covered in the previous sauna videos.

      If it’s just the fear mongering about the fabric from the sauna group, I’ve got news for them… Clearlight has fabric over their heaters too. They would know this if they were buying and testing the different saunas themselves.

      Usually I just stay quiet and let people figure it out for themselves, after the line of bullshit high pressure selling starts behind closed doors… There’s a reason no one will discuss price publicly in that group, you have to private message to get any details, all the comments lead to Bret, etc… (you’ll figure it out and get the gut feeling real quick, once things go to private messenger after you inquire about actually buying one, quite the circus of misdirection with tons of false scarcity to push, push, push people… Try it!)

      Bottom line: both saunas are great.

  29. Have you heard of SaunaRay Far Infrared Saunas that are made in Canada? It seems to be a reputable company that builds their sauna in Canada and boasts all natural wood no plywood. The owner of the company has a video out there taking a chainsaw to another brand showing how poorly it is built. Any thoughts on that brand?

  30. Great review! I think I am sold on the Radiant Heatlh, thanks to you. Just wondering if you have ever reviewed the Sunstream? Very low emfs.
    Also, was I correct in thinking you had mercury poisoning? That is what I am trying to heal. I am hoping the low emf sauna can help speed it up?

    • Thanks! Yep used to sell Sun Stream saunas, but don’t recommend them anymore. They do not mitigate electric fields, only magnetic. Supposedly they have some new model that addresses this coming out later this year, but I haven’t tested it. Not sure if they fixed the other customer complaints in some of the other models, etc… it won’t matter how it tests if they haven’t.

      I don’t know if I’d call it poisoning, but definitely some issues from the amalgams.
      Yep if I had it to do over again, I would start sauna’ing regularly before I had the fillings removed. I have a video on it somewhere

    • Yep used to promote them. High electric fields compared the the ones above though, and they also used to be a LOT cheaper compared to Clearlight, Sunlighten etc… (example: Evolve 10 was $2,700)

      You can get a sauna without any electric fields for the same price as competitors now in 2019.

        • Yes, switch the meter to ELF and it’ll be a whole different story.

          You’re only seeing half of the EMF, you need to be seeing all three like you do in my videos. Body voltage levels will also indicate that if you check them.

          At the end of the day, buy whatever suits you. But you can buy a sauna without any for the same price… which is why I harp on it over and over. And we’re only talking about EMF… the saunas on the Certified Sauna list have better build quality than a Sunstream sauna.

          • Thanks Matt. A lot to think about. Will ask them for those readings. One thing I don’t love about infrared is the temp. Seems they don’t get as hot as regular saunas. I understand the concept of how infrared heats, so ambient temp is probably not as big a deal. But do you find it equivalent?

          • I own two of them if you want the readings, it takes 5 mins. But it shouldn’t be an issue getting them directly from the manufacturer…

            The yellow meter in the video you sent measures both magnetic fields and electric fields… all you have to do is flip the setting to see the other one. (magnetic fields = mg for milligauss | electric fields = v/m (volts per meter) | body voltage = mv for millivolts)

            No it’s a different experience: you can sweat more, at a lower temperature, for longer. I’ve used both, but I like the infrared for regular residential use without a ventilation system.

          • Is there a device we can use to test the sauna that measures the EMF and other things you mentioned? To see if its higher then normal or higher then what the manufacturer told us?

  31. Hi my sister n law just bought a Barcelona from the manufacturer and they advised her the emf is no higher then 6. She is getting ready to start Chemo. What are your thoughts.

  32. Matt, I can’t thank you enough for your review. I was leaning toward the Clearlight saunas, and you absolutely validated my research (you obviously know a lot more than I do). Here is my dilemma: I’m looking to treat Lyme/co-infections, and most people say an Infrared sauna will be quite beneficial. That said, do I opt for the Premier, or is it worth the extra $1200 for the Sanctuary? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Thanks for your review Matt! Very helpful! I’m this close to getting the Radiant Health E-1H 1 person model (small place, live in San Francisco) and will use your contact and code for sure. My concern is around the installation as I’m not a very handy person and usually hire someone to do work around my place (like hanging art and bathroom fixtures). Would the company be able to help with arranging installation? If not, what would you suggest. I do not trust that i can do the installation. Also, wondering about the length of the cord for that model as the outlet is about 4.5 feet away from the position in the bathroom. Thanks for your help!

    • You’re not alone… there are 6 other people waiting for the assembly video I’m making as we speak too. It’s coming, it’s coming!

      You can definitely do the assembly yourself, with one set of helping hands from a friend in about an hour. No special tools needed, the video will help everyone be able to see firsthand step by step. Cord for the E1H should be 6′ +, but call them and double check to make sure.

    • We would suggest if possible you purchase the E-2H 2 Person Elite Model, it may be a bit more in cost but you won’t regret the size upgrade. My husband and I put ours together, it took us a bit more time then some others due to access to the top, it was kind of a tight fit but worked. The instructions were confusing to us cause we were emailed one set and it came with a set of instructions. We actually used both, however no tools needed, just a bit of strength. My husband is 72 and I am 63. Again you won’t regret the purchase from Radiant Health Saunas, great people and they were constantly in touch with us on the order and set up. Take pictures of setup and any issues and you can email them to Randy, they will be much more helpful if they can see. Best of luck. Enjoy.

