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In my Clearlight infrared sauna review, you’ll be able to see firsthand if this home sauna is the right one for you. Instead of blowing smoke up your behind like every other sauna “reviewer,” we’ll test this Clearlight sauna against the other good choices… and see how it stacks up.

Most influencers and online reviews just look at the website of the sauna, and tell you their opinion on it. When you check the Certified Sauna List, you’ll see off the bat that I’m sitting inside the actual saunas, testing them and using them myself.

There’s no Tom Foolery like deferring to 3rd party emf reports, and blah blah… nope, home grown real world use of every sauna listed in the review section.

If you’re in a hurry, and just want the cliff notes, here they are:

Clearlight Sauna Pros & Cons


  • Truly low EMF & low ELF
  • Good build quality
  • Good preheat time (does not take forever and a day to heat up)
  • Several sizes for almost any application (including ADA compliant models & yoga sizes)
  • True outdoor sauna models offered (with weather protection)
  • Financing offered


  • Full spectrum upsell

Best Place To Buy In 2021?

phone: (800) 317-5070

email: [email protected]

Use coupon code: “matt-justice-500” for my discount

In my Clearlight infrared sauna review, you’ll be able to see firsthand that this company offers one of the lowest EMF saunas in the industry. Also commonly spelled Clear Light, this sauna is made to mitigate both electric fields and magnetic fields. That’s in contrast to other saunas on the market, which mitigate just one of the two. This is true for a lot of infrared sauna companies! 

(But hardly anyone will show you that in their live video reviews, which frustrated me to no end.)

That’s why I decided to start testing all the different sauna options myself. I test for both electric and magnetic fields on video so you see firsthand what the different options are transmitting. No more do you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Like me, you likely want to get into a Clearlight sauna often – without worrying about what’s happening to your body.

WHAT TO BUY: I get it if you want to skip reading through the sauna reviews (here and all across the internet) and just want to know which Clear Light sauna is likely right for you. So, overall, the Clearlight Premier is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good, low-EMF home sauna. In fact, the Premier IS-2 is a perfect fit for most homeowners in that it’s a two-person FIR sauna that works on a 15-amp circuit. That’s probably why it’s one of the most popular options, allowing anyone to set up a two-person sauna without hiring an electrician to upgrade your circuit to a 20-amp or higher. 

(Nothing worse than setting a budget, making an investment, and then not being able to use the dang thing until you spend more money.)

But I understand better than anyone that a sauna review resource should also provide all the information you need on Clearlight saunas to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Get ready to get exactly that!

Sick Of Shady Clearlight Sauna Reviews From Haters & Competitors? Me Too.

I was so tired of seeing shady Clearlight infrared sauna reviews. It’d be one thing if it was because they’re not a great product, but (pretty much) every time, they’re by disgruntled competitors. Either that, or they’re shot on shaky cell phones and use nothing more than a Trifield meter – that’s on the wrong setting! Then they claim that the full spectrum Sanctuary heaters have high EMF levels. Since they’re not using it right to test the sauna, that information is wrong at best and manipulative at worst. So, yeah. “Frustrating” would be putting it lightly.

So, I decided to Test and Review Saunas Myself

Yep, I was so tired of those ridiculously biased or poorly performed reviews, I started testing several brands of infrared saunas myself. So far, I’ve tried the Sunlighten, JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic, and a handful of other major players. 

Have you already been researching saunas? Doing all the research alone can be overwhelming, especially when you’re expected to compare and contrast, weigh the pros and cons, and know what to look for, ask about, and be aware of. Here, you’ll get all the info on saunas you need so you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

My overall hope is that my reviews are helpful for anyone looking for accurate, firsthand, live video information from an experienced professional, one with the expertise to cross-compare the many choices. 

I also offer an exclusive promo code that you can use to minimize your investment on a Clear Light sauna, and it includes the popular ergonomic backrest add-on. Take $400 to $600 off (plus the popular ergonomic backrest) here. 

My Approach to Sauna Reviews

I care the most about low EMF levels, but I also pay attention to people’s comments on my YouTube channel and the Facebook group. If there is anything you’d like to know about Clearlight saunas, let me know in the comments below so that I can include it in my review when I shoot the videos. 

This is a crucial element to my review approach: I want to cover any and all areas that might be of interest so that you know exactly what you’re buying before it arrives. It’s far too easy to get false information online, and end up with a sauna that you simply can’t use – or one that you wouldn’t want if you got the right advice.

I personally DO NOT TRUST any of the TriField meter videos floating around the Facebook groups. Most people have no idea how to use a meter – and don’t even know if they’re measuring RF or ELF. For one thing, saunas only have RF if they have a Bluetooth stereo or built-in Wi-Fi.

