Clearlight VS Sunlighten: Which Sauna Is Really Better?

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen the claims between Clearlight VS Sunlighten. You’ve got endorsements for Sunlighten from the giants like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, and Dr. Klinghardt who is extremely respected in the natural health field (but who also states, you should ONLY use the low emf model, which is getting more and more difficult to discern as they come out with new models over the years.)  Clearlight has endorsements from people like the director of Hippocrates Health Institute in South Florida, which I have personally been to to pick up a relative and for a short seminar. While I trust Dr Clement’s recommendations, in prior years, he ALSO endorsed Sunlighten back when the company was called “Sunlight” Saunas. While there has been some discrepancies between them filing bankruptcy and not taking care of prior customer warranties, at the end of the day, we just need a good sauna for the money, that’s not going to fall apart of break on us, and that won’t zap us with crazy high EMF levels while we’re trying to heal and detox. And we haven’t even touched on near infrared vs far infrared!

It’s getting to the point of… Who the hell do you trust in the sauna industry anymore!?!?!  Anyone with $100k can call up China and order a nice looking sauna with floor heaters in it, slap your brand name on it, and call it a fucking day.

Hell I could do this myself if I had zero integrity left in me, but dammit man, I’m just a guy who is struggling to detox just like everyone else, and am sick and tired of reading, hearing, and seeing all this horseshit from sauna companies. It skews things so bad, that now we don’t even know what we should be worried about more:

  • High EMF from shitty heaters and infrared emitters
  • Pesticides sprayed on imported woods and materials
  • Terrible wiring with no shielding, grounding, and potentially fire hazardous
  • Toxic grill materials, plywood fillers, and fake insulation

You tell me, because it ALL sounds bad.

But, one good thing will come out of this, and that is the truth.  One of these fuckers is bound to stack up to a reliable affordable solution, and I’m determined to find out which one it is.

SaunaSpace Guaranteed Low EMF Near Infrared Portable Sauna

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  • If you are very sick, and ultra EMF sensitive, you might not want to go with a far infrared sauna enclosure at all… particularly one that doesn’t use near infrared bulbs, has wiring close to the body (creates electric fields usually) so you can get the benefits of red light therapy at the same time. (more gentle, and great for people who can’t get enough sunlight) SaunaSpace is a good option if this is you.
  • If you’re not ultra sick, and have a heavy metal toxicity like I do, then far infrared or full spectrum is for you. (I wanted far infrared, because I sweat more and feel as though I can eliminate heavy metals much faster… I don’t want it to take 6 months for my mercury levels to drop!)  That said, I have both near infrared and far infrared saunas, and my opinion comes from using both firsthand.

Tired of bullshit marketing claims from sauna companies? I was too, and started testing saunas against the bullshit marketing I would hear from sales reps when I called to buy. I originally was just going to buy the most recommended one, and then after talking to a sales person on the phone and them trying to push me into a bigger, more expensive model I didn’t really need, alarm bells started going off.

I thought to myself…”do I really need to spend $6,500.00 to get what I need to heal and detox”?

My gut told me not really, and I started doing more research. The deeper I dug, the more I realized half the stuff we read is bullshit. Fear marketing at it’s finest, and no standardized testing leaves this industry wide open to keep taking advantage of people left and right.

I know you’re hear for a comparison between Clearlight and Sunlighten, which I will get to… I just want you to understand that I’m just a regular guy, that was in the same position you are in. I wasted over 5 months fiddle fucking around because I didn’t want to buy the wrong sauna, and waste $5,000.00 dollars… which was a big purchase decision for me!

Clearlight Full Spectrum VS Sunlighten Full Spectrum: Not Apples To Apples By Any Means

An Mpulse Is NOT Intended To Be A Low EMF Sauna… (just like the near infrared heaters in a Clearlight Sanctuary have EMF at close distance!)

Sunlighten M Pulse VS Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum

EMF Ratings & Reviews From People Running Around Sauna Groups With A Tri-Field Meter With No Idea How To Use It, Are Not Sound

Infrared Sauna Reviews From Older Models And Portable Dome Sauna Models From Either Company, Should Be Discarded & Reconsidered

A lot of people refer to reviews from both of these sauna companies from several years ago before newer technologies emerged. In both cases of Sunlighten and Clearlight, this is good and bad.