      • Thanks Sharen! The cost is not an issue as the 1 person model will barely fit in our place (live in San Francisco where space is a premium). 🙁 I’m feeling more hopeful with your comments and Matt’s (hoping the install video comes out soon as I want to order it and get started. From what I understand, the company will deliver it to basically the sidewalk and I will have to move it into my condo building – since I live in a busy intersection in the city, this will be a challenge as far as coordination of receiving it/moving it into lobby, etc. If I’m not feeling confident, I will resort to hiring a handy person to help with the install just to take the pressure off of me (and retain my self-esteem 😉 Thanks for your comments!

  34. Love the reviews. Read through twice and I don’t see any mention of Sunlighten Signature 1 or 2. Where do you stand on that brand? I would go for one your better ones, but a Signature 2 is on craigslist for 1900.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Well made saunas, they just don’t mitigate electric fields. If that’s what you can afford and your best option, buy it. If you don’t mind financing or spending a little more to get a lower emf option, any of the brands on this page are the best fit for that.

  35. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for all of the reviews and explanations, it has made the process up until now very easy for me! I’m ready to buy and the best sauna for me would be the Radiant Health E-2H 2 person BUT, I can’t get anyone to call or email me back!!! What is your experience with customer service from these folks? Since they haven’t responded to a sales inquiry for three weeks, what hope do I have (if I buy from them) of getting a problem resolved? I’m super concerned. On the flip side, Jacuzzi has been ultra attentive and I would have no concerns buying their sauna but I’d have to buy a the 1 person since the 2 person is too wide for the space I have to use and I’d really rather the larger unit.

    • Hi Vivian,

      They’re very responsive, and the nicest sales people in the industry. Generally when folks have a hard time getting prompt service, it’s because they’re not leaving a voicemail with contact details each time they call. If you’re sending emails and not leaving messages when you call, there is no way to match up your phone number to the rest of your contact details in a CRM.

      Surely if it’s more than a couple days of phone tag, something is amiss with your contact info. Also, make sure you’re dialing 1-888 and not 1-800 if calling the right USA or Canada number.

      You’ll be happier in a 2 person if you like a little extra space to move around in.

  36. Matt,

    Thank you for all your work reviewing saunas. We are in contact with Radiant Health and have mentioned your name.
    A few questions (that others may find helpful too) since you have hands on experience.

    1. We are considering either the 1 or 2 person Radiant Health sauna. We are planning to do a mockup but my wife was wondering if she would feel claustrophobic in the 1 person sauna. Since you and I are about the same size, what are your thoughts about the two sauna sizes ?

    2. Regarding shipping, was the sauna dropped shipped at the end of the driveway or delivered to the front of the garage ? Can you estimate the weight of each box on the pallet ? It appears definitely two-persons are needed to move each box.

    3. Your review said it was easy to assemble the Radiant Health sauna. In your opinion, would it also be easy to disassemble if one was to ever move in the future ?


    • Hi Casey,

      1) either will work, the two person is much wider even if only a single person is using it. It’s more comfortable because you have additional space to turn sideways. But sit in a chair with a tape measure, and see how the width feels at different sizes. If cost isn’t an issue, always go one size bigger, it’ll be more comfortable.

      2) box truck delivery with lift gate and pallet jack. They wheel it wherever you want basically, just not in a house. Parking space, garage, by the door, etc…

      3) Yes I’ve moved mine twice already. Have you seen the install video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD746nfkFN8

  37. Hi Matt! Thank you so much for all the research and work you do. I am looking to buy a sauna in the near future, and will definitely tell them you referred me, whichever one I go with. On one of your pages you recommended one of these that you could use on the electric outlet that is standard in a home. I can’t seem to find that info, and that is relevant for me as I am renting my current home and don’t want to have to change any of the wiring here. Let me know which one that is, as I remember you saying there was just one in your top picks that that was an option. Thank you!

    • Hi Camille,

      Any of the two person saunas on this list (and smaller) will work on a standard household outlet in an apartment or home. The space I use for the saunas is leased as well, so I know exactly what you mean… it’s the only reason there aren’t larger saunas in there.

  38. I just installed my 2 person Radiant Health Sauna yesterday. So far, so good! I am happy to report that I have used the sauna twice for 30 minutes @130F without any adverse reactions. I plan to use the sauna once or twice daily to keep the acid mantle on my skin during the winter.

    Thank you so much for all the good work you do in reviewing saunas!

  39. Hello Matt,
    First let me say that your reviews have been very helpful to me as I am in need of a sauna. Dealing with chronic lyme etc etc. I’m interested in getting either the clearlight premier or the is-3. I spoke to your contact person and got a quote of $4299 for the premier is-2. I know that prices change but based on your response to Adam (above) of $3599 in February that’s much more expensive. Please let me know if that’s off in anyway.
    I am not in the position to try out a sauna so can you tell me what the space is like in the is-2? It’s so hard to tell from a photo. Thank you

    • Hi Tasha,

      Yes that’s too high if it’s a base model. Give Radiant a call, it’s pretty much the same sauna but it’ll be cheaper.

      Clearlight should be the lowest ever right now during the current sale, but I never know if customers are comparing the same configuration of models… or if it’s even close at all?