So, if the sauna doesn’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the TriField meter is used to measure RF, boom, you have a low-EMF sauna! Wow, magic. Either that, or an outright (and potentially intentional) lie that’s designed to get you to buy a sauna you would otherwise pass over.

What’s especially maddening about these false videos is the fact that you’re looking for a sauna that doesn’t produce an abundant amount of EMF. Sure, some people shop for saunas without worrying about something like that, but you’re being particularly diligent about your well-being and the health and safety of loved ones, visitors, and so on. Lying about the EMF output with that in mind is plain ole immoral. But it’s also wrong to flippantly use a TriField meter to test for something this important without knowing how to use or read it.

If you’re one of those reviewers, please stop. If you’re everyone else, please stop watching them and reach out to me instead – and save yourself a TON of headaches in the long run.

An Example of One of My Clearlight Sauna EMF Test Review Video

One thing I really like about Clearlight saunas is that they are endorsed by Dr. Brian Clement, the director of the Hippocrates Institute in South Florida. I value his opinion, and believe he has more experience with alternative health therapies than anyone else that I know of. (Okay, okay. He’s a bit extreme with the wheatgrass and liquitarian raw food diet stuff, but who could call any of that unhealthy?)

Basically, Dr. Brian Clement is a guy who’s widely considered a pioneer of today’s era of self-care, and there must be a reason why he won’t stay in a hotel unless it has a sauna. In fact, he saunas every day, claiming that it’s a critical component to keeping the body detoxed. This is particularly useful for those in a metropolitan area, where the air itself can be heavy with toxins. 

But don’t take his, or my word for the health benefits of saunas. According to Medical News Today, additional benefits include:

  • Easing muscle pain
  • Improving joint movement
  • Alleviate stress
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Reducing psoriasis
  • Delivering asthma relief

According to the same article, FIRS themselves have been linked to boosting exercise performance and minimizing chronic fatigue, making a Clearlight sauna a great addition to a home gym. 

Clearlight models also feature the option Vibration Resonance Therapy (VRT) add-on, which can improve relaxation. 

I Cover Both the Pros and Cons of Clearlight Saunas

Clearlight saunas are supposed to have the best infrared penetration of almost any modern carbon heater sauna on the market. They’re also supposed to have wonderfully low EMF. To figure out the pros and cons, I consider both of these major selling points and break them down against competitor models.

For example, we see reviews all the time of people saying they’ve never sweat as much in their life as they did when they got into a Clearlight sauna. Meanwhile, I’ve been on a three-mile hike on an 85-degree day and didn’t sweat as much as I did in any sauna. That is to say that I sweat just fine in a Sunlighten Mpulse. But do I sweat more in the Clearlight saunas? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Of course, we’ll also test EMF. The point is, though, that we’ll cover all of it.

Clearlight Sauna Tested: Clearlight Premier IS-2

This is the two-person model, with integrated front heaters in the sidewalls. It’s not the most expensive two-person, but it’s the largest size you can find that’s compatible with a 15-amp circuit (standard house circuit). Comparatively, larger saunas require dedicated 20-amp lines, which have to be put in by an electrician. (So, with this model of sauna, you’re saving money in more ways than one. Not too shabby!)

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 is available in cedar or basswood. The standard model offers an ergonomic backrest and bench, reservation mode, and chromotherapy lighting. It takes about an hour to install, and it has a convenient, versatile holder for smartphone or tablet viewing.

Clear Light also claims that it has the lowest EMF levels in the industry…

EMF Ratings: Is Clearlight Really Low EMF?

In short, yes it is super low emf. And not just low magnetic fields, it’s also low electric fields, which leads to low body voltage – something that I love to see.

In my test video a little higher up on the page, you can see me testing the Clearlight saunas live for all types of EMF. Most sauna companies and salespeople defer you to third-party EMF reports, but I don’t believe in those. You cannot take the heaters out of the sauna, ship them to a lab, and then say it’s low EMF.

In the test video, though, you can see I have an Electric Field Meter, TriMeters, Magnetic Fields Meters, and RF Meters. In addition to those, I check body voltage with a voltmeter to ensure everything is super low for the EHS customers out there.

In the end, Clearlight scores an A+ rating. That’s incredibly rare for me. I’m extremely pleased with the Clearlight Premier IS-2, and it was a no-brainer inclusion in my Certified Sauna List, which only hosts THREE recommended saunas so far. To say it’s exclusive is to put it lightly, and the fact that the Clearlight Premier IS-2 is included is a true testament to how much it blew my socks off. 

