Are Cheap Emachines Laptops A Pile Of Shit? Better Alternatives??

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Are E-Machines a Steaming Pile of Crap?

When you are looking to find a computer on a tight budget you might have seen some advertising for an e-machine. Don’t take the bait. These companies use outdated parts and most of their computers only come with Windows 7. Yes, it is true that a lot of these computers are only around one hundred bucks, but what kind of computer can you really buy for a cool Benjamin? In the world of computers, it is very hard to find something fast, efficient, and cheap; however, today we have found a few other good options for those of you on that tight budget. We are going to be looking at different types of refurbished computers and I will be telling you if they are worth forking out the dough or not, but whatever you do, DO NOT GET AN E-MACHINE. I always like to give you guys the facts to support my claims and before we have a look at some other better options I will run you through the specs of a typical e-machine.

Pricing last updated on 2021-09-16 - Disclaimer

This model is one that I found on Amazon and it is called the AMD Athlon II X2 220. It comes with the X2 220 2.8 gigahertz dual core processor and three gigabytes of DDR3 Ram. Do you guys remember when DDR3 was the next biggest thing? It has been a while and most current games or newer software would probably not even run on this machine. Three gigabytes of outdated ram? They try to catch you off guard in the description by telling you that this machine comes with a whopping one terabyte hard drive for storage, but they forget to mention the actual speed of the hard drive.

Additionally, if you keep reading you will also find out that they try to further hook the gullible tech newbie by throwing in an old graphics card from Nvidia. The specific model in this machine is the Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE, and um I hate to break it to you guys but Nvidia models are up in the 1080’s now. This thing is definitely at least a few years old and probably would have a hard time even running Angry Birds. Still not convinced? A curious customer asked on the customer questions and answers section of this page if this would be capable of running Mine Craft, and the answer will probably surprise you. The person answering the question specifically stated, “The GPU was incapable of handling anything besides solitaire”. Still wanting to buy one of these things? I sure the hell hope you aren’t. All you will be getting from this company is a big box of disappointment. Just for good measure I will review one more of these garbage cans, and then give you guys some real tech deals that will serve your needs while still on a budget.

This e-machine is also offered through Amazon and it is a solid two hundred and nineteen bucks. With this crappy purchase you can expect a 1.3 gigahertz dual core processor with another version of Windows 7, and an integrated graphics card? Hah, the person asking the previous question was right folks, and the only thing you will be running is probably solitaire. Well, you might be able to open up internet explorer if you’re lucky. It also only comes with two gigabytes of RAM and five hundred gigabytes of hard drive space. It really looks to me like that this company puts in hard drives with decent space and just throws a ton of other crap parts into the machine itself. Alright, I am ready to move on to the better alternatives, and I hope you guys are too!

5 Better Affordable Options To Emachines Laptops

HP 8100 Refurbished From Amazon

First on our list for better alternatives is the HP 8100 model from Amazon. For five dollars less than the last e-crap model you can get eight gigabytes of DDR3 Ram and a Intel dual core i5 3.2 gigahertz processor. However, you will also receive not Windows 10, and not Windows 7. We are off to a great start already and I definitely dig it! I know DDR3 Ram isn’t optimal for today’s standards, but if you only got two hundred bucks I believe this machine would work great and probably last quite a long time. You will also get a full terabyte of hard drive space with a hard drive running at 7200 rpms, nice! I like how HP at least listed the speed of the hard drive, and you know exactly what you are buying. This machine also comes with handy DVD RW drive. For those of you who don’t know RW stands for rewritable. So you can burn CD’s with the drive itself. Nice multi functionality from this machine. I give it my seal of approval, now let’s see some others.

HP Elite 8000

This model is another certified refurbished product on Amazon, and if you still only have a hundred bucks to buy a machine, then I would rather you buy this one. This model will also come with Windows 10, and an Intel Core Duo E8500 3.16 gigahertz processor. It also has four gigabytes of DDR3, but remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to technology! You will also get a free trial of Microsoft 365 office for thirty days along with ninety days of anti- virus protection. I do want to let you know that this machine does lack some storage space, but for $104.99 that shouldn’t be a real concern. The hard drive itself runs at 7200rpms and will give you a total of two hundred and fifty gigabytes of storage space. One more thing, the HP Elite 8000 can also make use of Wi-fi. Not a bad deal at all guys.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58

This is our third and final refurbished computer that we are bringing you today, and it is wonderful for the price. You will only be forking out about one hundred and sixty dollars for this Lenovo computer, and it has some pretty cool features, but they are somewhat impractical for the type of hardware in the machine itself.

For instance, the ThinkCentre M58 comes with two terabytes of hard drive space, and for a computer that has an integrated graphics card and an Intel Core2 duo 3.0 gigahertz processor I believe the extra space is totally unnecessary. One of the reasons I believe this is because this is another machine that comes with DDR3 Ram. You get eight gigabytes of it yes, but technology moves at such a fast pace that it will never be able to keep up with the latest and greatest. Am I saying this is a bad buy? Absolutely not. In fact, it is a hell of a lot better than anything e-machines will be able to offer you.

The Verdict

Whatever you do, please don’t buy an e-machine. Even if you just want a cheap computer to play around with. There are much better options out there and the three alternatives I listed in this article will blow any e-machine right out of the water. If I was on a tight budget I would get the HP Elite 8000 because it is only around one hundred dollars, and most people won’t even use one hundred gigabytes of space, so why do you want to pay for a machine with tons of space that doesn’t have the hardware to even use most of the newest tech? I also want the consumers out there to be aware about impulse buying the cheapest item that they see. If you see something like an e-machine advertised it is always best to go and do extra research to see if you could get a better deal for the very same price. Look around everyone, and don’t buy the first product you see on Google!

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