      For example, you can get an IS-2 in basswood, with no extras, for less than your quote. But if another customer specs out cedar wood, added light panel, or additional heater in the front, that’s adding $500 – $1,000 bucks right off the bat. (this doesn’t even consider if one is in Florida, and the other is in Alaska: drastic shipping cost differences) Sure any sauna company might advertise a free shipping promo, but if you’re half way across the country, that $700 shipping fee has to get subsidized from somewhere.

      For both customers in the scenario above, it’s still an IS-2 model in both cases, but I have no way of knowing they’re talking about two highly different specs.

      As for the size, the best thing you can do is use the measurements from the model you want, get a tape measure, lay out some chairs, and simulate the size for how it’ll fit.

  40. Hi Matt
    I bought the sunstream about 18 months ago and found the same thing you did – high electric fields. Did you ever find a way to mitigate those e-fields by modifying the grounding/shielding? Otherwise, I don’t see using it anymore.

  41. Hello Matt,
    Thanks for all of the information and for saving me a lot of time, heartache and MONEY! I was doing a lot of research on Infrared Saunas and almost pulled the trigger to buy a Radiant Sauna until I found you on YouTube and learned that Radiant Saunas and Radiant Health Saunas were two different companies.
    I was also very worried about EMF levels and couldn’t find any saunas with verified “certifications”. I was more at ease when I saw you doing some actual testing. Some of the “Worst” Saunas that you tested were reading 120 mG, WOW! That’s crazy! How can they sell those Saunas legally or with good conscience knowing that over 2.5 mG can be dangerous? And saunas that use particle boards in their construction, off gasses VOC’s, pure evil!
    People are buying these units hoping to increase their health but could be making things much worse if they purchase the wrong unit.
    Thanks again for your work! I purchased the E-2H Radiant Health Sauna and applied the $500 discount. We should be receiving it in 10 days. Can’t wait!
    Gerek & Patti

  42. Hi Matt,
    Hello Matt, I just wanted to let you know that i went ahead and ordered the Radiant Health sauna. I really need something now so it’s best to stop delaying. Thank you so much for what you do. I was all set to buy from a different company until i saw your reviews. Randy was very caring in talking with me.Thanks a million!!!!

  43. We have been using our E-2 Radiant Health for about a month now and absolutely love it. Glad, we went with the bigger one also instead of the single one. So glad I found Matt’s advice.
    The company is coming out with a back rest this next month. Still working on finding out how to use binders effectively.

  44. Hi Matt,

    What do you think of the JNH Lifestyles Ensi Collection 3 person virtually zero EMF Infrared Sauna?
    This is on the Amazon site.
    I’m kinda nervous now to buy from Amazon. Price is $2,500.00

  45. Hi Matt, I am looking into buying an infra red sauna, I looked at your videos and am very impress on everything but my issue is that I am from N-B, Canada and would like to know where I can buy a sauna this part of the world. I am currently looking into buying through Costco. Which one would you recommend ? I am looking into buying a 2 person sauna. Please let me know what are your thoughts .. Thanks ….

    • Hi Gisele,

      I’m not far from you, at Sugarloaf right now. Call Randy at Radiant Health, they are in Canada and can get you something in CAD… the number is on CertifiedSaunas.com if you need it.

  46. Hi Matt,
    Your tireless research is so appreciated!! I recently moved and had to sell my Sunlighten Signature 1, which I purchased in 2014. As you can imagine, the sales people are driving me F***ing nuts, and adding such an unwelcomed amount of stress. I too love how they all claim to be the best and “baddest”.

    I read where you mentioned that Sunlighten are well made but they just don’t mitigate electric fields, so I am
    looking at the Clearlight Premeire, Radiant Health Elite and Coastal Saunas Malibu Models. I do not want to compromise quality and safety and comfort for a piece of junk made in China.

    Do you have a stance on whether or not the sauna should have a front heater or not? I am getting conflicting advice.

    The new Sunlighten boasts 8 heaters (so does the Coastal Malibu, but neither have a front facing one). The Clearlight has a front heater and floor heater, but I am waiting to hear back from them as to how many overall heaters the 1 person model has. I am also waiting to hear back from Radiant Health (not Radiant Sauna), as to how many heaters they have in their 1 person unit as well.

    My 2014 had 6 heaters at 15AMPS and the newer model has 8 heaters at 20AMPS. I believe the other models I mentioned all have 15 AMPS.

    I too was shocked to find a new model (brand not mentioned) that came with a standard 110v socket inside of the model for “charging” IDIOTS!!

    I understand you are extremely busy and I too, along with your many other fans, appreciate your hard work and honest opinions.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Front heaters help, but are not required. All of the saunas I recommend on CertifiedSaunas.com have front heaters as of right now.

      But I wouldn’t gauge the effectiveness by the number of heaters… they may not all be the same size, nor have the same overall surface area. I can’t tell if you are only looking at 1 person saunas, or if you’re checking out several sizes. I think you would be pleased with either the Premier or the Elite.

      • Thank you for the response Matt, to clarify, I am looking at 1 person models.

        I know you recommended the E-2 Radiant Health model. The Radiant Health E-1 model does not have a front facing heater.