For example, the older Clearlight models clearly have higher emf models, and definitely aren’t even close to zero EMF. Conversely, the Sunlighten Signature models, as recommended by Dr. Klinghardt do have lower EMF levels than newer models like the M Pulse… which has notably higher emf levels, as tested here.

So What’s The Best Home Sauna For The Money?

I’m still working on testing and reviewing all the different brands, to figure out which are the top 3 best infrared saunas for the money.

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…conclusion coming shortly. If you have any specific questions answered, or any specific EMF level reported, let me know ASAP in the comments as I’ve already started testing. I will report my findings shortly, let me know what you’d like to see below!


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  1. I am particularly interested in the portable dome models for both Sunlighten and Clearlight, I can’t seem to find direct comparisons anywhere!

    • Hi Laura!

      That one is probably going to be difficult… most people don’t have access to both. I’m currently testing stand up wooden sauna enclosures, but may do the domes at some point.

      What is the most important area of interest for you in choosing your sauna? (for example, some people have said they are emf conscious, chemical sensitive, don’t want something from china, just want the best reliable value on a budget, etc…) Just curious, so I can provide better value in my hands on review videos! 🙂

      I got into saunas because I had mercury amalgams, and my organs weren’t fit for chelation… so I was looking for other ways to detox heavy metals. Are you getting a sauna for a particular detox, or just general maintenance/overall health improvement?

  2. So you have no conclusion yet? I’m buying “something” pretty soon, looking closely at the Clearlight Sanctuary 2. Can’t go wrong, right?

    • Hey Russell,

      Nothing conclusive yet, it’s taking quite a bit of time to test all these, film the videos, assemble them all, ship them out, etc… (ton of work, time, money, and energy!)

      I was offered to fly to Sunlighten’s headquarters before Christmas, but with family in town for the holidays and freight deliveries already in the garage when I got back, I haven’t made it.

      Didn’t get the chance to try a Clearlight Sanctuary yet either, just started testing the Dynamic sauna yesterday. Definitely a NO-GO on that one. (the review will be on it’s own page, this is just a placeholder) JNH Lifestyles is next, as I’ve been sticking to what I can afford first. Still interested in doing Sunlighten (I have access to an M Pulse right now, but already know it’s not low emf, nor is it intended to be… need to jump in a Signature model) and the newer Clearlight Saunctuary full spectrum though. Both are probably good compared to this cheap shit I’m in right now.

      You might be surprised to learn that almost every sauna under the sun is imported from China, or certain parts of it are. (from the cabinet enclosure, to the heaters, etc…) I finally got a hold of the shipping manifestos for the sea container imports… The fictitious llc’s/dba’s, the parts/emitter orders for those “made in America” marketed saunas, all of it… It’s actually kind of funny the racquet that’s going on, the brands would shock you. lol (although I’m not in the business of bashing companies. I like stuff from China, just not when I’m lied to about it nor overcharged out the ass for a sub par product… which is what a lot of these are.)

      What I think will be most interesting now that I’ve tried a lot of saunas, is to see which gives the best deep penetrating sweat, with the least amount of EMF exposure. (truth be told, I have another brand on hand right now, that IS in fact, low emf. The trouble is, the damn thing doesn’t get hot enough to do a detox! Sucks.) I’ve noticed in a lot of them, my legs never sweat, but most of these are carbon heaters only, not ceramic. And boy oh boy, when you get in one that has sweat dripping down your fingertips to your toes, you know it!! (I can only imagine that this will be indicative of “time-to-detox” as well… Who wants to wait 6 months if we can do it in 2, right!?!) I have a feeling the ceramic powered saunas are going to work like gang busters, and the only trick will be getting one that’s low emf… typically NOT a focal point, from what I’m seeing thus far. (over 60 milligauss on my last reading this morning. Yes, six zero!)

      • Yeah definitely not Doris… this is a re-marketed whitelabel import from China by Golden Designs Inc. It’s not even close to being low emf, and I have a clone of this exact sauna right in front of me. Here’s a link to a private video with the true emf levels:

        Please don’t share that link, it’s private for now until I get the reviews done… but that should help you see it’s identical to the one you’re asking about (Dynamic Sauna). I wouldn’t buy it.

  3. Hey Matt, I’m looking at Sauna Cloud Sanctuary 2 full-spectrum . (I believe this is a Clearlight?). Any word on this one so far?

