List Of Certified Saunas For You Guys – Sorry About Delay!


I’ve been away from the computer trying to get more testing done in the garage. Sorry haven’t been able to reply to everyone!  Taken 02/11/2019

Hey guys, I’m sorry I had to take down the sauna review videos for a short while.  I am working on getting them back up, it’s just slow going while also doing the current pallet shipments too.  I have to choose between being at the computer to update the content, or get in the garage and handle all these pallets so I can get the testing done. Anyway, in the meantime so you’re not in the dark, I put together the shortlist of infrared saunas that are guaranteed to be safe. (that I have personally tested myself)

I threw this together for you today 02/12/2019, so please don’t expect the holy grail with all the pictures, vids, etc…

Every sauna brand listed below, I have personally tested with 4 EMF meters myself. I can’t show you the videos yet for the ultimate proof, they still have to edited. But if I were buying a sauna for my mother, children, or anyone fighting a disease, it would be one of these three brands.

All of the brands listed on this page mitigate electric fields, which is what most sauna companies are lying about. (other companies will tell you their sauna is low emf, show you the levels using a gaussmeter only, and then not even test the electric fields. They never show you the body voltage either, which would reveal the high electric fields. Consumers are being duped left and right…)

I have personally tested the following models from each brand: Clearlight Premier IS-2, Radiant Health 2 Person, and the High Tech Health TR2.

All three brands have magnetic fields below 1mg in the seated position, electric fields below 200 v/m, and body voltage of less than 200 millivolts.

The saunas I bought from Coscto & Amazon that were supposed to be “low emf”, some models had up to 100mg magnetic fields in them… Downright awful.

This is the list of safe saunas so far from all the testing:

Radiant Health


  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Zero presence of RF radiation (no bluetooth from the stereo either! Awesome!!)
  • The easiest sauna I’ve ever put together
  • Love the fact that the floor has a tile insert, so you never have to worry about sweat dripping down your feet into the wood ever again.
  • Has a bench heater under your seat, so it feels like a towel warmer in a fancy hotel when you get in


  • None really, compared to what’s out there. It does take 30 mins to heat up into the 130’s F, but for something that’s safe for children, elderly, or anyone fighting disease, it’s worth the wait.

Price range:  $3,300 – $6,100

More Info: RH Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact:  Randy Gomm

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544

Clearlight Premier



  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Good quality for the money
  • Available in most countries, including UK, NZ, AU
  • Good warranty



  • Same, none really. Great sauna for the price, good adequate heater coverage like the others, same preheat time, etc…
  • I don’t believe in the need for full spectrum, but this is my personal opinion. Most will try to upsell you to full spectrum, but FIR is doing the real workhorse in any sauna



Price range: $3,099 – $5,999

More Info: CL Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact:  David Dremmel

Direct phone number:  1-800-798-1779 ext. 870

High Tech Health


  • Ultra low emf
    • low magnetic fields, low electric fields, and low body voltage
  • Poplar wood is great for chemically sensitive people (if not sensitive, lumber is not a selling point in opinion)
  • More spacious than most saunas
  • I like the front angled heater design, something you don’t find in most ceramic saunas



  • The most difficult sauna I’ve put together to date
  • 3 separate power controls for sauna, lights, and radio
  • Most expensive



Price range: $4,000 – $7,000

More Info: HTH Saunas

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”

My direct contact: Emery Hills

Direct phone number: 1-303-413-8500  ext. 813

I can’t stand annoying sales people, and when I was buying a sauna for the first time, it seemed like everywhere I called said their sauna was “the best” and were super high pressure… so ridiculous!  I put my direct contact for each above, since each one has been super down to earth with me, and weren’t pushy at all.  You can simply call and use their extension for a low key sales experience.

Which sauna is right for you?