        Now I am debating spending another $400 (on a meager Fl. Teacher’s salary) to upgrade to the E-2 model for the front heater. I just wanted to pick your brain if it’s worth $400 to upgrade to a larger unit with the front heater. I know you are bigger than I am (no offense), but even the E-2 model you tested looks small. Ugh, I can’t decide. Logic tells me that the smaller unit probably doesn’t “need” the front heater….but is it worth another $400?

        • Ah! Got it now… yes, I think it’s 100% worth it. It’s simply more comfortable even if you’re only using it alone, and the $400 over the lifetime use is worth it to be more comfy.

          But if you go with the 1 person, no front facing heater is not mandatory, because the side heaters are so much closer to you.

          • Hi Matt,
            I very recently purchased a Sunlighten Signature 2 and delivery is scheduled for next week. I negotiated a pretty good price ($3600) for the cedar model. This morning I heard Clearlight mentioned in a podcast and research brought me this blog. If I stick with Sunlighten, is there anything you recommend doing to mitigate the higher EMFs? Is the difference in EMFs between the two brands significant… enough that I should consider moving to Clearlight?

          • Hi Sarah,

            Sure you could retrofit the entire sauna like I did here to get rid of the electric fields: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFxRsTZlXgk

            Probably not worth the effort though, it’s a lot of work.

            Can’t really answer that…for some folks it’s worth it, for others it’s a waste of time. It really comes down to what’s most important to you when selecting your sauna. If you have zero health issues, I would just keep it and not worry about it… you’ll be fine.

            I guess the price seems fair, I think the last time someone mentioned getting a non cedar Signature 2 on sale it was $3,100 shipped OTD.

  47. Hi Matt- I am researching buying a sauna and came across your information. You have certainly been a huge help to many people with this research! I like the idea of the infrared sauna (vs the traditional) as it seems to be more often recommended. I am interested in the sauna more for generating heat shock proteins than for detoxing. The traditional saunas do get hotter. Have you looked at this issue? Of your 3 favorite infrareds do you know which gets the hottest? Thank you!

    • Hi Heather,

      Sure I’m very familiar with it. But that’s really not the point of an infrared, and if that is your primary goal, buy a 220V steam sauna. (you didn’t mention your application, but hire an electrician to run a dedicated circuit for it, and make sure you have an auxiliary ventilation system installed if it’s indoors in your home)

      For folks that are sick, trying to detox, or if you’re like me and have totally changed the temperature range I use the sauna after two years, then infrared works a little better for more gentle sessions, more frequent use during the week.

      They’re all going to be pretty close on the list, give or take 5 – 10 minutes on the preheat time. But based on what you’re asking for specifically, I would not recommend that you buy one. You’re going to want a 200 degree F sauna for that.

  48. As an add-on to my comment – do any of your 3 favorite brands have a programmable operation feature where you can preset the sauna to be heated up at a certain time of day?

    • Yes, the Radiant Health has a count down timer built in the control panel without using a smartphone app.

      It may or may not be what you’re asking… for instance, if I leave this morning, and want the sauna to start up 8 hours for now, I simply set it to 8 and it’ll be ready when I get home.

        • Hi Suzanne,

          Starting with the sauna off, press power > set desired time and temp > press delay start > add the number of hours until you want it to begin heating up.

          I can make a video for you and throw it on YouTube if you’ll see it?

  49. I have yet to see a picture of a person in the single person Radiant Health sauna it must be really small? Can you even cross your legs in there or do i need a 2 person to move a bit ? Love your site

    • Hi Janice,

      Most people don’t post pictures of themselves in their sauna naked, and post them on the internet… just me. lol jk (hope you get my sense of humor) 😉

      In all seriousness, it’s the same as the two person, just a foot narrower give or take going by the dimensions. Yes, the two person is much more comfortable even for one person, and is the better choice if it’s within your budget. (spending an extra few hundred dollars, to be more comfortable in your home sauna for the nest 15 years, is well worth it in my opinion)

  50. Matt,
    My parents recently bought a Finnleo Dual sauna (has both FIR and steam options). Do you have any experience with this brand or models? I’m intrigued by the flexibility of it but EMF are a major concern. If you don’t have experience with them, do you have a EMF detector/monitor you recommend? I can easily test theirs out to make the decision. I’m just very unfamiliar with what is considered safe and how to judge the information. Otherwise I was looking at Clearlight. I recently was informed of the EMF issue of saunas, previously I had planned to purchase Sunlighten.

    • Hi Toni,

      I sure don’t, but it’s easy to check if you have access to it before buying another one. This meter will work well for that: https://amzn.to/39IWsdD
      From there I can guide you on how to check it out (it’ll be a bit different than infrared with the electric steam heater), just use the contact form and I’ll give you a ring after the meter comes in. (easiest thing is to text you a 30 second video what to do)

  51. High Tech Health saunas use glue in their construction. Also, they test only one heater not the whole sauna (like most companies) so for these two issues their EMF and VOC levels cannot be compared. Matt – did you know this?

    Health Heat Saunas use no glue at all, but rather screws.

    • Hi Jon,

      Somebody’s been paying attention! Good job, looks like you’re on the right track looking for this stuff!

