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Tired of seeing shady Clearlight infrared sauna reviews from disgruntled competitors, or those shaky cell phone videos with nothing more than a Trifield meter, on the wrong setting, claiming that the full spectrum Sanctuary heaters have high EMF levels? I was too, in fact so much so, that I started testing several brands of infrared saunas now. I plan on reviewing a Clearlight Infrared sauna, specifically the newer Sanctuary 2 model with full spectrum heaters in it. To date, I’ve already tried a Sunlighten, JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic, and a handful of others. I care most about low emf levels, but also pay attention to peoples comments on youtube and the facebook group, so if there is anything you’d like to know about Clearlight saunas, let me know in the comments below so I can include it in my review when I shoot the videos. Please be advised, that I don’t trust those TriField meter videos floating around the facebook group. Most people have no idea how to use a meter, and don’t even know if they’re measuring RF or ELF. (hint: no sauna has RF unless if has a bluetooth stereo of wifi built in, it’a all electric fields… this is why you have companies that are duping people into believing they sell a “low emf sauna” when in fact, it just reads low because you don’t know they’re using the wrong meter to intentionally lie to you)

Update – 02/10/19 – These are the 3 best sauna brands that tested the best

One thing I like about Clearlight, is that they are endorsed by the director of the Hippocrates Institute in South Florida, Dr. Brian Clement. I value his opinion, and believe he has more experience with alternative health therapies than anyone else that I know of. he is a little extreme with the wheatgrass and liquitarian raw food diet stuff, but there has to be a reason why he won’t travel and stay in a hotel unless they have a sauna in the hotel. (he saunas everyday, and says it’s critical to keep the body detoxed from the toxins we breath and are subjected to on a daily basis in any metropolitan area)

Pros and cons of Clearlight saunas are, they are supposed to have the best infrared penetration of almost any modern carbon heater sauna on the market… which you can tell from the reviews of people saying that they have never sweat nearly as much until they got in a Clearlight sauna. However, we don’t know if that’s unique to them or not, as I sweat just fine in a Sunlighten M Pulse. Nonetheless, I want to experiment with these myself, and test them thoroughly to find out which works best. (and is low emf or course)

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