Clearlight Sauna Pricing: Discounts, Coupon Codes, & Current 2021 Prices

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In some of my older Clearlight sauna review videos where I mentioned current pricing on various Sanctuary and Premier models, some of the prices are outdated as of 2021. There are also newer coupon codes and discount prices, which do vary depending on the current manufacturer sale price month to month. Some people were upset with me when they come across the review videos, even though there is a ton of value in the EMF reviews and dissecting the actual quality of the sauna models. In fact, there isn’t anyone else in the world that personally tests as many sauna brands as you see accumulate in my sauna reviews. But I don’t want to cause a problem for anyone, and wanted to put a page together here where you can find the latest pricing updates, coupon codes, and discount pricing details for Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas.

Clearlight Sauna Discount Coupon Code (updated & current)

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”  is good for between $400 – $600 dollars off your Clearlight sauna purchase, and a free backrest and potentially free shipping depending on your location (unless you live in a place like Alaska, where shipping is astronomically expensive).

**Note – if Clearlight Jacuzzi is already having a sale, you can’t double down on the discount code. For instance, if you want to buy a Clearlight Premier IS-1, and there is a year end blowout sale with the sauna already discounted at $3,000.00 (very rare), you can’t expect them to give you another $600 off on top of the sale price, along with free backrests, shipping discounts, etc…  They would be losing money on the saunas, and it’s just not possible. I know some people have gotten upset with pricing changes compared to what they were in some of my older videos, but I do my best to keep this page updated for the current year.

2021 Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna Pricing

Clearlight Sanctuary Models: range from $4,695 to $6,995 (indoor)

Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor Sauna Models: range from $6,595 to $7,595 (outdoor weatherproof models)

Clearlight Premier Models: range from $3,395 to $6,195

Finish Options: Cedar and Basswood models priced separately

4 thoughts on “Clearlight Sauna Pricing: Discounts, Coupon Codes, & Current 2021 Prices”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Please would you kindly let me know whether I have wasted my time building myself a 6 infrared lamp mini sauna, phillips 250 IR lamps, in an enclosure of 1m x 120cm x 65cm deep? I still have not tried it as it’s not finished yet,but after having listened to your comments I feel I.might have wasted my time & money, I have no budget for anything else, can you pmease give me your thoughts? I live in Malaga ,Spain, so chances to purchase a clearlight ( my favorite) is nill, not just for the price but bcs it is not sold here, thanks a lot for your help, regards, cristy Lozano

    • Hi Cristy,

      No it’s not a waste of time if that is your only option. The key is to insulate the enclosure… that is what’s missing from most products on the market designed like that. It will still work with a bit of trial and error, keep pressing forward with it and give it a whirl.

  2. Hi Matt. 1st things 1st..allow me to tell you how great of a guy you are. You do not have to be as kind as you are to share this information with us considering (we could be out of thousands of dollars b4 realizing that we have made a STUPID decision) so in spite of what others may say…YOUR THE MAN. Attention all naysayers ”GO JUMP IN A LAKE WITHOUT A LIFESAVER”

    Ok now I’m ready 😁 so I just made the purchase with Robbin with Radiant health. ( E-1H Elite)I have not received the product, but feel real confident that I have made the right decision. you have in allllllll the ways possible made me feel comfortable about the purchase. And I am name dropping on purpose because this has to be the best person to help anyone make a purchase with their company.

    Now on the other hand (name dropping as well) JAMES with Clearlight is a bull-shi**** alll day long…but I did what u said when a company speaks ill of another. After getting info from him and telling him that I was going with another company, he wld not stop there. He went on to ask who, and how he cld price compare, and simply degrading the wonderful customer service that I had already received. So I say well JAMESSSSSS… have u tried their product, he says oh I’ll send you the comparison between the two…we have a front heater, and they don’t…I say well do you have ceramic floors, nooo but we have REAL WOOD FLOORS, but our BRAND new ones come with the upgrade, so I say wwwaaaiit…so you were about to sell me a used or showroom floor display? He says well yes so that we can price compare….At this point I WAS LIKE DDDDUUDDEEE…SSSTTTOOPPP IT…I’m DONE with you and your company at this point. And by the way I won’t be receiving my Radiant health for about another 3wks, and I’m ok with that (why) because Robin was soooooo upfront with me. Normally I wld be like uhhhhh…I want it now 😁

    All that said to say THANK YOU MATT for your diligence, and not allowing people to make u throw your hands up in the air like F*** this S*** I got mine and I don’t care if anyone else waste their money or not….love ya for that buddy….have a great day and I’ll keep you posted….MYRA

    • Hi Myra,

      Thanks, much appreciated.

      Yes this can happen at any sauna company unfortunately… any rogue sauna salesperson isn’t necessarily a reflection of the company’s offerings as a whole, however it is their responsibility to police their own employees. (it usually just takes a little time before they catch on)

      It sucks for the customers because they end up hounded like you, or worse, are fed a bunch of lines from a person who hasn’t ever been inside more than one sauna brand.

      I’m confident you’ll be happy with the customer experience and quality of product from Radiant Health. People are fired on the spot for that there.


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