Clearlight Sauna Model Cost / Price List

This Clearlight sauna ranges from the lower $3,000 range to above $4,000 depending on which size you want. They have models that are small one-person saunas and they have large four-person infrared models. Keep in mind, once you go larger than a two-person size, you will need to consult with an electrician to upgrade your wiring.

PRO-TIP: Make sure to check with an electrician before you get the sauna. Don’t assume you’ll be able to put it wherever you want it. Yes, you’ll almost certainly be able to wire it, even if it’s a concrete wall with no outlet. But what’s it going to cost? Is it logistically prudent? Consult with an electrician, make sure you’re good to go, then get your dream sauna. (And, boy, once you get the right sauna, what a dream it is.)

Also, do not listen—repeat, DO NOT listen—to the Clearlight sauna resellers on YouTube telling you to put a 15- to 20-amp extension cord adapter on your wall outlet. You cannot create a dedicated 20-amp circuit for your Clearlight sauna simply by shutting things off, using outlet clickers, and swapping out the wall outlet to a 20-amp prong. (It does not change the small gauge wire in the wall, which means it’s not adequate no matter what any sauna person tells you. Please consult with a licensed electrician if you need to do this. I’d bet big bucks they tell you the same thing!)

FIRE-HAZARD WARNING: Another major issue with using an extension cord adapter? If you overload the circuit to the point of breaker fault, it can melt the wire in the wall and start a fire. That’s why you need to be incredibly careful listening to ANY advice from resellers. They’re likely trying to do little more than smooth the edges so you’ll make the purchase.

Again, if you’re ever unsure about anything, I run a YouTube channel with livestreams where you can ask questions multiple days per week. Right now we’re doing the 30 for 30 Sauna Challenge, every night at 9pm Eastern time.

Where To Buy Clearlight Saunas At The Best Price?

Don’t fall for the constant barrage of “buy now before blah blah excuse….”  The best place to buy your Clearlight Jacuzzi sauna, is from the recommended dealer listed on the Certified Sauna List. Things were different a few years ago, and you could get good service several places buying your Clearlight… but lately, there have been customers scammed out of thousands of dollars, from fake retailers who just take the money and run. To top it off, you have a call center that now handles Clearlight sauna sales when you buy direct, and I’m getting emails every single week about how they’re misinforming customers left and right. On the Certified Sauna List, there will be a direct phone number where you’ll be sure to speak to someone that knows what they’re talking about, and not get stuff with a pushy salesman that doesn’t even own a sauna. On top of their terrible advice that’s designed strictly to get you to buy, not to help you understand what you’re getting, they’re prone to customer complaints. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people call me to complain that they were duped them, and that makes me wonder how many are out there that I haven’t heard from. Avoid them at all costs! You don’t want to buy from the same people making the awful videos that brought you to my site to begin with. (this is not limited to Clearlight brand saunas, in general across the board)

Should I Buy a Used Clearlight Sauna?

I get this question a lot. Should you buy a used Clear Light sauna? And while I always recommend going with a brand-new model if you can afford it, especially since I can get you in touch with a member of their team for a great deal, the answer isn’t known.

The real answer: It depends.

It could be a good idea. It could be a bad idea. And that’s the case with any sauna, not just the Clearlight. To find out if you want to buy one that’s used, you need to determine the answer to specific questions. Here are just a few:

    • How old is the sauna? It can be so old that it’s cusping on its shelf-life. You don’t want to buy a sauna just for it to fail on you soon after for the simple fact that it’s worn out.
  • How much is it compared to a new one? Are you saving enough to make it worth it? You might not want to forgo a warranty and a brand-new product for the sake of a few hundred bucks off.
  • Are you sacrificing something to get a deal? You need the space that you need. You want the add-ons that you want. These are things that make a HUGE difference, and can be very much worth the extra money.

Let’s Chat!

If you’ve read through the comments below or on any of my pages, you’ll see people testify to the fact that this can be a very daunting process to pick the right sauna. Rest assured, I put out several videos on YouTube that cover many of the fine details on this, and regularly answer questions below.

Buying a sauna can be a legitimately life-changing purchase, giving your home a tremendous addition to your self-care ritual. The potential health benefits are numerous, and the extremely low EMF of the Clearlight sauna Premier IS-2 model means total peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend it enough, and I look forward to getting into specifics geared toward your unique needs, wants, and goals.

In general, I highly encourage you to post your question in the comments below. No matter how specific, there’s a good chance someone else is wondering the same thing. Further, I can include it in my video review so you can see your question get answered live in real-time if you’d like, and they can be anonymous also.


