Cheapest 800 Number Service For Startups & Small Businesses

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Are you looking for an inexpensive, yet reliable 800 number service? I’ve used several companies that provide VOIP 800 numbers with great success over the last couple of years, and in this article, I’ll go over which ones are the best for different circumstances. The cheapest 800 number service isn’t always the best, and I’ll cover which providers have handy advanced features like call tracking and voicemail transcription. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which affordable 800 number provider is right for you. As always, if you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article.

Most small business owners hate getting locked into some crazy contract with landline companies like Verizon and Century Link, and the quality of VOIP providers these days is nearly perfect from the top companies.

If you don’t have time to read this whole article to compare the 800 number services, here are my top recommendations for small businesses:


Average 800 Number Cost Per Line

On average an 800 number costs anywhere from $1/mo – $12/mo per line, plus minutes. Some companies offer unlimited minute plans for an additional flat fee, but most have entry level plans that are more adorable if you’re just getting started as well.

If you go with a company like Grasshopper or Ring Central, you average monthly cost including the number and a base package of minutes runs between $15 – $30 dollars per month. No contract with either company, all plans are month to month. I would recommend Grasshopper for most businesses.

Cheapest Way To Get 1800 Number To Use For Business

A lot of people are looking for ways to get free 1-800 numbers to use for their business, but like I mentioned in my other article on free 800 numbers, that is a bad idea if you plan to advertise your services anywhere! Anything thing that directly ties into the revenue of your business, should be owned and controlled by you. Just like MJ Demarco says in The Millionaire Fastlane, the commandment of control is essential in any business. Well if you don’t own your own phone number, that’s obviously bad news!

What most people don’t know about free or super cheap 800 numbers that are simply number forwarding services, is you have no long term control over what happens to that line. So for instance, say things started taking off and you ran an advertisement in your local newspaper or coupon pack, and then something happened to that number… You’re going to be up shit creek, and out the ad dollars… Not to mention any past customers that saved your number, won’t be able to call you on it in the future.

The cheapest way to get an 800 number for your business, is to buy a VOIP line from Grasshopper.

Cheap 800 Number Service Providers Available Nationwide

There are literally several providers that you can get an inexpensive 800 number from that are available nationwide, and can integrate seamlessly with your office phones or cell phone. The biggest difference is in what they can do under the hood. For example, if you want a full suite of unlimited extensions, voicemail to email, etc… Then you want something like Grasshoppers flexible business service.

If you want to be able to record your calls and do voice whispering announcements, then is the better choice for that. For most businesses, Grasshopper does everything they need and more, and is the best choice for an 800 provider. If you’d like more details on call tracking providers, read my article on the top 5 best 800 number phone service providers specifically for advertising.

800 Number Service Comparison (VOIP)

Plan DetailsGrasshopperVirtual PBX.comRing CentralPhone.comCallfire
Monthly Price$12$15.99$24.99$9.99$99
Unlimited Minutes Optionyesyesyesyesno
Cloud Basedyesyesyesyesyes
Toll Free Minutespay as you go or monthly packagesunlimited1,0001002500
Local / Toll Free Numbers Included1-3111none
30 Day Money Back Guaranteeyesyesyesyesno
Call Recording Capabilitynoyesyesyesyes
Call Log Reportsyesyesyesyesyes
Mobile / Cell / Smartphone Compatibleyesyesyesyesno
Conference Callsyesyesyesyesno


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Best Toll Free Service To Add A Line To Your Cell Or Office Phone

If you just want to add a toll free line to your existing business phone so customers can call you without having to pay long distance, the main factor in which service is best for you is how you want to connect it.

For example, if you have an office phone system with local landlines, and you want to add an 800 number for a promotion or customer service line, it’s a good idea to go with a provider that works with most phone adapters and good quality VOIP clarity. Sure there are some cheaper options out there, but the lest thing you want is to have a staticky line when talking to customers about your products or services. Some business owners like OOMA, but you might read some of the reviews before buying the equipment since there a few limitations.

Everyone I know, including friends and family has been super happy with Grasshopper, and they were easily able to setup their business line in just a few minutes with no prior experience.