The truth is, you cant go wrong with any of them. They’re all good saunas, and I’d have any of them in my home, buy them for my family, recommend them to friends, etc…

My number one gripe with the sauna industry, is that no one is policing the EMF claims, and until the FTC steps in and starts regulating the industry, anyone can say anything they want. Sauna companies are regularly caught claiming lower levels than they should, deferring to third party emf reports (which I think are absolutely nuts!), not mitigating electric fields, and no one tests body voltage.  Well I have, and these three make the cut.

If if I had to pick a sauna today that would be the right fit for most people, I’d go with the Radiant Health. It’s the best blend of build quality, and the lowest EMF of any sauna I’ve ever tested. It’s also the easiest sauna I’ve put together, which doesn’t mean much for me, but I know that is a really important point for a lot of you.

If budget is a concern, the Clearlight Premier is a little bit cheaper, and still low emf. The High Tech Health is great for uber chemically sensitive people that have to have Poplar, but the assembly is a bit more cumbersome. Both the Radiant Health and Clearlight are also low VOC, I just wouldn’t get Cedar if you have chemical sensitivities. (I do not, I sauna just fine in any wood, and my preference is only based on smell)

Overall, the Radiant Health takes the cake thus far with the tile floor… Very nice feature!  I reserve the right to change this opinion in the future, but I stand by my EMF testing 100%.  ANY of these saunas are safe for your family, and by me saying I like one over the other, is personal preference.  ALL of them are perfectly safe, good quality units, from good companies that will be around for the long haul if you ever need anything.

They do track my referrals, so please tell them I sent you. If I build up enough clout, hopefully I can get some more sauna models to test for free in the future, instead of having to buy them all. (full disclosure, I did try to get these saunas for free, but unfortunately none of these models listed above were given to me. I got a discount on a couple, but it cost me over $10k just to be able to publish this one page and personally verify the emf levels on these 3 saunas alone)

Have more questions I didn’t hit?  Use the comment system below to ask, I usually respond within 24 hours….


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  1. Hi Matt! Thank you so much for calling me back today and giving 40 minutes of your time to help answer my questions! My husband and I are truly grateful for that and for all that you’ve invested to provide this honest & unbiased review for consumers! You rock! May God bless you for your kindness and heartfelt concern for others!

    To Health,
    Erika 🙂

  2. If you already have a sauna with higher EMF ratings, is it possible to put some type of insulating material in to lower the EMF?

      • Hi Matt,

        More of a general question as I saw someone that had one of the Costco models and we were discussion whether there was anything you could do about it. Thanks for your response!

          • Do you know what the difference is in manufacturing that causes one to generate higher emf than another? Very interesting stuff!

          • Yes, but it’s divided into 3 parts. EMF is not just one thing…

            • Magnetic Fields: power supply, control panels, motors, etc…
            • Electric Fields: transformers, wiring, heaters, etc…
            • RF Radiation: Bluetooth, wifi, etc…

            Body Voltage is a whole different animal, but a great way to double check an environment. You cannot have low body voltage in the presence of high electromagnetic fields.

  3. Matt, thanks again for the info. I’ve been in contact with Clearlight and their pricing was at the very top of your range. I didnt speak with Mr. Dremmel but wondered how you arrived at that range?

    • Hi Adam,

      Most companies do change their prices, and/or run sales quite often… I can’t keep up with it, so I just put a range that should be fairly close.

      Starting with the cheapest, a Clearlight Premier 1 person is around $3,100’ish, all the way up to the most expensive Clearlight Sanctuary 4 person at around $5,900’ish. All other sizes are all over the map price wise within that range. (I don’t know if there’s shipping for you, tax, or whatever fees depending on where you are in the world. Location matters. Some companies include shipping, others don’t, etc…)

      P.S. – after typing all that out, I just realized you said you DID NOT speak with David. Maybe that’s why you didn’t get the price???

      • All good! I DID just get off the phone with David and he gave me the sale price. One thing worth noting for anyone else reading this….the 2 person models are high in demand and there may be a delay (currently shipping in June). However, the IS-3 version is not significantly more in cost and are in stock.