    • Hey Monica,

      It’s definitely a Clearlight…

      Been trying to get my hands on the Sanctuary Full Spectrum, but no one has one in Central Florida, and they’re sold out of the Sanctuary 1’s until May. Working on it!

  4. Thank you so much for your diligent research. I bought a sunlighten solo dome which I love, however, the mat part of the set up is definitely emitting dirty energy particularly at the head. I am very EMF Sensitive due to amalgams which I just recently had removed.
    I have noted headaches originating at the occiput and that weird brainfog/disoriented feeling after sessions using the mat only. Do you have any information on emf output of this unit? I dont have a meter so I am merely “guessing”, but I am not a fan of the idea of killing myself whilst “detoxing”. This was a big investment for me, and I am not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hey Tiff,

      I understand your situation, fairly similar to mine… Where are you located? (don’t have to say publicly, just figured if close to Central Florida, you could borrow my meters and test your model if you’d like)

      I don’t have any info on the dome units yet, although some of them are going to suffer from the same disadvantage/same problem I had with the portable infrared saunas.

      When it comes to magnetic fields, your biggest friend is distance right off the bat. Almost all the portable saunas, dome saunas, etc… Anything that uses a foot or body mat, are inherently flawed by design for low emf, since your body is practically in contact with the emitter in some instance, 100% of the time. This makes it pretty damn hard to have an ultra low emf environment, even if you do everything else right.

      As far as how to proceed, as a general rule, I would say worrying about EMF’s is worse than the actual effects of it, as long as the exposure time is a very short duration. For a lot of people, the benefits of a 30 minute session far outweigh the harmful negative effects. Of course you wouldn’t want to do 60+ hours like a Niacin sauna detox like I want to do, but in general body maintenance benefits vs fear of something you can’t see, is enough to drive a person crazy.

      However, not everyone is the same, and some people are greatly affected by this. If you’re feeling bad, it’s probably not for you. It’s hard for me to offer specific remedies without being in your home… For instance, when you say emitting “dirty energy” I don’t know if you mean dirty electricity from your house wiring (being amplified by being in the sauna), or if you’re referring to the emissions of the unit itself. I bring this up because, if your house has dirty electricity, any sauna you hook up to it is going to react similarly… but again, an environment where your skin isn’t in contact with the unit (a larger wooden cabinet sauna) is always going to be better. I don’t think this is what you mean, but if it is, you might look into a Stetzer meter and Stetzerizer filters and see if that helps. Fairly certain you’re talking about the ELMF coming from the unit’s power supply/wiring/infrared emitters itself, which there isn’t much you can do about that besides getting rid of it.

      If you purchased it recently, I would call Sunlighten up and tell them you want to return it, and upgrade to a Signature model. The wooden cabinet will put some distance between you and the heaters, which should help. If you want to test this first, call around your town and find a spa that has an infrared sauna and try one out first. That’s what I did.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Matt,

    I also have a hard time deciding which sauna is the best for the value. I am just like you, afraid to buy the wrong sauna and wasted the big money. Today I just tried the Sunlighten M Pulse in the spa and the temp was set at 156 degrees. I was sweating right away when I got in the sauna, but after that I didn’t really sweat that much anymore, which was weird. I thought for sure that I will be dripping the sweat but that didn’t happen. My options are Clearlight Sanctuary C or Sunlighten M Pulse, but after reading that M Pulse has higher EMF, I might lean toward Clearlight. But I also heard that Clearlight has problem with durability of their products. I really don’t know which one to pick. I also heard that Medical Sauna has the best rating of them all. Ever heard about that company? I can’t wait to hear from your research.

    • Hey Renee,

      Yep sounds about right on the M pulse… One thing to note about paying to use an M Pulse in a spa, is they lock out the control panel usually so customers can’t mess with the settings. One thing to be mindful of, is which setting they have you on. For instance, if they put you on the “cardio” setting, the M pulse cycles the heat on and off totally differently than a relaxation mode. Also make sure you’re supplementing electrolytes, consuming 100 – 150 ounces of clean water around sauna days, etc… That should help with consistent sweating too.

