Clearlight Infrared Sauna Review

In my Clearlight infrared sauna review, you’ll be able to see firsthand that it’s one of the lowest emf saunas in the industry. What I like about this Clearlight sauna, is that they mitigate both electric fields and magnetic fields, instead of just one like a lot of infrared sauna companies. But hardly anyone will show you that on live video, so I ended up testing them all myself. Overall the Clearlight Premier is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good low emf home sauna. The Premier IS-2 is a perfect fit for most homeowners, in that it’s a two person FIR sauna, but still works on a 15 amp circuit. It’s probably one of the most popular models for this reason alone, because you can get a 2 person sauna without having to hire an electrician to upgrade your circuit to a 20 amp.

Clearlight Sauna Discount Code

All Clever Leverage readers can use coupon code “matt-justice-500” for $400 – $600 off your Clearlight sauna purchase, and also get a free backrest added for no extra charge.

Sick Of Shady Clearlight Sauna Reviews From Haters & Competitors?

Tired of seeing shady Clearlight infrared sauna reviews from disgruntled competitors, or those shaky cell phone videos with nothing more than a Trifield meter, on the wrong setting, claiming that the full spectrum Sanctuary heaters have high EMF levels? I was too, in fact so much so, that I started testing several brands of infrared saunas now. I plan on reviewing a Clearlight Infrared sauna, specifically the newer Sanctuary 2 model with full spectrum heaters in it. To date, I’ve already tried a Sunlighten, JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic, and a handful of others. I care most about low emf levels, but also pay attention to peoples comments on youtube and the facebook group, so if there is anything you’d like to know about Clearlight saunas, let me know in the comments below so I can include it in my review when I shoot the videos. Please be advised, that I don’t trust those TriField meter videos floating around the facebook group. Most people have no idea how to use a meter, and don’t even know if they’re measuring RF or ELF. (hint: saunas only have RF if it has a bluetooth stereo of wifi built in, it’a all electric fields… this is why you have companies that are duping people into believing they sell a “low emf sauna” when in fact, it just reads low because you don’t know they’re using the wrong meter to intentionally lie to you)

Update – 02/10/19 – These are the 3 best sauna brands that tested the best

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One thing I like about Clearlight, is that they are endorsed by the director of the Hippocrates Institute in South Florida, Dr. Brian Clement. I value his opinion, and believe he has more experience with alternative health therapies than anyone else that I know of. He is a little extreme with the wheatgrass and liquitarian raw food diet stuff, but there has to be a reason why he won’t travel and stay in a hotel unless they have a sauna in the hotel. (he sauna’s everyday, and says it’s critical to keep the body detoxed from the toxins we breath and are subjected to on a daily basis in any metropolitan area)

Any Clearlight Sauna Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of Clearlight saunas are, they are supposed to have the best infrared penetration of almost any modern carbon heater sauna on the market… which you can tell from the reviews of people saying that they have never sweat nearly as much until they got in a Clearlight sauna. However, we don’t know if that’s unique to them or not, as I sweat just fine in a Sunlighten M Pulse. Nonetheless, I want to experiment with these myself, and test them thoroughly to find out which works best. (and is low emf or course)

Clearlight Model Tested: Clearlight Premier IS-2

This is the two person model, with integrated front heaters in the sidewalls. It isn’t the most expensive two person, but it’s the largest size I you can fit on a 15 amp circuit. (standard house circuit. Larger saunas require dedicated 20 amp lines, which have to be put in by an electrician)

EMF Ratings: (is it really low emf???)

In short, yes it is super low emf. And not just low magnetic fields, it’s also low electric fields, which leads to low body voltage… something I love to see.

In my test video at the top of the page, you can see me testing the Clearlight saunas live for all types of EMF. Most sauna companies and salespeople defer you to third party emf reports, but I don’t believe in those. You cannot take the heaters out of the sauna, ship them to a lab, and then say it’s low emf.

In the test video though, you can see I have an electric field meter, tri-meters, magnetic fields meters, and RF meters. In addition to that, I check body voltage with a volt meter to ensure everything is super low for the EHS customers out there.