        • Shew, I thought something was amiss! The IS-2 should be $3,599 today, which is on the lower end of that range, and what most people buy since it works on a 15 amp circuit. If that’s not the case or someone is jerking you around, let me know and I will take care of it.

          • Thats the price they offered me, and thats the basswood not the cedar. Which again neither will ship till June. The only 1, 2, or 3 person unit they have in stock is the IS-3 in cedar. 4,490.00 (after applying your discount).

          • Wanted to follow up…

            Received my sauna, clearlight IS-3, Monday. Definitely takes two people to carry in the boxes, but I suppose you could unbox and carry in the panels individually. Anyway, I put it together by myself in about 90 minutes, again def recommend two people.

            Its well built for sure and goes together tightly in a snap!

  4. Sally Randolph on

    Matt- I couldn’t find a way to search your site, so thought I’d just ask…have you reviewed or have thoughts on outdoor infared saunas? I was going to “save money” and purchase an indoor (Costco or Amazon) until I found your page! ( Thank you!!) so now that the budget needs to triple to get a safe sauna, my ideal location is actually outside but I figured I’d see what you knew in that arena first.

    • Hi Sally,

      No I haven’t yet, been thinking about it though for a property in Maine. Clearlight is the only one I know of that makes an outdoor sauna with a real roof, weather resistant siding, etc… You didn’t mention where you’re located, but you may want to look into a barrel sauna as well. If it’s in the north, an infrared sauna is going to take a while to heat unless it’s super well insulated, and a steam sauna might serve you better if it’s really cold and must be outside.

  5. Hi Matt, thanks for doing his post and updating as i am trying to make a decision. One thing i was confused about is in one review you bash Radiant Saunas and in this one you recommend Radiant Health saunas highly. Are these two different manufacturers? Weird that they are so close in name if so. When I do a search for Radiant Health saunas, all the Radiant Saunas on Amazon come up. Can you clarify. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Matt, thanks for all this great work on testing saunas and sharing what you have learned. I have two questions. Is the discount code you offer for the Clearlight saunas suppose to give $500 off? They said it would only give $100 off but it may be because they are already having a sale for $400 off. Also, you mention Clearlight as a good company to buy from in one section of your website but it isn’t listed as having a review in another section of your site. Just wanted to clarify because I am planning on purchasing one right away. Thanks very much!!

    • Hi Renee,

      I’m not really sure, they change the sales far too often for me to keep track of the prices, sorry! But if you talk to David, he’s very honest and straightforward, and will make sure you get the best deal possible. Hmm, I’ll have to check… lots of old content on this blog that needs updating. If I had to guess, I would say that there isn’t a review of the Sanctuary model, only the Premier. I’m a stickler for the reviews, and won’t just do a generic “Clearlight review.”

  7. Hello Matt! I am so happy you have taken the time to review some many saunas. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of or ever tried the infrared saunas made by GHS? After reading what I’ve learned from you, are fake consumer reports, I’m scared to buy. We just put half down last night and I’m now wondering if we’ve been scammed.

    • Hi Luv,

      Never heard of it. Just ask what the magnetic and electric fields are. If low, should be fine…

      Can’t make heads or tails of the reviews I could find:

      If the 1 person is really $4,399, that is pretty damn expensive for a single person run of the mill sauna.

  8. Hi Matt, Thank you so very much for your brilliant reviews – other than Oram Miller’s site this is the only place I’ve found good, honest and truly independently tested EMF/ELF readings. Can you please tell me whether you get good front coverage in any of these models? I’ve been using a sauna blanket, so full 360 coverage, these cubicles don’t seem to have much facing you. But with 78 v/m readings inside the blanket I’m not keen to use it anymore – I’m assuming that’s not good for anyone!