      As far as models go, yes I’ve found pros and cons just like you have. If you’re going to buy a Sunlighten and concerned about EMF levels, the Signature series would be a better choice. I personally haven’t tested the Clearlight Sanctuary yet, as no one seems to have one anywhere in Central Florida supposedly so I have to buy one. It will be a while though, as the next batch of saunas are already on the way, and I expect to receive them after the 12th. (more videos coming as soon as I get them uncrated & assembled) From what I can tell, there is no question that the Sunlighten cabinet build quality is second to none. I doubt that the Clearlight is built nearly as well, but again this is speculation at this point. I have to shell out another five grand just to find out, which is a tough pill to swallow since I have my doubts about the whole full spectrum thing anyway. (I have never believed that people have to spend $5 – $6k just to get the health benefits they need)

      I’m excited to see the next saunas I have on order though, even though they’re not a Sunlighten or a Clearlight! From all my research, these should be the best value on the planet for the money, fingers crossed. (I don’t want to mention the brands yet in case they suck again, but the reviews are coming either way!)

      I haven’t heard of the Medical Saunas brand before, but from a quick glance, they look identical to the other junk whitelabeled by Golden Designs Inc:

      I scoured their Medical Saunas site to see if they have any real emf reviews, but didn’t find any. (however, one positive I did see that I like, and is very very rare these days, is they are forward and correct about “there is no such thing as a zero emf sauna.” I like to see that! Very much in line with my findings: see video here So my hat’s off to these guys for the honesty!) A quick google search revealed no emf meter review videos inside one of their saunas, so I’m not going to waste my time looking for anything else. (anyone can say the levels are whatever they want, or use a 3rd party “emf testing company” that takes the heaters out of the sauna to get lower readings, but unless you see someone physically inside the sauna with it running on video, I wouldn’t trust it anymore.)

  6. Hey there, love reading about all your research. I ordered a Clearlight Premier 2 and it’s been delayed twice. Just found out I won’t get it until the end of June! I was under the impression that Clearlight had the best warranty? Looking for something similar that I can get sooner….or should I just wait. Thoughts??

    • Hi Kate!

      Yep, they’re out of stock on a lot of stuff, waiting for the next run from the manufacturer I’ve been told. I tried to order a Sanctuary 1 Basswood, but they won’t even ship for another couple of months. I can’t have a 20amp circuit put in where I rent for a Sanctuary 2, I tried.

      There isn’t a Clearlight anywhere in Central Florida that I can go and pay to use either according to the support staff, so no progress on getting a Clearlight at all. (I thought when I put up this placeholder page, it would be as simple as paying to use one at a local spa/or buying one, and posting the review videos. But it’s been months now and nothing has changed. Not sure what to do about it at this point… I have bought several saunas in the meantime.)

      I have tested the Sunlighten, just have to edit the videos so they can be uploaded to YouTube. The build quality is second to none on these, I’m just not convinced on the price. To be forward, I was waiting to upload the Sunlighten stuff until I tested the Clearlight. It’s not really a fair comparison othwerwise, but I’m kind of out of luck at this point.

      Can’t comment on the Clearlight warranty, being in the manufacturing industry in a past life, most warranties aren’t worth their salt anyway… I don’t really pay attention to them. (a company can deny or accept a warranty claim for a myriad of reasons at any time, what usually matters is the people and whether they’re service oriented or not in my experience. If they care about the customer, it doesn’t matter what the warranty docs say, they will take care of you.)

      Well unfortunately I’m in the same boat as a lot of you guys, and don’t have another recommendation for you today that’s better… but I do have another sauna on the way that I speculate will be just as good, for less money. In fact it’s made right down the street from the factory where the Clearlight is made, and uses a very similar heater design, but with some added twists/improvements for better FIR coverage from what I can tell so far.

      There is also a very cool built in way to disable the Bluetooth module, without having to unplug anything! (so so SOOOOO happy about this… NO IDEA why more manufacturers aren’t doing this, it’s so easy to incorporate!! Then they can stop lying about being “low emf” by relying on these third party emf reports, which are nonsense btw, all the while slapping RF radiation devices in them after the testing is done. It’s laughable at best…)

      It should be here by the end of the week fingers crossed, and I’ll start testing it as soon as it arrives. If it’s good, I’m going to do a brand comparison on it, so you’ll see it in the updates.

      • Jacqueline Jacob on

        Hello Matt,

        I work with Clearlight and can get you a Sanctuary-1 in Basswood delivered to Florida before the end of this month. You can reach me at %%obfuscatedemail%%. The Sanctuary-1 will plug into any standard 3-prong outlet.