      Every sauna company has a bit of glue in the wall supports, the key is what type. Food safe glues, like Titebond that are safe if swallowed by children, are what you want. The cheap lacquers and adhesives are what I look out for. The Amazon saunas like the Blue Wave one I bought are notorious for this. (you can also smell it as soon as you assemble the sauna)

      You mentioned High Tech Health brand specifically, but I’m not sure what you’re looking for? The Poplar thing is bullshit if that’s what you mean, and it shows on the VOC meter. (I like Hemlock)

      Not sure what you mean? I’m guessing you may not have watched any of the videos… Yes I’m aware, that’s why I do all my own testing. I would never, and will never, trust any sauna company with the shady emf reports again. In fact, I won’t even take their own videos they send over at face value, I have to check it myself or it’s do not pass go time. (several companies have sent emf testing videos in the last month to try and get me to promote their sauna — not. gonna. happen.

      You cannot alter the native environment of a sauna for testing, and then rely on some pretty “report.” This is what 99% of them do.

      Sorry I’ve never heard of a Health Heat, can’t comment, but I wouldn’t want a bunch of screws in mine either?

  52. Whoops.. I meant Heavenly Heat. They don’t have any glues. I realize you have never been in one of these nor tested.

    I had a couple of other questions that I could not find on your blog or videos.

    1. Which woods would you recommend? Which ones do you not?
    2. Why are many companies moving to carbon heaters? I have read it is because they are less expensive so profit driven. I have also heard it is because ceramic heaters have cold spots – but this is in old ceramic technology. Have you ever experienced cold spots?

    • Ah! Yes of course, looked at them way back but they were not mitigating electric fields. However, I spoke to Oram Miller last week, and apparently he worked with them to lower that at some point… but I couldn’t say from personal experience, haven’t looked into them since the first time.

      I like Hemlock: clean, hardly any smell, durable. Basswood, cedar (as long as MCS), poplar, etc… are all fine in my book. I just don’t like overly strong Basswood smell, personal preference. VOC wise, most of the claims from sauna companies are bologna. Clean wood is clean wood, either it’s of decent quality of it’s not. (if you want to see terrible quality with questionable lumber, hop in a JNH)

      I would say all of the above is true. Number one is they’re easier to build and ship, simply because of a shallow depth. I personally liked the ceramics when I used them, just because of the intensity. But I use carbon because it’s more comfortable and consistent throughout the cabin, and I don’t have to move my body around like I used to with the ceramics.

      The cold spots are very real, especially in brands with models like Therasauna without front heaters. (not picking on them, any ceramic without side or front heaters, will suffer from extreme heat on the back, cool on the front. They’re highly directional.)

  53. Hey Matt, Thanks for all your helpful information. I contacted David today and told him you referred me.

    He gave me pricing for a Cedar IS-2 for $4599 included sales tax & delivery. Is that the correct discount pricing?

    I know they are running an extended president sale now and that’s the same as the sale pricing. Does your discount still include a backrest or anything else?

    • Hey Jason,

      I really don’t know, can’t keep track of each company’s regular prices, sale pricing, etc… especially for the companies that offer configuration options and add-ons. (I never know if two customers are comparing the same config when throwing out different price quotes: wood type, extra lights, accessory heater, etc… each change the price for the same model number)

      Usually it depends on where you’re shipping it: meaning, even if any company is advertising free shipping, sale price, whatever, nothing is truly free… It costs quite a chunk to ship a 300 + lb pallet across the country, so it’s getting subsidized somewhere.

      I don’t know for certain, but in some cases, I think some companies can get away with offering a cheaper price to someone that’s say – one state over, versus me being in Maine right now for example. Make sense?

      David has always been a straight shooter, he should be very up front about the bonuses you can get. Yes it should come with that.

  54. Matt, could the Reliant Health sauna be safely housed in my attached garage, or is it recommended to locate it inside the home? Thank you for your help!

    • Hey Rachel,

      Never heard of that brand, sorry I don’t know anything about it. Sure, saunas work great in garages, so long as you’re not in a cold climate and let it freeze in there. (needs to be room temperature to work well)

  55. Hi, Matt. Thanks for all your fabulous research. Of the 3 brands you recommended in this post, can I order any size and have the same low EMF etc or does it only apply to the sizes you featured?

  56. Hi Matt,
    I am happy to have found your website with all questions and answers.

    Full spectrum vs. far infrared???

    I had been leaning and am leaning toward Jacuzzi Clearlight brand, full spectrum. The ability to have the Near sounds very “healing” as well, and the reviews on their site looks like it also.

    However when starting now to look at High Tech Health, I found that they talk very negatively about full spectrum and that there are only deterrents to having near infrared included.

    What are you “findings” on this subject, if any?
    (I am also looking into Radiant Health now, as you have also recommended.
    Thank you!

  57. Hi Matt,
    Super grateful for all of the information you give us on these saunas. You’ve noted in various vids that the Radiant Health saunas are really easy to assemble. I’m wondering, are they just as easy to disassemble? I’m eager to place an order for either a Radiant Health or Clearlight Premier ‘2 seater,’ but will likely be relocating to another state in a year or so. Do you have any thoughts on the ease of the disassembly and reassembly process for either of these? Thanks much!

  58. So it turns out your “direct contact” David Drimmel at Clearlight Sauna is not at Clearlight Sauna but rather at an independent business “Healevations.” You should include this important fact on your website so your readers are not mislead.