A + rating from me, very pleased which is super rare for me to say. This sauna is one of three that made the Certified Sauna List so far.

Clearlight Sauna Model Cost / Price List

This Clearlight sauna ranges from the lower $3k range, into the $4k’s depending on which size you want. They have models ranging from small 1 person saunas, to large 4 person infrared models. Keep in mind, once you go larger than a 2 person size, you will need to consult with an electrician to upgrade your wiring.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT listen to these Clearlight sauna re-sellers on YouTube, telling you to put a 15 to 20 amp extension cord adapter on your wall outlet. You cannot create a dedicated 20 amp circuit for your Clearlight sauna, simply by shutting things offer, using outlet clickers, and swapping out the wall outlet to a 20 amp prong. (this does not change the small gauge wire in the wall, and is not adequate no matter what any sauna person tells you. Please consult with a licensed electrician if you need to do this.)

If you overload the circuit to the point of breaker fault, it can melt the wire in the wall and start a fire. Be extremely careful listening to advice like that… those people are just trying to smooth over the edges so you’ll buy something today.

Where To Buy Clearlight Saunas At The Best Price?

Don’t fall for the mumbo jumbo, you only want to buy Clearlight saunas direct. There are tons of people running around saying you get a discount if you buy through them, but I also get calls every week about these same people with customers complaining.

I have a rep you can deal with directly at Clearlight, and he will treat you right and get you the best price possibly. His direct line is on the Certified Saunas page here.

Should You Buy A Used Clearlight Sauna?

I get this question a lot. The real answer is, it depends.

How old is it? How much are you paying compared to a new one? Is it what you really want or need, or are you sacrificing something in order to get a deal?

All of these things come into play, be sure to ask in the comments below and I can help you.

2019 Models For Sale

Clearlight Premier Far Infrared Saunas (1 – 4 person)

Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas (1 – 4 person)

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8 thoughts on “Clearlight Infrared Sauna Review”

  1. I have contacted Clearlight a few times with questions and pricing and they will not honor your discount code or free backrest. I have tried to speak with other sales reps but the insist I have to speak with the rep I spoke with the first time. I’ve left him 3 messages over the past 2 weeks and he hasn’t returned my phone calls. With all of this I might have to switch brands to a Radiant Health Sauna. Have you had any experience with this type of service recently?

    • Hi Natasha,

      No not usually with Clearlight, generally they are very responsive. Sometimes all companies can get backlogged, even the larger ones, and it can take a few days to get your order complete after some phone tag.

      Most of the sauna manufacturers themselves, will not let you order a sauna online… only over the phone. This stops people from being able to order a 30 amp sauna, hoping to plug it into their standard house outlet. (and getting a rude awakening when the sauna arrives)

      As a general rule, they always honor the discount code unless a flash sale is going on. For instance, if a sauna sale is going on and the sauna is $1,000 off, they typically won’t give you another $400 – $600 on top. If they won’t honor it under normal pricing, buy something else.

      If someone is giving you the run around, use the contact form here and I’ll call you directly and see if I can help.

  2. We ordered the Clear Light Sauna that you tested. Some of the hardware was missing from the package. They said they would send out the missing hardware, but after 6 months of trying to get it we had to file a charge back with our credit card company. We also purchased the additional heater and it would not stay paired to the Sauna, it randomly unpaired and had to be paired again manually. We won our dispute and sadly they picked up the sauna today. We did not have a good experience with either the Company or the Sauna.

    • Sorry to hear that Kat. I take it based on your email that this is in Canada with a Clearlight reseller?

      If you still need help with the situation, use the 800 number at the bottom of every page here on the blog… I can either help you directly, or put you in touch with HQ at Clearlight. Dispute or not, still sounds like a hassle…

  3. Has anyone ever tried adding more infrared lamps into their Clearlight? Even with the full spectrum, I’m not really sure how strong the flow of near and mid waves are. I was thinking of adding a panel, but not sure how to hang it?

  4. Question about a used Clearlight 2 person premier. It’s 4 years old, seller reports it’s in excellent condition, and is asking $1000. What do you think?

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