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29 thoughts on “Clearlight Infrared Sauna Reviews You Can Trust”

  1. I have contacted Clearlight a few times with questions and pricing and they will not honor your discount code or free backrest. I have tried to speak with other sales reps but the insist I have to speak with the rep I spoke with the first time. I’ve left him 3 messages over the past 2 weeks and he hasn’t returned my phone calls. With all of this I might have to switch brands to a Radiant Health Sauna. Have you had any experience with this type of service recently?

    • Hi Natasha,

      No not usually with Clearlight, generally they are very responsive. Sometimes all companies can get backlogged, even the larger ones, and it can take a few days to get your order complete after some phone tag.

      Most of the sauna manufacturers themselves, will not let you order a sauna online… only over the phone. This stops people from being able to order a 30 amp sauna, hoping to plug it into their standard house outlet. (and getting a rude awakening when the sauna arrives)

      As a general rule, they always honor the discount code unless a flash sale is going on. For instance, if a sauna sale is going on and the sauna is $1,000 off, they typically won’t give you another $400 – $600 on top. If they won’t honor it under normal pricing, buy something else.

      If someone is giving you the run around, use the contact form here and I’ll call you directly and see if I can help.

  2. We ordered the Clear Light Sauna that you tested. Some of the hardware was missing from the package. They said they would send out the missing hardware, but after 6 months of trying to get it we had to file a charge back with our credit card company. We also purchased the additional heater and it would not stay paired to the Sauna, it randomly unpaired and had to be paired again manually. We won our dispute and sadly they picked up the sauna today. We did not have a good experience with either the Company or the Sauna.

    • Sorry to hear that Kat. I take it based on your email that this is in Canada with a Clearlight reseller?

      If you still need help with the situation, use the 800 number at the bottom of every page here on the blog… I can either help you directly, or put you in touch with HQ at Clearlight. Dispute or not, still sounds like a hassle…

  3. Has anyone ever tried adding more infrared lamps into their Clearlight? Even with the full spectrum, I’m not really sure how strong the flow of near and mid waves are. I was thinking of adding a panel, but not sure how to hang it?

  4. Question about a used Clearlight 2 person premier. It’s 4 years old, seller reports it’s in excellent condition, and is asking $1000. What do you think?

  5. I purchased my clearlight sauna a few years back and absolutely loved it! HOWEVER, when the chromo lights went out and the interior lights failed, getting the correct and prompt response and replacements from the company have been aweful. I have been VERY PATIENT with covid but not to return my calls at this point is rude. I have a LIFETIME WARRANTY and if they can’t fix these things then they should replace my sauna. The chroma therapy replancement does not fit my sauna – I have to lay it on top of the sauna. And I still have gotten NO RESPONSE as to how to fix the god dam interior light! It’s the wiring. Been waiting since last Feb. At this point they should send someone to my house at their cost to fix my $4000 sauna.

    • Janet, Did you ever get the problem resolved? I have been having the same issue with customer service. Now I may have to throw my 3-4 person sauna in the dump. It is useless because the parts they sent do not fit and no matter how many times I contact them they refuse to get back to me. They just don’t care once they have sold the product! They really should not offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY if they can not back it up.

  6. Matt I found one of your old videos where you tested the Clearlight and it looked great. I followed your advice, and called Jacuzzi direct but did not have a good experience. This guy sounded like he put me on pause every minute or so to ask a supervisor the answers to my questions. I was asking basic sauna questions, and feel he should know the answers to this like the back of his hand. Did I call the wrong place? I followed your instructions to a tee. The people I’ve spoken with are nowhere near as knowledgeable as you are, just want to make sure nothing has changed and the sauna is still good quality? Thanks! If you can help me yourself I’d like to do that if it’s an option.

    • Hi Tom,

      Sorry about that. In the past, I always said buy direct because of shady dealers falsely marketing the products. But things changed in the last year or so… My head guy at Clearlight (David) that gave people such great service, relocated to another state and set up as an authorized Jacuzzi Clearlight sauna dealer. His crew offers the best no hassle Clearlight service bar none, and there won’t be any call center trainees taking your calls I promise. Sorry for your troubles, you aren’t the only one reporting this btw… I’ll make some new videos getting this up to date.

      You can always check out the direct phone number and pricing page listed on the front of The Certified Sauna List should give you everything you need.

      Also to use a discount code, especially to get the Cyber Week pricing, you need to call though… the shopping cart doesn’t automatically calculate the lowest price. And you can’t add a discount code to a special holiday sale I don’t think… ask about that.