    • Hi Jay, you’re 100% right, I apologize I’m just behind on making these updates. I’ll shoot a couple videos talking about this specifically, but until I can get them uploaded I’ll try to clear this up below:

      In early 2020 Clearlight Headquarters started using a call center to take customer calls. In years past, they never ever did this, and you would get a knowledgeable rep every time you called in. This was super important, because usually people are comparing saunas, worried about installation, etc… and don’t want to pick the wrong thing, only to find out once it arrives.

      I started getting complaints from you guys, saying customer service agents are reading from a script, not knowing anything about model specifics and how it would work in their homes, weren’t knowledgeable about other brands, etc… (making customers feel like they’re talking to a robot, and not getting accurate information) I started getting emails asking why would I recommend a place like this?

      I wasn’t aware this was happening. It reflects badly on everyone, and it is my mistake for not catching it sooner.

      David was my head guy at Clearlight, but moved to Colorado and left the HQ in late 2019. After relocating he set up his own whole house health company (Healevations.com), and became a sauna dealer for Clearlight. Now I send everyone to him even though he’s a dealer, so the customer experience will be just as it used to be. For years he was honest, treated customers with respect, no pushy sales malarkey, and had a wide knowledgeable to answer any of your sauna questions. (and I never got any complaints)

      Now when you buy your Clearlight sauna from Healevations, it’ the same guy answering the phone and helping you as it was when I made the reviews… just as a dealer instead of an employee at the HQ. If this doesn’t jive with you, you’re still free to purchase your Clearlight sauna from wherever you like… there’s no pressure here. I just don’t want to be responsible for people having a terrible experience based on a recommendation I make. (this is why I can’t stand Sunlighten’s reps. Do you want someone calling you everyday until you buy? I don’t, so I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys either.)

      To the others who chimed in wondering if there’s an extra incentive for me to send folks to David at Healevations, instead of Clearlight Direct? Nope, the the saunas, price, availability and shipping, etc… is the same. They price match like everyone else, and no additional kickback for me. Just way better service, and I don’t get any complaints from you guys when dealing with David like I do from the HQ. You can verify this yourself pretty easily by calling both and just asking for OTD shipping quote to your city.

      (special note – this goes against what I said in 2018 Clearlight videos about NOT buying from Clearlight Dealers, and only buying from Clearlight Direct. Unfortunately this has changed two years later, and I have no control over how these companies operate. Furthermore, there is no way to edit those YouTube videos and change the recommendation, I’m sorry for anyone that had a bad experience in 2020 with Clearlight direct. The product is still good, just working on how you can get it without hassles.)

      P.S. – for those that are skeptical and emailed me about it, do this: call both Clearlight HQ and David. The coupon code works at both places, and see who gives you the best price and answers your questions with better service. If anyone gives you a hard time ANYWHERE, email me here and I’ll help you personally.

  59. Hi Matt, thank you for highlighting this information. I’m in Melbourne, Australia and have been speaking with Sunlighten. I would love a Infrared Sauna to help get my health back but need to ensure I am buying the right one. Sunlighten have sent me the paperwork showing they use solocarbon heating technology and its been independently tested and had clinical trails to prove the efficacy of the infrared heaters. These tests have proven that they have 95-99% emissivity. They tell me All other saunas don’t have these independent tests and often use ceramic heaters which are not good. They also mentioned all other Saunas come from the same factory in China. They have their own factory. It’s difficult to know what to believe. Sunlighten’s saunas are very expensive! More than twice as expensive as others.
    Have you looked into these claims? Have Clearlight had independent testing for Emissivity (the amount of beneficial infrared being produced by the infrared heater)?

    • Hi Lorraine,

      This is all bullshit… every sauna company does this. (“buy ours because it’s the best, does XYZ that no other sauna does, blah blah blah…”)

      This fires me right up! Ceramic saunas have helped people for YEARS before carbon emitters came along. To say that they’re not good or offer little to no benefit is nonsense all the way back to 1997. I can’t comment on independent testing, ever since I tested a Sunlighten M Pulse myself which reads over 15mg of EMF… Yet, Sunlighten has “independent testing” showing it’s low emf. (needless to say, I’m done with those “reports.” As always, check for yourself, the videos are on YouTube.)

      Not really, I get a hold of the saunas and try them myself. It’s the only way to see through the smoke and mirrors. Clearlight is much lower than Sunlighten emf wise if that’s important to you. If not, either one works well, I’ve used them both.

  60. Matt, Thank you for all your good work. Do you think it would be possible to add an electric heater such as a Finnleo heater in a Radiant Health Sauna to increase the temp. to 174 degrees. ? THKS.

    • Hi Leland,

      Absolutely. This is likely wouldn’t be supported by most sauna companies, but I’ve done everything from adding a space heater, to putting 1500 watts of additional heat inside. You can also add 500 watts of heat using heat lamp bulbs for less than $100 bucks. Not what you’re looking for exactly, but might get the gears turning for ideas. Search on youtube: “how to add nir to any fir sauna”

  61. Hi Matt I bought a clear light sauna thought it had red light therapy. Now they are offering red light as an add on. Feel like I got mislead and cheated. Why is it called infra red if no red light therapy. Never got a response

    • Hi Judy,

      Not sure what you mean exactly, but I’m happy to help you out however I can. Did you buy a full spectrum sauna, or you bought a sauna with chromotherapy and are disappointed expecting something else?

