The Best Rated Mountain Bike To Buy On A Budget

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If you’re looking for the best cheap mountain bike, it’s important to consider your primary use for the bike… Are you going to ride it in an urban city environment with the occasional trail ride, in which case an inexpensive hardtail with decent components would be a great fit, or are you going to pound the rough stuff and launch a couple of jumps regularly as a weekend warrior? In that case an entry-level full suspension mountain bike would probably be your best bet.

Last year after finding what I considered to be, the best entry-level mountain bike for the money under $300, a lot of people commented on my YouTube videos after doing my review the Max Fitness. While it’s not a bike that you want to take off any steep drops or take two large trail system like Santos, it’s a perfect bike to ride in the city with the occasional park trail ride. I like it better than riding a fixie, simply for more flexibility and the nobby style tires that can handle dirt a lot better. However, after chatting with many YouTube commenters, it was clear that not everyone’s needs are the same. We are all on a quest to find an affordable, yet reliable budget mountain bike, but with anything under the $1000 dollar mark there’s going to be a trade-off somewhere. In my opinion, the most important aspect to review on an entry-level mountain bike is definitely the frame. Components can be upgraded here and there, but you’re working with what you’re working with on the frame. It must come from a reliable company because a good frame is absolutely essential… we can’t have you jumping off a curb and cracking a weld (or worse, your nuts!) like you would on a cheap Walmart bike now can we!

Top Picks For The Money

#1 Diamondback Recoil


#2 Diamondback Overdrive


Cheap Mountain Bikes For Sale Online By Class

I found a couple of really great options in both the hardtail category and dual suspension category. All these bikes are available for sale on Amazon,  most with free shipping, with the top pick that looks like the best value in each category. Diamondback has done an impeccable job with their beginner full suspension models, as well as the Merax Finiss and Diamondback hardtails.

Top 3 Most Affordable Hardtail Mountain Bikes

I’ve already put together a popular overview of the three most affordable hardtail mountain bikes under $300, which you can see here. As you go up in price, these hardtail mountain bikes in the $500 to $600 range offer much better components, shocks, and features. It might be a little over budget for a lot of entry-level riders, but if you look at what you get as a total package, it’s worth the extra dollars.

The Top 3 Budget Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

If you happen to have a budget of up to $1,000 for your full suspension mountain bike, I have a great buyer’s guide for you here. But a lot of entry-level riders might be looking to spend a little less money, but still have dual suspension. There’s one dual suspension mountain bike in the $300 range in my cheap mountain bike buyer’s guide here. For around $600 you can get an awesome Diamondback full suspension ride, complete with disc brakes and a high-end drivetrain. This would be my top pick for all riders looking for an entry-level dual suspension mountain bike.

Most Popular Brands And Reviews

Back when I used to race bikes the most popular brands included Trek, Specialized, Mongoose, Giant, Cannondale, and so on like you’d find at your local bike shop. Sometimes these can come with a steep price though, since the local guys have to make money somehow right? It’s a tough call, since you’ll probably overpay if you buy full retail instead of online, it just depends if service is included with your bike purchase or not. (normally it isn’t, so I buy the cheapest bike I can knowing I’ll have to pay for components/service later anyway) In this day and age, we can price shop and compare online, and my favorite place where I purchased my last mountain bike was Amazon. My favorite thing about buying expensive items from Amazon, is their willingness to accept returns without a restocking fee. Be careful of third party sellers that sell through Amazon though, as they may have extra terms. But most all items I purchase are Prime items… which you’ll never have any issue with.

Have a look at these best sellers in a mountain bike category, and these mountain bike reviews for the latest brands available in 2016.

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The Best Entry Level Mountain Bike For The Money

The best value mountain bike if you’re on a Walmart budget Is definitely the Merax Finiss. This is the bike I currently ride and you can see my full review here. If your budget is $300 and below, the Finiss is your best bet hands down.

If you want a full suspension mountain bike, check out these affordable dual suspensions that some youtubers sent me recently after talking about upgrading from our entry level bikes. I also really like the Diamondback Hook if you want to spend somewhere in the $500 – $600 dollar range.

The Best Mens Mountain Bikes Under $500 Dollars

1) Diamondback Overdrive 29er


2) NAVI X580

navi3) Polygon Premier 4

polygon4) Mongoose TYAX

mongoose5) Dioko Root100

dioko6) Diamondback Recoil



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