Cheap Rotomolded Cooler Comparison: Best Model For The Money

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What Rotomolded Cooler is Worth Your Money?

Finding a reliable and durable rotomolded cooler that won’t empty your bank account is hard to find these days. Many brand name coolers can sometimes run you an easy three to four hundred bucks, but our team of leprechauns have worked day and night to find you those budget options! You should be excited because they just saved you some major cash, and who doesn’t like extra cash? In this article we will be discussing brands like Palm, ORCA, Vibe, MILEE, and Nash. We will be comparing their selling points, prices, and we will decide towards the end of the article which cooler is best.

Palm PC 65

The Palm PC 65 is a one piece rotomolded cooler that is able to hold ice for a maximum of ten days. This cooler comes in white, grey, and beige; however, color isn’t the most interesting factor from PALM, but do you know what is? The price! Palm definitely gives your wallet room to breathe, because it is priced at under $200 bucks from Amazon. That is a great price especially when your typical name brand Yeti cooler is between $399 and $599. If you think I’m joking, sadly I’m not. I have even seen companies try to sell their coolers close to a thousand dollars. I don’t see how companies like that stay in business because that kind of pricing is just outrageous. Most people buy a cooler to use for camping or picnics, and they shouldn’t be spending money like they are making a down payment on a vehicle. If you want to pick this Palm cooler up I suggest you act fast because there are only about eleven left on Amazon right now, and they are constantly trying to keep this item in stock.

ORCA 75 Quart Cooler

This cooler brought to you by ORCA can hold up to seventy five quarts and it has extended grip handles to boot. This is quite a large cooler and unfortunately it comes with an even larger price tag than the last model. ORCA offers this model in green, pink, tan, white, dark maroon, and red; however, I don’t think it will be a great contender in this battle because it costs around $400 dollars, which is the type of prices we need to steer clear of. This is a good example of buying a product specifically for branding purposes. The dark maroon comes with a white top and the red cooler comes with a yellow top, but who cares when you are forking over that kind of money. This is not something you want. The only good things about this cooler is that it is manufactured right here in the United States, and that it can hold up ice for up to ten days just like the Palm cooler. If it does basically the same thing as our cheaper counterpart, then what makes ORCA justify a four hundred dollar price tag? Maybe they think their extended grips make people want to spend that much? I believe this is definitely an unnecessary purchase, so moving on!

Vibe Element

This Vibe element might stop you from getting a heart attack because this baby is just over $150 bucks, and it holds up to fourty five quarts! What is even more exciting is that is comes with a couple of other features even the palm didn’t have. Are you guys ready for a good story? I know you are so check this out. You are sitting around the good ol’ campfire and you and the boys have about two sixers of beer, but you didn’t realize you need a bottle opener. What will you do? Don’t panic, the people at Vibe know about hard to swallow situations like this and they wanted to make sure nobody had to deal with this kind of situation again, so they included bottle openers on the cooler! How cool is that? The Vibe also comes with an altitude pressure release valve. The cooler also has at least three inches of insulation, built in cup holders, freezer style lid gaskets, and even an integrated fish ruler. Next time you go out to catch some bass on the lake you can see how big the catch of the day is.

The Vibe Element also has molded tie down slots and built in cup holders. If that doesn’t sell you on this thing, then I suggest you also factor in the weight of this product as well. This cooler only weighs about fourteen pounds which also makes it easy to carry. Remember those old fashioned coolers that grandpa would take with him on camping trips? Yeah I am talking about the ones that felt like they had a ton of bricks in them, well this is definitely not one of those. This forty five quart version can come in white, hunter camo, or desert colors. Don’t these make you want to start planning that next camping trip? The next hot shot on the list is a company named MILEE and I know very little about this company, but let’s see if they can compete with the great Vibe Element!

MILEE Twenty Quart Cooler

Let’s give MILEE a fighting chance here and list their product specs right away. This cooler is built with tie down slots, anti-slip feet, and allows for ice retention up to six days. Oh, and guess what? This cooler has those awesome bottle openers too! I can’t get enough of these coolers that offer this cool feature! Nothing like cracking a cold one on a hot day in the woods, or while you are skimming across the lake in that nice boat of yours. Beer makes a good day a great day! This cooler also has thick insulated walls like the Vibe Element, but unfortunately it holds a little less; but, depending on what you are using it for, I don’t see that posing much of a problem. These guys at MILEE also have used FDA approved non-toxic materials for this cooler and I think that is great of them to go the extra mile and let their consumers know they will be safely storing their food! Safety should always come first no matter what. This cooler also has a removable heavy duty aluminum handle and did I mention that it also has an air release button that helps open the cooler more easily when the air pressure is different outside than it is inside the cooler? I know you guys have been in this situation too when you are trying to open a cooler and the damn lid feels like it is stuck. This baby eliminates that problem entirely. Nice going guys! I guess we really do have somewhat of a real fight going on between MILEE and the Vibe Element, because both products have almost the same features, but you are probably wondering what is the price on this MILEE cooler, so let’s get to it. Plan on paying about $150 dollars on Amazon for this model.

Nash Sub Z Roto Molded Cooler

When you think of sub zero temperatures what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me it is a picture of snow covered ground and icy winds blowing hard enough to create icicles on your eyebrows. The Nash Sub Z cooler only holds twenty three quarts which comes with a double locking lid. Locking lids are must have on any cooler because they prevent your contents from being spilled and you know if that happens the day suddenly goes sour. It is never a pleasant time going back out to the store and rebuying goods that you have already bought once. However, if you are stuck out in the wilderness and your last supplies have been spilled, well then you are really out of luck aren’t you? This is why these types of lids are such a necessity guys! What is disappointing about this brand is that it only comes with one and a half inches of insulation, so every other model listed in this article has better insulation, and that is kind of a bad thing for a company referring to their cooler as a sub zero cooler. This cooler does have non skid feet like some of the others, and says it keeps products cold for an extended period of time; but, they never mention exactly how long. That is an important specification to have, because what if their cooler only keeps things cold for one day? This could also pose potential problems for anyone needing this for several more days.

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As usual we compared prices, specifications, and additional features. MILEE and Vibe really had a good showdown today, but I am going to have to pick the Vibe Element over the MILEE. The reason being is that MILEE was only holds about twenty courts whereas the Vibe Element holds forty five quarts. You can get a bigger cooler for less than twenty bucks. That is more room for hardly any added money. Sorry MILEE you almost stole this one away, and you would have if you offered a forty five quart version for the price of the twenty quart version. All in all it was a good day and we had some great companies show off their awesome coolers; but, remember to stay away from brands like ORCA or Yeti. All these guys want to do is to take your money and leave you broke. I know it is sad, but unfortunately that is how a lot of companies operate, and consumers really don’t know where they can get a better deal.

Aaaaand the winner is: Vibe Element!

Anyhow, go enjoy your day with a Vibe Cooler and take in all the exciting aspects of the outdoors. If you don’t feel like going camping, or going fishing, hell, take this nice cooler on a picnic with your significant other. You could even start a tradition by going out for these types of picnics every Sunday if you wanted too! Take care everyone, and remember to shop smart!

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  1. This review is nonsense! In our testing the Orca coolers always perform far superior to the lesser brands. This bias review compared a Much larger cooler, to make it appear they cost more. This n reality they should of compared coolers of the same size. And found them to be about the same price.
    I’m sure all the coolers on the list are pretty decent. But orca coolers are kicking ass!


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