      This is one of the reasons I recommend folks AVOID BUYING a full spectrum sauna (or any light upgrade gadgets for that matter, you don’t need it.) Far infrared is the real workhorse in any infrared sauna, which if you bought a Clearlight sauna, you have… so I wouldn’t be too disappointed, they’re great saunas. (even though I don’t know which model you got, won’t matter)

      Infrared is past the visible light spectrum to the human eye. You cannot see it. But I’m sorry if someone told you differently, creating some other expectation?

      Who sold you this thing? Send me their name and number, I’ll give them a call and make sure they’re not bullshitting people. If so, I can put up a notice to avoid them.

      P.S. – to everyone else that may come across this other than Judy… there are VERY specific recommendations listed above, and on CertifiedSaunas.com for which person to ask for when you call in to buy your sauna. This is why.

  62. Hi Matt. Thank you for the wonderful information. It was so helpful to learn about the potential harm of infrared sauanas sold by Costco. Could you please advise on which sauna would be the best to choice for metal detoxication? We are choosing between Clearlight and Raidant Health. Also, we live in Canada, and were wondering if the same contacts, you recommend, and dicosunts would apply to the Canadian locations.

    • Sorry Judy, what added on red lights? In a Sanctuary they claim you do. (I do not subscribe to this way of thinking though)

      Need to you be really specific — I still don’t even know which model you bought?

  63. Hi, I’ve just purchased a sauna that was advertisted as a sunlighten however when i recieved it its actually branded sunlight. I am hard pressed to find any info on this brand, can you help me at all?
    thank you

    • Hi Emily,

      Sunlight is Sunlighten. “Sunlight Saunas” was the original name when the company was founded… that they shut down and left all their customers hanging with broken saunas, instead of warrantying them out. Later re-branded as “Sunlighten Saunas” which is currently operated today… or so I was told. (this was 10 plus years ago, I don’t know, wasn’t around back then)

      You can look this up yourself somewhere I believe, ripoffreport, yelp, or similar…

  64. Hi Matt

    I wanted to say Thank you for your all your research/ hard work , videos & honest reviews. I’m so happy with my Radiant Heath sauna!! We have had it for about two months and been using it four times a week for about 30 mins.. Shannon was great to work with and we got the $500 Matt dis out! my husband & I watched your assembling of the sauna video and followed the steps ( read the instructions as well ) it took us two hours from unboxing to the finished product. It is very well made, beautiful wood and no glue and hardly any screws!! Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

  65. Does radiant health make an effective single person dome sauna similar or better than sunlighten single person dome sauna? Tom Larson

    • Hi Tom,

      No they do not, but we’re working on bringing one to market as of last week. Should have a prototype in my hands shortly (2 weeks’ish?), then 3 months lead time on production/delivery.

      More importantly, which domes have you used, and what is your criteria for it being more effective at reaching your health goals? If too much for a comment/or a private matter, you can shoot me an email on the contact form at the bottom of this page here: https://cleverleverage.com/contact/

  66. Hello Matt,
    Clearlight do a cheaper baseline model. Its the Essential 2 person.

    It is cheaper than the premier. Do you have any understanding of the EMF levels / quality of this model.

    Tony (UK)

    • Hi Tony,

      I would like to say the internal components are the same, but I wouldn’t want to assume without checking it myself.

      This was one of the problems with another brand I used to promote back in 2018. They advertised low emf across the board, but were showcasing the US version… meanwhile the 50hz version wasn’t the same, especially elf.

      They should be able to check it for you prior to purchasing… takes 5 minutes. (I’m working on a quick private video series for you guys this week, so anyone can check any sauna, in less than 5 minutes.)

  67. Matt,
    Thank you so much for your help and encouragement concerning purchase of a Radiant Health sauna. Your video on the assembly made it so easy to put together. I’m in a routine of walking or workout, then sauna and a cold shower 🥶. Perfect! Thanks again!

  68. I can’t believe I’m writing this but here I go. I’m in the market for a sauna for detox (lyme, metals, mold). My doc recommended HTH and Sunlighten. I contacted Sunlighten and within minutes received a phone call. one of the first things she told me was HTH’s poplar and hemlock woods are TOXIC and sent me a link to wood databases showing allergic sensitivities to both woods. I’m almost embarrassed that I’m talking about this stuff and never realized the sauna sales market was so cut throat. Thoughts on poplar and hemlock being “toxic?”

    • Hey Brandon, I’ve done a bunch of videos on this, have you checked youtube already? I wouldn’t worry about it, every sauna company has something to say about the other… my poplar and hemlock saunas don’t affect me at all when using them back to back.

  69. On in the process on a viral health sauna this company seems very good and low ON EVERYTHING too,they were the only one that can ship me one to pr and w low shipping and paid part of it too life warranty low cost for a ceder love it and i know is gonna help me alot too,good BBB AND CUSTOMER SERVICE AWESOME CAN TALK TO THEM LIKE FAMILY. HAD DISCOUNTS AND FREE NICE GIFTS TOO SAVINGS OVER $700.🥰,this company for 2 person clearlight saunaS RIPOFFS THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME$7,000 W A PARTNER HERE IN PR SHAME ON YOU.

  70. Hello Matt and thank you for all the information!!!

    If you do not have the space for a sauna unit what would you suggest as far as a good low emf sauna blanket sauna bag?