        Regarding the Clearlight warranty, it’s a comprehensive warranty for the entire sauna and all its components for the lifetime of the original owner. Most companies say they have a “Lifetime Warranty” but when you read the fine print it says, “Lifetime is defined as 7 years.” We don’t play games like this – when we say “lifetime” we mean it and we put it in writing.

        Also, our Bluetooth can easily be disabled.

        Please let me know if I can be of service to you.

        Thanks Matt!

        • Hi Jackie,

          Sorry for the late reply! Anytime there is a clickable email or phone number in a comment it automatically trips the spam filter.

          Thank you for the speedy offer, unfortunately I already bought several other saunas after trying to order from Clearlight directly earlier this year and not wanting to wait… regrettably, some of which have worked out much worse than a Clearlight would have. 🙁

          I’m guessing you have your own inventory? If you do happen to have a spa customer in Central Florida where I can go and pay to use any Sanctuary model before buying it, I’m very very interested in that!

          The other thing is too, I’m not thrilled with the idea of spending $5,000.00 dollars on a Clearlight and then not being able to use any audio at all, after disabling the Bluetooth. I tracked down what one of your other customers had to go through to do this, he’s a member of another forum I belong to, and it just doesn’t make any sense why you guys don’t offer a built in Bluetooth/WiFi switch?

          Looking at the pictures of what you need to unplug in the ceiling to get rid of the RF, I’m not really sure if that’s up my alley or not.

          Surely the low EMF test report on the Clearlight website is reporting figures prior to installing the stereo and WiFi module no? Because there is no way it’s going to be under .5 – 1.00 v/m inside if there is Bluetooth and WiFi stuffed right over your head.

          At any rate, I don’t mean to imply it’s technically difficult to disable the Bluetooth, I’m sure it’s something I can do… I’m more concerned with perhaps the design of the unit isn’t in alignment with what I’m looking for ultimately…

          After learning a lot more about saunas in the last three months, I’m probably one of the only people I’ve seen test saunas with a full array of emf meters and take it so seriously. My fear is that I’d be rocking the boat a bit too hard trying to get something to conform to my standards, that isn’t really intended to if you know what I mean? (it would be like me trying to make a Sunlighten M Pulse ultra low emf… it’d be an uphill battle the entire time)

          That said, I am still open to paying to try a Sanctuary or buying one if you think it’s still a good fit. What is your return policy on a Clearlight Sanctuary 1 or 2?

          Thanks Jackie!

    • Jacqueline Jacob on

      Hello Kate.

      We have plenty of Clearlight Premier IS-2’s in stock ready to ship. The only reason I can think of why you’re experiencing a delay is if you live in Canada. If this is so, we have the Premier IS-1 in stock in Canada in either Cedar or Basswood. We also have limited quantities of the Sanctuary-1 available in Canada.

      Thanks Kate!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Hehe, I know how you feel. Sorry! I just think I’ve found something better…
      It’s coming it’s coming, but I still haven’t made any progress on the Clearlight. The only option I have is to buy one, but they don’t have any in stock right now.
      I’m anxiously awaiting too!! 🙂

  7. Hi –
    I appreciate all of the information you’ve provided! I’m looking for a sauna for detox purposes (had several amalgam fillings removed over 5 years, with the last two removed last year). Other issues- chronic fatigue, gut issues, joint pain. I’d say I have mild chemical and EMF sensitivity. I want to do as much self care at home as possible and have budgeted 6k max for a home sauna. We have a large family and it would get plenty of use. I want a low EMF unit but also want good sweat sessions (like you said) – I truly don’t care about a radio or color lights, just enough space to lay down with legs bent. (I’m 5’11”). I’d appreciate any input.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Your situation sounds very similar to mine! If you can wait about a week, I should have some really good intel for you, things are getting really interesting over here… The Radiant sauna review is going up today, I’m testing several saunas as we speak, etc…

      You shouldn’t have to spend $6k unless you need something really large. What size are you thinking? (I would guess a 2 person, so you can stretch your legs out at least)

      • Yes – a two person sauna would be great. I want to be able to lay with legs bent at least. Since I was looking at Clearlight, and they’re so behind on product, I can definitely wait another week for more reviews!
        Thank you for your reply.

  8. I was told by a clearlight representative that their saunas are “zero” emf. I sent an email back questioning the “0” emfs but did not get a reply. I was wondering why they would do the bluetooth and speakers when a lot of people care about the benefits on no emfs and don’t want this in a sauna. Duh!!