Where To Buy An 800 Number

I added the quick pick section to the top of this article to save most people time of having to read the whole thing just to see which providers are the best to buy numbers from. I’ve personally used almost every VOIP 800 service out there (see my top 5 best 800 number services for business call tracking list to get an idea of how I used them), and most are good, but a few excel. The only one I had a bad experience with call quality on, is Twilio. You won’t see them listed here, for that reason specifically.

Affordable 800 Number Providers I Would Use & Trust For My Own Business

My favorite 800 number providers are:

Cheap 800 Numbers For Business Advertising (call tracking, call recording, etc…)

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before, but if you happen to be looking to track advertising inquiries through your inbound calls, there are a couple of other toll free service providers that might be a better fit for that. In my list of the best 800 service providers for call tracking, you’ll see that there are a couple that have advanced features like call recording to monitor secretaries and whatnot if you need that capability. Please keep in mind there are privacy laws that differ by state for those regulations, and you need to be in compliance if you’re going to use them.

For call tracking and call recording, my favorite toll free providers are: is a little more advanced under the hood as far as call forwarding and voicemail transcription, but those are mostly used for third party lead gen, and aren’t critical features for internal business marketing or tracking. Recently, Callfire has been upping their game however, and now has voicemail pickup if no calls are transferred which is nice. (you can have a different voice mailbox specified for your toll free line, even if it transfers to your office landline and no one picks it up. It doesn’t HAVE to default to your main business greeting/voicemail message, which is great if you happen to be doing a targeted marketing campaign for that line only)

Best 800 Number Service Providers For Small Business

For most businesses that want to connect a toll free number to their office phones or business cell phone, Grasshopper or Ring Central are going to be your best bet there. The #1 reason being, is because both have a smartphone app in case you want to forward your calls to a cell phone on the weekends or elsewhere. Normally this is easy to do with any provider, but calling customers back on the same line used to be impossible. Now that the apps integrate right with your account, you can choose to route your outbound calls any way you like. (much more professional!)

The Cheapest 800 Number Service For Most Businesses

For most small business phone system needs, Grasshopper is the most economical when it comes to the most bang for the buck. If you want voicemail transcription, unlimited extensions, and a host of other back-end features that might come in handy down the road, Grasshopper flexible phone service is the best provider for the money. The only thing it doesn’t do is call recording, but that’s not normally needed as you can read about here.

Cheapest Toll Free Number Service With Business Cell Phone Integration

If you just want a toll free number service to add an 800 number to your business cell phone so clients can call you without long distance charges, Grasshopper or Ring Central both have the on-board smartphone app that will route your calls however you’d like. For a starter plan, Grasshopper is the cheapest, but for a monthly flat fee, Ring Central gives you an unlimited minutes package.

Cheap 800 Number Forwarding For Office Landlines

Landline office phone systems can sometimes be sketchy to integrate with a VOIP line, so you might choose to grab an additional line from your local phone service provider like ATT or Verizon in this case. I personally would not do that, since I like no contract phone services, and I also want to own my number and have it on a VOIP provider so if I move offices I don’t have to wait for everything to be hooked up or installed.

In my opinion, VOIP is the way to go, and the quality and features just get better and better. It’s to the point now where, I don’t think I could even use a landline system anymore. It just doesn’t have the technology that I use everyday built in, nor is it capable of the flexibility you get with voice over ip… Being able to log in to my control panel at any time and change who receives calls at an extension in 30 seconds, is pretty hard to get away from once you’ve had it for a while.


The Best Toll Free Number Provider Is…

#1) Grasshopper

#2) Ring Central


The cheapest 800 number service with the best balance of features for the money is Grasshopper’s flexible VOIP service. You’re able to use it with existing office landlines, easily connect to business cell phones with their free app, and if you move offices or are on the road a lot, you can receive your calls anywhere you’d like. Looking for other reviews? It’s a little bit of an old thread, but I trust the guys over at WHT, and several of them have had the same experiences as I have. Both Ring Central and now Grasshopper (wasn’t out yet back then) have great reviews, and have been fully vetted for a number of years. Additionally, if you happen to have an ecommerce store, Volusion has a few recommendations about which providers they recommend for customer service numbers. Aside from that, many people recommend Google Voice since it’s free, but I cover the limitations of Google Voice in detail here.

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