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thanks! Well nothing is going to feel like a blanket, but you’re also way too close to the emitters in an environment like that. All three have some form of frontal infrared, some with larger heaters than others, but I get a good full body sweat in all of them. Preheat times are low, takes about 30 minutes to heat up into the 130’s Fahrenheit, and pretty much everyone sweats at that temp and up. (usually even lower)

      • Hi Matt

        Thanks so much for replying.

        I love the look of the Radiant Health Sauna as it is so amazing and looks like better body coverage, you mention it’s the easiest to build (I’m not that handy), but can’t get a reply from them about whether they sell in the UK. Do you have any idea?

        If not, would you say Clearlight is just as good?

        I’m assuming as none feature here that none of the more portable devices are truly low on EMF/ELF?

        Wishing you continuing health and many blessings for all that you share here – I’ve only just read more about you and it is such a kindness that you do for us all sharing your wisdom. Losing health can be such an exhausting journey, it’s incredible that you do what you do and I’m sure everyone who comes here appreciates you greatly.

        Very best wishes


  9. Hi 👋
    My husband and I are starting a Cryo business and would like to know your thoughts on the Jacuzzi Sanctuary 3 or the J & L Sauna. We look forward to your suggestions we are looking to purchase 3 units to start with.

    • Hi Teresa,

      No that’s probably not something I would test again. I like the idea of the salt walls, but not a fan of whitelabel imported saunas. Just ask what the electric fields are, in addition to the magnetic. If they’re low, you should be good. If they don’t know, or give you a bunch of lines, you know to avoid. (there should me multiple measurements for EMF, not just one)

  10. I cannot believe I haven’t come across your site before. I have MS/Lyme and got a sauna from a salon that was closing because the price was right. I had gone back and forth with Sunlighten but didn’t buy due to price. Is there anyway I can send you what we bought for opinion? I’m now quite concerned about bad exposure making me sicker. I too had all my amalgams removed to aid in healing.

      • Matt,

        Dynamic TU6310-40 Infrared Sauna from Golden Designs. Address is in Canada.

        Yes. Well. I have multiple co-infections and herx has been present in almost all my alternative treatments. Over 70% of patients using sauna treatment experience herx. After reading your site I wanted to be sure my model wasn’t do harm along with good.

        Thank you so much.

          • Thank you very much. Looks like I need a new sauna for treatments. I will be getting one of these 3 you reviewed. Just more money…yay. Thanks again for all the info and education on your site. Great to have people like you.

  11. I don’t see Vital Health Saunas reviewed. Is there a reason? Seems like another potential poor performer, but was curious what your opinion is.

    • Hi Michael,

      Man, people keep asking about this sauna this week… I see they have a strong Adwords campaign, but that’s about it. No idea where the interest comes from…

      Anyhow, they’re welcome to send me one for testing, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna buy one just to see what the electric fields and body voltage are from having an internal electrical outlet right where you sit on the bench. Generally, this is a no-no if you’re looking to compete with the ultra low emf certified saunas.

      Without even sitting in it, it’s almost physically impossible for it to test even remotely close to the certified saunas, unless they’re using mu’cable. (I see no mention of this, and most people don’t even know what this is, so I highly doubt it)

      But doesn’t mean you have to rule it out for yourself… just ask them what the emf levels are, and if the electric/magnetic fields and BV are low, buy it!

      Electric fields should be well under 200 v/m at the heaters
      Magnetic should be under 1 mg in the seated position
      Should have low to Zero RF
      Body voltage should be under 200 millivolts

      If you get some canned response like “oh the emf is low, here’s a picture of a trifield meter” on a single setting, then you know it’s bullshit and probably best to avoid. (someone has sent me something like that before in email… I won’t even look at it, waste of time. There are 3 types of potential EMF in any sauna, no matter the brand.)

      It looks like only $400 less than a Radiant Health from what I can tell? so I don’t see the cost savings being worth it for me personally. But I’m open to posting some review videos of it if someone tests it thoroughly.

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