    • Hi Diane,

      Well to be clear, there is no such thing as zero emf, and that goes for any brand. There is “near zero”, or well below the safe threshold, which is what I believe you’re referring to. Bottom line is, if it plugs into a wall, it has some level of EMF… Doesn’t mean it’s harmful, just means it’s present. EMF’s are meant to be understood, not feared despite all the fear mongering going on.

      In regards to the Clearlight brand specifically, I have no idea why they stuff wifi modules in the roof. Generally people are most concerned with having low magnetic fields in an infrared sauna, but to say a sauna is no emf while having active RF radiation emitting from two separate sources over your head, makes no sense.

      I’m not saying the Clearlight is a bad sauna, I’m just saying the marketing nonsense you see perpetuated online is not accurate.

  9. I am going to a spa to try a clearlight sauna, not sure which brand until I get there.. But I have a question, do you believe the clearlight product comes only from California? The heaters they have are ceramic and carbon. They claim to have a paten on this technology. I have heard that the carbon heaters are not that hot. Ceramic heaters are hoter and Clearlight combines the two. Thanks for any information, it is appreciated.

    • Hi Diane, (same diane??)

      Excellent choice! I recommend everyone go try one before they buy… that’s what I did.

      I think you might have the Clearlight brand confused with another? Clearlight is made in China, right down the street from where all the rest of them are made. Not good or bad, nothing wrong with products from China… but they’re all made from the same 4-5 factories usually.

      Hehe, patent schmatent… I could patent a heater too, just by adding a perforated border around the edge. 😉
      But just because something is patented doesn’t really mean much. (case in point, back in 2008 Clearlight’s “True Wave” heater was a completely different type of emitter altogether than what you see today, though it was patented called just the same) Again, not saying it’s a bad sauna, I’m just not convinced of the marketing hype differentiating it from competitors THAT much. But who knows, tell them to send me one of the new models and we’ll put it through my testing!

      A carbon heater is a carbon heater, regardless if you stuff another sheet material in between the laminate or not. In case you’re talking about a ceramic heater of another brand of sauna like a Therasauna, then yes those have a way WAY hotter surface temperature, but are also more directional which leads to hot/cold spots in the sauna. (there are pros and cons to both IMHO) The Sanctuary models have a different spin on combining carbon and those front heaters similar to a ceramic tube emitter to try and bridge the gap if you will, but I’m not certain you’d receive any greater benefit than just having more FIR like in the Evolve 360.

      Brand and style/design aside, what is it you’re looking to accomplish? If we focus on that, it will probably make deciphering which sauna is best for you much much easier, instead of us getting caught up in marketing speak at every corner if you know what I mean. Feel free to give me a call if you’d like: (800) 924-9170

  10. Hi Matt,

    Any new updates on your review of Sunlighten vs Clearlight? I’m so confused and thought Sunlighten mPulse would be the way to go — but then you brought up EMF levels. Is this something you should only worry about if you and sensitive to EMF? Thanks for all your comments so far!

    • Hi Margie,

      No new updates yet, still haven’t gotten down to Tampa to try a Clearlight… There are just a few other saunas in line before these, but I’m almost done with them. (just finished the Therasauna)

      Yeah some of the EMF stuff is blown out of proportion, and others really are something to worry about. For instance, the sauna I bought from Costco had 100 milligauss magnetic fields right next to the body… not a good idea.

      Other times, we see people recommending that people sell their sauna because it has a 10mg field in it, which can be ridiculous if you’re not ill and it’s hard to decipher fear marketing from what a real concern is.

      In short, yes it’s blown out of proportion very often, but no you should still be mindful of the levels in any sauna you’re going to buy even if you’re not EMF sensitive. (I’m not really, but plan to spend a considerable amount of time in mine to do several detoxes multiple times per year. You really want it to be as low as possible for that)

      I need to make a video about this with real examples, because this is going to get really long and potentially difficult to understand. Is there anything else you’d like me to include while I’m at it?

  11. Would love to know your recommendations on the Sunlighten & Clearlight saunas. I’d like to order soon. I’d like to use one to heal from low thyroid, leaky gut & adrenal fatigue issues & all the side effects from these including losing weight & inflammation. Thank you so much for all the work your doing to make a fair decision.

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