  71. Hi Matt!
    Thanks so much for all that you do! Do you have a comparison chart to show the EMF reading differences in the Radiant Health Sauna 2 person model vs the Clearlight Premier 2 person model? Trying to decide between the two and this is important to me. Also, what are the main differences between the two? Thank you!!

  72. HI Matt,
    I’m in the UK, do you know if Radiant Health sells them or ships them over here? I know Clearlight sells theirs here in the UK & EU via one distributor (2 guys with web the Sauna show). I am not sure but are Radiant Health saunas made in Canada? and Clearlight in the USA or China? Been watching some of your reviews, which have been great. Thanks! 🙂

  73. Hello Matt,
    Thank you so much for doing this blog and sharing it with us. It may be in que questions above (you have quite a lot) but have you tried the Jacuzzi and/or Medical Sauna?

  74. Matt,
    Thanks for all the great information I have 1 guestion.
    I’m doing a addition on my house that’s going to take 6 months but I don’t want to wait until then to buy my sauna.
    I’m in between Radiant health and clear light. Is moving the sauna a big deal after using it for 6 months.
    Is one better than the other when having to move the sauna.

  75. Hello Matt and Thank you so very much for this abundance of information. I was curious if there were any new findings or options since you started this review/blog a couple of years ago. I have two different cancers and have tried researching and learning about Saunas but was struggling trying to understand. I do know that a sauna may be beneficial for cancer. I was curious if there was any information or preference toward a model for cancer patients. I have yet to go watch the you tube videos (I just found this article). I will be reaching out to your direct contacts. Thank you again.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Yes it’s continually updated, but I leave the old comments for context over the years.

      Sorry to hear, generally we look for a super clean sauna for this situation… mostly low voc, low emf, etc… whatever will avoid adding unnecessary stress to the nervous system. Fasting, stem cell treatment, ozone, and blood zapper also come to mind depending.

      • Hi Matt. Thanks for all the good information. I do believe that from what you’ve said, we’d be happier with LEMF heaters on all four sides, right? We got a plan for a custom built from one company that doesn’t have heat panels in front of the seating area, just sides, back and behind legs.
        Personally, I’m thinking that two facing the seating area, one low and the other at chest level would be appropriate.
        Let us know what you think.
        Dave & Nancy in AK

        • Hey Guys,

          Sounds about right. I’d put heaters in the front if you can swing it, but it’s not the end of the world if not. Without them, I’d pay attention to how far away your seating position is to the others… tighten it up if you can, it’ll increase performance.

  76. Hi Matt
    What’s your opinion on having heaters on the wall across from the seating area? Are they necessary or recommended? It’s a small 4′ x 6′ with the seat along the 6′ side. The company that’s designing it has heaters across the back and calf level, and also on the sides, but nothing facing the front. Are we going to be sorry we don’t have heaters “surrounding” us?

    • Hi Dave,

      Absolutely yes if you’re building a sauna from scratch. No reason not to have some frontal infrared if you have the option while building a custom sauna.

  77. Hi there!
    Do you know anything about Finmark Designs? My doctor’s office uses one and curious how you might rate it. Thanks!

  78. Looking for some expert advice around a specific brand of sauna, Good Health. I’m curious if you have any experience using and testing this line of sauna? My wife is a breast cancer survivor, and I want to look at the safest option on the market. The sales team at Good Health is pretty persuasive, but I’d welcome your professional unbiased assessment.

    • Hi Paul,

      This is not a sauna brand you’d find on the certified sauna list. I have my own testing, which is very different than taking a single heater out and shipping it to a lab (incredibly misleading, but almost every company does it).

      Just based off of the report you’re sharing here, and not my opinion… you can see a single heater has between 292 – 481 v/m of electric fields. This will compound when you put the sauna back together, and the body is subjected to the other 5 heaters inside the sauna.

      Magnetic fields appear low from their testing, but my test results are different when you account for the wiring in the walls, 6-8 heaters total, control panel, power supply, and lighting.

      All of that gets left out when you look at a test report from a sauna company that uses lab testing. (the sauna isn’t put together and tested in it’s native operating environment… which is what your body will be in.) There’s also generally a small spike on one part of the heater where the cable terminal connects or temp sensor is placed… nothing to be alarmed about, but people will use this for fear marketing if you’re not paying attention. (for example, a competing sauna company will tell you Good Health Saunas are trash because of this little spike… that’s horseshit, they don’t even know what they’re talking about.)

      For me personally, these test reports have become almost worthless at gauging whether or not a sauna is a good fit.

      All that said, if this were my family, I would not put any cancer survivor in this unit. The body voltage is simply too high. However, there are plenty of reports of folks using this brand, and others like it that test similarly, without issue.

      **edit – made my answer more comprehensive since many people have asked about this. Hopefully this will make more sense for the next folks who come across this.

      By the way, cancer seems to be asked about a lot lately. I would prioritize your sleeping environment being low EMF over everything else if you or your family are dealing with that. Two main reasons why: 1) the exposure limit is high compared to something like sauna for example… meaning sleep 8 hours in that environment, vs less than an hour in sauna. 2) Rest and repair cycle is critical for the body to maintain homeostasis under normal circumstances. Even more so when dealing with health issues.


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