  7. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for all the great content! I have a large family and I’m considering the Premier IS-5. I understand this will require a dedicated 240v circuit, I got that covered. My question is, do you feel like it will get up to an adequate temperature in an acceptable amount of time? An ideal time for me would be 20 to 30 minutes. Thanks!

    • Hi Jason,

      Just to be sure, what do you consider an adequate temperature? It should be in the low 130’s F within 30 minutes as long as the environment is suitable. (which is plenty to get a good sweat, and it’ll climb higher during your session) Any cold climate conditions or uninsulated/garage installation area I should take into account?

  8. Hi Matt, I’ve been reading your posts with great interest before deciding on a Infrared Sauna to purchase. We live in Ontario, Canada – and I want to avoid purchasing from the U.S. due to delayed shipping with COVID, duty, shipping, and exchange expenses.
    Do you have a recommendation of through what avenue to purchase one of your recommended saunas?

  9. Clearlight’s customer service is an absolute joke. I bought a sauna from them over a year ago and it was damaged in shipping. They didn’t offer to replace the brand new sauna I had just spent thousands of dollars on, even though it was damaged. Strike one. They offered to send a technician out to check it after we set it up and were having some electrical problems. That technician didn’t arrive for many weeks, and I had to call at least 5 times to get them to mobilize on sending him out. He didn’t fix the problem, wasn’t even really that helpful. They sent their master technician a month later, an entire month! At this point I had the sauna since October and didn’t get anyone to service it to make it work until December! And now I’m having more problems with it, called a month ago and still no one has been sent out to service it. They may have a life time warranty but their service is a joke.

    • Hi Jesse,

      I think you have to call now… something to do with verifying the shipping, and Clearlight stopped allowing certain automated online discounts if I remember correctly. Give David’s team a ring, I’m sure they can get you fixed up in 5 minutes or less.

  10. Hi Matt, greetings from Ireland. There is a company here selling clear light saunas:

    The nordic spruce essential (2 person) costs €3749 however the premier cedar is €5399.

    They both have the same heaters and the wood is the only difference. I have seen your reviews (including that wood doesn’t matter if A graded, it is) but don’t see any reference to the essential spruce one on your certified list.

    My fiance has chronic lyme and has high levels of toxicity (mercury etc).

    Al I ok going for the cedar one and saving €1700 or do you believe she would benefit from the premier over the essential?


  11. Hi there

    Excellent review
    Thank you so much. Very grateful.

    Where can I buy a Clear Light in Zug Switzerland?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Emma xo

  12. Clearlight Sauna Review (IS-C ID corner sauna);
    Stay away!!!!!!
    I’m not going into great detail of my experience from sale to current. Summary: Purchased 1st of December 2020 from Becca McQueen. I would give her 4 stars for her promptness responding to prior sales questions and keeping me posted on delivery. I would have given 5 stars except there really wasn’t any follow up after delivery. When damage was discovered after opening boxes, I contacted her and she sent it over to the service department. No follow up since on if damage had been fixed or how satisfied I was with the sauna.
    Damage during shipping: Received 1st week in March. Did not open boxes at that time due to finishing sauna room. 3/17/2021: opened boxes and found damage. Corner molding was detached, backrest had crack in wood, roof had several scrapes and nick damage.
    Service Department: I give one star. Contacted Becca and sent pictures. Becca responded same day and advised that pictures had been sent over to service department. Here we are June 25, 2021. Several emails, text messages and phone calls later. Actually sent an email to Dr. Hunter founder of Clearlight sauna to get some follow up on getting someone to respond. 3 missed appointments from their service rep and still not completed the replacement of damaged parts. Today may be the day though if I don’t get stood up again. Hope I don’t have any problems with the sauna itself……..
    Sauna review: This is my first experience with saunas and I did a lot of research and followed your reviews. Clearlight was one of your top picks.
    Disappointed in their statement on how fast the sauna heats up. They state between 15 and 20 minutes, Warm up is approximately 1.5 degrees per minute. I find that around 115 – 120 degrees is when the perspiration starts without prior exercise. At starting temp around 65 degrees to get to 115 takes at least 30 minutes. A good sweat is between 120 – 125 degrees add another 4 – 5 minutes at least.. I think their control unit could use some upgrades. In order to program the unit to automatically turn on for the next warm up you have to make sure you have the approximate hours it will take before it automatically starts. With today’s technology it would be simpler if there was a programmable clock to set.
    Bottom line is that its been over three months since I filed the claim and still in progress. I judge and base a good company on service after the sale and this company is definitely lacking in that area

  13. This Clearlight sauna has a plug in / near the floor for the front heaters, but in the Vital Health sauna review you gave it negative points for having an outlet inside their sauna. What is the difference in EMF considerations between the two executions?


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