Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna Pricing

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Get $400-$600 off your Clearlight Sauna and a free backrest using coupon code: “matt-justice-500” 

Dial (800) 317-5070 for questions and current availability for any Clearlight Sauna model you’re interested in.  We are doing our best to keep each model in stock as quickly as we can during the quarantine. You can also email [email protected].

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Clearlight Jacuzzi Premier Infrared Sauna Model Pricing 2020

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Clearlight Sauna Quotes (including shipping to your zip code)

Clearlight Jacuzzi Sauna pricing is currently discounted for the Memorial Day Sale. This does not include shipping to all areas, since some customers may be in Hawaii or Alaska where special shipping rates apply.

If you prefer to speak over the phone for your quote instead of using the form below, dial (800) 317-5070 to get your Clearlight Sauna out-the-door quote with no hidden fees.

All we need is your zip code, and which sauna model you’d like to purchase for your sale pricing.

For an out the door quote including shipping to your zip code, please fill out the form below:

6 thoughts on “Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna Pricing”

  1. Matt, hmm… I left a couple of comments but I don’t see them (I apologize if they are in the queue – I certainly don’t mean to spam). My question is how your coupon works. They seem to be running the “discounted” price basically year round (standard sales tactic). When you visit the website without using your coupon or affiliate link, the prices show the same as you listed above (for example, it’s $3,999 for the basswood PREMIER IS-2 FAR INFRARED SAUNA (2 PERSON)).

    Is your coupon intended to be a discount in addition to their standard pricing? Thank you.

    • Hi Mark,

      They were in spam. A link in one of them triggered the filter… I’m not sure anymore, specifically for Clearlight. The pricing just went up, product is still the same, they used to honor the discount code, now it’s only $100 in some cases since the current pricing is already “discounted”… and on and on.

      I’m getting frustrated dealing with them altogether at this point. You will have to call and see if you can get a better deal over the phone. That’s too much for a Premier IS2 in my opinion, nothing has changed/been improved/etc…

  2. Matt- I have read several of your reviews and would like to eventually purchase the Radiant Health Sauna but at this time I cannot afford it. I found a local used clear light sauna and saw your review on this brand. However this model is from 2014. Do you have any idea if that one would be low EMF?


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